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  2. The vu-dins are never made in huge quanities, and only get made every so often. everyone wants one, but when they are made they sit and takes forever for them to sell. Its been a while since their last run, but no idea when they may get ran again. I just picked a "used" (but never used one up not too long ago). Still got it sitting in the box. lol
  3. 107.8 liters
  4. I had to SQ subs sitting around my house for the past 2 years, so I finally got another car that I can put them in. Car - Cadillac CTS Wagon Subs - 2 - Soundqubed HDS312-4 Enclosure - 4.7 ft3 @ 34hz (design stolen from Joe X lol) Headunit - Pioneer AVH-X4800BS Sub Amp - Took the Hifonics bxi2008d out of my 85 Monte Carlo while it's in the body shop I've never built a subwoofer enclosure before, but since all of my extra money is going to my Monte, I figured I'd give it a shot. I've learned that Home Depot's cuts are not straight (well mine weren't), I need to invest in a table saw, a good router with a good circle jig, and I must learn to prep better. I also ned to have ALL materials on hand before starting...ah well. I used an old ruler to make the circle cutouts...just drilled some holes in them...and I managed to fuck that up 3 times (I thought half of the diameter would give me the radius that I need to measure out from the center point...ehhhh....wrong) The headunit and bezel haven't arrived yet, so I'll add those when they come. I also need to find some matching carpet/vinyl for the enclosure. Sucks because today was a great day...and it's going back in the 40s tomorrow. The last pic is with top on but NOT SECURED. I did manage to screw/glue down the top before calling it a day. I went back and touched up some leaky areas, as the wood wasn't straight. I used titebond 3. I'm going to run the sub speaker wire straight out of the bolts or terminals.
  5. What's up Brother??? i do need to play again. Missing it big time.... thx, we are doing good. A little sickness here and there but I guess that's the norm with kiddos.
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  7. Joe x what is the Sub displacement of American bass hd 18 the new ones.
  8. Still searching for that gem in the rocks, what's it going to take for someone to let go of a brahma 12? Money talks, need somthing painted or hydro graphics? I'll hook you up.
  9. We all do. Somebody always gets their cut 1st before we get it.
  10. I have had these subs for a while, a few years actually... i never really knew what to do with them. Today being Friday, i figured it out!
  11. Sure is. I posted a pic of it a few pages back. Bought it from Harbor Freight tools a long time ago for like 900 cash. That kurt vise is the popular 6" one. Got it for free from work. They were getting rid of some old vises making room for new vises. There was a bunch of vise parts on a pallet outside so I asked if I could grab one or two. Being the machinist I am, I cleaned them up, basically rebuilt a few out of a bunch that looked best. Works just as good as a new one.
  12. Returned the K2 cells at the right time. I originally got 15 cells and now I'm getting 2 xs 40k spls. This year better be loud. Also doing a little work with scottie to do some caps too


  13. That's all I got for tonight the wife needs me will try to finish tomorrow and post more pics.
  14. http:// I will be using this window adhesive for a gasket around the pod to help with vibration , this shit works great I put it around all my speakers for a gasket it's like silly poddy .
  15. http://http:// And now for the cool bolt on part. I installed these threaded inserts that will bolt on the door panel even one through the window switch from up top so when I sell my truck in a couple years will be able to put the stock speaker grill back in .
  16. http:// This is the finished product , we did a textured coat I didn't want any glossy color drawing attention to it , Trying to keep it looking factory.
  17. http://http:// This was my first time using fiberglass I did the MDF cut out , cloth matting and first layer of fiberglass. My body is a painter he did all the bondo and painting that shit is an art and I respect all u guys that do it .
  18. I'm not a fat guy so it should work for me. It's a dark gray more gunmetal and the trigger sucks
  19. http://http://http://
  20. http:// I always thought this was a giant waste of space , these trucks have giant speaker grills so here is my small build.
  21. we get stung over here to, i get done about 5-6k myself. its around 33% tax
  22. I wish he didn't get killed. he was one of Chicago's upcoming rappers
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