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Mechman Alternators

New 400 amp MechMan alternator insanity video

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Idk why matt doesn't chime in and answer questions...?

The more amperage you make, the more heat has to be disipated. (no matter what kind of alternator you have) It is a large alternator with a big cooling fan and a massive rectifier, but 425+ amps generates a lot of heat. (when the alternator is loaded down) This piece was never designed for a daily driver application, BUT that being said, I have had one on my silverado for about a week now, driven daily. As long as you use common sense in the usage of your system, and the care of your batteries, there is no reason why this unit won't live in a daily driven application. The reason why we do not market it for that application, is because we have been doing this a long time, and we know how many customers are. In the video, (and the comments) we plainly announce that it does not have good idle output, and is not designed for daily use, yet we still have three pages of comments and questions from people who want good idle output and daily durability... Anyone with common sense will not have a problem with this unit. The customer who does not own a battery charger, does not understand 12 volt electronics, and expects everything to be idiot AND bomb proof, will more than likely burn it up. That is the best explaination I can offer.

If you want something that is bomb proof, has good idle output, and ample cooling for a no-brainer usage type scenario, shell out the extra cash for an SMD spec 350 amp unit, and you won't have to worry about it. If you want to save money, are carefull with your competition setup, and need massive amperage for a budget oriented SPL vehicle- the 400+ unit is for you.

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Idk why matt doesn't chime in and answer questions...?

big business...SMD partner....even bigger business now due to increased traffic, holiday seasons, increased amount of sales due to price increase coming in the new year, one person.....................

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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It comes with a standard one year warranty against manufacturer's defect, such as bearings, regulator, solder joints, etc...

Because it is a unit designed for competition use, it does not have a warranty against overheating like our other alternators do. Just like if you burn a voice coil in a sub, it won't be covered under warranty if you melt it down running it flat-out for too long.

We have them on the shelf now in colors:


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