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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys its been way to cold to do anything. Quick question 3 to 1 ratio over 2 to 1 ? just looking for opinions....trying for pure spl thanks again.
  2. The reason that I am making this forum post is to check my thinking with the pros so I do not waste any of my budget in building a bad box. Setup: 01 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS , (2) RF Punch P3 15 D2 , (2) Pioneer GM-9601 , In a trunk 4th order (hopefully) I used WinISD to get these numbers and I wanted a flat freq response rate from the box , so to achieve this I tuned both chambers to 30hz (Is this a bad thing to do?) The first front facing chamber is ported @ 6.43 cubes and the rear sealed chamber (subs mounted into this chamber) @ 11.7 cubes. Does all this seem Ok or do I really need some major help? Thanks!
  3. just got 2x v1 re sex 12s thinking about doing a 4th order box or regular slotted box im going to power them on a aq2200.(i know there rated 600rms) thinking box tuning 32 ish hz since there fs is 25hz going in back of a 4 door pickup so max 30 deep 48 across 40 high any input on is great thanks theses are subs spec https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_27312_RE-Audio-SEX12D4.html Subwoofer Series SEX (RE Audio) Subwoofer Size 12" RMS Power Handling 600 watts Voice Coil(s) Dual Impedance (Per Voice Coil) 4 ohms Voice Coil Diameter 3" Sensitivity 86.1 dB Xmax (millimeters) 18 mm Subwoofer Design Round / Circle Main Cone Color Black Woofer Composition Dual Composite 2-Piece Cone Woofer Surround Rubatek Foam Magnet Structure Triple Stacked Subwoofer Grille No Re-Cone Kit Available No Recommended Enclosure Specifications Recommended Enclosure Type Ported / Vented Sealed Minimum Sealed Box Volume 0.75 cubic feet Maximum Sealed Box Volume 1.0 cubic feet Minimum Ported Box Volume 1.5 cubic feet Maximum Ported Box Volume 2.0 cubic feet Top-Mount Depth 7" Cutout Diameter 11-1/4" Shallow Mount Installation No Electromechanical Parameters Free-Air Resonance (Fs) 25.1 Hz Equivalent Compliance (Vas) 72.9 liters Total Speaker Q Value (Qts) 0.44 Electrical Q Value (Qes) 0.49 Electrical Resistance of Voice Coil (Re) 2.8 ohms Mechanical Q Value (Qms) 4.5 Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) 51.22
  4. so ive built alot of nice boxes but never got into the 4th and 6th order stuff, and i want to, i just got a good deal on a mint 12" alpine type x and i wanna experiment with it... can someone help me learn how to design 4th and 6th order boxes. or kinda show me how its done and then i can learn by doing it. more or less how tuning goes and how box size effect it all pictures are always helpful, and links thanks
  5. I've never built a 4th order (sealed and ported) bandpass ,lot of sealed and ported, but both in one i have an astro cargo van so plenty of room to build (50 in between wheel wells) . I have 4 sa-12's with 2 rf t1500bd's could really use some help on design would love to do around 32Hz maybe a little higher i keep running into port area problems when i try. I would really appreciate the help
  6. Hey guys, I'm thinking about building a 4th Order bandpass for my dc xl 18, it's currently in a 7foot cubed box tuned to 28hz, but want more high end but keep the low, so I need y'all's help on ideas on air space, ratio (2-1, 3-1, or higher?) and port tuning, to give me the most out of my xl 18. Thanks for any help in advanced. Ps as of right now I'm pushing a hifonics 2400d, but after I get a larger alternator I'm going to get a DC 3.5k
  7. I've been out of the game for about 10 years now, but used to do some competitions and build stereos for friends. So I'm trying to relearn what I used to know, and possibly expand my horizons a little with some new stuff. As the title states I'm considering a couple options for my 2006 Subaru WRX. Unfortunately the trunk opening isn't huge, so I can only finagle about a 3 cu.ft. box into the trunk opening. However, if I built 2 separate boxes, I may be able to get closer to 3.5 cu. ft. by being able to slide them in separately. My dilemma here comes, that the main goal is to seal everything off from the trunk, but trying to face the subs and ports forward is going to be near impossible with about 32" of width in the seat opening (can't really go wider than 30" with one box and still be able to slide it in). I guess finishing assembly in the car could be an option, but since I do race/auto-x every so often, it would be ideal to be removable. SO, on to the meaty stuff. The subs I'm considering are either 2 12" RE Audio SEX V2, or 1 12" RE Audio SXX V2... My initial intent was one big box with a divider and everything facing forward. Well, since I found out I'll be pushing the limits to even get close to 1.7 cu. ft. per sub (more realistically, 1.5 cu. ft., after account for port and sub), I started to wonder if just doing one beefier sub may be a better option. This is when I remembered that 4th order BP boxes exist, and I always wanted to try one. This would also be ideal if I could line up the port with the ski hole in the middle of the rear seat, allowing me to keep the seat in place if I choose. Either way, there will be a board sealing off the trunk that I would bolt the box to (with an opening for the port, of course). I'm going for SQL here: I don't need all out bass like I used to, but I still want to be one-up on the trunk-thumpers (hence sealing off the trunk, which is practically made of tin on my car). I figure with this bigger sub in one properly built box, even if that means just a regular vented design, that I could be as loud or close enough to the 2 12's in mediocre-sized boxes. I'll stop rambling for now, hopefully this is enough to get a solid conversation going. Any more info needed please ask. I would love to make this decision soon as the bug has bitten me hard and I'm ready to get back to building. Thanks! -Ian-
  8. I recently purchased two FI Team 18's. The plan is to recone both of them, then run them in a b pillar wall in my blazer, with 2 Q3500's to each sub. My question is, what type of box type would work best to make these things demo monsters. Looking to make a windy build, while keeping a good bandwidth. I have seen these subs in all different types of enclosures. Just looking for opinions on what type will work best for this amount of power. Thanks in advance!
