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Found 30 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am in major need of understanding port measurements for slot ports with 3 common walls. I have built a few amazing sounding boxes in past and always guessed port length and got lucky considering I don't know anything about the math used to figure out ports. I have a Sundown SA 12d2 on a Sundown 1100.5 it is @1ohm and currently in a prefab box that sounds horrible. I am wanting to build a box between 2-2.5sqft as I've heard these subs actually need bigger than recommended. I'd like to tune between 27-33hz and require a solid bottom note and a flat curve that doesn't drop till well in the 100hz range. Width has to be 35" max and no less than 34" heigth max of 15" and max depth 16" Sub and port both face rear of trunk. I have both BassBox 6 Pro and Torres Tuning Calculator. Any help figuring out a box that hits the deep lows and has a strong full range will be considered. Also help understanding how to get the port measured and cut correctly. Any help understanding port ratio greatly appreciated as BassBox Pro always seems to give better designs with small width ports where as Torres I find bigger ports do better. Thank you for any and all help to tho that post suggestions!
  2. Hi everyone im new here. In the past, iv used Torres to design my boxes and got someone to help me with a cut sheet because i found it hard to understand like port length and physical length and to get a final cut sheet. Im now downsizing from a 10cube box subs facing up port facing up with no back seats in a 2012 corolla hatch with 2 crescendo 5500s strapped at 1ohm running 2team 15s but iv pulled that out and put the rear seats back in and modified the rear seat latch to keep seats more forward so i can have more room for a box big enough for my 2 subs. I know my space is smaller but iv also got dc xl 15s as well and was thinking if i can at least use them with one 5500 in a good box design to suit. My car is a Toyota Corolla hatchback dimensions are as follows 37width x 21.5height x 23.5depth ould like tune @ 31hz and between 12-16 like maybe 14 port per foot if that will play wider frequencies and 100+ port area. Iv had a few goes on Torres and couldn't get more then 96port area and 15.87per foot @32hz as you can see here. I would like someone to chim in or a few ideas as i know you guys that are on here are very experienced with box building and help me with a design and a cut sheet with subs up port up or subs up port back whatever you think will get me pumping again. The bottom one not the torres one someone made for me but i wanted to know if that with port opening going from 5'' to 2.5'' is right i was abit concerned about that also no info on port per foot so i didnt want to build that yet but they are the 2 iv got so far.
  3. Okay guys.. I’m wanting to fit 2 American bass hd 12s in between the seats of my Single Cab.. no I can’t do a blowthrough.. because I don’t want to cut a hole in the cab just Incase I sell the truck at one point in time. They will be wired up at a vfl450.1.. Im willing to go to the roof I just want to get some ideas. THANKS YALL
  4. JoeJeep

    box design help

    Can anyone check these plans out and let me know if they would work for the copper coil hdc3.115. I found them from a old post and just want to be sure it will work. I'll be running one hdc3 15 on either the sq 2200 or the crescendo bc2000. It will be in the back of a 1998 jeep cherokee.
  5. bmxkid4

