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  2. Won a couple bucks on my team this weekend. Taking all that and eveything i have available and taking a shot on USI-Tech. Good or bad outcome, im seeing where this road goes. 

  3. dual alt ??

    Adjuster ? edit- what kind of regulator do you run now? Can you give much much more info on what and how your regulating now ?
  4. All, (big time those that are into and know, live and breathe lowered rigs/setups) Ive always wanted a dropped rig for a toy. Before you go all ape shit on me, i agree, bags would be dope, but, not right now, ... that will come later. Also, .. reliable.., the rig, must be all but bulletproof. Able to drive states away for "stuff". ATM, im looking at several static dropped rigs in my area. Tahoes, MINI's, Trucks both single and extended cabs, hell, even 3 sedans. Anywho, I have a few lined up to look at soon. (A lowered 03 silverado in fact, in about 7 hours from now) What I would love to know, is, what makes a well done drop. Been told, that a C-notch in the rear, is the cats meow. And it begins. Now, with that, the rig im looking at tomorrow, is said to have a Cnotch done.And, done "the right way". If someone would please educate me, in what makes a proper notch, or, one done fast, cheap and easy...., also in what i should be looking for, good and bad when im able to put my eyeballs on it. Just got off one of a few DMs with some cats, where, i was told, that having a Cnotch done, is a very correct way to get down. But, like Chinese food, when its done right, its fantastic, BUT, when done wrong,... there is about nothing worse. Also, how does one "figure" the added cost, of work done,labor,and such, when dealing with these typse of mods ?? What kinds of questions should i ask the owner/builder? Id love to hear, what my eyeballs should be locked on, what to look for. Anything, ANYTHING anyone can give me, i would greatly appreciate. First rig in question, that im scoping out tomorrow (well, in like 7 hours)., and, in my world of rad, is my favorite visually of all the ones on the list. Just simple, and clean. Very nice starting point. Man i wish it was a quad cab, so i had more volume to play with, but, it is what it is. Hope it doesn't disappoint when i get there, and get my eyes on it. Again, much thanks for any and all help. KB
  5. putting dual 03 gm 240 alts and using the voltage adjust the under hood with tiny screw was wondering can i tap it into the second alt to up both voltage i realy dont whant to spend another $100 on a adjuster
  6. Well,...... hmmmmmmmmmmm (wish it was a quad cab :/ ... BUT.... )
  7. Where its no rocket ship lol, man, we have just loved the 5.3/burb. Thing hauls a damn fair amount of gear/weight,(a few bats, few amps, few sheets of wood, few subs, few pounds of vibra flex, few pounds of 2 part foam, few cases of great stuff, few feet of welded metal, on and on) all day every day. Mileage at 1/3 of a million miles, and it just goes and goes. To this day, daily driven to get the man to work and back. All the while, 4 alts sit on the block, AND running the AC. (only the 12v alt is used for daily, but, it only takes all of 8 minutes to remove that belt, toss on the other for the quads to run) A god damn audio nuts dream. LOL.... Bitch just goes and goes. 16 hour, one way trip to cali, over Donner pass, SURE, why not lol. Hell no it doesn't do it in record time, in fact spends most the time in the far right, but, my hell, does it just go and go and go....... But naw,... we wont come off the green light with a grandma in her pinto next to us lol.
  8. Loud daily Car - Cherry fora 2x Pride s15v3 1x Quasar q20 (20K Amp) 250 Alt 500 Ah AGM batt 180 L box with custom port
  9. Nate,... check your DM's please. Thanks. KB

  10. Always fuse your wire runs for the current capacity of your wire. I think mini ANL only goes up to 150a
  11. If you are going 4g the mini will not work from the pics ive seen its ment for more like 8g or so.
  12. does mini vs regular anl fuse matter ? does one perform better overall than the other ?
  13. GO ANL fuse holder this coming from someone who had his AGU fuse holder melt beyond recognition because of a loose connection, i has since switched to only ANL and have had not a single issue or loose wire, plus make sure they are philips head screw ANL fuse holders not the other type which seem to loose there grips on the wire easier some how!
  14. Check your connections, grounds etc. Sounds like something is loose
  15. i installed my system into my car almost 2 years ago with no major issues. if any... my sub bass would cut out from heavy bass tracks n i would usually turn the volume down for the sub bass to come back. if that didnt work; id turn the car off n back on n would be working again. about a few months ago my usual trouble shooting didnt work, n found out it was the fuse that finally went out. i didnt think much of it n jus got a new fuse n was working/bumping again. but now i noticed my bass would cut out n my usual troubleshooting wouldnt work. n sure enough it was the fuse blowing out again. i never had a problem with my fuse going out so constantly when for almost 2 years it never did. recently i bought a new basic agu fuse holder. worked better than the old but sure enough my fuse was still blowing out. ive read that agu fuses arent ideal because of the soldering melting due to the heat generating from the power wire. ive had a kicker anl fuse holder before n worked well with little to no problems other than the fuse box began to melt and basically being held together by the fuse alone. figured that was not safe so switched to a basic agu holder which worked till recently ive browsed local audio shops n none seem to carry big brand names n was considering getting "xscorpion mini anl fuse holder" wit 100A anl fuse would that brand of fuse holder be ideal ? set up : 2016 honda civic stock head unit. rockford fosgate line out converter(the better one/not cheap) 2 RF p3 kicker zx.1000 4 gauge wiring
  16. Goll that's a pretty dog Steve, looks like a sweetheart. Looks like he enjoys being held like a big baby. play on words
  17. My 5.3 only has a CAI and that's it. When pulling a trailer it lacks oomph. It does alright empty not pulling anything though...............................lol. I would just upgrade trucks before sticking any money into my own motor in that thing. Of course i don't drive that vehicle for the speed or handling or even the towing capabilities really either so it is what it is. I don't need it to be any faster, just wish it was, haha. Oh well. For the amount i pull a trailer it really doesn't matter and it suites my needs good enough I guess. I wish GM would upgrade their 6.0 iron block gasser. I don't want to drop lower gearing into my rear diff. for resale, just to be able to pull something slightly better. It's just a half ton, short framed, GM vehicle with the 320 HP 5.3 (not the newer 355 hp 5.3L). I just have a lead foot and wish it would go faster, instead of get louder. Keep in mind mine is old so it only has the 4 speed auto tranny, not the 6, or 8 speeds (Dodge) which would then again help. For me it's a combo of gear ratio, HP numbers, 4 speed tranny only, etc. etc. etc. It's entry level full size IMO haha
  18. Opinions on Enclosure 6 SA-12 v3

    You could add a brace to the port (I would if it were me), it wouldn't have to be much, just a 4" long piece of 1/2" wide plywood/MDF. The goal is just to brace that wide bottom panel.
  19. Oh I bet it will still be, that white intercooler popping through the grill is going to be an oh fuck moment when people in the know realize what they are seeing
  20. What’s goin on krusty, long time no see. I️ haven’t seen that Camaro yet either. Holla at a playa

  21. Both doors finished! Got my doors deadened some more, used damp rope to tame a lot of the rattles too. Ready to be installed tomorrow
  22. Looking for Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" but more bass

    Nuffin? Come on where day hidin'da dope tracks at these days i can only listen to 20g's to speak so many times lol tryna find a vibe settin club banger wuz hannin?
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