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    SOTM is back! We had a long absence but are ready to get this ball rolling again with some awesome prizes!!! This month we are doing things a little bit different. This month is another reverse SOTM that many people wanted to see again. To enter you have to take a pic of the trunk/hatch/cargo area and of you (the member) next to the car that has NO STEREO (I.E. no subs/amps) that you will be installing the system in. The car does not have to be yours. It could be your brothers, sisters, mom, dad, friends, significant other, etc as long as it has no system. If you have upgraded that joke of a "headunit" which came with the car from the factory we will let that slide. So lets get these entries going ladies and gentleman! This months prizes are sponsored by Sundown Audio and 1 lucky winner is going to receive (1) SAE-1000Dv2 and (2) E-12v3 D4 subwoofers! Here are the rules: 1. ANYONE can enter as long as you can meet the terms above about installing into the car with no stereo. 2. Any previous SOTM Winner is eligible. 3. New members welcome. 4. No tearing out your stereo just to enter (that's cheating)! 5. Take a pic of your empty trunk/hatch/cargo area. 6. Take a pic of you next to said car that will be entering. 7. Post those 2 photos on this thread to enter, If your missing one or the other you will NOT be entered! You can use this site to host the photos if you shrink the photos down, otherwise use Imgur, imageshack, or any other image hosting site. DO NOT use photobucket because they will not display!!! 8. Steve (meade916) will be doing a live drawing to pick the winner on the last day of the month. 9. Steve (meade916) said if we get enough entries he will personally do a 2nd and 3rd place prize! 001- Tahoe Dmo 002- mrclm 003- Jfries 004- tim_gaines05 005- notenufBASSryan 006- corey0928 007- WalledSonic 008- bolanorthhighlands 009- xhristopher 010- Mr DeeBeez 011- TheGoat 012- 8ten8 013- ALopezJr 014- Sk8ordie 015- K Caudill 016- markgip 017- Slick562 018- Carlo Walker 019- theogerectus maximus 020- Tony905 021- Getting low 022- Ssodaboi 023- JBeachner 024- evo90 025- 2000S104.3 026- Ed N Brandy Parker 027- TechnoTaco 028- Basshead89 029- manuelj558 030- HellaBaySlapper 031- Rollin_yo 032- Denman 033- barney jr 034- Emanuel Garcia 035- Landon's Dodge dart 036- backyardjack251 037- angel.d's_hoe 038- Cory_Flem200 039- v.dub.spaz 040- Big daddy 817 041- Horgrimer 042- t16vtricks 043- Big_B33 044- passastmama 045- TritonBoulder47 046- Murderd392 047- Monty M 048- EBJtrill 049- Zhughes702 050- Kevin West 051- Amfkb1 052- Deejrod 053- TH2KBlazer 054- All cash profit 055- Twill1911 056- fordpride 057- Baggedmagnum 058- WesTTexaZBoY 059- Phillip Whirley 060- imaredbone916 061- Rbrttriana92 062- Chadleimgruber11 063- basshole 064- Marcos Lopez 065- Nrgrandits 066- Ba$$itup 067- GuamShawn 068- sundown edgar 069- vpine057 070- Rakkermans 071- ShadeTreeMechanic 072- JoePatcity 073- ReKoOLAz 074- BananaMan60 075- LittleFootz 076- Renee' 73 077- Derekjlackey 078- Lidia Viesca 079- Carolina smd 080- Clarivee1977 081- Andy Jarrett 082- WING-NUT 083- Dariusz 084- Cam.Trahan 085- mleijaNavi 086- DiffuseYah_420 087- 2Lo2Hr 088- Mark520 0089- JraGunRED 090- DurtySailor 091- alex912005 092- Nicholas Rechichi 093- 86.5KC 094- Krpton_Krysa 095- Rene 096- Forever MCT 097- rey0714 098- johndipo 099- JHuskins 100- the_coroner2002 101- Bojengals420 102- _williamcooper 103- BenMurchison 104- Rob-Base 105- Mr. Wineglass 106- aguilarc466 107- Ath 108- Kyle Cook 109- 2kllyflimted 110- Eric G 111- nicmoney 112- tweezy1978 113- Sleezyk 114- natemikegray 115- Dolfan 116- MRDAconcepts01 117- TAGZ-TEGGY 118- Jordan Walsh 119- maxima2fst4u 120- Rmitchell91 121- HOEBAH 122- almisba7 123- jared2310 124- Jesus Martinez 125- tainted 126- rockFord_Expedition 127- ignacio 128- AudioSweg 129- onebadmonte 130- Aaron the bass head team n 131- 132- 133- 134- 135- 136- 137- 138- 139- 140- *Any SMD Member that is caught cheating or manipulating the voting process in any way will be banned from SMD with extreme prejudice! Each SMD Member is allowed to vote only one time - that means each MEMBER . . . not each IP Address . . . not each user name. At SMD, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on groaning, whining, or bellyaching within SOTM so just don't do it. SOTM is a way for us to give back to our members - we encourage you to get your system in tip top shape and enter. If you don't win, there's always next month.
