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  2. Hello hows everyones weekend ? How much rms power can handle this monster deaf bonce db 4515R 4.5k rms 4.5 voice coil any1 know who have it and know how much power these monsters max can take. thank you
  3. The new classic strokers pros are around like 1500 for 15 and like 1600 for the 18 main reason I’m not getting one lol… well Amazon has the 18 for 909 and 15 for 1300 but still to much for this build
  4. Oh of course the classic strockers as well... they are expensive as all hell though aren't they? Sweet subs though
  5. It seems like it could be either. You'd have to log voltage and correlate it with temperature to be sure.
  6. I watch soundman lol … not sure the box yet need measurements and stuff before I decide what to do
  7. Yeah probably going with a pair of the Vegas but to me the classic strokers and red surrounds is both nostalgia to me
  8. I'm going to run 2 Salt 4's (14.7v at 1 ohm they push over 5000 watts) 1 2000.4 for the mids, 1 880.4 for the tweeters and a 400.4 for the rear fill. All I need is my 370 amp mechman and a Limitless Lithium cyber 12k. Lithium is the way to go in my opinion
  9. I can remember hacking together a box for a vega with the red surround in my teens, it looked like total crap, but was so cool at the same time. I was looking at the Ecstacy subs on the Legends of Car Audio ebay store with the purple surrounds. It would be cool to do a 90s bandpass for a pair of those similar to what Soundman did in his son's car.
  10. So far 6 15's, 1000 rms each. and about 2k for mids and highs. so about 8k total. Wouldn't mind going for higher battery power over alternator but they seem to go hand in hand. Trying to learn to do most of this myself but matching parts has been proving to be difficult.
  11. My worth nothing opinion, nostalgia build, my vote is for the red surround. 100%. Nothing says old school Cerwin Vega (at least to me) more than those red surrounds
  12. That engine should be the same 5.7 found in any late 70's truck. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding one. Mechman, JS, brand X, Singer should all be able to hook you up. With a lithium setup, you might not need as much alternator and battery as you think. What are you thinking on installing?
  13. I want the classic pro stroker subwoofer but out of my price range for a nostalgia build looking at the Vegas since they still have the red surround…. Or the regular stroker and just have red accents not sure yet I have company coming for the month of July so not sure when I’ll get started
  14. Does anyone know where I could get alternators and a bracket for a 1978 Chevy G30 van? 5.7L v8 I am trying to solidify my electrical before planning out the system. I have a general Idea of what I want but there is no sense in trying to have a 10k watt system if all I can support is 2k. What I am trying to get to is, how do I find a alternator/alternators that will fit. If I have to get something machined who would I contact?
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  16. Hey guys, Recently been in communications with Brian at Fi due to the fact I'm on business day 53 for my order (single 15" Neo 3.5 with Stage 1 Cooling). He let me know that they're doing everything they can with all the orders and shit going on around the plandemic. They're currently having supplier issues for materials and such and are hoping to get everything back on track in 3-4 weeks. I'm sure if you ask them politely, you'll get a similar response. They're doing the best they can with only four guys and no supplies. All you can really do is reach out in GOOD
  17. Well $h!t, I went to order the APM-X just now and they are out of stock. I can't find it in stock anywhere That TermLab Magnum looks awesome, but the price is a little over what I was looking to spend. I guess I'm either waiting for the APM-X to come back in stock or looking at the SPL Lab meters. Funny thing is, I was pretty stoked about the SPL Lab Mini meters until I saw the APM-X LoL.
  18. Good luck man. Those Hondas are good cars, I hope you are able to get it sorted out.
  19. Fi for the win! The Fs on that sub is nasty low. The sub looks mean too. Can't wait to see the build log for this one.
  20. fluid is full and all that jazz. i'm really on the fence about fixing it or not, it has 220000 miles on it so it is old. i kinda thinking right now on checking i parts yard to see if they have a tranny that will fit my honda, so depends how much that would run.
  21. Do you think id be in the high 140's db wise in a 7 cubic foot net tuned to 34 hz on the 3k taramps at 1 ohm with a 8 inch aero port (its adjustable too) in a 2019 nissan versa sv trunk sealed to get all pressure in the cab with a 350 amp alternator?
  22. STILL waiting for LL G30 batt now that DroppinHz failed me by never providing me with the 80ah LTO batt I ordered. (They refunded me 4 months later after I had to rip on them on their FB page which I hate that I had to do). G30 is 30ah, right? So maybe I should buy $1100 worth of Yinlongs incl bars and case and for the same price I can get 80 ah worth! Or CES LTO batt for same price. But then again the G30 is rated up handle 24kW at 15.5v and 500a alt whereas Yinlongs 80ah I doubt can produce that much power. What do you think?
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