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  1. does the blue light on the amp even come on?

    he says they both light up in the first post

    man kranny your loosing your touch!! and i just noticed your llamas back...fuck yeah!

    edit: im an idiot LOL i thought you were splitting the rear rcas to the sub amp, dident noticed you had a subout...dont mind me

    just to be sure...your did plug the rcas into the INPUT of the amp right? not the output? my next guess would be put a test speaker on the amp see if you get anything out of it

  2. can you draw a diagram? i think i know what your saying but i wanna make sure...also the speaker outputs put out AC voltage, not DC....

    could be a multitude of things....do the subs read correctly on the ohm setting on your meter? do you have them wired correctly....do you have power ground and turn on? have you tried a test speaker?

    i really need to see how you did the rcas, thats my best guess at your problem

    edit: kranny if he did that his rears would be playing low freq...correct? i could be wrong but thats why i ddient include it in mine

  3. just use two channels, if the speakers are 4ohms thell see 8ohms, you can use splitters as said aswell, youll need 4, (2x) 2 male 1 female (1x) 2 female 1 male, then the 2 male to aux, each of the two splitters will go into its own set of channels, then the aux will go onto the end of that

  4. yeah sorry for the repeat, i couldent member if i did or not, i do have an uncle that owns a collison shop, so im assuming he has a good one, i might run by there tom.

    im hoping its something simple, i dont have cash to drop on a new computer, or cluster either, that shits spensive!

    Well, that thread is probably so buried now you'd never find it anyway lol. Don;t forget that P.T. cruisers go to junk yards just like any car. No offence. So you could start there if it turns out to be that. Most the tme cars go to junk yards for 2 reasons. Collisions and transmission/engine failure (then the city says get rid of the broke ass vehicle in your yard or we will fine you) So it goes bye bye.

    i hate my fucking clown car -.- but your right, the guys down the road from me are dicks and want a shit load of money for nothing, but theres a few other places too, thatll be my next step

    anyone got anyother ideas???

  5. im just gunna copy and past from another fourm i posted in, im absolutly fucking clueless here, noone knows the solution, and so far only one other person has the same exact problem, and hes not found a fix yet, HELP!!!!!

    2001 Pt cruiser (no turbo)

    anyway im going to give a bit of a background first here...this was my mothers

    car up until my jeep took a shit(rear end went out, no funds to repair, this is

    better on gas anywho) as it sits now its got approx. 27k miles on it(thats my

    best guess). It sat for the most part of 6-7 years if not more, only being started

    every so often. My mother started driving it every day less then a mile a day

    (to the store and such) and we had to jump start it almost everytime(ill get

    to this later) so when i got it i havent had to jump start it. I started noticing

    it about a week or two after i started driving the pt since it seemed the car

    ate gas really quick(im not sure how much im getting to a full tank seeing as i

    cant use trip)

    Now heres whats going on, my milage is all ****ed up!!! ive ran the self test all the gauges test fine, i havent put a scanner on it yet, but my guess is nothing will turn up, the car only threw the (batt. disconnected recently or w.e). what the hell could be the problem?

    just a lil more side info, i have 2 extra batts in the back to power my system(the problem was happening before i installed them) no accidents, no other problems that i can think of, if you guys need anymore info just ask!

    edit: also every time i put my blinker on over 15mph it dings, my guess is this started happening when the odometer messed up, my mother was driving the car when it just happend one day

    and for the milaged, i drive 30 miles to work everyday, and it only registers 5 miles

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