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    My friend just bought this and asked me if I could get any information on the era of the system. Thanks in advance!
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    Just my pee brain with a thought you said all you hear are all your rattles so why not attack that issue first and then move forward
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    Doorjambs also painted with the 2 tone. All masking done by hand. Filler panel inside also painted, has to be cleaned properly, there is some dust inside still after sanding and polishing the paint. Made new dial plates, that go up to 300 km/h instead of 240, and changed the max rpm from 8 to 9 k.
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    Your alt is bad. Cadillacs are the worst vehicles to mess with electrical systems in. They are very fussy. You want pcm bypassed 14.8v setpoint, self exciting, internal regulated alternator. Those one on eBay are not high output, they do not put out amperage they say. They are same as factory amperage or less. They are built in China, and the seller imports them here. They know nothing about them other than they are made in China. You get a real alternator, contact Jonathan Patrick on Facebook, his company is Brand X electrical. 305$ shipped for a 250 amp with features I listed above.
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    Your alt ain’t putting enough out at idle, don’t think another bat will help, could be wrong, 12.8 is fine.
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    I had a tire two days ago that took me 30mins to strip the shine off of using Acetone lmao...It was LAYERED on that bitch haha
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    And I never subscribed to their newsletters. They automatically sent them. And I wasn’t irate or entitled when I sent him messages. I never called. I was firm in my messages because I ordered a subwoofer over the phone and then they just wanted an email to send a confirmation to and tracking information and after that I get a news letter almost every day even the day the subwoofer gave out. That happened like 6 months ago and I’ve been getting emails ever since and then I messaged them like a week or 2 ago and told them to stop emailing me. I did so politely and cordial like a saint. Then they kept emailing me every day and then the other day I said “please stop emailing me and cease from contacting me” and by saying that I made a legal binding. Then I said “if I receive another message or email then it will be harassment which is a class c misdemeanor and I will sue for emotional suffering and distress”. I was firm and professional cause I had enough of being ignored. That got them to answer. Then dude was messaging me all condescending. Then finally I snapped and told him the truth and his panties got in a wad. Nothing was personal and no harm no foul until he wished me good health under the circumstances. I may have been wrong for being too firm and not looking hard enough at the newsletters to see the unsubscribe button. But I never insulted him or disrespected him or belittled him. I may have told him what I thought of Kevin and bad mouthed Skar as a company. People aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes. But that dude, Jordan, made no mistake and sarcastically wished coronavirus on me personally which was disrespectful, snide and many more evil. Screw him and Skar. He was deemed innocent until then. I told him after he said that just like I will tell anybody else who sneers in shadows toward me, “I AM WORSE THAN THE DEVIL AND HE JUST F::::D UP AND WILL NOW WALK DOWN THE VALLEY OF SHADOWS ALL ALONE.”
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    So the sky is the limit when it comes to car audio. There are numerous manufacturers of varying quality, price, and design (many of which just copy one another). Just go with who you trust, and know that you get what you pay for. Determine what amount of space you want to take up in your vehicle. This will help establish what size, or how many woofers you want to use. Have a budget in mind for the complete system and try to stick with it. I always end up spending more! Remember to factor into your budget - wires, RCAs, fuses ect. If you're using the factory speakers, you may want to keep the bass output to around 500-1000 watts, which is more than enough to feel some bump. A single 12" or dual 10"s would work nicely. Consider the amount of amperage you'll be drawing from your charging system and try to match your bass amp accordingly. I'm not familiar with the rear seats of a Jeep, but if you could fit a sub enclosure under there (not unlike a truck), it may help to keep the bass inside the cabin and protect the subs from the elements if your top down a lot. I hope that helps. Hopefully I'm not telling you what you already know.
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    I did a single skar VD 8 in my buddies 4 door wrangler. Used the stock sub box and made another baffle to get some more mounting depth. He was pretty happy with it. Filled in the low bass good and you could feel it a little. Sounded really good with the top on, just good enough with the top off.