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    For those with problem people at work... 8 or so years ago i got these calls from a couple headhunters trying to find me a new engineering job. They said i was recommended by a someone i knew, but they couldnt divulge who bc confidentiality, blah blah. Of course, i say nothing to coworkers. I wasnt really looking to leave anyway, so after a couple years they stopped calling and emailing. Fast forward a couple years and a coworker is telling me how he dated a secretary in the R&D department years prior and the R&D manager hated him bc he was dating the secretary. At the time, my coworker was recieving calls from headhunters out of nowhere. Well, the secretary found out that the R&D manager was the guy referring people (including my coworker) to headhunters. Bet, thats the mothercucker that tossed my name out there 8 years ago... me and him never got along. Smart way to get rid of people. Have someone else offer them a better job elsewhere! tl;dr... make friends with headhunter/recruiter/etc and offer your most hated coworker's name so maybe they'll take a job elsewhere.
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    HOLY MOLY! there is 120 contestants this month? I think i might just do 2nd and 3rd place prizes! I will announce what it will be later. Might be cash, might be gear. Thanks to everyone for participating! I can't wait to draw some winners at the end of the month! Thanks again Sundown Audio!
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    hey guys. still no update. not what you want to hear, i know. but i bought a house. I'm actually the first one in my family to have bought a house in quite a long time, so i feel like i'm doing good for myself. i also got a puppy, an all white siberian husky who loves to pee all over my floor no matter how many times we take him outside and watch him pee. he is only ten weeks old though, so i will give tiny puppy bladder a little credit there. I also just had laser refractive eye surgery (PRK, not lasik) on monday, so my vision isn't quite up to par yet, but its still 200% better than what it was before the surgery. tomorrow they take the protective contacts out, and my vision will only get better from there. but with my house, comes a decent driveway (i could fit six cars bumper to bumper) and a single car garage (that has shelving and came with a BEER FRIDGE!!!) So i can't actually fit the tahoe in it anyways, but at least i have work space. Ive made some minor upgrades and changes to the house, because i've been home for three weeks straight between moving, taking care of the puppy, five days SIQ for the eye surgery. but hopefully soon, my afternoons will be taken up with working on this tahoe again. having work space makes all of the difference,. i did a lot of work prior to moving into my apartment, and during the two years at my apartment, the only thing i did was build an enclosure, and start a lot of projects of "i want to do this". time for a change. it's gonna be hard to budget a audio fund and a home fund, but we'll make it work. Thanks for checking it out if you've never seen this log before. For those following/subscribed, the next update will contain my wiring a TORK 2 from Tony C. behind my dash, that way i can power my outdated Compustar Dash cam, amps, and meters. Thanks for any support.
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    Bought a new car finally. Dealer said that was their best price when I asked on Wednesday I said alright thank you and walked towards the door, then he said he can do 300 less. Told him have a nice day. Went to the bank today took out some cash and talked to him some more and asked if he can take another $400 off and put the pile of cash on his desk. He gave me a strange look then looked at the money then looked at me again then turned his back and started doing the paper work without saying a thing. LMAO Its so much nicer than my 01 Seville STS, and its like a whole new car at night, the headlights turn whatever direction you turn the vehicle when driving, it has some accent lighting across the dash and doors which I didnt even know about. Granted its not CTS V, but its not the base model either. It has the 3.6L DI engine that is 304hp which is more than my v8 northstar (I think the non DI 3.6L is only 250hp), awd as well, has the luxury 1 and luxury 2 package and performance package. There are windshield washer squirters for the headlights as well (but no wiper like the older Benzs). Also really like the fact that it has an oem 3.5mm aux cable, oem usb to play flash drives/phones/ipods/etc, and has a 40gb hard drive as well. Only took a few pics
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    How do those four configurations compare to each other? Here is the output of all four at the highest power level: The yellow line is the large port config, the pink line is the plugged port (4th order) config, the red line is the small port config, and the blue-green line is the small port lower tuned config. So the whole reason I performed this experiment was to see how a series-tuned box will small rear port area performs compared to one with large rear port area. Does the small rear port area config get louder? The answer is yes, and no. It depends on the situation. Between about 42 - 64 hz it does get louder, above and especially below the large rear port area config beats it though. What I find interesting is the config with the highest peak output is the plugged rear port (4th order) configuration. It has the highest peak output of everything by a fairly significant margin. You can also see that the large rear port config has the widest bandwidth (significantly). Based on what is shown here with the SPL measurements what I theorize is happening is at higher power levels the small rear port configuration gets so much port compression that it begins to perform somewhat like a 4th order bandpass. The peak output increases, but at the expense of higher & lower frequency output (and reduced bandwidth). Since the rear chamber still leaks into the front chamber, you don't get quite the peak in output of the 4th order config, overall the performance ends up being somewhere in between the large rear port config and the 4th order config. If you go back and look at the impedance plots, they show pretty much the same thing with the small rear port config measuring between the large rear port and plugged rear port configs. Next up will be the in-vehicle measurements. I'll try to get those up later tonight.
