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  2. Thanks @poorfish88, those were my thoughts. Was just wondering if it went beyond just helping & was more of a mandatory step to take with an HO alternator. Will probably still run it @k58.cross Appreciate the answer bro. Apparently the guy who was doing the modification for me, after scrapping down the alternator, realized it was not a four coil but a three coil & said it was not the type that he could modify. At least not for the parts he had. i was a bit skeptical about getting that type of output increase but he & a few other seemed to be confident so i decided to try it. i guess it worked out because now the plan is back to a Mechman 240A which i am pretty comfortable with. Hoping to have it installed before the start of next month. Can't wait!
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  4. k58.cross

    Subwoofer box way too small

    That is an insane sub man. 3 kW rms right? 50 liters is only 1.77 cubic feet, wayyyyy too small for that kind of power. Custom box build definitely. You might want like 3 extra batteries... Research your butt off and do this build properly, that's a lot of power to be playing around with.
  5. k58.cross

    JL AUDIO 1000/1 clipping

    Both signal voltage level into the amp and the amp gain setting contribute to clipping. Clipping happens when the output voltage capability of the amp is exceeded. That happens when you try to drive it too high via either a high volume, high gain, or a song who's frequency mix is too high in some region (bass EQ'd high for example). Recommendations: Flatten your EQ and turn off all "bass boost" options both on the deck and your amp. Using the highest volume you like to listen at and the music track you know hits especially hard, set your amp gain a little below the clipping point.
  6. k58.cross

    Current/Voltage Help?

    Since no one answered your question about the stock alternator amperage, I'll say it's very unlikely that a stock 80A alternator has secret potential to do 250A given a change of rectifiers. Output current of the alt is mainly limited by the output voltage of the alt, which is dependent on hard design elements such as number & strength of poles in the rotor, stator winding loops, spinning speed, etc. If more current was trying to be pulled than the rectifiers are rated for, they'd get hot and likely fail. They could act as a bottleneck yes, but one that leads to damage when it gets blocked up. One other note, you can't take a resistance measurement in a live circuit. A multimeter works by injecting a known current, measuring the voltage, and then calculating the resistance. So if there's already a power source in the circuit, your reading will be off. If you really want to know the resistance of a particular point on the car back to the battery, you need to disconnect the battery and then measure resistance from your point of interest back to where the battery was connected to the frame.
  7. even if your amp did create a dirty signal at .5 ohms compared to 1 ohm, you can't get rid of that. that's an amp issue. the DD1 is helping you get the gain matched to the signal output from your source with overlap if desired.
  8. poorfish88

    Current/Voltage Help?

    Necessary no but it does help... Especially with multi and big alt setups.
  9. Agreed, but considering i will be doing a 0g engine body to chasis ground, is a direct 0g from alternator to battery still necessary or will it be of much help?
  10. Man thats going to be ridiculous, just sold my blazer, wish i had the chance to go that far with mine. One 12 sounded retarded, cannot imagine a setup like ur on your way to having. Keep up the awesome work man!
  11. poorfish88

    Current/Voltage Help?

    Alt back which is its ground to frame or battery neg is a must for the Big4 upgrade. Electricity travels on the path of least resistance..
  12. Rcabrera11

    Does subwoofer ohm load matter

    I know the speaker has to be unplugged but that's what I'm worried about. when I plug my speakers back in and drop them to the .5 ohm load is the amp going to be distorted because it's at its limits at .5 ohms?
  13. Thoughts on direct 0g tun from alternator body to battery - ?
  14. I used up the last 2 pieces of Damplifier to finish trunk where SoundSkins stopped. I have enough SoundSkins left to do the fender wells and possible trunk or rear deck.? I think it looks killer. Shit works to keep the sound from traveling. Research i did said the fender wells are a major source of road noise introduced into the vehicle, and if you think about how close your ears are to them i could see them being an issue. Not an issue in a truck or SUV so much. I think the distance between the speaker and fender wells are very close and i could see it affecting the SQ. If you think about it the back of cars are just rattling echo chambers from hell that need attention when deadening. More to do tomorrow.
  15. Grvndson

    Hds3.1 12 box help

    Ok, thank you
  16. Your build looks solid. Nice results!
  17. Wiring 3 XS power batteries in parallel in the trunk of my car. Wiring with 2 runs of OFC 0 gauge, and wanted to ask a question about grounding. I plan on grounding underneath the back seats directly to the cars body. Should I ground each battery separately for a total of, or just one run ground from one battery to the body since they are all wired together? Thanks in advance
  18. Active noise cancellation, you have a mic in the rear middle roof liner & 2 mics near the front dome light, you need to retain one mic up front as its for the bluetooth and disconnect the other two, make a bluetooth call and cover each mic with tape until you figure out which one handles the bluetooth. Generally I've only seen this effect low frequency noise but the ANC system does stay on even with the factory radio off and could be causing your problems.
  19. Skarbo98

    Subwoofer box way too small

    Haha shit okay Any recomendations? Have no clue about the box design or anything.. and the amp is HUGE + i have a extra battery i need to fit in the trunk.. Any help is apriciated!
  20. Joshdashef

    Does subwoofer ohm load matter

    speaker terminals should be unplugged when you use a dd-1
  21. When sing the tool, the driver or load isnt present.
  22. I just purchased a dd1 to set my bass amp with. My question is does subwoofer impedance matter or affect when your amp is going to distort? Like would it matter if your running at .5 ohms or 1?
  23. W3BL4Z3D4NK

    Suggestions for replacement after I got robbed

    Just got a call from insurance today and I'm getting a huge amount of money back for all my tools and subs. Pretty excited. So alpine type r 12s? Lol. If those are better than the Rockford p3 12s I'm all in.
  24. Just saw this and figured I should reply. No I'm not sure what the ANC mic's are?
  25. I hooked into these wires from this diagram and things got MUCH cleaner and louder. Actually ran across the same post in a forum yesterday and got it all sorted out for the most part. Still having some issues tuning everything with the LC2i and the Alpine amp but it sounds wayyyy better than before. Thanks guys for all your input!
  26. That sucks man! Hate when shit like that happens.
  27. So i pulled the old alt out last week. Only pic i got but what i had to pull to get the alt out. put new alt in, worked great. Parked it and went back to work. 11hrs later when i got off work i got in the car and battery light on and volt meter wont turn on. So i shut car off and turn it back on and low and behold.....voltage regulator went out on new alt. Voltage just climbs to 20v+. So back to square one and will be pulling alt again after tools show up in the mail as ill be replacing both axles as well
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