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    And OP, Skar isn’t the way to go. The people at Skar are bad people that earlier today wished coronavirus upon me. All I was doing was asking them to stop contacting me with advertisements almost every day. After being sarcastically wished good health I then found out how to unsubscribe to the newsletters. All Jordan, the Vice President of customer service had to do was tell me how to stop the newsletters and advertisements instead of being a douche and then sarcastic. I bought a Skar ddx 15” subwoofer last year and blew it. It can’t take abuse and has to be babied. Plus the EVL’s have a bad sound. They tried to make a SQL subwoofer and failed miserably. The ddx sounded good though but for what it’s worth the subwoofers and amps are cheaply made in China and the company are bad people. The owner and founder of the company, Kevin, scammed people, including customers and companies, and stole money and ideas until he made a name for himself and a hefty bank account. It’s not worth it. And I don’t know why anybody would tell somebody who wants a good set up to get a pre fab enclosed subwoofer. That’s horrible advice. Dude, just look up Sundown, those are the designs Skar tried to copy. But if Sundown is too pricey then look up Fi or SSA. Don’t ever do business with Skar. Trust me. Bad people, ok’ish product. Not worth it. And for good cheap amps then go with Brazilian amps. Look up Taramps. I run Korean amps (Sundown) but they are way more expensive and they are tanks and can go through a lot of abuse. Taramps is a good way to go too if money is an issue. Once I get another subwoofer to match the one I have then I’m gonna get a taramps because they have super strong amps for cheap. So I’m not bias to Brazilian even though I run Korean now.
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    here's the last video of the truck before yet another rebuild got bored, did some theorycrafting, had Correy build me two new boxes that I'll pick up tomorrow left box is a Bassahaulic, Drew Jones design - 12 cubes, 270 square inches of port, tuned @ 38z right box is very similar to my current one, again designed by me - 11.67 cubes, 314 square inches of port, tuned @ 45hz I better get a 160 on the dash out of one of these..
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    Hold off on battery till later
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    Knukoncepts 1/0 ofc amp kit 18ft power, 5 ft ground, waterproof Fuse holder , fuse and 4 ring terminal - $99 14 ft 1/0 ofc "big 3" (6ft pwr, 2 4ft gnd) - $49 Smart 3k amp - $279 That's 427 so far I'd but a good AGM battery under hood -$279 That's total $706. Add $15 for shipping on wire, everything else is free shipping http://www.knukonceptz.com/shopping-cart/?s=1
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    Upgrade to at least a better amp, not one of the same or lesser quality. The ppi 5 k isn't 5k, it's realistically around 1200-1400 Max rms. You can grab an Orion xtr 1500.1dz on Amazon for $248, comes with remote bass knob and free ear buds (lol) and it will do way over 1500 watts, I think the Dyno on it it did almost double in dynamic testing
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    Got the box in last weekend! The box alone weighed about 450 pounds. It sucked. Mah babies. First rip, she busted out these numbers: Legal (Sealed on dash): 155.6dB at 34hz Door open on dash: 156.51dB at 36hz Door open in kick: 157.05dB at 37hz And then the M1u popped while the truck was sitting off as I pumped gas. So, time to save for a Crossfire 16k! After I do a lot more cabin treatment done and play with the ports, maybe we'll get a 160 out of her
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    Doing 158 on music with driver door open. 160on glass is the goal.
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    well i have a 15" ZVXv2 hooked up to a sk 4500, in the daily ride right now. dont need too upgrade components yet, the stock ones (2014 carmy se) are keeping up nicely thus far.
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    and then, I've been running dual alts for months now. finally bought an amperage clamp, went to test my alts awhile ago (this is when I had the 3 15s) and my one alt was not working been going back and forth with Jon @ Brand X for what feels like months now, and I cannot figure it out. I was told it was a regulator issue, so I bought a new one and replaced it: still didn't fix the issue swapped which alternator was where on the bracket (in case it was a ground issue) still nothing. swapped diodes. swapped power and ground. nothing. got the Brand X Electrical voltage knob (which works great): but that 1 alt still wouldn't do anything so I took it off and went back to the OEM alt, and 1 270a this will allow me to go back to charging closer to 16v also added some more (crappy) grounds to the 2 already (crappy) grounds I had just 4 runs to 2 of the seat bolts bought the wire to run dedicated runs from the alts, just need to find time
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    You know t-lines play flat, they have no peaks really and are very SQ oriented boxes, really a mismatch with z12s. Really before you decide on a t-line, go to 8:29 in this video and watch it please.!
