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@ Delinquincy - Thanks, I'm glad you like it! I know a lot of people frown on Kicker, but it's nice to get some props for my work, and not my equipment. I appreciate it for sure!

@ EVERYONE - This marks the end of "Stage 1" of this build. To see more, please check out "Stage 2"

Special thanks to everyone who helped w/ support, ideas and encouragement! And especially to the ones who went out of their way, like ptcary, Neofrog, and ChillMasterWill, along w/ others I am forgetting to mention. I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it!!!

And thank you to tha man, Mr. Steve Meade, for doing what he does. He truly motivated me in this build w/ his skills, and having this site is just "priceless". Having my son when I was only 18, along w/ living in a poor section of the country, kinda pulled me away from the car audio world for several years. I almost forgot how much fun this can be, thanks for reminding me! I can honestly say that life is a lil bit better now thanks to SMD.

@ a MOD - Please lock this thread, stage 1 is complete!

Kickin' Cruiser

Seller Feedback

Stage 3
Dash, Door Panels,
4th Order wall 4 - 15's
on a DC 5.0K 2 DC 5.0K's

Solo X 15 (v.2) Sub Build

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