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  2. My Honda Civic came with a factory amplifier similar to what your Challenger has. Depending on what your willing to do/sacrifice from the factory speakers this is an easy or somewhat tedious job. If your Challenger comes with a factory subwoofer then this is super easy, get a pair of RCAs and this: https://rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/rf-hlc/ It is a Hi-Lo converter or LOC. Basically all it does it takes the amplified signal coming from the factory amplifier and outputs a low level RCA output similar to what an aftermarket headunit outputs. All you would need to do is either splice into the factory subwoofer harness a decent amount away from the harness so if you wanted to remove it you could either solder / tape up where you taped into. Or to unhook the subwoofers harness and splice into the hardness so that all of the signal is going to your Hi-Lo converter / and into the sub amp. If you do not have a factory subwoofer you can still do this except you will need to splice into the rear left and rear right speakers following the same procedure except doing it twice. My first setup was done this way, but I have now moved onto an aftermarket headunit so this is no longer necessary. In my opinion you get a better quality signal from an aftermarket headunit RCAs then a Hi-Lo converter, but only marginally. I don't think it will make too much of a difference especially with a mono amplifier going to subwoofers.
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  4. got some more progress today before the heat set in and i was getting the carpet all wet from sweating all over it i know that the carpet on one side is all messed up need to grab a new blade at work so i can cut it straight let me know what yall think so far and yes i know i f#%&ed up the carpet on one corner did my best to try and fix it
  5. It's so fucking fluffy!!!!
  6. Power Your Passion. http://www.Mechman.com
  7. This post is old as hell, but anybody in here running a set? Curious how they do against other 8's in same price range...
  8. Final Dy To Save 20% on all orders over $85 WWW.SECONDSKINAUDIO.COM
  9. Joshdashef

    New forum member - mid bass question

    I'm in no way a professional and this is all my 2 cents. In saying that I think there's a couple things that could improve your current setup to suit your preferences. Firstly you say your subs play certain frequencies really loud but then it falls off with lower notes. This is because the ported box is tuned too high, likely 40s, where most people prefer 30s. Another thing to check is your subsonic filter on your amplifier to make sure it isn't robbing your low end from you. Another issue you said you were having was some aspects of the system were louder than others and vice versa. If you have a good headunit or a dsp you can apply an eq to balance your sound environment with some pink noise and a rta/mic with a spectrum analyzer I think. Or your headunit may have an auto eq function that could help but not sure if it would produce a quality result. You said for the most part you have used coaxial speakers so your considering a 3 way setup instead. In my opinion you could go for a 2 way setup instead (components) and there is less to go wrong. Where as the 3 ways require specific conditions to play optimal, a 2 way component setup is fairly straight forward and hard to make sound bad. Hope this helps you with your rig man, Cheers
  10. Hunter Bohanan

