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    Thanks for the info! I've been looking everywhere on more about series tuned 6th orders with no luck.
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    No gain in amperage nope. A wire does have some resistance over its length, but it's negligible (especially at that short of length). What you're doing will be for aesthetics only. A wire only needs to be a certain thickness depending on how much current you need to flow through it and how long it is. See this chart:
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    Kinda forgot about this lol. Some HID's from DDM Tuning put in. I dig em a lot, a lot better than the OEM low beams. Man, they are (USE TO BE) a big turd. They look, and function REALLY well with the fogs. Slow progress, meh.... Was able to get the phone mirror'd to the HU. Barret-Jackson has been on all weekend, dig that shit. This is off my phone, with my DirectTv app, then "pipped" into the Kenwood unit. Its not the best quality, but, its not horrible, AKA you can watch it Netflix, youtube, TV, whatever. Kinda neato. More to come. Trust me. Thanks for looking. KB
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    We make these in several different sizes from small (half block), to this one (Full block), a split block (both) and even the "Long block" (25" long). For years i have used a home made version of these, not really anything like it, usually sittiong on a home made stand-off of some sort (the bar). But now they are universal. They can be mounted just about anywhere it can fit. Check out this happy customer seeing what they look like for the first time. We offer several colors, but here is a red and block combo.
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    My number 1 Detail guy Shawn Call came by and got my Tahoe cleaned up for the weekend. Man that Quartz coating is nice! Makes his life easy. I finally got the foam bath i have been asking for for months Shawn has been washing and detailing my cars for over 5 years. It's nice because he just washes it in the shop, in the shade. Then he takes his old water with him. Anyway, that red pearl was popping hard so you know i had to take a quick walk around video.
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    I'm going to answer both you guys at once. A double thickness panel, if properly glued together, is way, WAY stiffer than single thickness panel. However, a single thickness panel with proper bracing is significantly stiffer than a double thickness panel. My post on bracing is coming, I've got all the data, I just need to organize my thoughts and write it out. I'll start on it tonight and probably post it tomorrow when I get it done. Also I wanted to address something with this experiment. My goal was not to get everyone to use baltic birch or to get people to stop using MDF. The only time I use baltic birch is under some very specific circumstances and it doesn't happen very often. When it comes to subwoofer boxes I mostly use Arauco plywood or if I can't get that I'll use the Chinese pine. My goal with this thread was to get folks thinking about the materials they use, what their differences are, and what it takes to build a strong enclosure. Baltic birch is wonderful, it very stiff, very strong, looks good and is very nice to work with, but its heavy and quite expensive. MDF is pretty much the complete opposite, but it has its things it does well too and very good enclosures can be (and certainly have been) built out of it. It just needs to be approached differently.
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    I think the main reason MDF get used is because "that's what other people do" and because its cheap, at least when it comes to vehicle subwoofer boxes. For full range enclosures I know MDF is really well like because its well damped and "acoustically dead" like you said, but I'm not sure it gets that attribute because it deflects easily. This is outside my area of expertise. Well one thing I suggest doing is also finding the resonance of a 1ft by 1ft square of each material, if within reason of what you have or care enough to do. Acoustically MDF is "Dead" because the fibers are small is relation to a ply in the other materials and can move around without pushing other fibers. You then also get the added benefit of the density of MDF. If you look at this equation it is fairly simple to theoretically understand the resonance of an object. Where k is the spring constant and m is the mass. Where K = F/x ; F = force, x = unit of deformation When you implement you findings on stiffness that directly correlates to a higher spring constant and you already know the mass of your piece of wood based off the density you listed. TL:DR My point is when you have a higher spring constant you increase your resonance frequency and when you have a lower mass you also raise the frequency. Therefore my reason for preferring MDF is because it has a low spring constant and a high mass, making the resonance lower than the other choices.
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    A few #s I got with tweaking....all sealed on the dash of course...6in aero port in the rear Rear port upped to 8in
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    and from what this test shows you could have gotten better results with only one layer of cld mat
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