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    Today, me and Brandon were out front of the shop having a morning cup of coffee like a normal day, when we noticed a puppy across the street. Normally it isn't even that out of the ordinary to see dogs on the loose in my area as there is a neighborhood right down the street. Pitbulls, Chihuaua's are the usual street runners. I CRINGE when i see this because the street is pretty busy. I always hope they will just go home. This time it was different. A little Husky just sitting by himself. We slowly walked up to him, expecting him to run (like they usually do), but he didn't. So i scooped him up. He felt very emaciated and looked sick. Then the neighbor (tenant next to my shop) says "look, i think he got hit by a car". I look down and see his guts hanging out of his behind. I seriously went into panic mode. I didn't know what to do so i grabbed a towel from the shop and rushed him out to the nearest vet. The doctor wasn't in yet they told me and that i should go to the emergency pet center in Roseville. So i took him another 10 miles to Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center. Seemed like the longest drive EVER! He was in my Lexus, on my suede seat wrapped in a towel and screaming like an injured animal would. Why is his name Baby? because i must have called him that 1000 times in that long trip to the vet. So when i got there they told me that since he didn't have an owner that someone had to claim him or they couldn't work on him. So i signed the papers. He is now my responsibility. I said "do whatever you gotta do". The main thing i was worried about besides the prolapsed rectum (which was almost as long as his tail it seemed), was Parvo. I have 4 dogs so i can't bring Parvo home. After leaving him there all day, they called and said he was negative for diseases and all put back together. I was EXTREMELY excited. So i went and got him
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    went out on a ledge in the grand canyon. pictures dont do justice to this place
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    that was straight out of this video game, lol
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    Alright so I've never wrote a tutorial or anything like this before so please bear with me. I'm not a pro by any means this was my first time ever doing anything like this I just wanted to share what I had learned. This post may be a little long winded I apologize in advance. I watched some youtube videos before attempting this but most of them weren't very helpful in my opinion. This is the best one that I watched gave some useful tips especially for mixing resin. There's a 50 minute video but ain't nobody got time for that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMJ0YZmc1Bc I'll start out with a list of supplies that I used not all are mandatory but they are all certainly helpful. I used bondo fiberglass resin and fiberglass mat just because I wanted something small to get my feet wet. If you plan to go large scale I would suggest US composites (I ordered through them to get the stuff for when I do my doors). -Fiberglass Resin -Fiberglass Mat (Seems like 1.5oz mat is popular) -Ponte Fabric -Body Filler (I used Rage Gold but I know there are other options) -2 Inch Chip Paint Brushes -Disposable 9 oz Dixie Paper Cups -Stir Sticks -Disposable Gloves -Router or a Jigsaw would do -Dremel definitely not necessary but really helpful -Sand Paper I used 120,220 and 320 grit -Dowel -Hot Glue -Stapler & Staples -Spray Adhesive -Wood -Whatever you want to cover them with Alright so first step was making my rings to mount the tweets in, I used a plunge router and a small Jasper jig but you could get by with a jigsaw or a hole saw if you didn't happen to have a router. Afterwards it was time to mount the rings to the pillars. I understand that most people use hot glue and dowel to mount them. I just used a couple small wood blocks and a couple wood screws. Make sure you have enough clearance on the back side of the rings to clear your tweeters. Next it's time to wrap your work piece in fabric, I used ponte which you can find at the fabric store it's nice and stretch which helps in avoiding wrinkles. Some people use fleece but it takes a lot of resin and doesn't really add strength so it's not your best choice. I used a combination of staples, spray adhesive and hot glue to attach the fabric. I'll have a note about the spray adhesive later though. Alright next step is application of your resin. I believe each ounce of resin requires 10 drops of hardener. I mixed small batches to avoid waste and not having to worry about working super fast. Ok here's what I didn't know DO NOT APPLY RESIN TO SPRAY ADHESIVE IT CAUSES IT TO DISBOND!!!! You can see where I had to put staples in the top because I did not know this, I also applied it to the back and it cause things to disbond but I got lucky and didn't have any long term problems. Let resin cure according to manufacture specs. Next step apply fiberglass mat. I tore mine into pieces as I didn't have scissors on hand. I painted down a little resin first then set the mat on and then applied resin over top. Try and avoid any air bubbles you can see them underneath usually, they cause weak spots in your project. Afterwards let cure don't worry you can always add more later where you need it. In this picture I had already sanded down some high spots etc. Alright after you get all your mat on and your project feels solid it's time for body filler. Tips for this in my experience are don't lay it on to thick you can always add more but its a pain to sand off too much. Don't apply filler if you don't have time to sand it gets harder the longer you wait. After it dries up sand it down you kind of just have to go by feel. Sadly I don't have any pictures of this step but you'll know when you have it right I guess. Lastly prime and paint or wrap your project. I used duplicolor spray on bedliner. It worked great and was just what I wanted as I didn't want a smooth finish. Here's my finished product. I hope this tutorial has helped anyone that reads it in some way. The biggest key is patience you can't get in a hurry when doing this stuff it will lead to mistakes that are hard to go back and fix.
