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  2. I am not going to be competing just a loud daily on music. I had also thought about 12’s but have had these 15’s for years now and are brand new. I’m hoping I can make it work
  3. My amp isn’t getting power at all it looks like one of the transistors may be blown I can’t seem to identify the part ? Can someone help please what can I do to replace the hole thing QM-2413L-C QM-2413R-C
  4. I’m trying to figure out what I can do to replace what ever this is lol I can’t seem to figure out the part numbers or a replacement part please help the amp isn’t getting power at all
  5. Basically what you're saying is that as long as I have the settings on the crossover as well as the amp on the correct settings I should be good to go, right?
  6. I've never ran, nor seen the comp sets, but I will assume they are (wired to the xover net work they come with) will be a 4ohm, NOMINAL, load. With music, which is dynamic, wired at a 4 ohm load, with 2 drivers reacting (ohm load changes), doubtful you see the power you are thinking you will. Its not that the salt4 isnt powerful, it is, for a mid/tweet application. If i was you, id run as is, but be hella, HELLA, careful of the frequencies your sending to the tweets. That will be your down fall,.if any, over power. I used a T1000.4ad, separate channels, at a 2 ohm nominal, on 2 tweets and two mids. And ran them like that for almost 2 years. How are you cutting each driver? (Pass band, or, cut offs) using just the amp? Then id start off very very easy, on the tweets. Cut them (high pass) very high, and drop down, if you feel ok about it. Make any sense my guy?.?
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  8. Yes it is a 4 channel amp 200w per channel so I assume each mid and tweeter will get every bit of 100w. Don't mean to sound like an idiot but I'm fairly new to the whole car audio world and not sure what you mean by passive. Are you referring to how I'm wiring the set to the amp? 1 Mid to crossover 1 tweet to crossover then a pos and a neg to 1 channel. Times 4 of course. Oh and its all 4ohm. I can upgrade the tweeters to the component set correct and get the same yet better results?
  9. Do you compete? port up, at times, can yield better mic performance. But ive seen port forward, on the driver side, when mic'd on the pass dash, do best also. (As far to the back driver side as possible). Not competing, and just want some lows, and loud i may have went 12s, because your enclosure volume is going to be small, hell, (which will be hard to get a longer vent/port length) even if you wall it. Power doesn't really matter if your efficient about it. (Larger/proper enclosure)
  10. I would probably do subs up port up. Talk with someone who designs boxes and they can set you up so you can build your box.
  11. You could run 2 tweets left, 2 tweets right, 2 mids left, 2 mids right. Turn the tweets down, if need be.... no sure of the impedance on each, dont know the comp set well, but...
  12. So a 4 chan amp, on 2 component sets? Your going passive it seems.?
  13. Hello was looking for some opinions. Any would be greatly appreciated. Upgrading system in my 2016 vw jetta. Purchased 2 sets of the Rockford Fosgate T2652-s component sets and both sets will be hooked up to a Sundown Audio Salt-200.4. Having said that each speaker will receive 100 watts rms. I'm sure the 6.5 mids can take it but my question is will those tweeters be able to handle that power without question. I believe they are rated at 75 watts but don't quote me on that. Or should I can I swap those tweeters out with better ones still hooking up the better and bigger tweeters to that component set wiring to those crossovers that the 6.5 mids will be hooked up to? Thank you very much for your time!
  14. 6 12's in a Caddy - All Plexi box, LED's, Beauty Trim with 27 Piece emblem revealed!
  15. I came out to the garage tonight hoping to get these stupid things ready for the speaker grill and to be mounted. Started by rounding the top edge of the grill insert. Then, I made a little channel for the grill to sit in after I give it it's final home Then I made twins Next, I laid out where I think the best places to put the mounting hardware for the grill insert. I'm probably (most likely) going overboard, but I'm just nervous the wood will vibrate against itself and piss me off. So if you can see, they are 2 different sizes. The smaller ones, using a ²³/64" still bit is perfect. The bigger ones..... damnit! I don't have a drill bit big enough. So now I have to buy a drill bit. So I'm stuck.... again. I put the mounting piece on the ruler. It looks like it's ¹¹/16ths or ¾". So that's where I'm at now. I'm going to use drill bits to put holes in the wood, then glue the plastic mounting pieces in using E6000 glue. If anyone has a better idea how to install these stupid things, I'm all ears.
  16. Ported boxes are specified as: follows: net internal volume, port tuning and port area, knowing just the external size doesn't tell you a lot of how is designed. A proper box will play louder and better on less power than an improperly designed one or an enclosure designed for a different sub.
  17. The airspace that such port would use inside a box would reduce the compression chamber leaving the subs in an off spec box.
  18. It almost looks like a grey scaled filter or something...but it isn't. This photo is real life. green ain't exactly my favorite color but it does look good here! that's all for today! new video coming tomorrow!
  19. there is about 10 different ways i had in mind to do this logo...but i need to get this job finished. So i am going to go with this for now. I have made it removable so i can get it out and make something different if i don't like it. So far i LOVE IT. White, matte black, gloss black, mirror and clear. Just enough of an offset to make it look grey-scaled out.
  20. 3/16" Clear with 1/8" matte black over the top. The holes are for neo-magnets. Yup, neo magnet removable trim panels. Something that i came up with YEARS ago that lots of people do but nobody ever gives your boy credit. Oh well, if you know you know.
  21. i do it like this.... https://jlaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204374120-Amplifier-Level-Setting-Guide the 0 db tones are at the very bottom
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