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    Sorry for the lack of updates. We've just been busy. The inside of the cage is complete with sides and top. We used angle iron to get the angle of our baffles and used some massive bolts to secure the iron to the cage. The excess PL is just to make sure that the bolts don't back out LOL. We elected to use 1" trim pieces to make sure that the sides, top, bottom are 100% sealed because there were just some minor gaps in some areas. We traced the sub cutouts using a yardstick LOL. The subs fit perfectly in test fitting on the grass. But now one baffle is completely mounted. Things are coming together.
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    Here is the enclosure I built last weekend and finished it up. It's a big'en...💪.
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    I still like the power limit theme to enter but I think 1,000 watts rms maybe a little small in today's standards. So this month I am upping the power range farther than originally planned for this months contest. To be eligible to enter this months SOTM you must have a system and have 7,500 watts rms or less on your sub stage. If you entered the previous months 1,000 watt rms or less contest but did not win don't worry you can enter this month as well, but be warned competition this month should be fierce!!! This month 1 lucky winner will get a huge generous prize from Incriminator Audio! Up for grabs is a pair of Incriminator Audio I Series subwoofers (the winner has a choice between a pair of 10s or a pair of 12s), an Incriminator Audio 10.1 Class D monoblock 1,200 watt rms amplifier for the subs, an Incriminator Audio I304 Class A/B 50X4 @ 4ohm 4 channel amplifier, and 2 pairs of Incriminator Audio I65C 6.5 inch component sets. This is one outstanding package totaling over $1,000 in value!!! Place your SOTM nominees here (yes you can nominate yourself). Remember to post pics, videos and of course a link to the build log on the forum in this post if your nominated. Don't forget to check out the RULES of SOTM* before entering! Now let’s see those nominations!! 01- Juan777 02- Frome901 03- Mr DeeBeez 04- Dereileak 05- 77-AUDIO 06- bolanorthhighlands 07- xpoppadaddyx 08- tdsa23 09- tony187soundproof 10- alex912005 11- 8ten8 12- johndipo 13- blasting bass4life T$ 14- 15- 16- 17- 18- 19- 20- 21- 22- 23- 24- 25- 26- 27- 28- 29- 30- *Any SMD Member that is caught cheating or manipulating the voting process in any way will be banned from SMD with extreme prejudice! Each SMD Member is allowed to vote only one time - that means each MEMBER . . . not each IP Address . . . not each user name. At SMD, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on groaning, whining, or bellyaching within SOTM so just don't do it. SOTM is a way for us to give back to our members - we encourage you to get your system in tip top shape and enter. If you don't win, there's always next month.
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    So frank got hurt at work and needs a little time off. Fear not Bros The Boss is in town Here is the boss just showing u a little something
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    The 2017 HiFonics Brutus BRX3016.1D has a spec of 3000 watts at 1 ohm, but no mention of this being an RMS, MAX or Peak rating. We know many of you out there are interested to know as well, so BigD coughed up $260 to buy one of these amps to test for you guys. Make sure you watch all the way until the end...there are quite a few extra tests after the credits, including some very surprising results! Please like, comment and share this video! Watch on YouTube in 1080P HD or embedded below:
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    I've been helping a buddy install a system in his 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK. I finally have enough pics to start a build log, so I'll be loading all of them up over the next couple weeks. The requirements were simple: he wanted (4) 8's or nothing at all. Silly? Maybe; but we met the requirements and hope to be banging before the end of the year The stock sub (an 8x10) has 4 voice coils Ran some numbers in TermLab at first, but then switched the design over to WinISD. Came up with this size enclosure: That router feels good man Went with PSI-8's with High Performance suspension for 600Wrms per sub We were jammin some of that good techno The original plan was to have a few tube ports, but I had a hunch that they were too small. Thats about the time that Triticum came out with his port velocity calculator, and I realized the port velocities with these small ports would give me the tuning we were wanting, but also gave us almost 100 m/s port velocity (yikes!) Then the design changed to have a properly sized port attached to the back panel, bringing the velocities down to around 25-30 m/s I didnt really trust my kerf skills yet More pics coming tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
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    Ahmed, mark your calendar
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    Gonna start this post by saying that the Chevy Sonic was NOT designed to have 4/0 cable installed in the engine bay and it was most certainly not designed for a large case hairpin alternator! Now, on to some updates: Had to thin out a 4/0 lug so that it could double as a 1.5mm shim while being mounted against the alternator mounting bolt. Flipped my crimp dies so that I could flatten the lug out a bit. Before and after This is the only location I was able to slip the alt into the engine bay. Literally a couple millimeters in every direction. The alt ground cable (with the funny lug) Then tech flex and heat shrink. All cables under hood look like this and some have loom also. Here's my custom alt bracket (that I designed, had waterjet cut, and welded myself) mounted in the engine bay sans alt. Had to extend the alternator PCM plug a few inches to reach the new plug location All mounted up! The shimming I planned worked flawlessly, the alt is perfectly inline with the belt and squared up to the block. Notice the 90 degree bends in the lugs. Those lugs are beef cake rigid, even after bending them. Perfect belt size, as proven by the tensioner marks View of the bracket and alt from the fenderwell. Notice the funny lug at the bottom being used as one of the shims. View from above the engine bay, against the firewall on the passenger side Jacked the car up like this to check for clearance when the wheel is in full heave. It could still go another inch or two at most... ...But I have another 2+ inches before the CV boot would even touch the ground lug, let alone the alt case. Here's some ground cables under the block. Had to bend the lugs to get everything to fit properly World's first Sonic with a large case hairpin? I hope so!
