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hold on guys $300 is doable as long as he doesnt expect to have any kind of stupid high tl scores. If all he wants is to be better than average i think 300 would work fine. just get an audiopipe 1000.1d and a 12in Audioque sdc2.5

now to the op, dude up the budget $300 for an amp subs box and wires is not going to make you very happy. If you want to play with the spl guys or anything above average then you gotta pay up, if you want new audioque makes the best budget subs as far as i know (thats the consensus anyway) and they will get you decently loud, audiopipe is decent for power vs money youll pay about 12cents a watt, or look at db drive okur amps theyll be about 9cents per watt. as far as this $300 budget bumping id wait save up some more money and be prepared to sink at least 5-800 dollars plus into the back depending on how far you want to take it

more advice eh grim?

if $300 is the TOTAL budget i would like to know how this is going to work...

box, sub(s), amp?!?

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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More money..... :(

I did a budget system the right way and it was like 700, but that's with mids highs sub amp wiring and box. You don't have to have 700 like me but the more money the mo betta.

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That's if there is a decent RF on craigslist in his area. I doubt you even took into consideration he's going to spend 60 bucks or so on a box, and about 50 on wiring. 190 bucks for a sundown and rf amp? LOL don't make me laugh.

i got a rockford 1500 for eighty bucks by holdin my money and waiting for the right deal, and i live in the middle of farms and shit, biggest rims around are 22"s, so if i can find one, theres no reason he cant.

i worked at a shop for 5 hours cleaning bathrooms and shit, they gave me 20 foot of stinger 1/0 for it, then i got my box built on the cheap with 3 layers of particle board, its not the easiest route to do installs as cheap as possible, so i say save up a little more money, $150 more or so, and get you something decent, and you can get a box for whatever off of craigslist for $10-$20 for a temp. box. just use your imagination, bite your pennies, and the system will come together.

edit: they dont call me bangin on a budget because i spend money when i dont need to.

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im taking out my passenger seat, battery is disconnected, going to unwire and take out the three amps, take out the 70+ lb box, then the platform so i can crimp 1 wire.

Almost as bad as those fegs that put those horns in their grills and roll down the street distorting the block....

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lol. But honestly, he's gonna get what he pays for. Why waste your money on a bunch of useless shit that you probably won't even be able to sell later on? If he saved up another 300 bucks, he could have a decent setup that would last a while and not some cheap ass plywood, pyle amp and xplod setup.

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i used to think a band pass was something you were around your neck or something.

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more advice eh grim?

if $300 is the TOTAL budget i would like to know how this is going to work...

box, sub(s), amp?!?

What you got a problem with me or something? and i didnt mean that he was going to get everything for under $300 but a decent sub and amp for under 3 is doable and he said he could bump the budget some.

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My guess is you have wires already. So for a new box materials will be around 70-80 which leaves you with 220-230 for amp and subs? I'd say look for used honestly that budget is too small if you want be heard from far away.

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Yeah I wanted a budget system that could be heard from a distance and ended up spending $700 and I got an audiopipe amp. Honestly as everyone has pointed out in here $300 is not going to cut it. I spent that much on my one 12". Even crap stuff would be more than that and deffinately would not be heard from a distance.

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Yeah Im a rookie DONT HATE.

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