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    I got some time today to take some SPL/frequency response measurements. I was hoping to test everything all at one, but I screwed up when I was making the lower tuned, large port configuration so it wasn't included in today's testing. I'll get to it eventually. For today I tested the large and small rear port, higher tuned configuration, the sealed rear chamber config, and the lower tuned small rear port config. I was able to take measurements both outdoors and in-vehicle. Over all I tested 48 different port configurations and power levels. Its a lot of data but I'll try to organize it and present it as best as I can over several posts. So first off, here is my outdoor testing apparatus: Mic is one meter from the port opening. I measured at 38 volts (about 360 watts at 4 ohms) and then decreased the input signal in 4 dB increments down to -20 dB. This should show how the frequency response changes (if any) over different power levels. I picked 38 volts for my max power level since that's about all I dare put into my SA-12 at 15 Hz. That should be pushing it right up to Xmax. For the in-vehicle measurements is pretty much the same setup in my Durango. I put the box against the tailgate with the port firing up, mic was on the passenger side dash. So, on to the first test results. Here is the the plugged port configuration (effectively a 4th order): The frequency response looks pretty consistent across different power levels (which is what we want). To highlight differences, in the measurement software I can offset the measurements, so what I do is I offset the lower power levels so they are equal to the max output (-0 dB) measurement. Ideally the lines will then be all stacked on top of each other. If we are getting any compression (either port compression or power compression) that will show up as the higher power measurements being lower than the lower power ones. Here is what we get: All the lines are stacked up on top of each other well, this is good. Now the large rear port configuration: And here they are with the measurements offset: Overall this looks pretty good, we can start to see the effects of a little port compression between 30 - 40 Hz. You will notice the yellow line (higher power measurement) is a bit below the lower power lines. Probably loosing a little over a dB to port compression at that highest power level. Here is the small rear port config: The offset measurements: With the configuration we can see much more significant losses to port compression. Here is a more zoomed in view: Below 45 Hz you can see at each increasing power level there is a further reduced increase in output. Comparing the highest power level measurement (the red line) to the lowest (the yellow line) there is about 2.5 dB of output that is lost to compression between 30-40 hz. Here is the lower tuned, small port config: The results here are similar to the higher tuned small port config, the port compression doesn't become apparent until a lower frequency due to the lower tuning.
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    Another happy customer! What is not to like though?! Thats alot of power! Power Your Passion with Mechman! http://www.Mechman.com
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    Long day. ... time for a walk. Was great.. ..
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    seen this on facebook so I guess its not to soon
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    *sigh of relief* https://imgur.com/gallery/k8c0i
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    And that, kid's, is the story of how grandpa ahmed got hepatitis.
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    First off, thanks to brother JDR for letting me borrow his amp. This saved me for having to buy one for this test. Here we have the smallest 3kW amp I've ever seen...the Taramps HD3000. Rated to deliver a "Max" of 3000 watts at 12.8 volts and at a cost of around 350 USD, these amps are interesting to say the least. There has been a lot of interest in the Brazilian amps from Taramps, Stetsom, Soundigital and other sister companies lately (PRV Audio, Banda, etc). This mainly is because of the price vs performance offered by these amps. Let's do an overview of this HD3000 and see if it can get anywhere close to it's "Max" power ratings using the SMD Amp Dyno! Segments of video used from the following: PRV Truck Mids/Highs - 2:54 Stetsom Transformer Trailer - 3:04 Boom Trailer - 3:28 High Voltage Fire - 4:44 Watch video on YouTube in 1080/60p HD or embedded below:
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    Finally made an extension cord to run my welder off of the 220v dryer outlet lol. Now i can burn 1/4" together with ease! Got the standoffs welded onto the b pillar Bracket is cooling down then I can finally weld it on and mount the electromagnetic door lock! Also cut out some pieces to reinforce the trans tunnel a bit more. Eventually I'll add more to the mount for the stripper pole. More to come!