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    When that Russian bass hits you just right
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    I decided it was time to show off some of the cool old school car audio installs I've seen over the years. You'll see some simple and also some very complex installs in this video. If you guys like these types of videos, I'll try to put one out every 2 months or so. You may not know the names, but I like to show off all old school systems! Please submit your pictures and videos to me here: https://goo.gl/jNNRNQ See Al Lee on YouTube Jason Williams' Mazda BigD's First System See video on YouTube in 1080/60P HD or embedded below:
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    These subs are WAY more impressive in person, I am absolutely in love with these things. The guys at DC out did themselves on these
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    Needs another coat of bedliner today. but its coming together.
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    well this person beat their box rise issue....
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    Picked up this 26" SE Blocks Flyer, this bike is dope!
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    It looks like Incriminator Audio has revised their I series subwoofers to a better version, and the pics I originally posted from their site are the old model. I updated the photos in my original post and will post them down below as well!! ***List Updated*** You need to have a system to enter (the no system to enter contest was 2 months ago). You need to have a build log in the "members rides & builds" section so that people can click on your name and check out what you have all done to your vehicle/system. This way if they like it, then they may vote for you when the voting process starts. The rules are SIMPLE and many regulars are willing to help as long as you ask and dont wait to the last second! The full list of RULES for SOTM can be seen here!!! Not following these rules simply means you will not be entered. I say this multiple times every month so be sure to read the rules!!!
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    nope, thats the inside of your moms dildo
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    Some more parts showed up for my charging system upgrade, going to attempt to get power steering worked in if I can! I'm really excited to tear into this pproject this winter! New serpentine conversion brackets, ps pump, mechman alternator bracket and xs power vcm Oh and the remote I ordered showed up, thought it had a volume knob but turns out it's just a d pad
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    Ok, we worked on the Yukon for a few hours last night. The drivers side is just set in there for now, I will glue and screw the 3rd and 4th layer in few days... maybe
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    Hot holy shit!! I literally never win anything! This is goddamn amazing! Thank you everyone so so so so much!
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    I have heard this van before and it HURTS...but i have never heard it from inside the box. Crazy!!
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    i was completely blown away by the amount of bass that this one "little" Soundigital 8000.1d puts out. I mean, it is a properly tuned 6th order bandpass WALL....so it BETTER be loud. But damn, that amp though!
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    Nope, its 26% per year for six years. That's how it ends up being over 100% interest.
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    Sometimes I feel like I know what I'm doing and other times I feel like I'm just pushing forward until something awesome happens. Right now I think its the latter. Loading batteries for the first time to feel it out. The goal is to minimize weight but to make it strong. Back panel on. Placed in place It has a flange all the way around to firmly mount it to the car. I've spent (probably) too much time on this cage since I didnt really start with a solid plan.
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    Thanks man. So I might have done a thing.... CES was running a hell of a sale on small case alts, so I ordered 4. Going to be a challenge to fit 6 under the hood of the truck, but I have a plan. Going to retrofit a serpentine setup from a tpi camaro on. Nearly 2000 amps of alternator should kick some ass! Have something kinda ridiculous up my sleeve I'm fairly excited to unveil, but I am holding off until I have more of the parts in hand. Muhahahaha.
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    These subs are old, very old. To know more about the old Eclipse subs one must know that TC Sounds built them for Eclipse. That means they most likely used QCA rings (which allows you to thread/unthread the basket from the magnet) which means if you ever blew the woofer all you had to do is order a new top half and thread it on and your good to go. Here is a old Eclipse TI Pro motor, you can see the threaded plate, the lose gear looking thing is what is mounted in the basket and threads onto the magnet. Here would be the top half of the Ti Pro basket/cone assembly that would thread directly onto the magnet. Some designs have changed over models, some of the TC woofers with this feature have a removable ring on the magnet that can be removed as well. As you can see in this photo with the 6 set screws (the 2 magnets in the rear that look the same without the set screws are the same as the above Ti pro photo). Just google Ti qca ring or TC qca ring and look at the photos. Ideally you wouldn't want to loctite the set screws in because it would make it a PITA to remove in such tight spaces if you ever needed a new top half assembly.
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    just heard back from Landon W. Who won the NVX amp! seems like its going to a great home!
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    mannn i teally wanna do this. Should i? If so should i attempt to turn it on?
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    I was recently browsing Amazon looking for another amp to test when I came across the Boss AR1500M as it is touted as the "#1 selling car audio amplifier on Amazon". I was like, wait....did anybody watch my video on the AR4000 "4kW" amp by Boss? I also noticed a lot of guesses in the comments as to how much power this "1500 watt MAX" amp could make. It has a 30A fuse, so it should make around 300 watts. Or the other method of saying 1/2 of Max power = RMS...that would be 750 watts. Who to believe? What can we do? Oh yeah, you know it, da truf is bout to be told! Watch video on YouTube in 1080/60p HD or embedded below:
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    So here is something for your reference, power: to sub rated, amp subsonic filter to 28Hz, minimum port clearance 2", figure is just an assembly guide:
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