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  3. Picked this up over the weekend. I need to quit spending money on guns because I never have any money left to upgrade my system 🙂 I would like to get 2 more 12's but I cant resist a good firearm.
  4. "My owner is such a dickhead..."
  5. The look on the dog's face is funny as hell
  6. Wow really? My Chargers headliner came out thru the passenger rear door.
  7. I built one of these minus the dedicated blower. I just use a shop vac for that. Super happy with my results
  8. Best SQ System

    Mosconi amps the AS line, or Zero line. Linear Power amps. Zapco Z-LX line of amps. There are many more brands that will be mentioned, but thats the three i considered. I went with mosconi for the front stage and oldschool linear power for the subs. Front stage speakers....Morel, Focal, Hertz, Blues(Linear power), Hybrid Audio Technologies, Illusion Audio. Thats all i can think of, there are many more brands im sure. I went with Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia SE 8in, 4in and Legatia L1 Pro R2 tweeters. Sub Stage I just went with Hybrid audio because they had 15s and they look sleak and a lil unique with the reversed surround, gloss black cone. Im not too sure what other SQ type subs there are. I know Blues has subs up to 10s i think. Illusion has 12s. Not sure about others. SQ Headunits could be the Pioneer 80prs or p99rs. Sony RSX-GS9. There are some oldschool ones too but thats a whole different issue. Processors you can check out Mosconi dsp pros the 6to8 or the 8to12. Also they have the Aerospace dsp in the same 6/8 or 8/12 configurations. Another dsp to check out would be the Rockford Fosgage 3sixty.3. Also check out Audio Control, they have good quality equipment and alot of tuning equipment, good processors. As everyone will tell you, its all about the install and tune when u want SQ. You could make the best SQ equipment sound like shit with a shitty install and horrible tune or vise versa Seems like you know that already, so ill stop with that. I started buying equipment for my SQ build on 7/31/2016 lol. First piece was a high output alternator from mechman. Been ordering things since then. Ordered more shit yesturday too and still need more stuff lol. Mostly supplies type stuff. The biggest hangup i have is getting the extra time/daylight. I only have one car, so i cant have it in pieces for much longer than a day. Make sure you have the right tools too. Have fun with ur build man. When u get it started, create a Build Log in the “members rides and builds” area of the forum.
  9. Total newbie enclosure build questions

    did you buy the subs yet?
  10. I bought two. One to leave mounted in the table. One to leave mounted on the plunge base. I bought a different brand tho, from lowes.
  11. Total newbie enclosure build questions

    I probably would stay sealed.
  12. Best SQ System

    Hey everyone, i have been looking into doing the best SQ build i could make as a big, long term, project of mine. obviously i don't have the money currently for the build so this will take many years to build up and get everything exactly the way i want. i haven't been able to test out any brands myself since there are few good audio shops close to me to go visit. so what are your opinions on the best brands for Component speakers, amps, subs, signal processors, and head units that would have the ability to produce the top of the line quality sound? money is no object in this build so there are no limits to the expenses. (i understand that SQ is different based from person to person, i just need a general direction to begin researching and then i will begin searching out places where i can test these brands for myself) i have a 2015 Dodge Dart SE, and once i begin this project i will completely tear everything out of the car and start from the sheet metal and go up from there with deadening, proper wiring, etc...i have looked into a double din touch screen head unit with 1, possibly 2, 6.5's in each door and several high range tweeters placed between the door panels and my front and rear dash. i plan on having 2 12's in the trunk, most likely forward facing into the cab. (i haven't worked out a lot of the specifics with this build since this is my first time seriously looking into this, so any and all recommendations on the best way to go about a SQ build, and brands to look into are appreciated!)
  13. I know mdf can pile up fast. But unless your making enclosures for a living, make your cuts, and have your kid, or the neighbors kid sweep it up for a few bucks. Done. Just me.
  14. Yeah that would suck. I know in my Dads Ford diesel they had to pull the motor to change the oil pan gasket. That's some ducked up stuff lol. So yeah I guess I will count my blessings. I live in Southeast Texas.
  15. I separate as much as I can. Sometimes overlapping is unavoidable. In my case with occasional overlapping, I haven't had any noise issues. As far as matching lower RMS,...
  16. Loving the build! Can't wait to see more as I'm getting ready to do 8 15s myself!
  17. A dust deputy or any other similar thing is for a shop vac. A dust collector is on a whole different level. So how you can compare the two is beyond me. A dust collector is something that is not needed for everyone, nor does everyone have the space for it. Sometimes a shopvac and its mobility is needed. I have a dust collector and yet I still have a shopvac that was purchased long after owning a collector.
  18. plunge or nothing... I gave routers without plunge bases away because they are too much of a waste of time.
  19. Jesus guys. I thought I was on a DIY centered Car Audio forum, not Sim City decides to pay a stupid amount of money for a shoddy cyclone. $15 for everything excluding the dust sucker itself, which was ~$150 from Grizzly. Beats the absolute shit out of anything you can buy under $500.
  20. Bandpass for 8" subs?

    My parallel 6th order makes me grin every day. That single 15 has been through 3 different enclosures and has never sounded better. Tuned for a 6th
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