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  1. I just bought 2-Alpine Type-XW10D4 subs in a custom Ported box that I had built to subs specs. I have over $900 dollars in this setup, has less than an hour playing time, and under warranty. Still have everything, manufacturers boxes, paperwirk, receipts. Anyways can I sell them here to peope who actually know what these subs are, their quality, etc. Alpine's Top of the Line and were expensive. If you cannot sale here xan you guys kead me to a decent car audio site to help me saoe these things. I need room, they are a bit too much in my Silverado or else Id keep them. I have dropped the price as low as $415 which kills me and I am still sitting on them. Any help or advice would be appreciated

    1. Kyblack76


      Facebook. there are 47.456 billion FORSALE groups, all regarding audio. If you dont have face book, then, I dont know any audio forums like this, you can just jump on and sale shit. It's for safety of all. I'm sure you understand. Good luck. 


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