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    Welp,... Here we go again. On a very different, and new adventure/road to me, and my crew. Everyone will have to be patient with me here. Time isnt ever going to be a thing on this build. Ill NEVER meter it, and never put it in the lanes. (im so over that shit). If it takes me a month, just to get the 2 cameras to work, or find out how, where to mount things,... so be it. That said,... i purchased a 4runner (always wanted one) around march/april, ... I put a lame lift on it, some copper FUEL rims, and some 285 BFG KO2s on it. Tint, raptor lined (in my drive way) the rear, front (silver) valances, and roof rack ( getting rid of EVERY bit of lame ass silver/chrome color), blacked every decal out, full interior LED swap, amber fogs, compustar auto start, and security system, camera(s), working on learing how to blackout/tint the rear lens, as well as add a dual battery under the hood,..... and other odds and ends. Time has come, as it always does for me, to add SOME audio. This build wont be anything like me and my crew have done in the past. Ill/We'll be learning. A lot. Which, gets me stoked. I will forever have some sort of "upgraded" audio, in any rig i have. It is just a must have for me. Period... Anyway...... some gear has started to land,..., some still out, or not even ordered yet. But,..... here we go. As always, appreciate ALL the support from everyone in the past, (some of you, since the start/early early build(s), are still good friends/family, .. i met from this silly shit) and dig any input, as well, this is a way new road for me/us. But, leggo.....
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    In mid October my 27 yr old son Tyler stops by to say hi. My wife and him surprised me with the news that she got us a trip to Sacramento to go check out West Coast Car Audio and possible try to meet Steve Meade. I was Thrilled to take a trip to Cali with my son and check out the area. My name is Brett B, i live in anchorage Alaska. 47 yr old car audio enthusiast that been a member for close to 7 yrs here on SMD. I have a half dozen small build logs on members builds. We try to vacation to California every couple years and in the past i have mentioned to the wife how cool it would be to meet Steve or check out his shop. A demo would be killer. Being that i live in Anchorage there are not many, if any SPL or SQ shows. Population is about 360.000 people, we have 6 car audio shops and plenty of vehicles with bass in town but no shows. I have yet to hear any other system than the ones i have built. My wife was supportive of the hobby and once i put a system in her 2012 Malibu she understood the meaning of a good SQ system. The Malibu is currently mine now that she has a 2017 Grand Cherokee TrailHawk. It has the Alpine 8.2" touch screen and 9 speaker system running 530 watts total from factory so she should be good for a bit. She does miss her bass though. She went from a T1D412" on 1K to a 8" stock sub on 200 watts. We leave Wednesday morning and should be in Sacramento by 6 pm. We plan to head down to WCCA Thursday morning, i want some t-shirts and a piece of equipment to bring back with me. Anyone in the area available for demos that would be awesome. Heading back to Anchorage early Sunday morning. I just wanted share what a cool gift my wife gave us. She is a supportive loving wife and i thank her for the opportunity to have a trip with my son who also loves car audio. We both work road construction for half the year and then he does snow removal in the winter at nights so we don't get to spend much time together. This will be a great chance to hang out. Looking forward to the warmer weather. Brett B
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    A or AB switching... flat dope. I bet it runs hotter than a waffle plate.
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    Local news station hahahahahahahah. Poor lady is getting roasted more than she did at the airport
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    6.5" woofer fer UBER nice build quality, laser etched shit,.... I dig. I do like the case. Its neato or whatever. But, that said, if the option to just send me the goods, and knock money off the cost, by ditching the rad case, ... i would be down with. Just me.
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    $5 says he'd still get a bjer from her, lmfao.
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    Love the rig, love the upgrades, love the audio gear. Hell Yasssss!
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    The board. Looks like OG sound stream board ish. .. Epicness.. rad rad internals. Good shit. Packaged well, nice lil felt thingy over it.
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    This issue isn't just limited to subs, it can be quite a problem for some mid range drivers. When building home theater enclosures I usually add a roundover between the mounting screw holes like this: With subs I'll often use a big 45 degree chamfer on the inside layer to give the back of the cone more room to breath.
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    Well we’re here now unfortunately this town is out of 3/4” plexi so we will be on hold for a bit
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    Next level of this mistake someone let me router plexi
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