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  1. Man I can't wait to see what its gonna do with all 4 on the DC 9k's :o Nice work Steve!

    me either!

    but i gotta wait 30 days before DC gets them and even then i don't know what my cost will be. I am 90% sure i am using DC amps. My pocket book will determine what i ACTUALLY run. People think i gotta free ride and ummm that is just NOT true. I should by now (by some company) but it still has not happened. I get discounts and a few freebies here and there but definitely no free rides.

    you put in some hellified work over the years...companies should be droppin they draws for you...lol forever a fan homie keep up the good work

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  2. yea your right i justneed to make the inside cut..i guess my question was whats the proper measurment for that inside cut and the best way to make that cut with my jigsaw and dremel..but these vids helped alot i seen smd's before but that top one helped the best..can i get this circle jig at home depot or lowes?

    yeah i think you can find a jig a t lowes or menards or somewhere . best deal for router circle jig i have seen is thru rf ,http://www.rockfordf...=10105:54419:US

    looks like there is a jig for your dremel 4000 . my first choice for this job would be a router though , don't know how you can round over or shape your rings with out one ether .

    This is what i got so far before the ring cuts

  3. if you cut out the speaker holes already and were thinking of using your dremel 4000 to cut out the rings i don't see how it will work , assuming you are going to use or improvise a circle gig , there is nothing to center that with the holes you already cut . start over , or use the jig saw to finish the rings you started .

    damn well let me see if i can post a pic of what i got so far..


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