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  2. Driver side, in, with all the secons skin damplifer,. Super nice to have windows working, as well as, being able to open the door, from the inside
  3. Those skar subs aren't bad. I don't think you'd be disappointed. You could also look into the FI 3.5 subs. The box it about the right size, but it can take a bit more power than 1200 watts. A little more expensive at $470 a piece, but hand built in the USA and customizable. Not to mention I've never heard anyone complain about the power handling or the sound quality from an FI sub. But with any system, the number 1 cause of frying a sub is not tuning the amp properly. What kind of amp is it?
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  5. Nice build man. Love the clam shell and the door pods came out great. I want to do pods for my doors but im scared to mess it up
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  7. So I figured this would be the best place to talk and ask questions. I am looking into getting a new 12. I at first was going to get a skar zvxv2 12d2. I've had w6s, a ton of type rs, l7s, punches p2/3. Anyways. I want to go bigger more spl but I have a 3series bmw with not much space so I didn't want to go up to 15. I looked into RF T1 but my amp already is too much by 1200watts at 1ohm. I really wanted to go Hcca but I can't find one. So I'm really leaving towards a ds18 exl-xxb-12d2. In a single 12 what do you all reccomends or does anyone have any insight on the 12s I have listed. I woul
  8. Not much progress as I would like. But between clean up from the freak winter storm. Then the Temps being almost 50 deg below normal. Kinda brought everything to a stop. I got the box for the batteries and the wire cover done. The gaps and pocket holes will be dealt with later. I want all this to be removable for expansion later. The wires to the crossovers,doors and amps are ran and covered.
  9. I only pay attention to the Hz sweep because it has some ties to how sensitive the driver is and sound quality but thats only a little piece of the formula .. Thank you for all your help My friend ! U rock
  10. I cant seem to set the high pass filter on my apocalypse 500.4 with the cc-1, i set 2 other class a/b amps with it then spent 2 hours trying to do and redo it on the full bridge amp, is this something to do with amp design? basically i was setting the HPF at 4k and it kept telling me to keep turning up the hpf even tho it was already maxed out. I noticed when flipping the switch from full to hpf the calibration light would blink, spent 2 hours tryna do this shit at 3 am last night, any help or ideas?
  11. Well, some other brands to consider are Adire, Stereo Integrity, and Image Dynamics. Those are more SQ type subs. I don't know the price on them though. I haven't checked in a while. I know B2 makes some good stuff though. And yeah, usually the LPF is set around 80 hz so, you don't need one that plays to 500 hz. I'm sure if we where professional, winning compositions type installers, that statistic would make a difference, but I wouldn't pay it much mind.
  12. You should start a build log. That sounds cool! I'd watch it. The cresendo, I got on sale for $450. It's pretty damn big! Lol Amazon is really good to take a gamble with. You can send it back with no problems, no reason. Half the time, they tell you to keep it because it would cost too much to send back lol.
  13. Thx for the response Dafaseles !! My Truck cab is " HxWxL" 5.8 x 6.2 x 6.5 feet my back seat folds down and that's where im placing every thing. the seat folded down is 28" deep x 60" wide. I plan to put the box's and amp rack on it ..attached is my amp rack that space from the door back is the area for my subs n Amp .. I will have to go single enclosure for each subwoofer .. After I posted the first post , I found the B2 Riot 10" sub 4D its spec's are almost Identical to the Morel just 10-500 hz for the B2 and the Morel is 10-900 hz not that it matters no one is gonna play there s
  14. I'm sure the positive influence it has on her will last forever even if she doesnt remember. Those crescendo amps are dope how much did that set ya back? I found a amazon renewed p600x4 for 300 I'm going to grab it next check. I'm weary of it since its refurbished but its supposed to be like new, completely cleaned and thoroughly tested. Amazon renewed products have a pretty good reputation according to what I've read and it comes with a 90 day warranty. Dont think I'd risk it if amazon wast behind it but they are reliable as far as customer service and returns. I'm goi
  15. Well, if you're going for sound quality, my opinion would be the morel, but that's just my opinion. As far as what size, any size in the right enclosure will do exactly what you want it to. You should measure how much space you have to give, figure out how many cubic feet you have to play with, and decide off of that. Sometimes, if you have room for 1 12, you also have room for 2 10's, depending on the speaker.
  16. i picked up a 2016 taurus sho non-sony audio and im running up empty on how to tap into the system to run an active loc. i dont want to cut any wires and every link i find on a build it t-harness is comimg up dead. can someone help out with sourcing what product would accomplish this task because i dont think this system has any factory amps so i dont need any pac audio product just the plug and play harness... i have the wire colors but i dont want to cut into them just need 4 channels out
  17. Hello all , Newbie here building a new system and need some advise on what subwoofers to go with .. I have a 95 F-150 Ext Cab Resto mod project . I have all my speakers powered by an Audio Control D-6.1200 and have x2 LC-1.800's for my subs .. I have an Audiophile style system and every thing is Kappa or Kappa perfect looked at many others like focal but not in my budget.. My music taste consists of mainly Rock, Metal, Industrial , Daft punk, Tech no/dub/ Trance Astrix or Vinci Vinci to be specific and OG Coolio snoop and the like .. I have several Sub's I am looking at : DC Aud
  18. They are wicked cool. Great response, power handling, the whole 9 yards. I cant wait to get the D'Amore boards on em. Maybe tomorrow . Well see.
  19. I take the battery out after i use mine. So honestly i can't speak on that issue.
  20. Question: Do you have an issue with yours killing the battery when left alone for a while? Seems like every time I touch my OG DD-1 I’m having to replace the battery in it. Is that in issue with mine, or a known issue? That’s honestly the only thing that even has me considering moving to a newer model. Edit: just realized my sig was completely out of date. Lol
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  22. Under $150 for both sets? Or under $150 for the 6.5's and under another 150 for the 6×9's?
  23. Thanks for the info. been away for awhile and just starting to get back into it.
  24. This forum let's you drag and drop from local storage. If you use iphone or any smartphone for photography I recommend checking that geotaging and other meta data has been stripped before uploading.
  25. Well, if you know the output if your alternator and how many amp hours your battery is, there's a way to kind of figure it out. Nothing is really set in stone and results always differ from car to car, but it'll give you a guideline.
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