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    Just wanted to take a sec and welcome our newest partner B2 audio to the forum!! I got a red "Duo" a few months back and it is such a gorgeous amp! 3000 watts class A/B! I will post pics, video and also do a dyno run with it soon. I know they have LOTS of other nice products too i can't wait to check them all out! Welcome B2!
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    Used the bottom from my Sundown 6K to make a template for acrylic amp backing. I made a Sundown 6K, AA5K, and a DC3.5K with $35 of polycarbonate from Amazon. I was chamfering 1/8" holes Because it leaves some burrs. But I later realized that 4mm and larger drills dont really leave burrs. Finished chamfering the whole panel for (1) 5K Gotta attach the fan though Got some new hardware, M4 machine screws and nuts I thought this acrylic would bust out easily but I drilled real close to the edge and its pretty resilient So the acrylic adds enough thickness that the stock screws arent long enough to attach it with. Went to the store and found out that #4x3/8" long sheet metal screws are the perfect substitute. Slid right in. Same pitch Driver side complete
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    Last night when i went to bed, i only needed a few....but i woke up to my latest milestone this morning. 500,000! thanks to everyone who subscribes and has been with me all these years! Also to the new subs as well!
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    Here's what will be powering everything. 4 Q3500's on the subs. 2 Q4.90's for mids n highs
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    This is the finished product hope it helps some guys with ideas in case your afraid to start cutting shit up on your rides and not be able to go back to stock when u want to sell your ride.
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    My Son doing it just like pops we took out the Skeletor box to get it painted and tossed this one back in. I forgot how damn hard that thing hits!
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    That router table sure comes in handy for things like this! Now you see why I had so many port pieces. IMG_0591 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0592 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0593 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0594 by Scott Carver, on Flickr This took some time!! IMG_0595 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0596 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0597 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0604 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0605 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0605 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0607 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0608 by Scott Carver, on Flickr IMG_0609 by Scott Carver, on Flickr I'm actually going to call that it for tonight. I'll get back at it in the morning. Good night all.
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    Time for some adult subs Proper crating SP415V2 That long pole piece, damn. Cooling shouldnt be a problem any longer Fat spider on the Ti basket should help Sonic move some air. Backside This thing is almost 4" longer than my current subs.
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    >mfw pic of 13yo kids turns everone into 13yo kids 😂
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    Rockford Fosgate has been a leader in automotive amplifier technology since the 1980's. Their budget series, called Prime, offer many of Rockford's technologies in a price-conscious package. Today we are looking at the most powerful Prime amp, the 1200 watt monoblock R1200.1D. The R1200.1D is rated to deliver: 400 watts RMS at 4 ohms 800 watts RMS at 2 ohms 1200 watts RMS at 1 ohm Rockford promises their amplifiers are rated using CEA standards and the Prime series "typically" deliver 10-15% more than rated. Oh yeah? Let's see if this is da truf or is somebody blowin' smoke.... Rockford Fosgate RTTI Amp Model Comparison Video Full disclosure: Amplifier was purchased by me for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Watch on YouTube in full 4k UHD Video or embedded below:
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    Got the shell all assembled today! 2 layers all the way around. Just need to add 45’s to all the corners, fiberglass all the seams, make the port, and make the quad baffle. Hopefully I’ll get most of that done tomorrow. Here’s what it looks like now. Getting excited to get this done!
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    Fat lithium bank with AGM under hood. Hey dude, i would buy the alternator first EDIT: im running one alternator for 10KW at 1/3ish ohm so believe me when i say a battery bank wont do shit without an alternator
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    Soundstream Rubicon amplifiers have been around since the 1990's and when I came across this 2015 "Limited Edition" version of the RUB2500.1D, I just knew it would make for an interesting video. This amp is rated to deliver 2500 watts at 1 ohm and the current price is under $250, so this would equate to 10 cents a watt....and that's amazing power for the money....if it's rated correctly?? Only one way to find out! The RUB2500.1D is rated to deliver: 1000 watts at 4 ohms 1700 watts at 2 ohms 2500 watts at 1 ohm *note: no specifics as to how the ratings were obtained (at 1%, at clipping, dynamic or "Max") Full disclosure: Amplifier was purchased by me for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Watch on YouTube in 4k HD video or embedded below:
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    Let's see what your work areas look like. Not audio, your dayjob. Im at a desk but commonly have to work on the shop floor to resolve production engineering design issues. Are you outside? In a shop? On-site work vehicle? What the fuck are you surrounded by every day other than your idiot coworkers??
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    Well, new build has started. Pulled out everything today, and started working on the base. Made a 2x4 frame and started laying down the floor. The frame is bolted down using the seat bolts.
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    Alright finally the day has come to start on this thing. I'm gonna start with talking about the name. My buddy that passed funeral was today. He was the one friend That when I would show YouTube videos to and talk about what I was gonna do didn't think it was "stupid" or "retarded". He actually thought it was cool and would always ask when he was gonna get to see my windshield doin the wave lol. He was one of a kind and a great dude. My nickname for him was Dirty Deeds (yes the AC/DC song). It fit him very well. So no matter what I was starting this build and log on the day of his funeral. This will be my little memorial and the way I keep him with me. By the way, this is not meant to be sad at all. Death is a part of life and we all know that. This is just my way of coping and keeping his memory alive.
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    Top pic shows how the JYs come stock. Bottom pic shows the cross linking bus (i dont know what you call it) to branch the cells together across the 3 banks. Getting copper this week to get the new bars going.
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    Our clients often saying about things, which they wanna see in our loudspeakers. And we wanna find a way, how we can make it for you. It is similar usable ABS ring, but with a small changing. The ABS ring has a recess, the recess can keep the mesh. This couple "ring+mesh" don't add outer diameter, and you can instal a lot of speakers in a door easy. You can paint your mesh in any color, cuz you can take off the mesh. You can use this ABS ring without mesh, as earlier and use this ABS ring with custom-laser-made grill.
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    been running equipment here lately. blade hand for the most part, but they put me on the road grinding crew so i'm doing a few things. run the grinder some, run the grader, drive a tractor pulling a compacting sheeps foot, and a steel wheel roller packer. drive the water truck some.
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    SMD OM-1. Not sure why these arent popular. Theres a lot of amps without a clipping indicator on the bass knob. I hate waiting on the smell before I know how the subs are doing. IMG_4375 by Walled Sonic, on Flickr IMG_4376 by Walled Sonic, on Flickr View from the underside IMG_4377 by Walled Sonic, on Flickr
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