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  1. Haha yeah i know but I just like the look of the L5's and im not looking to spend all that money since i leave for the Air Force in a year but what bout this HiFisondconnection.com for stuff?
  2. Well matt i dont get your whole quoting and saying x2. haha but where else can i get nice subs for that price and i stay with JL and Kicker just because its all i know about. and yeah if i had the money id just get w7's haha i helped do fiberglass on three 8" w7's and you woulda though there were three 12" in the guys trunk
  3. im so confused on what i want i think ima go with the L5's only b.c its square and lower bass anyone know where i can get em cheaper then reg price?
  4. Well bass head my first system was kicker and i loved it yeah theyre speakers arnt that great but i spent all my time tuning my deck makin em sound great. and they're amps are so strong and subs arnt bad and they are cheap. and For JL i have a buddy that sells they're stuff and is lookin to get my 60$ off each sub and the box price is cut inhalf
  5. Ill agree with that ive always been going back and forth with JL and kicker . but i think imgoing with the w3 only because im getting a great deal with three of em for 600 and a fiberglass box for 200.
  6. So i dont know what i want to run for my new set up I was thinking either Three 12" L5's or Three 12w3v3s and im running em off a 1500w Kicker Amp
  7. Well i belive that are dual voice they are kicker 4ohm comps. but i figured it out the wires that went from my amp the the subs the plastic was in the amp part that screws down to connect the wire to the amp
  8. Im getting power from my Power wire and My ground but when i meetered my speakers wires from my amp i got nothing.
  9. Okay so i was driving down the road and all the sudden my subs just shut off, I was thinking okay maybe my amp is just to hot because its pretty hot out today and my car is always outside, and i just checked to make sure that there is powergetting to it and there is im getting about 12.60v at an idle but no power through my speaker wires i mean i put the meeter to them and no reading but i wasnt sure if i'd get one does anyone have an idea ? oh and i have a Kicker zx400.1 amp
  10. Alrighty ill do that after awhile, Ima just run the 4awg once i get the kit and then get more money for the 0/1 awg wire
  11. That is mad cheap for 0/1 awg so your tellin me i need to run an 0/1 awg wire to the blocks then run 4awg to my amps ?
  12. Haha i knew someone would say use 1/0 but i dont have the money for that . and thats one massive wire, to hide haha but does it sound like a good idea?
  13. Okay so I have the Kicker 4awg Kit for a single right now , and i was looking at getting theRockford Fosgate RFK4D Kit for dual amps, What i was thinking of doing was keeping my Kicker wire that is going to my single amp now and then just adding the two 4 AWG distribution blocks off the wire and then putting the 4awg wire that comes with the new kit the the other side of the blocks into my amp would that be okay ? and then i was going to use the 8awg wires to wire my battery off of. Link to Rockfor Fosgate Kit http://www.dealercostcaraudio.com/RFK4D.as...CFc5L5Qodbl4_KQ tell me if that will work
  14. Yeah they werent anything special im getting it all re-done in fiberglass once i get the money for it
  15. yeah i didnt read that whole post but i will and I took my blazer down to an auto shop and they ran a test and my battery is basically a piece of shit is what they said so im thinking of getting a yellow top optima sound good?
  16. The Full System had Dash - 3.5' Kicker KS350 Rear - 6x9 Kicker KS690 Head Unit - Sony Xplod - CDX-GT330 Amp - Kicker ZX400.1 Subs Three 10" Kicker Comps. Heres a Video of all the pics, and I just put a random song on it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js8BcT6-aLI
  17. So I should get a battery and put it into the back of my car and that should fix it ? let me throw this info in too b.c it is a big thing i guess , when i got this car the dealer was a shitty place and they needed to put a new battery in new tire rods and some balljoints and i think they went cheap on the battery b,c its nothing great and i think that the amp hours just arnt what they used to be. so i was thinking like an optima yellow top to replace it
  18. Okay im going to put this info down for people who want to help me out. I just checked my Battery and its putting out 14 volts when the car runs with out anything else running as in my sound system. So im guessing i need to get a bigger alt i was thinking 150 sound good?
  19. So it might not even be my alt might just be my battery and the wires arn't letting enough juice to go through fast enough?
  20. Alright so i have a 97 blazer and the stock alt isnt recharging my battery enough so i cant even run my subs and its at 500watts and im about to put another 500watts in for an L5 and if it isnt running what i have it sure as hell wont run what i wana put in. but like what happens is that ill be going and it just shuts off but the meter in my car goes down so I figure either my alt isnt strong enough and its a 105 stock , or my battery just is that shitty but what i want to do is get a 150amp alt or 160 . then im getting a kenetik battery
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