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Found 22 results

  1. Hello guys, been a while since I've browsed this forum. I acquired a '95 Ram with the 12-Valve Cummins in it, and the stock speakers just aren't cutting it anymore - I miss the little bit of thump I had in my C/10. I've already got a really nice Pioneer HU in it. I know there are boxes that fit under the rear bench to mount a couple shallow 10s or 12s, but I already have a Massive Summo 6.5" - little dude gets *down* on minimal power, and they're only $55 shipped from 12voltronics.com! So, with that said, does anyone happen to have the max measurements of a box that fits under the rear bench that I can commandeer and adapt? And what are the requirements for a T-line box?
  2. I am trying to build a box for 4 Sundown Sa6.5s on winisd but i cant seem to get a configuration that doesn't have a ridiculous rear airport velocity. I am building this box to go under the rear seat of my '15 Sierra Double Cab. The shape of the floor makes it hard to do a rectangular port so i am trying to use an aero port. Please help me come up with a config that will work for my application
  3. This is going to be my first build. I am going to first upgrade the head unit, then i will add some mids and highs, then eventually subs. Current setup: Stock head unit Stock speakers (6x8) Considering the stock speakers are 6x8s, I will most likely have to re-do the entire door panels so I can fit 6.5s and tweeters. I am pretty new at this, but i have a good idea of what i am going to do.Will i have to re do the door panels if i want 6.5 speakers to fit? For a head unit, I would like to put in Pioneer DEH-2400UB, according to crutchfield.com it will fit. For Mids and Highs, I would like to put in 4 Selenium 6W4P and 2 Selenium ST200 tweeter. I dont know what amp to get, I was thinking about sundown or MB Quart. Once my camera is chargered and I am not busy i will post some pics. Stay tuned for more...
  4. Hello, I need some opinions on if i should add rear speakers to my vehicle build or not! Currently getting, Avhx8500 head unit MLK2TW hertz Mille 6.5 components W6V3 in HO enclosure I get a insanely great price on the MLK2TW component set and looking at grabbing a set for the rears as well. The sub is going in the backseat facing the front of the car right behind the front seats, Still room for two passengers in the rear. My friend and i go out driving all the time and i dont want them to have no rear speakers if it will make a huge difference. If i grab rears they will all be run off a HD6004 and if i only get fronts it will be a slash300/4v3. Should i get rear speakers as well?
  5. I am looking to purchase a new pair of 6.5" components. I can spend anywhere from $200-$300. I can also power them with anywhere from with 100 or 200 rms. I would really like a pair with a smooth tweeter, that is mainly what i'm looking for. I will be running passive. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. These will be going in a 2010 Nissan Versa.
  6. HELP i have been searching around for really good 6.5 components, this truck had memphis audio coaxial speakers in all 4 doors doors already and have been in the truck since 2010 so they are way outdate. I have been buying and trying different brands and models of coaxials 6.5 speakers in my vehicles and so far the alpine type R were the best sounding. I've never bought components and crossovers before, i have always just stuck with coaxial because they are quick and easy replacements. I put a crunch PX-1000.4 amp behind the seat to run my door, RMS at 4 ohm is 75w RMS at 2 ohm is 125w. They got way louder but the sound quality was terrible. What component/coaxial speakers should i go with and what amp should i use to push them? Has anyone heard or tried the Focal R-165s2 6.5 120w rms 2-way components? I also have a Skar Audio VVX-10v3 D4 600w rms 1200w dual 4ohm that i am getting ready to build a box for under the seat or the console. i haven't decided on an amp for it yet, depends on if i just do one 10 or do 2.
  7. I Have a DD SW6.5. I built a box for it that's .34cuft net tuned at 57hz. DD doesn't recommend tuning it below 40hz, the website says 43hz is the Fs. It hits pretty hard yet bottoms out on the low hits of some songs(such as the low hit in the beat of "On My Level" by Wiz Khalifa). I was considering tuning to 45hz, maybe 40hz, I just want to hit the lows as best as possible without damage to the sub. The box has to be 8" deep, and 9" tall, but can be any width up to 36". i want the sub to be upfiring. Any box designs or suggestions please?
  8. I have a 95 Firebird and I will be installing a new four channel amp soon. I will have Jl Audio components in each door. Mids, tweets, and crossover. And I will have two Crescendo 6.5s Mids in the rear factory location. My question is will I need to install some kind of in line crossover for the crescendos to keep the really high pitched frequencies out ?
