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  2. Hello all. This my first build log of any type. So here goes. I own a 2008 Tundra double cab. I had the rear seats modified so I could fit a sub box back there. Basically the middle of the rear seat was removed. I currently have the HST-15 in a sealed enclosure. The box is the recommended 1 ft^2. I sounds great, but I want a little more oomph from the very low notes. So in comes a new ported box build. The box will have 2.5 ft^2 for the sub. Tuned to 25 Hz. Here is a picture of my design from Speaker Box Lite. The picture does not show any of the bracing I will use.
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  4. Are you looking for a good deal or do you want the best in what a midbass needs to do ???
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  6. that will require me to upgrade my alt and not sure if i could reuse the same box with different subs? thanks for swift reply.
  7. The amp I was going to use is unavailable so I am asking for recommendations. It's a single delta 18 in 7 cubes ported. What would you guys power this big boy with?
  8. I have a 2000 Chevy suburban I want to give to Steve Meade
  9. I have a 2000 Chevy suburban I want to give to Steve Meade

  10. Why not get 2 high end 12 as long as you can power them eg 3-4K rms In that space your only 1x15
  11. i'm planning on doing a build very much like this in my 98 Silverado the only ting i want to know is how the box was attached to the platform to stop it from moving around
  12. Hey everybody I'm trying to find out if my 2000 chevy malibu could fit a 2 15in ported/vented box and if so is there any vendors that build them? (i'm nervous on building a box due to lack of tools and knowledge) so far I have 2 12in subs in a box that measures out to 35W x18Lx 15h I still have alteast 1 or 2 inches of width space.
  13. Just a reminder that if your space isn't treated properly achieving your goal will be difficult and/or sound like shit! Prep is KEY imo. Remember a full range signal starts @ 20 hz so it a matter of finding the right driver to do what you want WERE you want. Good luck!
  14. There is probably a video on the installation of these speakers out there! Basically its a coax with the tweeter separate. RF's Punch line does the same thing.
  15. I want to get one but right now my preamp is being dumb so I got to get a new one first
  16. This truck will never be used as a “heavy hauler” like a one ton setup. It’s strictly a weekend cruiser ...
  17. That was not towards you that was me. Because there is plenty of stuff I can do but just doesn't happen
  18. Lol I can't take a long time. For one I need this thing for my camping trips and i'm just too impatient to wait. luckily this isn't my daily though so I can leave it somewhat torn apart.
  19. Anyone into record/turntable stuff lately, or has been? Im getting into it, .. slowly but surely, and loving it. My gear, is piss poor, i know. But, im in, learning, and super enjoying. The full sound,.. and my favorite thing, finding the records, at super cool places. Not ordering them off amazon, but, going out, in the world, and finding them. Soooo choice. Running 3.1 atm. Two towers, 2 sub's and single center chan. Anyway,.... my shit gear atm. Turntable - AT-LP-120 Reciver - Onkyo TX-NR757 Left and right towers - Destination Audio F300T (2x) Center - Destination Audio F300c (1x) Subwoofers - Dayton Audio SUB 1500 (2X) 75" Sony 4k TV- nothing to do with anything, but, adjusting the reciever/source, is done on this. Im pretty thrilled, atm, with the reproduction going down. I just spent all day, rewiring, and re-doing the "corner" in the back room, to get the turntable, as close to the reciever. How i was running it, with the reciever a good distance from the turntable, i got a bit of "hum". I could play/move the rca cables, and it would come and go, soooo, i re-did everything to get them as close together as possible, and it worked. Almost no hum, even if i put the volume at full. Rad. I found some cheap LED lights, that are wireless, and where cheap, to get some kinda light in some cubicals of the cabinets. Worked great. Took all day, but.... its rolling , and doing hella well. Super stoked. Im in the process of getting a upper teir (no way huge cost one) cartridge. A Ortofon red (2m). Anyway,... happy spinning all ( to those getting into, or been into it) KB
  20. Thanks man. i appreciate the thought! Fuck that would have been nice to have won! Wife's got a TrailHawk needing a system And that tiny piece of shit needs all the deadening it can get! Maybe next time i will win something....Not i always over pay, get it late & half broken kid of guy. lol
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