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  1. anndd coilovers came in yesterday im repainting everything but springs the color of the car,
  2. i know im an ass everyone should know that by now, but get over it lifes hard and people change their minds get the hell over it ,
  3. biggest win on this forum since ive been here "Your really going to look down on me because i have a small amount of posts? How immature and judgemental is that? I was ready to send cash and would have been willing to go to $300 if you would have taken the time to make the offer. SHIPPING WOULD HAVE BEEN COVERED!! Then you went ahead and bumped the post, as if i showed no interest. Next time before you waste someone's time, just tell them you would rather not sell it to them in the first place. To be perfectly honest with you, im glad i didnt purchase it from someone with a childish attitude like yours. Your profile showes your 19 years old; ive been installing stereo systems before you were even thought of partner. Dont expect respect from senior's if you do people like that. Have fun " bro why so butt hurt you were up my ass last night when i was trying to sleep and i said i wanted 300 you just dont understand that
  4. Lol at this clown buddy if im offered 300$ like i have been im going to be greedy and go with the bigger amount ive been here for 2 years everyone knows me lmao your only posts are in my forsale thread and here get real
  5. make offers on my amp guys,

  6. why not get a ethernet hub and just wire everything lol just my input
  7. you think tires will be out the ass for these beatbox? i mean i have till summer to find a nice set i just saw 200 for something that is different lol but yes they are 5x120 and my rabbit is 5x112 lol bbs are 5x114,3
  8. they have had 3rd person since they started making gears lol best shooter imo next to battle field
  9. yeah that's right already have it me and my brother were at the midnight launch , your seeing it through his screen hes got the dazzle card we are working on getting another so we can both record, But this is our new and final channel other one we had problems with the name,
  10. found these one the CL My link anyone know bolt pattern and yes or not to being on my rabbit thinking these are 16" with 50 series tires and lowered would look sick just have to get adapters
  11. wheeels are next summer and same as coilovers. i might be getting ahold of BBS RS's that where modded to be like 8.5" wide up front and 9 " in the back something like that
  12. and for h2o but the fender wasnt oem color someone had hit me and just got a fender from the dealer so it was black
  13. lol yeah the fender is spray painted but like i said once i can get the paint booth at school and get the paint mixed ill have it back to united grey
  14. i wish i had the video i saw last night was two hondas all riced our trying to be cool in a big ass parking lot and they hit each other never laughed so hard before in my life
  15. train cant travel on the tracks lol flood took half of it out in town wasnt worried haha
  16. car will be painted oem color with in 3-5 months we start painting in school tomorrow so just gotta reserve the paint booth
  17. i did read but if i read correctly your thinking about putting it in the lancer? if it was me id strip the evo out like the ones they used to sell without back seats even with my rabbit once i took the subs and box out i noticed some power back because its less weight like stated id like to keep it all under 200lbs but i doubt i can with the fiq box amp and batteries but like i stated im only doing 200-250whp which is all i need for my rabbit, but good luck
  18. if i was going to put money into make it 400whp i wouldnt be putting a 15 in my trunk reason i got rid of my 4 8s for a single 12 but im only doing 200-250whp i have to many points right now to go bigger
  19. and putting extra weight in a car you want to race defeats the purpose of doing all the engine work,
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