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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DysZm18ZZE8&t=11sGround Zero Bmw cupe boogie
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    if anyone commutes, this might make your day
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    I can't say exactly what it is, i can't say what i did YET. I basically got summoned to shoot a scene for a commercial for a very well known brand. I wish i could share details but i promised i wouldn't. When it comes out, i will show more behind the scenes type pictures. I just got home after being gone 4 days. It was definitely an experience. Real Hollywood film industry type of shit. Ive never seen anything like it. It was fun to witness! All expenses paid (Air-fare, Transport, hotel and Ubers) and i got a nice check too . Feels good to be home! After discussing the "project" for about 3 weeks, i got a phone call. They said, "can you come on short notice"...i said "sure". They said see you in 2 days. LOL. If you follow my instagram page http://www.instagram.com/meade916 or my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SteveMeadeDesigns you would have seen what happened when this guy pulled my truck up on to this trailer. I was disappointed and highly worried about my Tahoe the entire time, especially if you see what happened to it right out of the gate. Even though these people are taking GREAT care of me and really no expenses spared type of thing, getting the vehicle shipped out with 1 day notice is very had to do. If we had a week advance notice from the directors, i KNOW they would have gotten me a much better transport. But i am a trooper and i let it go. Said a midnight, wholesome, dinner time prayer (LOL) and watched it roll away. The sketchiest thing i have ever witnessed and allowed myself to do. LUCKY for me, it made it to it's destination. Halfway through the trip, i remembered my ipad Pro in the dashboard. I decided to start tracking my Tahoe with "find my ipad" app. LOL. It worked great. I even got to see it spend the night in a fucking TRUCK STOP PARKING LOT while he blew Z's up into the sky from a warm motel bed. I almost threw up. But again, it made it so i can now speak on it The production assistant really was helpful. She drove it from the trailer to the studio lot and facetimed me the whole time. I was able to see my suspension (bag) pressure, my voltage, and everything else while she pulled it in to it's spot (which was only about 50 feet away). It spent the night behind a guarded gate with Ivy on it (can't see in). So i felt better from this point on. I was set to fly in the next day and meet up with her. Stalker status level 4. I could see down to the parking spot next to the guard shack and i knew it was safe. Time to take flight. They got me the A seat's (business class) round trip which is nice! The only way i like to fly. It ain't first class but you get on and off the plane first! See ya later Sactown! I was kinda in shock walking out of the plane and onto the tarmac LOL. Burbank Airport is old and outdated crap. BUT, it is fast and there wasn't very much traffic in the area. As long as the PLANE is good i'm not bitching. And it was! the place i spent 3 1/2 days watching the coolest shit i have seen in a long time. These people are amazing at what they do. They took my seat out to fit objects in place not to mention equipment. Ill tell ya what it is for when that time comes. Oh there is the plate the first transport driver ripped off the vehicle as he was loading it up....CRUNCH. UHHHGGGG.... Sun finally poked out from the hazy LA sky. Spy pic. Cool shit. I wish i could show more. So amazing... she performed well but was highly molested. They said they would detail it for me when i get home though so i ain't mad at that! a SOLID paycheck for a lot of standing around, a lot of observing, and a little of me doing what i do...what they asked me down to do. As promised, they got me a MUCH better transport vehicle (and a GREAT driver) for the trip back. Showed up at 8am, made me feel 100% safe and pulled out. a NICE 40 footer will do. I will see my Tahoe sometime early tonight and pull her back into the shop and call it one of the funnest 4 days i have had in a while! I have gotten to do some really dope shit in my life just because of BASS. I will update this post with more details once the project is on the air!
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    I went out and bought all these games and only played them once. I'd trade them in but I know they will only give me like 1.78
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    Boss handed me box kit of fiberglass resin. Says to me "fix the hole in the forklift this weekend" . I asked him where the fiberfill body filler is. He said " let's do this as cheap as possible" . So here is what he is getting. Seven layers. Lol
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    Some progress on the 6th order Triple Alt bracket is in. I still need to redo the alt to battery runs Mechman hairpin 370, Mechman hairpin 250, JS hairpin 350 DD M5 gut shot just because
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    I'm going to do this with my 13 year old, lol
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    My latest purchase 2 40k spls 2 banks of caps and 2 singer 270s
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    Danny Britains cap bank is fucking nuts.
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    what was I doing before? oh yeah
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    When you're tired of screwing into wood on your box you make these.... Studs that go through baskets and this will bolt through baffle. Perks of working with CAD every day and having access to CNCs at work
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    ill be drunk there somewhere... look for the fusion that's on fire..
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    Finally found a use for my lead acid battery. Inside view, face board is glued on. All wood and glue at this point. Gotta love that flush trim bit Followed up with a 3/8 roundover Ended up using the 1/2" roundover, a bit shallow until i do the final touches The Silver Flutes will fit. One fits over where the 6.5" is located and the other will fit about where Im holding it below Need to jigsaw each pod little by little so the back face contours to the door. One more look before I get the pod fitted up.
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    well a few more additions to the car I had the headlights sent off and fitted with a set of diode dynamics RGBWA DRL boards, also got the inside of the headlights painted black. Also I modified the griile. I cut out the honeycomb and replaced it with grille mesh. I also got a set of Howler badges from SpaceCitySpy for the grille and for the trunk lid Under the hood has a totally different look. I had my coil covers and engine cover hydrodipped in skulls. Also you may notice that there is a Vortech V3-si supercharger . The supercharger kit came courtesy of Team Beefcake Racing, and I love it so far. Don't pay attention to the crease in the air filter, it's turned around now where you can't see it lol The next thing to come will be wheels, which are on there way right now, and I have a MGW X-spec shifter that needs to be put in also. Overall I'm very pleased with how everything is turning out.
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    Ran a little speaker wire and installed a few SMD terminal cups. Subs are being built and will be getting door panels going here soon.
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    Long day yesterday but was able to get everything hooked up and playing for today's TDH show. Get here today and cops shut the event down.. luckily they were able to get the event moved to the race track just down the road.. i got to hear a couple different rides and even met EXO!! Hope to meet more people tomorrow.. Here some pics of the build from yesterday..
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    minnesota police department and their 4:20 stoner trap
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    Bought another clamp today.
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    Decided to try out the Jims Machine Works amp racks, so far I like them. They are sturdy and look very nice.
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    Most dont remember or know. But, some of you OG members recall.... My old rig. It was sold to a local bass head. He just put 8-15s in it. Was just at a local get together for demo swaps and hangin out. Just leaving. Dumb bitch T boned him. All are sayin it's totalled. Fucking bummer. The amount of time I sat driving to comps, worked,slept, bled, laughed and cried in that....... :/ Good bye turd....