    Quick aeroport question

    What kind of 8's? Looking at a pair of x8's on 750 rms or so a piece. You did a 4th order with aeroports or just a 4th order? (Just want to make sure I'm reading that right)
  11. UPDATE! We did some testing couple days ago (video coming out at friday) and we have set our record!! We are currently at 155,35dB 71Hz Here are the measurements: our peak 155,35 was before these tests and it broke one of my prototype amplifier. It was because powersupply had fets from different batches, and it did not like 1ohm impedance (0,25ohm nominal impedance). But the tests here were made at 1ohm nominal impedance -> box rise to 4ohms. Impedance curve suggested that the boxtuning is now at 61Hz and we burped at 71Hz, i hink we should have tried that 60s before just burping the note we tought might me highest. Lesson is learned here, first sweep, and calculate before just burping the s#it out from your amplifier Loudest sofar. And it took us into TOP20-25 in the world (yeah, not measured at competition etc, but hey it is a start). Here is a good milestone to celebrate, but we are far from beign done. Need to have that 160-165 before christmas with low power so we can start chasing that 170+
  12. I've been in to car audio a long time and I've been pretty happy with a system I had once, but usually not satisfied. I've only ever used coaxial speakers and am now, maybe, planning on getting in to a 3 way system. My car is a 96 Volvo 960 wagon. I'm contemplating picking up a '92 Cadillac Eldorado, but I've never had a car with a trunk for subs and I'm not sure if I'd be happy with that. I always had wagons, hatchbacks and a '71 landcruiser. For the most part I've only used Image Dynamics 15" subs. My first system using a first gen. ID 15 I had it crossed over quite low, and was pretty happy with it. My second set I had a pair of later version ID 15's crossed over much higher and thought it sounded terrible except for the very low notes. I've read countless times, in various forums, that 15" subs can play higher bass notes just as well as smaller subs, if you get a quality sub. Not my experience. I had the 15's in a sealed, factory recommended size enclosure. Now I have a pair of Rockford Fosgate 10" punch subs ported with the stock Volvo premium sound system in front. I don't know what the enclosure is tuned to, I just picked up a cheap ported enclosure and switched from sealed a few weeks ago. Having never tried a ported enclosure before, I just wanted to find out if I could even stand it. I'm much happier with the ported enclosure than sealed, to my surprise. With the 15's I had many of the bass notes were hard to differentiate from each other. The 10's play clearly but some of the mid bass notes are ridiculously loud and make my car buzz and rattle, while the low notes are audible but not played with authority. I miss how the 15's, even though less defined, played all the notes closer to the same volume. So my thinking is either to build a ported enclosure for the 10's and tune it lower, or go back to a 15" sub crossed over on the low side and install a 3 way system in front that uses a good mid bass driver. I'm leaning toward the second option. I don't really know if the 10's would ever play low notes loudly, even in a ported enclosure tuned low. I don't have experience in this. I have sought help from local shops for close to 30 years and have always had them tell me 15's are just no good. I don't agree. I think 15's have their strengths and weaknesses just like everything else, but I'm not an expert, despite having been at this a long time. So finally getting to my main question. Have any of you used a 5.25" mid bass speaker in a 3 way system? Are they anywhere close to what an 8" can do? I've never even heard a 3 way system in a car before so I don't want to start spending tons of money without some advice. I am willing to make custom door panels and cut up the doors to fit 8" speakers if you all think it would be worth the trouble. The stock door speakers are 5.25". I guess I have another question. Is a 2-channel amp using passive crossovers too limiting in a 3 way system? I want to try and keep things simple, but I can assume I would probably want to have some control over the volume of each component. I already have a dedicated sub amp. I listen to a lot of traditional and dancehall reggae, metal with a lot of double bass, rap, techno, and country blues. Most of the trouble I have is with rap and electronic reggae where there are a wide range of bass notes in one song. My current system plays each note at a completely different volume and it drives me crazy. Thank you for reading all this and thanks in advance for your feedback. -Bret
  13. Absolutely man... Can't wait. The CES show earlier this year is what really got me back into all of this. Back when I was younger it was $1 per watt. A little bit of knowledge in a few dollars these days and you can be pretty loud. I'll be seeing you at CES show down for certain.
  14. Vegas has a ton of louds. Great people also, like justin there. Good people. You going to hit CES ? its like jan 12-13th or something like that. Get there, and come find me, and say hello.
  15. Becker and Corbin are loud AF! Hulk and Dodge with 8 Omega 15's on 16 TS 3.5's... I'm familiar lol. Jus got a demo with 8 Delta 15's the other last Friday that was nuts. The scene is starting to beat again. I'm all in
  16. Hello, been some time since last visit. I’ll make it short and simple, have a 2015 Challenger SXT Plus with the Alpine system. Am unsure if it’s the 6 or 10 speaker model. Wishing to add a SAE2000 and a X12. Wife would like to keep the factory head unit and speakers for now, read something about needing a specific LOC for it since the car is amplified? True or not? Whatever the case, would like to be pointed in the general direction to get this bad beauty bumpin. Thanks, -R
  17. Punk Rocker

    Setting Gains With An O Scope

    Sure, however what's the cheapest full range oscilloscope? I'd enjoy an Amazon link. I have no idea what features I would need though
  18. Well worth keeping updated, I'm following.
  19. Please post your username for iTunes here, mine is: Icrashedmysnare You can find all of my playlists this way, and you can also find other bits of music you've never had. You could be friendly so please be nice ya'll.
  20. So I know I mentioned this before, but are you not into the local audio scene up there in Vegas? Do you know Becker, Corbin, Barber, Slaughter or any of those cats?
  21. SoCaLBaMF

    Random Video Thread

    Straight up addicted to listening to this version of Simple Man. Brent Smith is an insane vocalist.
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