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  2. Designed my ported box in TermLab.  Calculation and measurement while I built the box is telling me I'm tuned to 33Hz.  Used an IM-SG to confirm box tuning is actually 26Hz.  Perceptively, I thought 33Hz really was the tuning frequency, but I was mistaking it for the onset of cabin gain (Starting around 32Hz and dropping around 48Hz).  

    Lesson learned: calculations are approximations, and tuning frequency of a box is hard to discern by ear once its in the car.  Max port velocity and minimum excursion is what I should have been paying more attention to. 

  3. Thank you seriously. I'm nowhere near as experienced as you guys but I tried reading up on it and it seemed like it wasn't needed. I guess I'll have to find another place out here that's trustworthy. Last thing I want to do is shell out extra money for stuff I don't need.
  4. Yeah, didn't sound like timing went all to shit, but then again, it never ticked before it threw the code. Wondering if when it jumped a valve kissed a piston and knocked a lifter loose.
  5. Pushrod V8 ftw. Think I'm.closer to just getting an old square Chevy I can work on.
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  7. Yeah thats true but the amount of butt hurt people there would be because of it would be glorious.
  8. I have this amp and it was from dB-r. It pushed my (4) 15s very well. Highly recommended. Be prepared to POSSIBLY wait many weeks before Chris decides to ship, though. It may say there are amps available on the website, but my SCV-6000D took ~7wks to ship and the SAE-1500 took ~6wks.
  9. Skar Sk1500.1 is right in your range
  10. You don't need a isolator when adding a second or 20th extra bat. Don't listen to him anymore..., and you don't need a second alt either. Add reserve like ya want and you'll be fine, more than fine for that power. Put that money in the system else where. Cheers and good luck
  11. I have a 250 amp mechman alt. A kinetic 1800 and 0 ga wiring powering a RF 1200, 2 FI 12's and a RF 250.4. I want to add a second RF 1200 so each 12 can see 850 watts at 2 ohms on their own amp. I have a spare Kinetic 1200 that can go in the trunk but the guy who installed says I need a diode isolator to add the second battery ( ). I'm still pretty new at this so I don't know how much truth their is to this. From what I've been reading you don't need a isolator at all to add a second battery unless you plan on playing music with the car not running. I've never done a multiple battery set up so how would I go about it? Do I need that isolator he's telling me to buy?
  12. So I bought a pac TR-4 in hopes that it will solve my turn on/off thump. As per wiring this in, I believe I would wire this to the radio harness correct? Has 4 wires which is black-ground, yellow-battery. I am confiused about the green and blue. Saids to hook up the blue to 12 volt output and green to + low voltage trigger input. Would the blue be remote wire and green??
  13. Ok that'll change things a bit but oh well I figured i would have a pretty long port or ports either way. Thanks Joe
  14. Hi, just purchased 2 cab 1600.1 amps. I'm going to be running each amp to either a skar 15" EVL D2 or ZVX D2 Can I just daisy chain the rca signal from one amp to another to run one bass knob? Without having to strap them. Thx first time running 2 sub amps.
  15. These drivers seem to require little port area (RF HE 10" - RFP3410) three 4" round ports should suffice, each should be 19" long to tune to 34Hz, 25 1/4" each for 30Hz.
  16. Damn, that's the first time I have ever seen the bass knock out 3 spark plugs. There might be 3 more in the other fender too. lol
  17. Do yourself a favor and don't buy anything from car audio bargain.
  18. Any time I ever tried to use a round port, it was impossible to get a big enough port to fit in the box I was building.
  19. This thread so great lately, lol, gonna run out of likes
  20. I have been looking at that page at least once a week for the past year. And I don't even need another amp, I just keep getting the urge to buy one. lol
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