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  2. I have a taramps HD3000 and im not surprised with your issue lol Taramps does come with a bassknob looking thing that has a power, clip, and protect light on it. Tune to clipping with the included lights if you cannot find a better answer from someone who knows more about tuning taramps with the SMD dd unrelated but be careful where you mount taramps or any amplifier with those fans built in, they are sucking in crap that sits on the board and becomes conductive overtime, shorting the amplifier even if the car is off.
  3. four 15's cant see no wires then he heard boom from the amplifiers

  4. No this is not right section.. the for sale section is labeled for sale their is 2 categories car related and non and a set of rules you need to read
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  6. sound qubed , skar audio, sundown 3 brands here thatI know have you tube vids too
  7. So I am wondering can the agm and lithium be ran together? My d3400 I had for the back kinda just gave up, I was thinking about getting a limitless 25ah to run with my xs xp3000 for my back bank. So just wanna make sure can run them together with no issues.
  8. Any help is good so nobody gets hurt for wrong posts lmao..
  9. Need help om selling some good car audio subs but need to kno if im in the right section
  10. That seems kinda fcked up I better send that POS back You got any other recomendation for an amp at 2k rms at 1ohm? (probably won't be able to find it in europe tho) Otherwise i'll probably go with a ground zero if they put reliable power ratings on their products And thanks for saving me from a headache i apreciate it
  11. Tony has a few posts in this not sure what section but if I remember right the thd on then is like 3% and there is no proper output filter or something son they cause noise
  12. I have a Mitsubishi eclipse convertible what is a good set up for my car? Amp,speakers,everything that I would need. I have no clue as to what is good and what is bad. I just wanna thump n rock.help
  13. Ok thanks! Can anyone recommend a sub for this enclosure? Something in the 1500-2000 watt range?
  14. Sup, been long time... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X7ZlXnnbjE
  15. should be about 2.41ft3 @ 34hz without sub displacement
  16. The box was originally built for a FI btl neo. I wound up selling the sub before I installed it but I am considering getting another one. Or a Q mostly old school hip hop with some decaf sprinkled in and some country.
  17. Made my P10 famly complete with a S today. (the blue grip one is my PCR,.. i was doing size comparisons with my carry pieces). My p10f OR piece was in my bag
  18. Those Gately boxes are pure sex
  19. Been wanting to build one of these but I guarantee you wouldn’t want to pay that price
  20. Yesterday
  21. Nice! I've been wanting to do that to my 'GMC burban, but was not sure what was involved. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Picked up my wife's cell phone and went on to SMD without signing on and the pic showed up fine. not sure what's going on Sir.
  23. Dually Fenders are done dude !!! Can't wait to get these fenders mounted to the bed !!! Time to get back to work on the Phantom Dickle !!!
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