  9. Sup guys, im selling my speakers and amp. they are both alpine type r series. i have a 6.5 component set and 6x8 coaxial. they are a lil over year and a half old. there are some flaws but i will point them out in the pic. the flaws do no affect performance at all! here we go MB Quart 4.125: $90 shipped lower 48 Alpine 6.5 components: $100 shipped lower 48 Alpine 6x8: $75 shipped lower 48 if you buy multiples i can probably do a better deal to save on shipping! Also these prices are OBO! So dont be shy. really want these gone and id prefer people on here to get them vs people of craigslist here are the 6x8 you can see where i had to shave them a little bit around the holes and cut two holes to make them slide into a screw. both speakers are like this then i have the 6.5 component set. both miss, crossovers, and silk dome tweets this is one side then i will show the other side i was a real noob back then and the only way i saw to install the crossovers in the door was with super glue lol lil super glue on the edges ass end of a mid here is the other side crossover it was a real pain to take this one off so i ended up cracking the bottom of the case! it is completely cracked off but i still dry fitted it together! still works too!!! other tweet other mid ass shot. i also cannot get that left terminal off. i crimped it on there really good and i doubt anyone will be able to take it off, so i left wire so you can crimp wire to it and the amp. its an mb quart 4.125. awesome power for the price especially my price lol i believe now these are sea-compliant although when i bought it, it never said that would help if i posted prices huh lol MB Quart 4.125: $90 shipped lower 48 Alpine 6.5 components: $100 shipped lower 48 Alpine 6x8: $75 shipped lower 48 if you buy multiples i can probably do a better deal to save on shipping! Also these prices are OBO! So dont be shy. really want these gone and id prefer people on here to get them vs people of craigslist
  10. I have heard that a round perfect circle speaker will sound better compared to an oval or a square sized speaker because it can produce sound waves more accurately. I was also told that a 6.5 inch is the perfect mid range speaker, because it is round, isn't too large, but isn't too small. Does the shape of the speaker really matter when it comes to the sound of the speaker? Would a 5 inch speaker sound better compared to a 6.5 or would a 4x10 blow them all out of the water. What do you think when it comes to speaker size and shape? What's your "perfect speaker"?
  11. Since they are out of stock everywhere till september I figured I would see if anyone on SMD had some they wanted to part with. Im looking for two Crescendo PWX 6.5 4 ohm speakers sent to 27526.
  12. This may sound noobish so give me credit for being brave enough to ask LOL I got my RE Audio 6.5" component system today in the mail. I was kinda surprised when I seen that the paper with spec's or cut out measurements was missing. So here I am asking what is the best way to not over cut the hole, I don't have a router and will be using a jig saw to do this, I am pretty good with cutting with a jig saw so no worries, I just need to know what the ID would be that I need to cut. By looking I am guessing 6.25" hole? Thanks in advance!
  13. Might be wrong thread.. But im wanting to swap out my 4X6's in the back of my truck to some 6.5 coaxial, maybe components. Has any one done this on there truck? I have a 2000 Silverado Ext cab. Or anyone in general done this to there car.?
  14. Can someone tell me what the sensitivity of the Crescendo PWX 6.5's is?
  15. Picked up 4 crescendo 6.5's for my 14 corolla, will be putting 2 in front doors in stock spots and 2 in rear deck stock spots. Car comes with 6 speaker system, with two tweeters build into the corner of the front windows facing the cabin. Question is this I will be running these on my Rockford Fosgate P400x4 Punch http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/p400x4 Since its a relatively efficient amp and the birth sheet says 563 watts should I be running each set of nendos on 1 channel to maximize the power instead of 50 to each then its doubled of course? (If my understanding is correct), effectively running it in 2 channels instead of 4, are there draw backs to doing this? will it effect anything drastically? Also will this effect my stock tweeters in the front stage with too much power? or do i need to buy crossovers for them? also let's say i run them each on 1 channel since ill be not utilizing even half there power potential will I be able to go lower on the hertz range closer to 40 hrtz? instead of nendos tech sheet saying 80 hrtz +? Not running a sub till next season i think so trying to make the best of this configuration for a little bit of time. Thanks ahead of time guys.
