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  2. bass would be smaller because of a fuse?? what?? sell your system and buy some headphones
  3. Hey guys, so I've paid so much attention to my bottom end.. I've kinda settled for sub par mids/highs. I've got 2 JBL gti660's in each front door with the matching tweet in the sail. Now, I've got the option to give each mid it's own channel through the dsp & amp. Should I treat the two 6.5's in each door as a single speaker and bridge the amp orrr use all 4 channels thus giving each mid it's own option for time delay/tuning? They aren't separated from on another in the back of the door ...
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  5. I meant I have two 12V batteries in parallel (sorry I meant to write that) so it is a total of 200AH. So this is why I do not understand what is happening with them. The voltage depends greatly on the charge level, but I think they are around 12.4-12.5 territory on half volume. What I have been thinking of lately, is maybe 1 battery is enough and the other is not used so much. But than there is the fact that they are in parallel so they should be used as one.
  6. thanks for the info man! really appreciate it!
  7. I have a mechmam billet 370 and ran it for 3 years with no ground on it. I just had the 3 mounting locations and it never gave out.. only thing that made it eat shit was high rpm. High output alternators don’t like high rpm
  8. Subs, it's a pain in the ass to post a pic or I'd show ya what screws I'm using, but they are about the same as backer screws ( double thread design) but with a flat edge that touches the basket of the speaker. Never had a problem with em before, but my baffle is only 1" usually it's 1.5" so I'd figure that's my issue. For door speakers I use Phillips panhead self tappers. I'm going to try plywood rings behind and some glue inside the holes. If that doesn't work I will be refacing the box with plywood I guess.
  9. Would you kindly clarify what wasn't answered in your previous thread about this issue so that your concerns may be appropriately addressed?
  10. Speakers or subwoofers? If subwoofers: brace your baffle more and use spax #8 multi material construction screws
  11. I personally don't see how a bad ground would cause an alt to go. Hopefully @MECHMAN could drop some knowledge. Anyways... To check your ground, put a load on your alt, with the ground on your load tester connected to the frame somewhere. You could turn up your system too and it would accomplish the same. From there you want to check the voltage differential between chassis(or whatever ground you're using) and alternator case
  12. Hey guys, have a bit of a situation. I got a small system in my toyota corolla ae90 hatchback. Totals 3000rms(deafbounce 2k on bass and nvx 800.4 on mids and highs) I swapped my stock 90amp alternator that read 14.5v for a nissian tidda stock 140amp alternator, a guy wired it for me,it reads 14.2 in my corolla. Strangely to my ear i found as though i lost bass(deepness and fullness) when i added the tidda alternator. Here is my real concern, my electrical is 1 run of xs power 0awg ofc silver tinned wire and i did a big3 with that also with 1 xs power xp3000 battery in the back and i set my gains using the dd1. I had my deafbounce ran directly to my battery(no fuse), recently i brought a distribution block from knuconcepths, and it had a mini anl 120amp fuse, i ran it for my bass amp(needed a 200amp), i was hoping the bass will decrease because the fuse was smaller and i had it ran direct before but the bass was exactly the same, no decrease. I got a 200amp mini anl and added it to the block, no increase or decrease on bass, i also added an optima redtop battery to the front, no improvement what so ever and voltage dips to 12.6 on heavy notes . A friend of mine has the same alternator in his toyota feilder, with a single northstar 60ah battery running more amps(power) than i am and his voltage reads 13.5v on the same notes i play and he is louder than me. What can be causing these problems? Thanks
  13. i was just seeing how low of a voltage it can run on. and that was the quickest and simplest easiest way to test it. because 9v alkaline batteries have just enough capacity to slowly drop the voltage rather than plummeting rapidly
  14. I used SPAX as well and 2 years later....have never had an issue.
  15. Here’s my last uspsa match before it fell apart Actually this is just the slow mo to show how flat the shadow 2 is
  16. I am using big flat headed metal screws, have used them many times in the past with no issues but a problem now. Going to make plywood rings for the back and use some ca glue in the holes also. Thanks for the good feedback and advice guys!
  17. It's about time to show an update with the Savard HiQ 8 v2 DVC subwoofers. This sub offers dual 2 ohm 2.5" coils and 500 watts of RMS power handling. It appears to be a mini monster, but how does it sound? Let's take a closer look at the custom, slot ported box and try out these subs with some real power. I'll show SPL test as well as some flex with music. These subs are getting down! Watch in 4K UHD on YouTube or embedded below:
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  19. may i ask why you would even run it on a 9v battery to begin with?
  20. if i just run some music at listening volume with high pass filter to my stereo speakers from the amp it keeps running down to 6.2v running on an alkaline 9v battery and hasn't shut off yet i have cut the bass just to see when it will cut off and its still going How is it able to run down to such low voltage without cutting out? does it not have low voltage protection? its at 5.8v and still on somehow it finally starts cutting in and out around 5.5v
  21. A lil more progress. Ran out of 180, so theres still some clean up that needs done, but I will touch it up later when I finish the door panels. For now, its close enough for govt work. Got the Bondo mostly sanded n test fit to see how I like the look. I wanted clean n simple, but not totally plain. Here it is in primer. I think I accomplished what I was after on these. By the time I finish the doors, I will decide if I want to paint them or wrap them. If it will help the sound, they will be wrapped in a fabric of some sort, but we will see.
  22. Two 6v batteries? Or you meant 2 12v in parallel? One under the hood & one in the rear? Honestly a single 1/0 should be plenty for that amp, have you checked voltage at both battery terminals while playing at a moderate volume level?
  23. Pics of setup would help and mechman posted a video a while back about how those alts need to be grounded a specific way so may not be bullshit
  24. So I have a 370 amp mechmam alt. After less than a year of use it failed and sent it to mechman and the stator/rotors were said to have failed due to a bad ground..................... So I swapped my old stock alternator back in and have never had a problem with that alt. Ran it for years with a huge system and never had a problem. I have the big 3 done. Connections are tight. Like retard tight. Alt to engine block done. And engine block to chassis. Pure copper wiring. It makes no sense to me that I have a bad ground I think their alt just shit the bed and they didnt want to admit. Since I'm in Canada I paid 200 bucks to have it shipped back and forth on top of the the 800 dollar alt I dont want to fuck it again. In the event i am wrong........ .........Is there a way I can test my grounds using a multimeter? Any help would be appreciated thanks
  25. Worked all weekend. Lady at the range called, and said "its dead, head over". Yeeesssss maam. Was there 6 hours.
  26. Cool man thanks for the info. It's just kinda odd too me I cants find specs for em anywhere. Guess I'll go with the sp4 Specs.
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