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    Been looking for a hella long time, and, found one last week, and grabbed it today. Some "small" audio upgrades are already in the works. Nothing at all crazy, but....
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    Got some more darkness added to all the windows,... added the Vanture dash cam, (thank you all for the texts/dms, help) , also, tossed in a COMPUSTAR Auto start/security system. Works like a dream. Starting to look more and more like mine. Some black out letterings and shit and some other goodies are on the way.
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    Going to put this here since this thread is highly active and it protects consumers. This is interesting, all those stickers that say warranty void if broken is ILLEGAL.... Companies better start watching out because some are already getting hit! IE: if you take your cover off your amp the company cant void your warranty when that sticker gets broken! https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2018/04/ftc-staff-warns-companies-it-illegal-condition-warranty-coverage
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    Got it all finished!!! Put 3 layers of fiberglass woven mat and a layer of chop mat on the seal off panels. Super tough now! Body filled and sanded them smooth. Got them all painted, and even got the subs mounted today! Now the only thing left is to tune all of my amps! Should be playing tomorrow
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    https://imgur.com/oZYzBu3 For some reason, this pic ends up to small to read so I added the link.
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    I'm not sure why people are saying the 22nd. It's possible, but really there is no exact date. It's sometime during this month though. As soon as we see an official date, we'll post it for everyone. When stuff like this happens, it's a difficult process to get going again. Once we get these back in stock, no one will have to worry about them being out of stock for this long again. Any day now we WILL have a date to give out. I know it's been a long unnecessary wait, but please be patient with us for just a bit longer. Thanks!
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    Getting subs wired up Much crimps Minumum length of wire to get the job done. 8 AWG OFC Poised and ready Pulled the amps for a couple quick touchups and to change the sub leads from the amp to the box. Was using dual 8AWG pos/neg but decided to get some output adapters so I can run a single 4AWG pos/neg to the box. Cleaner that way The adapters block the hole I need to use for the OM-1 voltage lead Used the cutoff wheel on my dremel to cut a 60 degree corner off the adapter I Fits great now
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    You done fucked up, he's gonna delete your life now, lol.
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    Well...here she is boys...and damn what a fine piece! The biggest amp I’ve ever owned!
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    Honorable mentions...see anything similar? I own all the Panasonic SQ9 Class-T Tripath headunits 😬 (the best SQ headunits ever made by Panasonic) CQ-C8803U CQ-C9701U CQ-C9801U CQ-C9901U CQ-C9901N (in previous post)
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    Bolted down the fuse holder to the abs plastic. Now its time to install it.... Really happy with how these came out, except the method of attaching the fuse holder and abs plastic together is too bulky,
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    Thanks for the kind words, guys! I got the baffles cut out and the first one glued and screwed in last night.
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    Trim piece templates That's where I'm at as of now. Next week will hopefully be able to get trim pieces made and start attaching them.
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    honestly i would suggest the following... I would fire forward... it will also be easier for you to seal off from the front as well. I know a few who have done well over a 150 with only a couple of 10's. You don't need 4 8xs like i have in order to achieve your goal. The ONLY reason that I have so much power is because some said that i wouldn't do it and that it couldn't be done. You also need to decide what 50 you're look for? Is this a burp 50 that can play music or is this a very musical 50 that you can play around 32-38hz? I will say that you're going to need more that the power you are planning to use if you are planning on doing a 50 musically. There are a lot of variables involved. Once you upgrade your power remember that you are going to need electrical to support that power as well. I wouldn't skimp on alt and batter power.. or alt and caps or alt and lithium, which ever you can afford. I am not here to bash you but to give you a few pointers. My car was never built for a meter.. it was built to play music and do it very loud. I wouldn't be to concerned with the score unless you plan on competing. if this is just for going to shows and demoing then forget the score and measure your install based on how people react to your system when you demo for them. You will always find yourself upgrading and wanting more and more to get louder and louder. I wish you well in your venture, remember to be courteous, listen, and never thing that you are above anyone. There are many people these days who act like they know everything and with the vast amount of information they believe that everything is right. Don't be that guy ( and I am not calming that you are by the way). I always try to help as many people as I can when I would go to shows, you will get a long way by doing this. If there are any other questions please let us know. Regards,
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    Damn 65 lb subs are a bitch to load on a flat wall in this lil ass car. MUCH respect to you guys with 100 lb subs... Couldnt have done it alone. Had my buddy help hold the ass end while i stabbed screws. Designed the box for the PSIs. Really glad the SP4s fit, with like an inch clearance. Thanks past-me.
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    I give it two months before it's walled with Omegas
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