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Welcome to The Forums! We understand that people like different things (different strokes for different folks), but that doesn't mean you can just post whatever you want whenever you want, some of it is getting really old. We Are going to be Policing The Forum Rather Strictly on certain Subjects, so to help you I am going to Build a list of things That We find to be Questionable Content.


  1. Sexual Content
  2. Political Content/Discussions (Keep it in the political area)
  3. Drug Content
  4. Illegal Activities
  5. Nudity
  6. Member Bashing/ Website Bashing
  7. No What Would Be Louder Topics (we don't know no one does unless they build it and test it)
  8. Racism/ Racial Slurs
  9. Lying, you don't have to lie to kick it ( its a bannable offense)
  10. For sale posts
  11. No business advertising without permission


Now lets talk about this list.


Sexual Content Yes I know this is a Predominantly Male Forum and that's great, but we cannot allow you to post sexual content of any kind, All Kinds Of Different People come to this site to read, learn and have a good time, not looking for Pron or Pron like content, posting sexually explicit content will get you Banned, you'll receive 1 warning every time you do it, on the 3rd warning you'll get teh Hamma.


Drug Content We just don't need to see or hear about this subject, what you do @ your house is your business, I don't condone or look down on anyone for it, but this isn't the place to talk about it, There are many, many reasons why NOT to talk about this subject on this forum, here is the main REASON not to talk about it, if you do you will be suspended for 1 week on the first warning then you will get banned if you do it again.


Illegal Activities Do I even need to Say anything about this? No sharing MUSIC files, programs, Movies. you know about RIAA? if its Illegal and You know it, leave it at the door We don't wanna Hear about it. This is a Serious offense I doubt you'll get a warning.


Nudity Like I said before we're a predominantly male community but that doesn't give you any right to post nudity in any way. Same punishments as Posting Sexual Content.


Member Bashing and Website bashing it happens on just about every forum I have ever been on, and I don't really care for it, most don't but there are a few people that like to do it, and that's fine, do it elsewhere, you'll get a warning the first time, then a week suspension for it, and if you still want to do it, you'll be banned. Website Bashing Will not be tolerated, if something bad is going down on another website don't bring it here, we are not involved nor do we want to be involved, please do not bash other websites on this forum it will get you teh Hamma.


Racism/ Racist Slurs We don't want it here or need it here! Enough said!


NO Vs Threads no brand vs this brand or what would be louder. Comparing within a brand is acceptable; but bickering in the comments will not be tolerated.

For Sale Posts Everyone has things to get rid of. We get it. But, to protect our forums members from potential bad sales / scams, we have some limits in place for this. You should have 750+ meaningful posts on the forum (no spam tier content), and f/s ads must have your username + date in the images. References from previous sales are great! More details in the For-Sale section.


Business Advertising If you have a business and want to partner with SMD for advertising / viewability, contact Antheny at [email protected]. Personal sales can be placed in the For-Sale section.

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