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    Anywho, work has been kickin my ass made very little progress. bonded all the strips and plained them flat & sanded a bit. the top of the box which will house the plexi is gonna be a bit different though. I cut 3.5" strips and gluing them in a herringbone pattern.. i got the idea from a table i saw on youtube.. heres some pics
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    You’d love dc if you wasn’t such a vagine
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    Sounds like an ID 10 T error...
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    Starting to think BassMunky is an actual monkey...... ?
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    So talk shit on Sundown even though their X, Z, NS, and Team lines and higher along with more than half the U series are assembled in the USA? Odd... So lets talk Chinese companies since you know so much.. Fi/AA, DC, DD, IA, Crossfire and any other company you can imagine all use Chinese parts that claim to be "Made in USA" At least Sundown is not hiding the fact like most these companies and are being honest about beingAssembled in the USA... Then you got companies like SoundQubed/American Bass that are damn near identical clones with a different logo that are all Chinese made and assembled.. Baskets, neo, ferrite, terminals, direct connect leads, and various softparts all Chinese made. But hey at least you tried to talk shit about a company you know nothing about. By the way just curious on which company is breaking the mold and doing things in car audio that no other companies have done, while all the nuthuggers made fun of big surrounds and now all companies are copying that shit..... /rekt
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    Ive got 6 12oz Budweisers in a 250lb gorilla with an otherwise empty stomach and i think i just farted a 156 at 30hz. Is that up to par y'all or nah?
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    Boring stuff but my tweeter pods came in
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    He should have just sent it back to singer for it to be repaired in the first place. Mike might not honor his lifetime warranty now that he let someone else's grubby fingers in the alt. Can't help you with what is killing it though. Sorry.
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    dafuq man, you have your first edible today or somethin? goin all confucius on the forum today...
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    Dude chill. Your 'tude is hotter than an alternator at 18v
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    Another happy customer. Power Your Passion. Ryan Lee Writes: "Just put a MECHMAN 370 ELITE alternator & XS POWER D3400 in! ALL Wired with "GARY'S WIRES" (innovative wiring) GOT 15.25 VOLTS AT IDLE!! THANKS FOR THE BEAST OF AN ALTERNATOR!"
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    B2 Audio wasnt making up stories when they said they wanted to make me a custom 8 channel amp for my Escalade build. Of course once its finished and tested it will eventually make it out to the public. But i get #1! ? The only downside is it will be very large, but i am ok with that! Here are a few teaser pics. Ill post more when i get an update!
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    So the thing with series-tuned 6th order boxes is the regular tuning formulas that are used for ported boxes don't work right. The tunings of the two chambers interact with each other and it will make your rear chamber tuned lower than intended and the front chamber tuned higher. In your case this is resulting in your rear chamber being tuned to about 35 Hz and the front chamber is tuned to around 60 Hz. Its not the end of the world though and I think you could build the box exactly how you have it and it will be fine. Your simulated frequency response in HornResp looks really good.
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    Box: 54”W * 17”H * 15.5”D 6.825cuft Pre-displacement 5.00cuft Post-displacement (Woofers, port, and bracing) Port: 15.5”H * 5.25”W * 27.87”L 81sq” 1.31cuft displacement. Where is this tuned to and is the port area good enough? Threw this together in like 20 min.
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    Talked to an amplifier repair person here in Las Vegas Nevada. This guy used to compete in the late 80s and now does a lot of high-end home audio. I won't go into brands but he told me that these caps and internals are Chinese junk. 50¢ a pop type junk. He told me that if I bring any amps to repair he puts quality internals. He said the samwa and capcion ( not sure if I spelled that right) is absolute garbage. he said he would use at minimal Panasonic caps at about $6.50 each and they're far superior that what we're getting. This dude just talked for 45 minutes about how bad we're getting duped lol. Korean amps but nothing but Chinese cookie cutter parts. I'm honestly not worried about it I'll still spend the money and I'll even spend extra for a certain name over another name because I like the brand better. It was just very interesting some of the stuff he had to say. Wow... 5000 watt boards for $239 ( but you have to order 50 and have your heat sinks made). He told me to stay away from the big ass 10000 watt boards and to stick with multiple 2 ,3, and 4000 Watt boards hahaha. I just found a very interesting how knowledgeable he was. I thought I'd share some of his opinions hopefully not starting anything.
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    "absolute garbage" (non specific, poor description, I'd rather hear why) "late 80s" (30 years ago, times have changed... a lot) "duped" (plenty of koreans do rated power, not sure how reliability and clean sine waves for a reasonable cost is 'duped') "cookie cutter" (shared designs keep cost reasonable, ever wonder why Linear Power amps are so fucking expensive? No one else has Ray's board designs) So, what was his recommendation in terms of what board HE would buy? I am dreadfully curious. *** I agree with the staying away from big surfboards, repair techs dont want to take responsibility of a pricey ass board when you send it in for repair. I also have no problem paying someone a premium for putting up the money to place a 100 board order so that I can have a board that I can wire down to 1/3 ohm daily and never have a problem. Thats what capitalism is all about (think about your battery venture versus JY's or Limitless's offering). Are Rubycon, Panasonic, and Nichicon better components? YES. Are korean caps (samwha, capxon, and samyoung) good enough for bass boards? Absolutely. Are korean caps better than chinese caps (yuscon, vent, and various no-names) in terms of ESR and tolerance over lifetime? Yep, sure are. Your local amp repair guy may have some opinions, but many of his statements are just that... opinions. More than anything, he impressed you enough for you to go to him when your board breaks. $0.02 BTW, i agree with having nice, USA-made, high quality amps sporting Nichicon and Panasonic caps. WalledSonic 3.0 is going to run a significant amount of classic old school wattage...
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    It takes lots of practice to get painting stuff down, domt be discouraged if it doesn't come out right, man, just try and try again till you get it right. Last enclosure I painted I did 3 repaints on it because I wasnt happy with some little minor imperfections it had the first 2 times.
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    Looks like that truck has a hemroid.