    Box Design Help

    Hi i need help for a box design for the Soundqubed HDC3 10 inch. Here are the recommended specs for it. HDC310 - 1.5 cube net with 17 sq inch port area per cube - tune between 36-41 hz I am going to be putting it in a Subaru BRZ so trunk space is limited to about 13 inches height. I will be running 1200 RMS to it. If you guys could help me out that would be great!
  6. Hello, Reading around I was not able to find a definitive answer to my questions, so I decided to take the initiative and experiment myself! The question in mind is one alot of people seem to be having. WHERE SHOULD I POINT THE PORT AND SUBWOOFER TO MAXIMIZE SQ/SPL/SOUND TO EAR. So let us get started shall we? The truck in mind here is the ford extended cab, which is the same for many years(if someone can be more specific, feel free to chime in). These same boxes could obviously be used in other trucks, along with cars. THE RESULTS HERE ARE ONLY SPECIFICALLY APPLICABLE TO THIS GENERATION OF FORD EXT CABS The questions: 1. Does it make a difference where I put the box? 2. Does it make a difference if I fire the ports sideways(and if so, which way?), up, back, etc? 3. Does it make a difference If I fire the driver down, forwards, backwards, etc? 4. And finally, if the above does in fact make a difference, Which way is 'best'? The above questions, and any others, I can answer with the experiment. This will be done so and documented over the next week. As of now, I have designed the boxes in SketchUp, and layed them out in WinISD alpha. Both are EXTREMELY close on the Magnitude chart, so it should be as close as possible of a comparison. These boxes will be number 2 and 3 in my building career, however the first one turned out great Attatched are the SketchUp files, as well as the project in WinISD alpha. If someone, or multiple, would look over the designs to make sure I did not miss anything and got the ports right, I would GREATLY appreciate it. The more eyes the better, right? Boxes: The boxes have IDENTICLE outside deminsions, and are extremely close in NET volume(not perfect due to different double baffles) Tuned to 34.14 and 34.70, respectively 1) has the sub firing down, up, or forward depending on how I flip it, and the port to the side. 2) has the sub firing forwards, and the port up. This one could also be flipped to make it sub up, port any which way, or even sub back. The drivers to be used in this experiment are Sundown X-10 Version 2. For later experiments they will likely be switched to SA-10s, as the X's will go in a future build. This experiment will be extensively studied, as it will help me, among others, with future builds. This is my way of beginning my contribution to the community! WinISD alpha file:
  7. Any input is appreciated, thanks Vehicle : 2000 Eclipse Space available : ( Depth 22 x Width 32 x Height 16.5) Subwoofer make and model: 1 Dc XL m2 15 on 3k Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Need help! Everyday Music Tuning Freq : 31-32 Hz ? Volume : 4 cubes? Dc says Atleast 3 Questions: Need help on box design. 4th order or aero port box? the sub needs too face forward (unless 4th order). What will be a better design for the sub? How many aero ports and what size would be needed? Can the port be forward facing? external aero port? can the port and sub face forward if not sealed but a good fit? this the same car with a side firing port . This is with the external port and forward firing . Feel comfortable with building any design and have the tools to do so (or atleast try) Thanks for your time!
  8. I am building a box for my Lexus is300 sportcross (wagon) and need some guidance. I measured my rear again and again and came up with some pretty solid figures. Everything in the picture is drawn to scale. I tried using the Torres calculator (which I will link) to tune the box. Im trying to use 2 4" aero ports seems like the easiest thing to do. Please let me know what you think of the design and the calculations, any feedback is appreciated.
  9. Volkswagen Freak Nicklous

