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  2. That's prob the best way to go anyways. What sounds best to my ears is what I want
  3. Double! I think I’m going to flush mount my sub.
  4. 2-18's will get louder and slightly lower if you get some efficient drivers. 5k isn't much so go for a nice 3" coil driver. Why not 3-18's in a 20ft³ enclosure @.67? That would slap harder than E. Honda! I'd go with something like a Sundown X18 for efficiency.... Well maybe just 2 on a 5k tho. Wire to .5. That amp can do lower impedance all day long with proper electrical.
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  6. A decent 8 or even 6.5 can play from 80-3k no issues.
  7. Seems to me that a 12" Port needing to be 12"away seems extreme. I'm not fond of aeroports anyways. I prefer slot ports all day. I was asking for someone else. I'm going to do some testing eventually and see what I come up with
  8. Thank you!!! I will update with some new pics after I do some more beautification work on the box. The exterior is getting raptor liner and sundowns logo will be getting worked into it some how in a blue Polyurethane high gloss. I ordered a skar skv2 200.4d because I need more power for my mids and highs. They can’t keep up with the bass. Anybody have experience with that type of skar? I’m putting some sound deadening into a few areas that are getting raddled to hell. Can’t beat this truck up too bad she’s only 6 months old. Any suggestions on which product to use?
  9. Just put 8's or even 10's in your doors in place of the 6.5's.
  10. Found this and a cpl other articles. Says it should be equal distance of port diameter. http://ddaudio.com/ddownlow/july-tech-talk-breath-easy-making-ports/
  11. Weve discussed this in your other thread. You dont need as many drivers as you are using. I have no idea why you think this. Youre way ovee complicating everything
  12. can i use ((Hifonics ZXX-3200.1D Zeus Max Mono Amplifier)) for 2 evl 12's D4(2500 watts, 1,250 RMS each) 5,000 watts, 2500 RMS together? Dual 4ohm wired to 1 ohm my question is, would this be a good match? thanks for your responses
  13. Can someone please recommend a driver that I can use to amplify 80-250hz? I have all the frequencies covered but this. I have an Orion Hcca 152 filtered at 20-80hz powered by an Orion XTR 2500.1Dz. I have 4 Skar Audio PAX 6.5's, and 4 VX35-ST powered by a SKv2 200.4 @2ohms. I have set the subsonic at 250hz and the LPF set at 3khz on channels 3&4 for the 6.5's, and the HPF set @ 3khz on channels 1&2 for the tweets. The 6.5's have a rattle in them under power at frequencies lower than that. I have 4 Orion XTR 2 way 6x8's in the doors powered by a Sony MEX-XB120BT. The head unit is great. I hooked my SMD DD1 up to it at 40hz and 1khz test tones with less than 1% distortion at max volume. The head unit pushes 45x4 rms. The crossover is built in to the 6x8's. I know I am playing that frequency range thru them but it isn't loud enough to be heard. I have been looking at 8 inch woofers. I am building a console in my Ford F150 (pics soon) that will incorporate the mids, my amps, and the midbass woofers (hopefully). I got a 4 inch turbo fan and a temp switch to run it. I'm gonna run a hose from my ac vent hooked to the fan to help keep the amps cool. I'm putting the tweets in the dash using a hole saw (maybe). I have considered door pods, but the way my doors are designed, there really isn't an appropriate place to set them. This a SQ system with a bit of SPL. I have become very indecisive at the moment. I have spent much more than I set out to spend. I have bought tools and gauges that I didn't budget for..lol Any recommendations and the reason why you recommend them would be greatly appreciated. I really want to put a cap on this build and call it finished. I have a Hifonics Zeus 2416.1D that I can use to power the drivers. It is around 1200 watts rms @1ohm. That should be plenty enough power for midbass (I hope) I guess I could buy another amp if need be. Thanks guys
  14. It would probably be a tough fit but possibly
  15. Good shit man TBH, right now, I think it would be worth your time to get the box built and in the vehicle then run a sweep and plot your impedance rise. If you don't have one, an SMD IM-SG is incredibly useful for this scenario. I really don't have experience with taramps and how they're built internally, or how forgiving they are running below rated.
  16. Do your thang g. Just making sure you knew what you were getting into. I see that you do. You're gonna be loud AF... GOOD SHIT!!!!
  17. About to build a Tline for a single 6.5 DD Audio. Has anyone here built one for this sub? If so what did you tune it to and how did it work out? Box sizes would be great also
  18. Yesterday
  19. Right I got 4 ces 370s and 300 ah custom built cmax lithium if I have to add some banks then I will
  20. Yes I build boxes. I'll get you some numbers after I eat dinner in a couple hours. You want single or double top baffle?
  21. Signal processor of course yes im serious as you can see i already bought the subs and 300 ah worth of lithium, box not built yet Derek sindyla building my box,and plotting impedance rise yes that' s what im currently doing contacted manufacture yes I did,detailed specs yeah they haven't got back to me about the measurments yet Yeah its not typical but I got some years experience on installing basic to intermediate systems now I wanna to expand my knowledge some and take it to the next level
  22. Taramps and wiring down are playing with fire. I don't care what someone else says. These amps aren't the most reliable... They get loud without question but reliability comes into play. The bass 30k's also need to be fed crazy amounts of juice. You'll be pulling around 6000amps of current with those so plan on at least 3 alternators ( 300 amps ea+) and around 400ah of quality lithium. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  23. My plan was the 5 8ks but it was brought to my attention that I could go with the 30ks and won't have to worry about doing so much gain matching plus with the 30k being wired low it would do better with impedance rise just wanted a little input Thats why i asked
  24. UPDATES: I have the day off due to getting hit by a snow storm, last week we did 10's and this week started 12 hrs a day. Every year it gets harder to get into shape, good this retirement is only a few yrs away. I'm working on the driver panel and going to get that back on today. I spent a little more time deadening this side. I drilled the grille hole on this panel too. I know what your thinking but they weren't clean holes and it looked as if it could interrupt the wave going out by suffocating the speaker. Just chilling listening to tunes. When i threw this in i just hooked up to the FOCAL crossovers for a quick listen. I never hooked up the T3 direct to the HU. Holy hell was i missing out on the mids & mid-bass. lol They really WOKE up. To funny. Those crossover go with the 3.5" component set and are crossed over high. Plus i think the T3 can play down to 55 or 60 hz. Working on trunk release latch button. Stupid ass location! I started my weekly orders for tools and audio so as they show up i will post pics and any progress..
  25. Yes! One like that. Very nice, did you do that yourself? I’d like it tuned to around 34 hz as well
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