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can i run 2 sets of components on one crossover?

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ok so i got 2 sets of orion components all 6.5 and each set has a set of wires with built in crossovers, i am running 2 speakers on one channel of the amp in parallel, could i run both sets off of just one of those crossovers?

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i'm assuming you mean passive crossovers.

well you can but it will drasticly change the crossover slopes and sound like ass. and if you wire in paralell, the crossover is likely to overload and fail.

Maybe look into going active or buying another crossover like this : CLICK ME

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Crossovers are only designed for a certain amount of power, putting two sets on one crossover means that you are very likely to start blowing up caps and burning coils if you decide to power the speakers properly. Also, changing the impedance seen by the crossover means that the actual crossover point is changed dramatically(raises it) so the mids play less efficiently (because they have to handle a wider range) and are more likely to blow.

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since the 2 crossovers are pre wired into the wire could i just run both crossovers and wire them in parallel ? kind of like this


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if i cant do that how can i wire these 2 sets of components together on one channel in parallel ?

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Talk about going mono lol.


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well i have 4 components and i want to run 2 on left 2 on right they are 50 watts rms each 4ohm and my amp can do 100watt 2ohms each channel so i would still have left and right

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ok i have 4 crossovers for each component, so like i have pictured the 2 crossovers wired in parallel betweet the crossover and amp will work? as long as i dont wire the speakers in parallel between speaker and crossover

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