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Chickens 2002 Caddy, The Hoopty 8 18" Fi Btl + Rockford Fosgate (2) T15k Amps! UPDATES! IPAD AIR 2 In Dash page 335

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i think its were they changed the names of there products, cause the older amps were punch and power series, and so was the subs and they switched the power series subs to t1 t2 so i guess they did the same with the amps? but then again they still had a t1500bd i think in the 90's tho so im not sure, but i think thats pritty close, and i asked this question a while back but didn't get no input but do the t15k's have onboard ways of tuneing or is it pritty much only able to be set with a 360? just wondered cause when its all said and done when this thing is dialed in it will be a moble concert man, lol bands will want to rent this for there shows n ish lol, but anyways great work and any thoughts in puttin lights inside the sub box to light it up at nighttime so ppl can see whats really on there and would make it looks even more like a tunnel of subs? just my $.02 tho i kno u got it under control but every once ina while a idea comes up u kno? anyways keep up the top notch work mane

here's a link to my system 99 toyota tacoma , 2 mtx 8000 1504's in a sealed downfire , 1000w memphis amp

here's a link to my other system my 90 geo prizm test car

heres a thread i got of new songs u can dl that are legal = Some Good Bangage/you Can Dl These Free And Legit


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'T' stands for 'Power'


Makes sense? :unsure:



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