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  2. So I got a strong start to the day. Was over at the old shop loading stuff up before 9AM. Here is the practical implementation of the proverbial 20lbs of $hit in a 10lb bag: Then life did that thing it always does and up and happened. I had to go grab the trailer and take it to a buddy and help him load his Harley and some other stuff on it. Just got to the shop, about to unload the truck and get the office space more or less set up to make it easier to do day job out of for the upcoming week. I'll post some more later today, but I have a strong feeling not a lot of exciting stuff is going to get done. I may have to help my buddy some more this afternoon.
  3. Mine is screwed into plastic I found what's wrong with mine 1 of my grounds is 75 ohms lol
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  5. Tried the 4 channel grounded to the battery and it still the same. Maybe even worse. I’m gonna try grounding the battery in a different spot maybe. I’m not sure
  6. Yea it didn't do it with my old amp I just changed amps about 2 weeks ago and added the second battery now it does it no clue why I don't have much time to mess with it so it's going slow to find out why
  7. Mine does too. Not very loud or anything but I notice it. I also notice it when I turn the bass knob up or down.
  8. I've got to build the pictured box before I decide what to do with the design. It's for GRS 12sw-4 drivers isobaric. The baffle is meant to hold the two drivers and then be bolted into the enclosure. Two ports on each side of the driver. It's supposed to be sort of a horn as well for projecting sound out doors. I definitely have not modeled it in Hornresp or anything else besides WinISD and I don't know how to. The 12sw-4, I think, has the same motor/magnet as the 10sw-4 yet more cone area so it sort of sucks because it still needs an uber huge enclosure to hit those very low notes. This box is tuned to 23Hz and 4 cubes volume. Here's a design I released. It's for two 12" drivers ~2.5 cubes ~33Hz tuning.
  9. I'm kinda going thru the same thing my subs thump a little when the amp turns on and off
  10. I ran out of steam before I got much more done. Just a little more insulation and stud walling. Here is the recap video: I will get over here early-ish again in the morning and keep plugging away at it. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!
  11. Like @Dafaselessaid add some grounds pretty much process of elimination at this point
  12. For the 4 channel I used a nvx amp kit. And the mono I used sky high rcas. I’m pretty sure both are twisted pair and shielded.
  13. Electrical is only as good as its weakest link, and those straps are probably it. I wouldn't replace them, I would add to them. I would add another ground from the battery, directly to the body, close to where you grounded the 4 channel. How long is your ground for the 4 channel? The shorter, the better. Can you ground the amp straight to the battery? That would help as well. Why did you pick that particular spot? If the wheel well is kind of welded into the body, that's not a good spot because welds tend to not be good conductors. You need the thickest, most solid piece of sheet metal that's as close to your amplifier as you possibly can, if you want to ground it to the chassis.
  14. I grounded the 4 channel to the body right above the rear wheel well. Behind a body panel. I took the paint down to bare metal and tapped a hole for the bolt. I have two grounds coming off of battery. I was wondering if I need to replace the two stock ground straps that come off the frame and go to the body. I have 1/0 from engine to the frame, and on that same location the stock straps go to the body. Should I try changing those to 1/0 as well?
  15. Another thing to try would be doing the big 4 upgrade, basically just adding another upgraded ground to the chassis, just like you did to the frame. Adding another ground from the battery, and putting it close to where your 4 channel is grounded can help as well. Where exactly is the ground for the 4 channel located?
  16. Just a quick update while a take a bit of a break. I'm still in the shop and am going to keep working until I can't go anymore today, it's about 8:45ish right now. I got the brushes on the roll-up doors this morning, but didn't manage to get a picture of that. I'll get it when I do the recap video once I finish up tonight. I also decided to go ahead and drywall all the way up that section of West facing wall and went ahead and taped/bedded it: Did I mention that I'm terrible at drywall? I didn't mess with sanding anything, don't care! I left the mud to dry while I took down the electrical conduit runs on the south facing side. The rest of the boxes were as bad as the 1st one I pulled. Way too much insulation stripped and nicked wires etc. Then I did some more stud walling and pulled insulation on the East side of the building: here's the stud wall section and the insulation work: I'll run it all the way up like I did on the West wall, just haven't gotten up yet. Next was paint for the new wall: You can really see how bad my drywall foo is in this pic. So I had a Harbor Freight electric spray gun I got as a gift a few years ago and figured I would use it to shoot paint in the shop build. I spent at least 30 minutes following the instruction and cleaning it with warm soapy water etc etc, thinning the paint and using the drip cup to make sure it was the right thickness. Everything seemed to be going great until I got paint in it. About the first 3 or four passes were fine, then it started dribbling more paint than it was spraying, then it made a horrible noise and locked up. So I just used the paint roller on a stick I used for the floors. That was actually WAY faster than dicking with the gun. Took a break to go pick up another pallet of the insulation I'm putting on the ceiling and make some dinner: With the paint dry, I slammed together some of the pallet racking and then got those pallets off the top of the collector room: The A/C guy came by and checked out what I had run and built out for the A/C install and seemed happy with everything. He said he would order the unit today and let me know when he's ready to get it installed. I'm going to finish cramming food in my mouth-hole and get back at it! I'll post a vid later tonight. Peace!
  17. Vehicle plays a huge roll, if your using a mic/in the lanes competing. Huge. OP , let me know if i can help. Runner here also. But went a different direction. Best of luck. Edit- click the link.
  18. I could try that. I used the harness and the ground wire from factory harness.
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