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  2. Water Bear nailed it on the other forum! I cross posted this. I had a bad ground which I was assuming was good. What happened was my ground port on the amp would get a reading of 7 volts when I would connect battery cable. Remove battery cable and ground returned to ground which out voltage. I connected ground directly to battery as water bear recommended and all worked okay. I did end up finding a factory ground in my spare wheel well which is what I’m using now. All good and working again.
  3. Asking what the best speakers are is like asking what the best flavor of cake is It's both highly subjective, and depends on the main course. A triple chocolate ice cream cake may not pair well a tomato bisque. Likewise, you should be finding something that sounds good to you. With the added complexity of install greatly changing how things sound. This is a good thing - you have a LOT of influence over the sound of your drivers by doing things like deadening doors, on/off axis response, crossover frequencies, and equalization. How to shop: - Figure out what you need from them. Mids only? Component set? All in one? - What your power handling requirements are - Budget - Size constraints Once you know all of those, shop from a brand you like. Some reasons are local availability, warranty, customer support, keeping a common brand in a build, general part quality, etc etc.
  4. I've never seen them just come apart, you had to have hit the speaker wire on the cutout hole of the the box somehow when putting the sub in the box. For what its worth I put my speaker wire through the holes from the backside for this same exact reason, then you're no longer fighting the wire when putting the sub in the box. I wouldn't buy any ol' terminals off the internet, I would contact sundown and get replacements sent to you. Otherwise the chances are very high that they wont fit properly or bolt right up without having to modify them or worse possibly having to resolder different ends on the tinsel leads that connect to the terminals which then may make the tinsels too short and now your stuck buying recones.
  5. @SnowDrifter we got him sorted over on the caraudio forum. I guess he cross-posted in a search for answers.
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  7. To verify: With the ground cable disconnected, the ground terminal on your amplifier reads 7v when 12v is supplied, then returns to 0v once the amp is grounded, at which point it works as normal?
  8. Well needless to say I found replacement terminals in about 5 seconds after doing a Google search. Thanks for your thoughts and time @audiofanaticz
  9. Thanks for the info! I just checked and the allen bolts are tight. It seems like the terminal assemblies themselves are coming apart. The one on the same side as the flag sticker is completely separated - you can move it around with your fingers. I'll see if I can find replacement terminals online.
  10. you should be able to reach the hex/allen bolts with a wrench and tighten them, you'll just have to feel around with your fingers since you wont be able to see the best.
  11. alright, if it shipped and tracking info updated I wont bother checking on the order then, but I know the sales definitely put things behind due to the sheer volume.
  12. Just a quick question regarding the NSv4 12. Been trying to reach Sundown by phone and e-mail for a week or so with no luck, so I figured I'd try here. The terminals on my NSv4 12 have started to come loose after about 20 months of use. I reckon it's an easy fix but wanted to know if it could be done without an RMA since this thing is expensive to ship. @sundownz
  13. Just wanted to give an update on my order that way if anyone else experiences delays and searches they will see down 4 sound is just a little behind. . Woke up this morning and checked and UPS now actually picked up the order. So just looks like down 4 sound was about 8 days behind on orders due to the holiday sales. Once I get everything in I will have 2 Sundown SFB 8000.1 amps pushing 2 B2 Audio Rage XL 12's in a custom octoport box, with 128AH of headway lithium. Still have a few things to tidy up but, should come out pretty nice.
  14. Ported enclosures are louder for the watt than sealed enclosures like you have, so I guess your question is if there is something in between the large ported boxes and a sealed, so I came up with a smaller ported box for your sub that still let you experience most of the benefits of ported designs while not being as bulky. If size is suitable and you have a trunk car you can build or have someone build the following:
  15. I am looking for a pair of speakers to fit my 2022 toyota corolla cross. I couldn't find any info on the size of speakers I would need on crutchfield, but I believe I need 6.5s and are trying to find the top 3 best pairs that would work for my situation. I also have a 4 channel rockford fosgate amp for the speakers.
  16. Hey everyone, I recently bought and installed two Rockford amps, one 4 channel for the speakers, and one mono for the sub. I bought a 12" DD SL600 as well and have it in a sealed box because the ported box the shop offered were all massive. Is there anything else I might need? The shop did talk to be about the potential sound benefits of having it in a ported box but I couldn't find one that was small for a 12" sub, what're your thoughts?
  17. Two 8" ports or a big slot port should be able to handle your 2x3500w amps.
  18. Maybe I should just work with a slot port instead because without the right size areo port I’m not going to feed these subs correctly
  19. I see. So I’m order to run both subs on a single 8” port I would have to give the subs less power.
  20. Not everyone believes in plots but the conclusion is pretty obvious: The following is for an 8 cube net box tuned to 32Hz, orange is 100 square inches of port area, yellow is a single 8" port, power shown is per driver: As you can see the yellow plot becomes darker at about 35 m/s meaning that port noise can occur, it's crazy out of range at tuning. The next plot below tells you how much power you can run without issues on a single 8: port and as you can see at 1000W per driver or 2000W total is the most you can run and the 8" port will function properly.
  21. Chop top Honda hitting switches Bumping 4 JL Audio 12’s back in 1993 i was a young buck!
  22. I understand that with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When I posted the original message I was just a little frustrated. with Down 4 Sound and Sundown Audio but, that's a whole other story. My order number is 191890 order placed Nov 27th and still hasn't shipped out yet.
  23. With the massive sales that have been going on prior black friday through cyber monday and even some that ended today. I'm sure the amount of orders to get packed and shipped is by far beyond the typical day, they are always really good with shipping but when you get slammed like this every company struggles a tad. What is your order number?
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