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I've taken mine out..had both pierced twice, once horizontally and once vertically for a true door knocker. hell yes, if fucking hurts. the first time I got it done I blew a load in my pants...didn't even have a hardon...maybe that's why i got it done 3 more times


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Didnt hurt at all really. Got both done, should be a nice visual for Chode and Trippi.

They pulled the ol 1...2...pierce trick on me. It happens so fast. Healing can be a bitch tho.



beer sucks...but i can bring some jose cuervo. Only problem is that it makes me horny and gives me the rams. So unless yall wanna fight and then have some great make up sex i will leave it home.

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Make sure to take care of them if you get them done otherwise you WILL be in for a world of hurt :D

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