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  2. Thanks for reply amp is twisted sound 6.5k and its loud. But i think for 4 15s it can/should be louder. Was thinking of re doing the baffle on this box, move top right speaker to bottom left and make a port on driver side facing foward 33.5 tall x 5 wide x 23 that would be 31hz as recommended. But im not sure if the port area is correct I listen to mainly rap music or decaf ect. Another question when tuning ."The recommended port area" does that stay 45 or would it be more since there is 4 subs. Prolly the dumbest ? Ever... lol but im learning haha.
  3. Same here, I also missed your reply. Thanks for the input. I think I'll have to change my sub and the box completely. I won't be able to fit a box that is tuned to 32-35 hz in my trunk, so I'll have to go for a smaller sub.
  4. 2 1/0 runs will support more current that a run of 2/0
  5. Add another baffle and run long screws into it
  6. Well I ended up ordering 4x Savard Hi-Q 6.5" D4 woofers. These things are BEEFY! Supposedly 350w RMS. I'm going to feed them 375w (1500rms for 4 speakers). https://www.savardspeakersystems.com/copy-of-hi-q-6-5
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  8. Got a picture of this box? What amp are you powering them with. How much extra room do you have to work with? Do you want pure sound quality or SPL, vibrating the truck? What type of music do you listen to? Lots of deciding factors go into whether one will be better or not. Generally ported is louder, but sealed produces low frequencies more accurately. It would likely be better to have a new box built from scratch than adding a port to a current box.. The port displacement will take away from the net volume, and you are at about 16 cube now, which is good size when ported for those subs, but if you remove the port displacement the box may be on the low end, or even too small after sub displacement. For a sealed enclosure its a bit big though. There are lots of people that can help with designing a box if you are up to the task of building it yourself, or there are people that will sell you a custom box built to the specs of your subs, with the power you are using in the vehicle they will be in. Recommended Sealed Volume: 3.00 ~ 3.25 ft³ Recommended Ported Volume: 3.50 ~ 3.75 ft³ Recommended Port Area: 45.0 in² Recommended Tuning Frequency: 31 Hz
  9. Here ya go jiga. This Tuesday I'll try em in the kerf ported birch. something really tells me that this box here that was built by this Audio company that fuck me around for three months and then gave me a half-finished box and $100 back (box pictured) Something tells me it's not to the specifications I ask for in regards to tuning and airspace and I don't really have the fucking energy right now to measure the thing out to make sure it's on point for one I don't know what I'm doing to I don't feel like learning right now. Lol
  10. So I built a 14ft ported box with corner braces, 2 window braces in the main cabinet, and a 3/4" threaded rod but I'm still getting so much flex that the top has come off twice. Any suggestions as to how I can improve/increase my bracing?
  11. I was trying to fight it I thought i could just be happy on 500rms... But damn it that's not the case LOL
  12. I love this thread , Your Audio Addiction is back , It’s starts out just wanting a tiny bit more and moves to new box, battery , subs and amp, all of us on this site suffer from this addiction and it’s a great problem to have , your gonna love those SA’s , I’ve ran 3 for years on double the power and never had an issue.
  13. 4 skar15 evl in sealed box currently in my 94 extended cab chevy.Would they be louder, more bass with a port? If so what kind of port and where should it go? Also. all 4 face foward. 3 accross top and one bottom center box is 56wide 35tall 17 deep Any input would be much appreciated
  14. Thanks man! I have an extra spot under my hood where I can put a second battery. So maybe that'll be my next project. Just have to get a battery tray setup for it and then research if I need an isolator or anything. Dude... I just seen It says that thing weighs 91 pounds... That's insane.
  15. The shuriken bt140. For sure. That d3400 is only 65ah. That bt140 is 140ah. Shuriken batteries are official and put out the amp hours it’s rated at. You need reserve so more amp hours is what you want.
  16. I live on military disability... So HOPEFULLY you make more than me LOL So which of these 2 is actually better?
  17. Lol! Let me borrow your debt card. You probably make more money than me and definitely spend less than me on car audio.
  18. https://www.amazon.com/Shuriken-SK-BT140-12-Volt-Performance-4000-Watts/dp/B0089NO3F8
  19. Haha! Do advisors let me borrow their debit cards? Because that would be an even bigger help
  20. Or if you look at it the way we do, we are good influences that are giving you advice that will make you happy. Think of me as a guardian bass advisor. Lol! I’m happy for you right now and can’t wait to see it. Bass on dude. And just add at least a big agm in the rear and you’ll be good. At least a 120ah. But you should get a 140ah. A Shuriken bt140 would do the trick. It isn’t expensive and it’s good. They compared them to Xs and kinetic and they were pretty much the same. Of course the xs was a little better. But not much.
  21. I'm going with 4 runs of 1/0 over 3 runs of 2/0. Both equal to about 1200 amps of current, but the 4 runs of 1/0 turned out to be less expensive than the footage of 2/0 needed for 3 runs. So yeah, there's that
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