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    Maybe time to revive this log a bit Working on the a-pillars again, it's only been a year.. Have had turbo issues and had to replace an engine, it has affected the stereo progress a bit. Still want a dd m4/5 amp for my 9500s so I can be a little loud. Got my hands on a Mosconi AS100.4 for my 3way setup at least.
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    Got some stuff in today. 4/0 everywhere. And (2) Ampere 5Ks. Gonna see the amps again once theyre installed, so here's the amp guts post if you want to see more:
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    Was able to get a small hair trick on this power. Got the second 3500 in the mail today will be installed and playing with two 3500's at half ohm each pretty soon. Should get a good amount windier
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    Got it in and playing! Sounds very musical. About the same loudness with one amp at 1 ohm as my 18 was at .5 ohm. Once it's on two 3500's at half ohm each, it should get a good bit louder . Definitely moves more air and likes low 30's much more than the 18 did.
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    Attention! normal members (non paid) are able to edit their posts again. With SOTM back in action, and the recent loss of photobucket making users pay crazy sums of money it is easier to allow the users to fix their own pictures in their threads. Thanks -Brian
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    I've been chipping away at this project a little bit each day. I've started my harvest season so I don't have much spare time, but I want to keep working on this experiment as I'm able to. I finished construction of the enclosure and two of the port configurations. I still need to do the lower-tuned port configurations. I was able to take some impedance measurements of the 6 sq in and 25 sq in port configurations. Here is the test setup: I took impedance measurements between 20-100 Hz at three different input power levels (2, 21, & 38 volts). Here is the results of the large rear port (25 sq in) configuration: Here is the small rear port (6 sq in) configuration: And here it with the rear port plugged to make it into a 4th order bandpass: I have a theory as to whats going on with the different port sizes, but I'm going to wait until I get all the testing done before I give my interpretation of the results. I'm curious to hear what you folks think is going on based on the impedance measurements. After I get the final two port configurations built and impedance tested I will be doing SPL testing. To do it right I need to do the SPL testing outdoors. By the time I set everything up, do the testing, and then put everything away it turns into a several hour project. I probably won't have time to do that for several weeks, but I'll get it done eventually.
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    Might have gotten a little carried away tonight Ready for lithium...definitely got room for the caps now! On a side note, check out the bad ass DC logo CNC'd by 920CNC! Might just have a little something in store thanks to a brilliant idea I got from John Nolte, since the door latch doesn't seem to be doing is job! Details will come as the installation progresses. The buss bars are huge! Room for up to 19 banks of caps! More to come tomorrow
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    More old pics: Inside the box Mid & High amps are Class H analog amps from Arc Audio Relayed fuse panel for auxiliary components like amp remote turnons, fans, lights, etc Also made some wood door pods that are sealed up to the doors. They BARELY fit between the door, the glove box, and the seat. Such a tight fit That beautiful Dark Walnut stain in the sunlight, finished with satin clear
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    "Body dropped tahoe for sale"
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    Is it paint ready or no?
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    Recones have arrived. These things are beautiful. Full carbon fiber. Dust cap is the same size as a 15" Sundown NSv3. That's also a gallon of glue inside the 8" quad coil. Luckily they are a direct fit bolt down, so the only thing that will need glue is the surround, which is great news for these jackoffs.
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    hey everyone, Soundigital is back! Oh and i am super excited to show off my new SD 8k. After playing with it on the bench, i really want 4 12k's for "something else" i have planned. If i wasn't so busy i would already be doing it anyway, welcome back SD! Glad to have you back on board!
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    So I was just chilling yesterday, scrolling through my facebook feed when I saw a deal I couldn't pass up. 8 American Bass VFL's 8s in a 1.5" all the way around, birch box. Very interesting build concept too. 4 hours of driving later, they were mine😁 My original plan was (and maybe still is) to sell the box and build a new one similar to the same size as the box I had planned for the 4 10s. (so I don't have to give up 80% of my cargo area) I've never ran AB before, and don't know about these subs specifically so I've got some research ahead of me, but I'd like to throw all of them on the two 2200s @ 0.5 each if they'll handle it. Today I hooked them up and was pleasantly surprised with the results! Probably the widest bandwidth of any box I've owned (minus the 4th and 6th order walls). and these little guys get down. Flexing the hell outta the tahoe! If I'm feeling nice, I'll probably give this setup to my sister since the box was designed for an S10 Blazer (37" wide x 30" deep x 20" tall). If she buys a 2nd AQ2200 this setup could definitely do a 150 in her vehicle.
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    Good shit man! Love this thread! No idea how your finding this kind of time, but awesome of you to do that. Going to pin this!
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