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  2. thanks for the help. i guess i'm a crackhead, because my single set of fronts and rears doesn't please me, haha. i might just end up trying the crescendo 6x9 coaxials on the rear.
  3. Yep I'm drooling over the skar zvx 18s. Gunna throw them in skars 18" prefab untill I get enough $$ to buy a 2nd one and purchase a custom enclosure. Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll post videos of it my multiple sustems in the next coming month
  4. Oh sure, I see what he did there! Really mcgivered that one lol. Any idea why his subwoofers are acting out of phase? (I beleive that's what you call his dilemma)
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  6. I'm thinking his logic was like this. It's a 3 12" box, using only 2 subs, it's 1.26 cube per sub, and the extra 1.26 will give each sub 1.8-1.9 cubes making up for the extra air needed to port.. He also removed the divider's to separate each sub. I think the structural integrity of box is way too compromised at this point.
  7. https://www.soundoffaudio.com/ported-quad-8-for-2007-2013-chevy-silverado-crew/
  8. Brand x will build you anything for any car As far as alt size goes, the smaller the engine and bigger alt , the engine has a hard time dealing with the increased drag. My 250 amp gives my 2.3l a run for it's money at stop lights
  9. Thanks gents. I'll see if the seller will take it back. I got a new battery under warranty and same thing is happening. I will check voltage with the car off this week.
  10. You didn't find a 220 amp alt for 250. You found the eBay Chinese junk for 250. You can get a great alt from brand x. 250 amp (180-190 @ idle/ 280 at 2250) shipped to you for about $305. Find em on Facebook
  11. I want to mention. That is a lot of exposed bare metal from that fuse holder just sitting there in close proximity of grounding surfaces
  12. Need the size of the box and port to be able to give you accurate subs to put in it. Maybe some pics too.
  13. So I am new to the car audio world and what better place to go for help then here right? im looking to do a sub build under my rear seats. I have a box that fits 4 8s. Ported. my confusion is what to put in them and what to power them with. I’ve been looking at the Sundown SA-8 v.3. ( is this a good one?) my budget is about 2k for the whole build. I’m open to suggestions. If anyone can help! Thank you!
  14. They are a legit company got my 24’s for my truck from them and many other parts. Still wouldn’t hurt to check Crutchfield out too.
  15. Bro........ You actually sound like you know what your doing so this might be redundant.. But you cant take a sealed box And put a hole on it and stick PVC piping or duct work and magically turn it into a ported box. Reason? Air volume. Subwoofers usually require a little bit---- to alot more air space when switching to ported. It should say in the subwoofer specifics. If your seriously trying to customize these prefab boxes then I would start by chopping off some walls and either adding to them and/or connecting them all and adding to them and making 1 big azz Frankenstein box.
  16. You've emailed all the companies and asked? Just because they don't list it, doesnt mean they won't make it, goodluck!
  17. Got some more done all I got to say is getting that second battery in was a [email protected] And cut wire pass through bigger was hella tight and didn't have all the power and grounds to it yet. The color I used to match the batteries.
  18. Do you know if that alternator will fit a 95 land cruiser? I am having the same issue finding a bigger than 80 amp alternator...
  19. Clamping is using a clamp meter to read amperage and digital multimeter read voltage and multiplying them to come up with true wattage. YouTube is the best tool you can use when new to something like this.
  20. Closer to the hatch door without being closer than the width of the port the better but not closure to the widow facing up the better. Because sound waves bounce off surfaces and if they bounce off the direct back of the hatch they will bounce forward creating a good and hard hitting sound. If they bounce off the window they will the bounce towards the hatch floor then back up towards the front which creates more sound wave travel, thus less bass and worse sound.
  21. I looked at the box specs and pictures of a Scion tC cargo hatch area.
  22. I looked into it and face the subs and port towards the hatch for sure.
  23. Have it firing towards the hatch. If the width of the port is 4” then the enclosure must be at least 4” from the hatch for good air flow. If not, which I think you will have enough room to have it firing towards the hatch, then have it firing upwards towards the window. But leave that as a last resort. You will get more spl if you have the enclosure firing towards the hatch. Even if you’re an inch or so shy of making clearance then still keep it facing towards the hatch. Towards the hatch will always generate the most SPL.
  24. The Scion tC is a hatchback that’s why I was thinking sub/port up at the glass vs toward the rear of car but most people say will not sound as good idk.
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