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    dude ur building my dream ride lol i literally tonight ordered 2 Bass 30k's
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    Pretty sure they are coming out the the NSV5 soon and not sure if they will restock the NSV4.
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    Last night I was talking to the woman’s belly and my baby swam over and bumped my cheek. Happiest moment of my life
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    Watch this video explains the pitfalls of strapping amplifiers even ones that can be strapped you still going to have phase issues that need to be ironed out even when strapping strappable amps What do you really gain from it I mean it ain't like you're gaining anything really your lowest impedance doubles Better off just game matching the amplifiers
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    No the oxygen Free thing is just a description of the purity. The ferrule is pure copper as well it will add no resistance at all. And it will create better current flow as the copper end will act like a solid single piece now. Instead of just a center portion of the strands clamped by the set screw and the rest of the strands just kinda resting inside the terminal These are oxygen Free, where it states anti-oxidation is another way of saying that. These are the ones I use. They have bigger kits more pieces, insulated ends, etc. But they all come from same factory, only difference is rebranded name
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    your not overthinking this at all..... pretty sure, like you even said yourself, you have one of the most common trucks on the road. this is not a new problem... or even a problem at all- by now could have rearranged your engine bay and jammed multiple batteries in there... but now tell us about how xs is too expensive and youll just get an craptacular poop battery blah blah blaaaaaaahhh
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    But before we get into all that yes you're going to have a compromise if you stick him in an enclosure that's too small those are pretty big subs and they need to breathe so sticking them smaller is going to obviously decrease output I would definitely go to custom box that's going to fit they give you the proper air space but using whatever you have for the time being is it going to be horrible it just not going to be everything they can do
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    You need to get an internal regulated alt and bypass PCM. I'd be pissed if I was dropping to 12.5 with a $600 mechman alt. F that noise
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    Been really considering running RFs for the whole system.
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    put a d2700 in there , you should be able to fit it
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    After a few emails with skar support, they are sending me a new one. What doesn't make sense is what skar recommends for the box and the one they sell with the sub is only 1.4. Reccomend 1.75-2
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    how much power are you planning on running? if you're just sticking with the setup in your signature, you can completely eliminate all the agm in your system and run just the lithium under the hood (providing you get word from XS that it's suitable for under hood temps) also, don't get the RSV-S5. get the PWR-S5. the PWR is much better suited to audio demands. RSV would be great for electric vehicles (go-carts) or mobile homes as it isnt designed to have a very high burst output. as for the isolators, they aren't 100% the best idea, but they can work, provided you find one that matches your max amperage output from the back, ie if you're pulling 300 amps, get a 300+ amp isolator. I'd ask XS whether or not you can run agm and the titan8s together, but they rate the S5 batteries @ 12V, if they are truly resting @ 13V i honestly wouldn't worry about using both the lithium and your under hood agm on the same circuit w/o an isolator. the agm will be a draw (of about 0.5V) but as soon as your alt starts charging it's going to kick the lithium back up to it's highest charge capacity. basically the agm isn't going to kill your lithium or vice versa. it's not going to degrade the lithiums life expectancy either, it sees the agm as something that needs juice, it feeds it, then when the agm is resting, the lithium rests, and waits for the next recharge.
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    Jesus Christ they have made the the most common sizes and told you what would work you grown no one needs to hold your hand measure your space available and jam in the biggest batt you can and move on
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    5 farad cap ain’t going to do jack shit lol. Minimum 500 farads.
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    I mean in all honesty I am bias when it comes to dc and these speakers but someone saying t1s sound better makes me chuckle
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    You know this for a fact? Because they are made by hybrid audio technologies
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    Got a package today. a Sparked Innovations, Ohmie. Can switch between series and parallel on the fly. With the push of a remote button, going to mount on dash.
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    Still not sold on the fuckery but I like to see my failures all the way through
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    Not bad for my initial test hits I have since shrunk the port down. Only 2x SCV 4K's
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    Solder the - to the shield and+to the pin
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    Subs-8 Resilient Sounds Platnuim 18s Sub Box- 43.5 cubes gross tuned to 28 hz 440sq in of port weights 700lbs
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    What @DiBo said....I have 2 NSv4 18s in a 6th order with a sundown SCV7500 on each wired at .4 each and they take it all day
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