  9. I'm almost done with my new system. I have 4 cvr dual 4ohm 15s for right now. I have a QZA4100D pushing them and everything is wired down to .5 ohm. I'm waiting on wires to come in so I can upgrade my old ones.
  10. So I'm trying to design a box for my 2 zv3 12's, i have installed 2 bucket seats in the rear of my 02 chevy pickup, and things have changed a ton in that truck since i last posted here. I plan on doing 2 zv3's in a ported box in between the 2 seats, almost like a tall center console. i found a 3D model of a zv3 12 on a different fourm, but i cant get the person to respond with a link to a download. Im just trying to get an accurate look of the box, and also having a model of the sub would be cool
  11. This was last years build, don't have a build log for it so here it is. 1st build in it was a Sundown 15" in a 6th order.
  12. Hey guys, I am thinking about walling my Tahoe some time next year. I have been thru many wall build posts but have yet to find a detailed description on how exactly everyone is securing their walls to their vehicles, OPs usually skim over that or just don't mention it. Pics and full descriptions would be awesome, specially if you have a 99-06 Tahoe.
  13. Let's forget about subs for a second, assume you have amazing subs that can play very low or high. How would you tune a Sub box to play very strong lows? I don't mean "How do you tune a box to a certain freq?" either, I mean "How can I design a box to play low?" I have heard "lots of port area" "less port area" "1 port" "Multiple ports" and many other contradicting answers. And for that matter how do you design a box for a strong high performance? Building tutorials and tips are welcome Once again, NOT ASKING HOW TO TUNE A BOX, this question is about box design and optimization.
  14. So I built a monster enclosure, A single Sundown ZV4 18. 3cubes sealed, 9ish ported with all displacements 168 sqinches port area .. Was wondering if you guys think that I have way to much port area. It sounds great but I feel ive got a little more there. I did a 150 flat on a audio control spl meter knowing that it is definetley not as accurate as a term lab.
  15. So I recently decided to tear the wall out of my blazer, I loved it and it sounded amazing but the truck was just to small and I wanted to change up the build and do something new. So I tore everything out of the blazer and sold all the audio gear except the Batteries and alts. The plans for this build are: 16 XFL 15s 2 AB1100.1(Eventually going to add a second) 6 XS Power D3100s 4 Iraggi 270a Alts 4 PWX10s,12 PWX8s, 8 Crescendo FT1 Super tweeters Pioneer AVH-P8400BH 7" Touchscreen 4 SMD Vu-Dins 4 SMD VM-1s Huge Turn On Relay kit by CE Auto Electric Supply iPad center console Truck is a 2005 Suburban Fully Loaded, Just picked he up today. Now the Audio Equipment AB1100.1 12 XFL 15s Audio Technix Wiring and Sound Deadener Half of the batteries(No they arnt installed yet) Build will be starting very soon! Going to be welding a 1x1x14g Square Tubing Steel Cage into the Suburban and building the 4th order inside of that, box rise what? Stay tuned big things coming! There will be lots of pics and videos. To get the updates as soon as they are done go like my facebook page and subscrbe to my youtube page! http://www.facebook....oudNLowAudio931 http://www.youtube.com/loudnlowaudio This is the UBL, Go here to comment: http://www.stevemead...-build-ab11001/
  16. Can somebody clarify this for me, I was planning on doing a 4th order wall with four DD 3515's but I have 'heard' that the suspension in the DD's don't like 4th's at all. How true or untrue is this?
  17. I need an idea or sketch for a 4th order blow through box in a 2004 Ford F250 for four alpine 12" type rs. I am new at this and recently made my first ported box for two type S 12s and it hits hard but I really want the use of my back seats. The reason I want a 4th order is because with a sealed or ported blowthrough, it looks like I'd have to take out all the back seats where as for a 4th order bandpass I could have the blowthrough through the center. I listen to all types of music and it want the box to be good for that but hit lows really well. I'm probably going to put some mid bass drivers in the door panels so the box won't need to be tuned for those and then I'll probably make some nice miss and highs as well. I don't plan to enter competitions but I want good quality that will turn heads and maybe blow some hair. Any design ideas? Thank you
  18. A little info- I'm 18 years old, car audio is what i love doing and this was all built by me with the help of my dad on occasion. It took a lot of saving and planning and I'm still saving for subs and amps and more batteries right now. First of all, the turd this build is going in to. 2001 Explorer XLT 5.0 The plan is 6 Crossfire C7 15s on a Crossfire XS 8K.
  19. What's up everybody? Here is the build I recently started. I'm running 4 DC Level 3 15's in a 4th order wall. Right now, I will just be running everything off an AQ 3500.1 but I will soon add another... The box is Jeff Smith (Corona_Jeff) old box. I was lucky enough to get this box, so now I am trying to make it look good. The box was built and designed by Trent Choate (tctdh11) and Jeff. Also I want to give a huge thank you to Trent Choate and Cole Decker for helping me with this build. Trent has been teaching me a lot along the way and does some great work. Let's start with a pic of the blazer. It's nothing special but I will be working on the exterior after the build is finished. It's a 2002 4x4 4 door. Now Let's get the fun started... Got the interior all ripped out Built a platform to hold the box Now we had to try and get the box to fit. It was definitely a tight squeeze!
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