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  2. Yo it took me a second to figure out what was going on, lol. I thought those was painting toys
  3. They reshaped the whole front end that year so id assume the headlights have a slightly different contour to them which is why you cant use the older ones. You could replace the whole front fascia, grill, and headlights, if you wanted to use the older style, i dont see why you would want to do all that though. Just get your stock ones tinted.
  4. No seriously dude, google. "The Grand Cherokee received a minor facelift for 2008. The bottom part of the headlights became rounded and High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps with auto leveling were added." 2008 is when they were produced solely by Chrysler and not Daimler-Chrysler.
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  6. You don't think I did that? I was wondering if anyone had either or both and could tell me the difference...
  7. One of these days you guys will quit teasing us and start providing to us. You guys are making some awesome products.
  8. I wonder if OP can hear a buzzy sound when he's playing it. Hey OP, disconnect the subs from your amp and play it like normal. Does it ever make a buzzy sound? Also, your bass knob should have a clipping indicator. Does it ever blink red?
  9. Clipping.
  10. Badass rig Victor! How many real watts are you putting to those subs?
  11. Which car? You may have a PCM controlled alternator.
  12. On the left in pair with Russian bestseller Ruby.New model of speakers(white logotype on dust cap).Emerald 6,5''.1,25" voice coil, 100W RMS, copper voice coil, self made nomex spiders, great moving capabilities for this kind speakers, loud and clean sound from 150Hz to 6kHz.Real sensitivity higher than 93,5dB from 1w in 1m of distance.
  13. Maby regulator is on the Fritz. What's your voltage at full tilt? From a noobs point of view, I'd be pretty fond of driving round town, no load at 14ish.
  14. If all equipment and hardware are exactly the same, then maybe its ur new grounds? Not as well grounded as your old car. Maybe from transfering equipment between vehicles caused some slight damage to power wire terminals, degrading the connection and causing more resistance and causing over heating issues. Just some ideas. if ur watching voltage using one of the typical Stinger style meters, you could easily be dropping way below u think u are for short periods of time and not even see it on that meter. Maybe a quick drop once or twice wont do much, but after 20 mins of dropping low every few mins, might cause protection. Steve has a video he did recently, showing the differences in accuracy and responsiveness of meters.
  15. Did you recently switch it to this car? Check your sub wiring and see if you accidently wired too low.... Edit: Well I guess you would see that in your voltage also. What are you using to see voltage and give us a little info on your electrical setup.
  16. My crescendo 12k keeps going into protect. I could be playing it for about 20 minutes, then my amp goes into protect. After a couple minutes, the amp turns back on and plays for another few minutes before going back into protect. It goes back and forth, on and protect. My voltage is good, I never drop below high 13's. My amp does seem like it's getting kind of hot though. I began feel it getting pretty warm, and I can kind of smell a little bit of something, like something's getting hot. Not sure if this is a heat issue, because I rrun my system without a wall, and I always have my A.C. blasting throughout the car. Never had this issue with the same setup in my other car.
  17. what can cause this? when driving no music playing it spikes. like .3.4 volts than stays at one voltage. example 14.3 14.6 14.5 14.7 14.5.....
  18. Nice clean build mate. Love it, really want a burban myself.. hard to find over here though
  19. If u wanna keep it all RF then get the R150x2, or u could even run ur tweeters and mid on its own channel with the R300x4. With the two channel you'll need to use the passive crossover when wiring it all up. With the four channel you can wire each speaker to its own channel and be able to tweek it around as u want.
  20. yea i think i may just go to a single din. got to say it has been a new experience rolling around with no H U in my truck. quiet
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