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  1. On 11/19/2009 at 8:41 AM, Chode69 said:

    My 07 Suzuki Z400 that is...larf larf larf

    my old ones just kept leaking air...i had NO clearance and no traction...so it said FUCK IT...time to step up to bigger rims and tires so i can get some grip, hit up some mud...be able to play in some sand and snow (when it comes) and not have to worry about that fucking leak.

    Heres the 4 wheeler before the change over



    and heres after...



    heres the clearance i had before...


    and heres after...


    now some side by side comparisons





    and of coarse had to have a little fun :D (didnt have much room..the shed was like 30 feet in front of me)




    and of coarse pops is gonna be kinda heated when he sees this :unknw:



    should we use the helmet for this kind of vehicle. If yes, then what kind of helmet  would be good for it 

  2. On 6/10/2021 at 2:47 AM, Car Audio 83 said:


    Hey dude,


    quick answers


    1 - Mixing LiFePo4 and AGM is a really bad idea, as charging and resting voltage are different, I'd say the risk is to damage every component (Lithium battery and/or AGM battery and/or alternator).


    2 - You NEED a BMS, as you charge between the first (0V) and last plug (+12v) the cells can loose their balance, so the BMS is here to keep everything controled (about 3.4V resting voltage for each cells).

    If you don't use the BMS, you will use prematurely the cells, have lower voltages and so on.


    3 - Starting your car with lithium is not a problem, I'd say it's better as the voltage is usually higher and voltage drops less :) I'm currently doing it


    4 - 240A of charge is enought, LiFePo4 demands half the capacity in terms of charge (300Ah of battery will not charge with over 150A, 600Ah -> 300A, etc....) I have 600Ah with a mechman 370A on my side it's cool).


    4 - LiFePo4 do not need specific chargers as they don't have "memory" like AGM and low self discharge, a simple Alternator is enough (if it can supply enough amps of course), so you don't need a charger, you can really run those batteries as AGM (start the car, run the car, no needs to wait if the car hasn't been sitting for month).


    If I can resume :

    LiFePo4 are OEM friendly batteries, with the Lithium advantages, they run at about the same charging voltage (14.4-14.6V), just need a bit more current to charge, and can be installed simply, and use a BMS :)

    you have answered very well. Thankx for such beautiful explanation about lithuim usage in car audio speakers

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