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  3. World Finals 2017 Concord Cali. DB Drag. Oct 14-15th

    Aye another world finals, awesome times ahead where rules change on the fly depending on which finals location you attend... And yes spectators are allowed, but usually have to pay a spectating fee.
  4. He black and lives in Chi so it will go down like this. Throwing the keys out the window will be an attempted assault on the officer(s). Once they see the beer bottle the cops will yell GUN and start shooting before the car door is even opened to get out.
  5. For the average person $0.00 since Skar doesn't offer drop-in recones because they dont know how to build them unless something has changed, and what it would cost getting quality parts from a 3rd party you could probably just buy a new sub from Skar. Besides that, you posted in the wrong topic if you are looking for actual advice, or if your trying to bypass our "for sale" rules so your posting it in the wrong section is not going to work. So this is now locked.
  6. Let me know how it works out for you...
  7. How much would you pay for a blown skar zvx d1 12 ?
  8. Doesnt always work. Many states have an open container law, so even if you were say walking down the street drinking a beer you could be busted for it and or public intoxication (even if you are under the legal limit and walking or standing on the sidewalk in front of your house). Which is why many bars wont let you take a beverage outside unless its a fenced in area or patio that has no entrance/exit except for going through the bar. I think Vegas is the only place Im aware of that you can have an open container in a vehicle and legally be drinking it drunk off your ass as long as your not driving.
  9. Regardless waiting for the last day to enter SOTM and then being pissed because you didn't bring an issue to our attention sooner is not our fault, let alone saying we are rigging ANYTHING because a lot of the winners that are drawn randomly are picked LIVE on youtube/instagram/facebook. We have done the SOTM since 2007 giving back to members almost monthly with only a few missed months here and there, and I dont recall anyone ever claiming it was rigged in that 10 years time. Tens of thousands of dollars in stereo gear that has came out of Steves pocket directly as well as our sites sponsors giving to random people on this site that have never meet face to face as a way to give back, bring in new faces to our forums and exposure to our site and the vendors on this site. No other audio forum has done this or even tried, but if they do we know where they got the idea from... I have tried your link and it works just fine for me, I would have to make a bogus account with basic permissions to see if there is an actual issue, but this is the first that we have heard anything in the last 4+ months since we did a major facelift on the site and it didnt work then until we updated it that 4+ months ago. Many people use adblock, adblock+, ublock origin, or some other ad blocking program, many times this will limit people to what they can actually see or do on the site so that is another possibility. At the end of the day it's not stopping you from entering SOTM, You could of still posted a build log, upload the pictures to a 3rd party site like imageshack.us or imgur.com which is what everyone does (except premium paying members that can upload directly to the forums without having to resize the photos prior like unpaid members). There are even a couple tutorials people have posted to show new users how to upload photos to their threads, the only real thing out of date with them is everyone says to use photobucket but they disabled 3rd party hosting unless you pay $400 per yea, so other free options like imageshack, imgur, or even instagram and facebook will work just fine. Technically its easier than ever to post a picture here since you don't have to use the old style image tags, just copy the picture link or the picture itself and post it in your post and its done.
  10. The other one you posted about throwing your keys and drinking a beer, I really wonder what would happen, lol
  11. Are spectators allowed to this event?
  12. The 'kit?' i have is this https://www.mtx.com/tnp112d-mtx-car-subwoofer-enclosure-and-amplifier I just wanted easy to get in, i didn't want to waste forever parting together a system. I will get some pics tomorrow but I would think with just the remote wire coming loose it would just lose audio to the sub, this cuts out all audio. The voltage stays relatively normal but does drop and the problem seems to get worse after listening for a while with the engine off. When bass hits the voltage will go down a little but will recover to the voltage it was before in a couple seconds or so, like i said it does drop after longer periods of listening though. The wiring job on the speakers seems shoddy could it be a ground somewhere? I am about to take my engine out of the truck and would not mind re wiring everything if that might be the problem. Anyway thanks for your help again.
  13. I just removed mine last week and love it. Looks soooo much better. Nobody has complained yet, and my girlfriend is 5'2" lol
  14. Yesterday
  15. I just bought a 2017 2.0 turbocharged Camaro... If I straight pipe it will it sound like an SS

  16. Great prizes, DC auido & SMD for the win. Good luck
  17. Jimmy Hernandez

  18. Chevy suburban

    Chevy suburban
  19. zcamera-20170921_171553.jpg.0f2d2c206718c94e78c852c0c71712f2.jpgbefore

    1. Jimmy Hernandez

      Jimmy Hernandez


  20. Workdays.

    Mass production will be finished soon. Then we'll show them on website.
  21. pics not working for me
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