  16. So if you know my Wagon Bis-Kwik I have been redoing my system. I have decided to go forward with what I call Project 6.5! I want to do a COMPLETE build with 6.5's from the sub's to the mid's to the component set up front. I will be running some tweeters but everything else will be 6.5's! This is about where I'm at now. That's 10 Sundown Audio X6.5sw's in a 4th order & my old Suitcase. This is where I am now with the box. Still got some more to do but it's just about all the way done! This is the inside of my current Suitcase it has A Rockford Fosgate T2500-1db, Infinity Reference, & a RF Prime amp, 4 Infinity Kappa 6X9's, ToolMaker Fuse/Ground distribution block and more, All Sky High Car Audio wire as well as some more stuff. Now back to the topic at hand! I am taking a new approach to this suitcase since I've learned so much from the last one! This is most of all that will be going into it! 6 Sundown Neo Pro v2 6.5's along with some tweeters, 2 Scv-2000d's Sax-150.4 and I haven't made up my mind on the Sax-100.4 or the Sae-50.4. It will have 2 fans at the back one pushing air in and the other pulling air out and 2 Cross wind fan's just like the last one did. I want to use these Pac LC-1's instead of the factory bass know Better terminals then the last one on the back side of it for the front stage The Cross wind fans are the same as the last suitcase but the 2 that go on the back to push & pull air in are a higher CFM fan 2 Actuators to open and close the suitcase cause I'm tiered of when I go to show it off I have to climb in the car over my box to open it!!!! I like these so I had to get me one to go in there!!!!!!!!! Something else I learned from the last one the incoming power I will be using Aluminium 1/2 13 bolts for better power transfer! Jon Rabe the owner of Sky High Car Audio located this White 1/0 OFC wire for me just for this build! That was cool as hell of him! Scott Bowman made this SBC Cock Box just for this build as well! It has Inputs on both sides and is configured like I needed it! ToolMaker is working on some more custom stuff for me right now so I should have that stuff by the end of the week! I'm also waiting on some more parts! Check out all my other parts to this build. All the links are in my Signature!
  17. My friend gave me a KLH BassBite II 6.5 inch sub. It is not in a box. I want to hook it up to my home receiver but can't find any specs on the speaker itself. Please help
  18. I have a 2010 Audi Q5 withe the B&O system. I purchased a Digital Designs SW6.5 sub (http://www.ddaudio.com/products/mobile-audio/woofers/sw65) to replace the stock 6.5" sub in the car. I also purchased a Fosgate P300X1 amp to power the new sub. Originally I was going to make a sleve and set the woofer in the sparetire enclosure that the original woofer sits in. Upon researching what other have done I see that some have made ported boxes for replacement woofers which sit in front of the spare tire in the back. (see below) I would love to go this route but I have no idea how to design a ported box. I could build it if I had planes. Anyone out there who may have done a similar project would you be interested in helping out? The specs for the woofer are seen on the link above but I can tell you that the minimum cubic feet the box should be is .33 net cubic feet. Thanks in advance. If I left any info out let me know.
  19. Getting down to it guys.... i dont have much left....... and, might keep some things.... For sale this time,.. The RF T3 6.5" comp set..... INFO link http://www.sonicelec...te-T3652-S.html The passive X-overs have never been used, and i only took the one out of the packaging to show Ken (Orionstang) what i had, when he was asking for some P-crossovers... Also,... YES, the TWEETS i am putting with this set havent even been opened. Still in the package........Is there someone that wants? still have ALL the packaging... .what you see here, you will get........... The new tweets.... Id like to see around and upwards of 2 bills, and you know what???....Im a tad sick of paying shipping, anyone want to help?.......... hit me back, and LOW ballers will be auto reported...with out fail.... THANKS! ky
  20. just looking at possibly buying a 6.5" sub to mock up designs with easily and experiment with stuff. i haven't looked around a ton but looking for something pretty cheap and a low fs, basically as close to 30hz fs as you can get. (not sure if there is any) anyone have some good suggestions on what/where to look? any comments or anything is much appreciated!
  21. Hey guys I need your recommendations and advice on a new speaker upgrade I want to do in my 03 tacoma extended cab.I am planning on installing 6.5 component speakers. My budget is $550 for both front and rear speakers. I do plan on adding a sub later on, my headunit choice will most likely be a pioneer single din. What I want is good quality with clean accurate sound and with good mid bass. I do plan on running a 4 channel amp as well, so if you guys have any recommendations for that too please let me know. Thanks!
  22. Back with a new car, and a new build. 2018 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback will be the new canvas. And here is the Sub! DC Audio Level 4 12 D1 with direct leads, carbon fiber cap, and candy red basket: So far I have designed a box in WINISD and Torres to come up with a 2.5 ft^3 Net box with a 22" long 6" aero port (Big Ass Port.) I will post up screenshots from each program to get a second look at the specs in the box building section. Plan is to hook this bad boy up to my Rockford Fosgate T1500bdcp at 2 ohms, providing 1500 watts at a slightly higher efficiency than the amp provides at 1 ohm. For the doors so far, we have some SSA Evil 6.5s tucked in with some NVX deadener and Stinger FAST Rings. Doors are definitely not complete, but it's a start. Evils vs stock speakers: This will be a slow build, but it's going to get exciting, so stay tuned!
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