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    Turned out pretty nice for a quick build. Didn't want to invest too much time into it since.... it won't be staying
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    I texted this to the EX, lol
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    Got one side finished, need to do the left side and make a back trim panel to finish it off. I also got 6 g31 Full Throttle batteries.
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    Oh my sweet fuck, the much more portable new mini mini gun that shoots 5.56 rounds at the same rate as the bigger one.
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    But you got seven kids. That's higher than the rest of the forum combined
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    sir, he is only asking because his old ass has like 5 kids that are maybe your daughters age he is hoping you are old too so he can share his AARP advice by old I mean cool
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    lol this is a audio forum not stormfront, I don't think anybody here got a problem with that, and if they do fucc em.
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    I miss her so much. I'll see her in a week and a half though
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    If you have ever been to my shop you know my front lobby has always been sorta boring. Nothing really to it but a desk (that nobody uses anymore) and a couple walls to hang my magazine plaques. Essentially, just a pathway through to the shop. I had an idea in my head to buy a few glass cases to show off our products. I get people asking all the time if they can come in and purchase items in person. I usually try not to do that, simply for the fact i don't want strange people inside of my shop walking around looking at all my personal stuff. I know it might be hard to understand why i wouldn't want people i don't know lurking around the shop, but i just don't. Unless i invite them back of course. But now, i have a place people can come in, look at some stuff and purchase whatever they need in person! Me and Antheny went and picked up some NICE 6' glass cases and started to fill them up with goodies. The glass cases look great, are functional, AND serve as a barricade. I especially like that if i am not there, the guys can help out who ever stops by. I don't generally let ANYONE (besides us) in the shop when i am not there. They can come in the lobby though! and NO, i am NOT opening up an install bay. People can purchase this stuff and take it home. Install it yourself! I am going to offer box building services locally though for sure. Stay tuned! Oh this just came in today! The Caddy is CURRENTLY in at least 4 magazines right now. Here is two of them immortalized in ANOTHER plaque (magazine #18 for me!)
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    pretty sexy if i say so myself.
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    this is my wife here she is in her halloween costume just a lil selfie shoppin at the mall Christmas morning all surprised
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    My Hoes rear end is beat worse than a ratchet stripper, but that dont mean it still cant demo in the drive way. Neighbors came out bitching from 2 short demos 10 seconds each. LOL That is user wannabe from the forums when he came to pick up his new box. Not sure who is more excited him or the fire extinguisher between the seats LOL https://scontent-ord1-1.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/16680887_1731928107122233_8847347641500041216_n.mp4
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    Either Im going to light a bunch of shit on fire or it will be really loud. So one of these on each NSV3 now.....
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