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  2. Lol on his post when these came out the smds where in the works improving on those from what I remember... could be wrong though.. and not sure why this guy doesn’t try to get ahold of F.I they will be able to tell him everything he needs to know about them
  3. Up your subsonic filter a bit if you are not touching anything else for now.
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  5. Exactly what you dont want haha. Ihc is a joke and djm is just as bad
  6. I plan on doing a flip kit rear and IHC drop control arms up front. With having 4wd my drop choices are limited to go that much. and keeping my stock springs I shouldnt lose much in the ride quality. Then I'm gonna pick up some 22" snowflakes and call it a day.
  7. My last truck i had hybrid 3 way active. I found i do like having a tweeter
  8. Lt4 cam wont fit but an l86 cam will. But its hardly a change from l83 cam which is my motor. Im at a 4.5/7 drop. I do have trac bars. And g80 rear axle already. Only thing imdoing now is front coilover conversion and rear shock relocarion with double adjustables. And 07-18 suspension is the same so i can help you out with what's good and whats not. Ive been through numerous suspension parts on this truck to find what ilike
  9. Well that negates that lol. I have a friend running full range in his SQ comp car and they sound need for a tweeter. There are a few guys in the comp scene running the HAT full range with no tweeter and have had great results. So as long as tuning goes well you should be ok.
  10. If that blower is legal you could possible do a factory supercharged cam out of the same car. Look into it if youre interested. I have plans to drop mine 4/6 and being in Indiana I dont have emissions where I'm at so either doing a single turbo and boost cam or just gonna do intake head work dod delete and a stage 4 btr cam with an upgraded convertor. As long as I'm over 400whp ill be happy.
  11. Lol....if your looking more SQ based theres a few pages on FB that you can get great info....Strictly Sound Quality and Indiana Sound Quality I am on
  12. I had everything planned to a T until this conversation. Back to the drawing board
  13. If you run a fullrange you may not need a tweeter. Ive seen a lot of setups that way. Then you can put them in those removable panels right above the door panels.
  14. I'm actually curious of this. Might be buying my grandpa's truck. Would like to do a blow through with my 15.
  15. Ive thought about that but a dash mat will look ugly as hell in the truck. I may trythe tweeters in the sail panel and stick some sort of 2 or 2.5" fullrange in the dash. I know i say i want simple but you know how that goes
  16. It is being supercharged. But no cam. Im in califirnia where smog laws are strict. So no cam or headers. I already have afm deleted but i will be putting either a magnusson supercharger (smog legal) or an lt4 Corvette supercharger (will be legal in april of next year) on truck and leaving it at that. While thats getting done i most likely will do dod delete as well but thats about it for the motor
  17. Ahhh gotcha. Makes sense. A good way to help with the reflection you'll get is by putting a dash mat on the dash. That will absorb the reflection with out hurting output
  18. Good looking truck! I like all the subtle mods that dont just jump out at you. If you do put a blower on it make sure you put a boost cam and valve train. You'll get a solid 150ish hp out of just the blower....but a proper cam and valve train with tuning you could get 200+. A little more $$$ if you have the DOD stuff but well worth it for proper power delivery.
  19. i dont play it all day like that i just did it once didn't want to try it again.
  20. I dont have thr knowledge to build pods and i was hoping to keep everything stock looking as the truck is still "new"
  21. That's why I built the pods for my tweeters. I lose a little bit of stage depth because of location but not enough that it bugs me. Have you thought of building a pod for yours? Even up front on the dash you could build a pod in the corners. I've thought of doing that and using some high powered magnets to hold the pods in place so not to drill holes. The cover pieces I built mine off of are only like 15 bucks my I wasn't worried about them.
  22. I came from hybrod audio legatia. But in my new truck wanting to try something differant. Regulat cab silversdo using stock locations. 1 issie i have is the dash area is where i was going to put the tweeters. We all know how mounting tweeters that fire off the dash sound. It harshens the sound. Im hoping the audio frogs do me good but if not ill order up the SA. I did speak with him a little about them though
  23. Hello. In the past I have always gone with a pre-constructed enclosure that is never quite right for the air volume or tune. I would really like to build this one as close to optimal as possible. Specs for the sub suggest a 2.5 - 3.0 ft3 volume ported. Would you mind sharing your feedback about this box? *It's nothing extraordinary. Thank you! Internal Dimensions 21.5" Long x 16.5" Deep x 15" Tall = 5321.25" / 1728 = 3.07 - .07 for an approximate volume of = 3 ft3 (tuned 34 hz)
  24. I hooked up a fi bl 15" that's been sitting for a few years and it has a paper like sound coming from the motor. Is it toast? Wondering if the motor came out of alignment or somthing. The dust cap, surround, spin der, leads are all good. Any help would be much appreciated. I can upload some short videos when I get to the house Thanks,
  25. I felt the Stevens Audio had a bit more warm natural sound when I heard them in another car that was running an active setup with DSP. My setup is just a passive network component but the midbass feels strong and not overbearing....currently really dont even need a sub for Blues and Classic rock songs. They really dont miss a beat. The tweeters are very precise and natural. I have them running -2db out of the xover and they just sing. No harshness from passenger or drivers side and can get really loud and still stay true. I was thoroughly impressed from initial turn on and now have months of listening and still get chills with certain songs. By far my best set of components to date including a set of Hertz HSK 3 ways and Hybrid Legatia tweeters I had in prior setups. I dont plan on getting rid of them anytime soon.
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