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    Why are you announcing it? Leave or don't. But posting your exit for the sake of sticking around to see what people say is just pathetic.
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    This is the most boring rage quit in the history of this site.
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    Put some yeller led fogs in the 4runner Drive done here, pass side negative Out west shooting guns. Was a blast. And I think the runner looks dope in the dark with new bulbs.
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    I have decided there is no reason to remain around here anymore, Steve does not like me as I know it, and I just do not see a reason to stick around any longer. So have fun all you Car Audio guys!
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    Got drunk and decided to completely bedline one of my trucks Blue before gray after
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    I'm honestly upset you didn't rage quit
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    You must've commented some really gay shit on his page
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    git the can mounted up on the 338. I really need to get a picture of all my long range or precision boppers set up. It’s pretty impressive.
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    Qual è il tuo veicolo? Dare dimensioni maxima del baule, altezza, larghezza, profondità.
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    If you don't know by now, I LOVE VU meters! This V2000T from Visonik is a visually appealing amp in my eyes. From the red anodized finish, to the polished aluminum handles down to the dual VU meters in the middle of the amp...it's just beautiful! This amp was made in 2001 as a 2002 model and the brand was well known as a usual at the local "flea market" electronics section. Well, thanks to Brad at LegendsOfCarAudio.com, we have a chance to try this amp out to see how it performs. Let's fire it up! Watch on YouTube in full 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
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    I think I remember an article where Garry said he upgraded to the 20 or 25kW version and it was like $40,000? Insane! Don't quote me on that price, I can't recall for sure. This power supply is sweet, will turn that power meter like Clark W Griswold's 20,000 imported lights though
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    Donate them to the united negro subwoofer foundation
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    Was sup I'm Mitchell ..nice set up i watch ur YouTube channel all the time .. i have a Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 D2 15" 3000W Max Power Dual 2 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer to a 8000 watt power acoustic amp I did the big 3 it bangs hard but hearing it for a couple mins my battery level go's down an my 2000 grand marques starts to die.. hook me up with one of them spare batterys I'll really appreciate it.. I tried sending sum pics of everything but it won't let me for sum reason
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    I wish I got that kind of motivation when Im drunk!
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    well, tossed it in last night. tuned via DD-1 to track 6 (-10dB). and well boys, she screams loud and clear so far. granted it's only been a single day of a few 20-40 min trips, but man she sounds impressively good for $100. color me impressed so far.
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    well, your rear bank is doing all the work. no need for front to back runs with no ability to maintain that bank. think of it like this, you have 250 amps of alternator, that is all the fusing you need for a front to back run with all those batteries in the rear. Front to back runs should only cover what your charging capabilities are unless you are not running any reserve. im running a 2500 at .5 plus a 85,4 with 250 amps of fusing on one 1/0 front to rear. the rear battery is soaking most the current. ive even ran two 1500's at .5 with the same wiring. i hold low 13's. im using a 140 amp alt.
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    i dont know jack about wolfram amps. i only wire below 1 ohm after i see others doing it on the same amp im using. that said, i have wired to .25 because it was my money on the line and it was a risk i was willing to take. that probably didnt help much i guess