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    I'm sure most people here have come across the "12-16 sq in of port area per cube" guideline for slot ports and the "9-12 sq in per cube" for aeros. The problem with both of these is they only consider box volume. Both input power and tuning frequency, along with box volume, have a great effect on how much port area you need. This is why myself and many others recommend NOT using those rules of thumb. Online you can find several websites (such as carstereo.com) that have port area calculators using the formulas developed by Dickason or Small. These have a similar problem of ignoring input power and these formulas aren't really relevant for our modern, high Xmax subs. The best solution is to use box simulation software (WinISD, BassBoxPro, etc) to determine how much port area you need based on the specifics of your system. However this is time consuming and not everyone has access to that software or has the desire to learn how to use it well. I wanted to come up with something is quick and easy to use, and should hopefully give a lot better results than the rules of thumb or the obsolete formulas. Here it is, to make this easy I'm using Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VREceNxz9YOcFlI8O_TG62-4O-l3Q2IjD5qsEkVVh28/edit?usp=sharing This is what it looks like: This will probably always be a work in progress, but so far I think it should work pretty well. I encourage everyone to use it and give me your feedback!
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    Got the stripper pole back from the powdercoater. Candy Lollipop Blue. A little photo shoot perhaps? At this point my neighbor walks outside while I'm full sprawl on the concrete getting these pics, "You got problems man!". LOL
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    They are both retards... period. Wish they woulda wrecked into each other. I'd have laughed my ass off... No care who started what.
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    It wouldn't fly in Chicago either. Crazy ***** doctrine applies everywhere, lol
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    Thanks all. What a fucking nightmare.... but it looks tits. Hate this 2 deck, shit, 12v and separate 16v side shit... We are officially confused lol. Meh....
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    they have internet in south africa?
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    Just live stream it on Facebook so we can see
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    Weather has been choice as fuck. Between work, and other "shit", ive been wicked busy. Finally got all 3 muts out for a serious walk. I took my flask, and pipe, and off we went. We sat and got high on the kiddie swings, took a few swigs of rye, and then,..let the sun do its thing. Was a damn fine time. Shay was stoked...(he isnt doing well these days, but hangs in there).. they all where. We have one rescue, with 3 legs, and she took it all like a boss. Fun was had by all. Hope your all doin/enjoying it also..... Remember to give them a hug, and thanks every night. They put up with your shit, least you can do is let em know you appreciate it.
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    Need to cut the ports and put those in, but slow and steady getting there. Front chamber will have steel bracing and rear will have 2x4's.
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    The other day I found a fork in the back yard when I was mowing. No plate no food just the fork......
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    The cross sectional area of a bus bar can easily be bigger than any cable. This means that more current can be delivered out of (and into) the bank. When batteries are daisy chained with cable, after the first few batteries the cable wont be able to carry enough current to live up to the batteries full potential. Bus bars should not be the only thing holding the bank together. A tray or box should be made to hold them, along with a way to clamp them into it. In the event of an accident, you don't want several hundred pounds of batteries to be bouncing around the interior of the vehicle. I see a lot of builds where people rely on gravity to hold them in place but it is a disaster waiting to happen.
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    Well, it ran great. Gear ran cool all day in the hot sun. 3 first places, new personal best on a burp (meh.. whatever) . Long runs where down, way down from a hole by the mic. Ride home was a adventure lol.... but all is well, new glass with magic glue is in.... Show was a blast, good times. We could not be happier how its performing now. Super stoked for the rest of the season. Vid my besty wyatt made... he does awesome work imho.... thanks for looking, and just wait to see how it starts to get fun now.
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    Thank you for letting me know not to cross the black people line, lol
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    I just picked this up 2005 Stroker with only 44K miles.. $20K
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