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  2. Wtb Digital Designs amps

    Just looking to see if anyone has got some DD audio amps they are willing to part with? Looking for a s4b and m3a or similar, gets confusing with so many models
  3. I've never had a problem with them. Always made smaller purchases though, typically less than $50. Thank god I haven't had to deal with support either lol. I always thought SonicElectronix was a decent place to buy from.
  4. Audiopipe APMI-2000 Amp Dyno & Unboxing

    No I am not Ryan Blankenship, I just post them here for him just to be nice.
  5. I personally met Juan, the owner of 12V Metalworks, and ordered a few things from him at this point. DUDE TAKES FOREVER but I got my parts after much hounding. I wont be ordering from him again since a promise means nothing until you get your parts in your hand. And, its too damn easy to make my own copper bus bars.
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  7. Audiopipe APMI-2000 Amp Dyno & Unboxing

    No I'm the Ryan guy
  8. Fi SSD 12" surround

    sorry for bad pics will try to get some better ones.....just curious because my old ssa dcon on 250rms (2.25 cuft 33hz - 30 in. port area) got lower and sounded cleaner doin it....running SSD in same box roughly 1000 rms from DC 1.2K......and the dcon is no low end monster
  9. Fi SSD 12" surround

    so i recently acquired my SSD (no options just copper coils)....my surround looks different then the SSD on their website...did i get a free upgrade or downgrade. My surround looks similar to the alpha and neo ssd... not the one shown on their website. Or am i just an idiot? website surround seems fatter and mine is more narrow and tall
  10. Damn I wish I read this 3 weeks ago, I would have NEVER ordered from this guy, he’s doing me the same exact thing word for word. Quickly responded and took my money after that no response I’m fully pissed off now because I need these parts to finish my build........ buss bar and dual atl terminals.
  11. smallest box for fi sp4 18

    I was wondering what's the smallest box for sp4 18 ? would 4 cubes after displacement work. or go with what they recommend
  12. They ticked me off over something small. They had a promotion where if you bought some NVX sound dampener, they would give you a free roller. The roller they sent was broke. I contacted customer service and instead of sending me another roller, they gave me a $5 store credit. A new roller was $7.99 so I was going to have to come out of pocket an extra $2.99 even though I was supposed to get the roller free with the promotion.......smh. It's small....I know....but there's principalities to this sh*t Craig!
  13. yup...they lost my business recently, i order a DC 1.2k that had a promotion of free $99 headphones.... waited 1.5 months for amp and never got my headphones... i complained to them about it and got compensated $20 sonicbux that they wont let me use anywhere BS! honor your promotions advertised, i will no longer order anything from them....and i plan on doing a big build in a couple months...they wont get anymore of my money!! went through the same process as you waiting... i finally turned them into BBB and sure enough my amp was shipped out the next day...but no headphones
  14. Just tried a couple different extensions, same result. I'm starting to think that they probably don't even have a support staff to answer phones. Oh well, hopefully it won't cost much money to send it back if it ever finishes processing.
  15. I guess the proper term for the rubber thing is body to door wiring loom
  16. Hell I called them out on some bad info on a video and they blocked me from there facebook page!
  17. But can you cancel an order if it's still processing?
  18. gotta hit the hay ill post 1 before work tonight, stuck at new speaker wires, wires 14 awg
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