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    nahhh there won't be any deleting of this post. We need the entire forum to know who they are talking to just in case you post again. You sound like a stubborn, ignorant noob with an attitude. These guys know what they are talking about. SMH.....i got a headache now. Actually, now that i think of it, after the report that just came in, i think you won't be posting here anymore.
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    I drove by windows XP..
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    When I did mine I had to first remove it, usually there is a set screw. Then you want to take off the mount ass well if you can, this will make things easier later. After they are both off clean the windshield thouroughly. Now take the mirror and the mount and throw them in the trash.
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    omg I cant stop watching these, theres a whole damn playlist.
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    Most dont remember or know. But, some of you OG members recall.... My old rig. It was sold to a local bass head. He just put 8-15s in it. Was just at a local get together for demo swaps and hangin out. Just leaving. Dumb bitch T boned him. All are sayin it's totalled. Fucking bummer. The amount of time I sat driving to comps, worked,slept, bled, laughed and cried in that....... :/ Good bye turd....
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    Details Below!!! And as always the SMD prize package will get the hook up, don't be the member who misses this sweet opportunity. SMD FTW
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    Was not my day the other day. My snowblower was finding everything... Like the old aluminum screen door frame... and even a shovel... The shovel would not come out, it was wedged between the auger pretty well, so the only way I thought to get it out was with fire...
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    Old school more my style......... Than new school.......
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    A lil somethin for my 8's.
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    I realize there is a "no vs thread" rule, but this isn't a vs question. It is an educational and informative video I put together. I put a Winston 90AH bank, a JY 80AH bank, and equivalent discharge varying AGM banks against each other. Let me know what you guys think.
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    moral of the story is we are all assholes?
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    This isn't working for me either. But in response anyway...
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    You don't have a phone? Why are you so hostile on the internet tough guy
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    New job loves to spoil me so I got to pick any truck that I wanted, so I decided to leave the 389 sleeper and go with this nabybaby
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    So I needed space in my garage and the recones and baskets and subs were taking up a lot of space on my shelves. I decided to recone them and will mount them throughout the week. This will clear up space and hopefully get me motivated to finish the build off... some of the pics. I was really nervous at first as this was my first time reconing anything... and to get these recones and baskets it cost me $5500 (aus) so i didnt want to mess any up. Besides being a little messy with the glue i think they came up OK
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    Its A little worse for the wear and needs a bit of TLC but the price was right.
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    We were extremely busy in February. It's really good start of new year.
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    Boss handed me box kit of fiberglass resin. Says to me "fix the hole in the forklift this weekend" . I asked him where the fiberfill body filler is. He said " let's do this as cheap as possible" . So here is what he is getting. Seven layers. Lol
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    I suppose Takedown504 got a new ride
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    Pawn shop finds today on lunch!!😲 http:// http://
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    Owned by @Dannys Rosenberger and located in Germany....All i can say is this is probably the best collection and display of classic/vintage car audio i have ever seen. This video is a must see! The MUSEUM is a must see! I hope i can soon! He just invited me on FB I really wish Germany wasn't so far away, but someday i hope to see it! If he posts more video's i will post those here too. Thanks for the invite Dannys!
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    Quick suede wrap and shes done. The trim is held on by screws under the lip of the 6 Sealing these off was exactly what was needed. They get busy now.
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    asked the wife where the truck key is
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