    Noob help needed on box design please

    Hi there, I'm quite sure that I'm beating a dead horse here, however... I'm looking to build a new enclosure for my SoundQubed Hds30012 2ohm subwoofer, I'm planning on building the enclosure out of 3/4 birch, just because I happen to have a sheet. The sub is powered by a fosgate prime r1200-1d, and a xs power d925 power cell, as well as my factory battery and 160amp alternator, all 0 gauge power and grounds, with all connections and ends soldered not crimped, so far I'm doing it correct, the sub is currently in a 41hz tuned box, and looking to drop the hz levels down to 32hz-34hz, the enclosure will be going into a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, I do not want to take the entire trunk up, so a simple box tuned to 32hz-34hz would be nice, however I am no math genius, but I can build anything from blue prints, Was wondering if anyone would be so kind to give me some pointers, possibly a detailed cut list, any help would be greatly appreciated, please keep negative comments for yourself, thank you, I'll post my build pics up shortly, Much love from Oregon
  10. I have 2 RF P3D2-15 in a 2004 avalanche midgate that are currently on a free air setup with my bed acting as a huge box. I have tried using a program to design my ported box but it failed miserably and sounded terrible so i threw it out. Now I need professional help, I already have around a 4" wide (may be wider not 100% sure ) 16" tall square hole cut for the port from the old box that i could use but I need the depth, width, port length, etc.. does anyone have a diagram they could give me or some tips? And the perfect height was also 18" so if that could also be a set factor that'd be great. Would like it tuned to the low 30s. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  11. Hello i would like to introduce myself as this is my first topic. My name is Jared and I am 19. I call central Illinois home. I have been lurking the forum for over a year and gaining knowledge. I've had many systems in the past although none are notable, equipment from walmart and bestbuy.Now it's time for some quality gear. I purchased a SoundQubed HDC4 15 and an AQ 2200 amp off of a local guy. Now comes the time to install it. I drive a 01 Dodge Dakota 4dr. I will be removing the back seats in order to fit a box. I'm somewhat lost on box design as i have no experience with such. I have been playing around on Torres to get an idea. I would like your guys input on it.I dont want to waste time, effort, and money on a fail; too much of that in previous setups.
  12. Well I broke down and went and bought a fully loaded custom rebuilt 12" Fi BL sub from a guy off I have decided that I want to start entering into some comp's as soon as there is one near me. I have always wanted to compete but have never owned a sub/amp setup like this until now. Just looking for all the advice/help that I can get right now to design/build a box for both competitions and daily. Vehicle: 2000 Ford Taurus Max Height: 14in Max Width: 34in Max Depth: 36in Comp Box Specs 2.5cuft tuned @45hz Double Baffled/Flush Mount Sub Daily Box Specs 3cuft tuned @30hz Double Baffled/Flush Mount Sub Powered by Hifonics BRZ1200.1D Any and all help with this build will be greatly appreciated. I did look into having woofer warehouse or RamDesigns to do a custom design for me. I would design it myself but I have no way to design it myself right now. I want to do a kerf port on my daily box for looks if thats not too much to ask for. Building the box is the best part and I want to make sure that it is done right and match the sub as best possible. Below are some pics and specs of the custom Fi Bl 12 Custom rebuilt FI BL 12 with a TI basket 2. Specs: Dual 1.5 ohm 1500 rms *FI BL motor *TI Basket *Sundown Zv2 cone *2 stiff linear 10" spiders *D1.5 ohm flat wound 8 layer coil *Genesis Carbon Fiber Dust Cap
  13. Hi guys, Looking for a ported box design for 2 SoundQubed hds212 gonna be running 600-700rms per sub. (If i have room ill go with the 15" aka hds215) The main music I listen to is rap, trap, dubstep, anything with bass. Done buying prefab crap boxes. Space that i can work with Hight 17 Width 39 Depth 28 Hds212 info Piston Diameter 254.0 mm Mounting Depth 6.5" Circle Cutout 11.1875" Outer Diameter 12 7/8 with gasket Xmax 26.5mm Peak to Peak Magnet Weight 100oz f(s) 39.03 Hz Q(ms) 5.367 Q(es) 0.587 Q(ts) 0.529 V(as) 29.700 liters (1.409 cubic feet) Hds215 info Piston Diameter 330.2 mm Mounting Depth 7.5" Circle Cutout 14" Overall Diameter 15 3/4 with gasket Xmax 26.5mm Peak to Peak Magnet Weight 100oz f(s) 36.34 Hz Q(ms) 7.483 Q(es) 0.895 Q(ts) 0.800 V(as) 73.310 liters (2.589 cubic feet) box size and tuning info
  14. I am about to build a new box for my Pioneer Tsw304r 12's in the next couple of days or so and I need a box designed for me if someone is willing to design it for me. This setup is going in my 2000 Ford Taurus. I was looking online and thinking about paying either ram-designs or wooferwarehouse to design the box. But if I pay for a design that will keep me from building the box for another week or so due to limited funds right now. Any help is greatly appreciated. Max Dimensions Height: 14.5in Width: 34in Depth: 26in Also I want a double baffle for a flush mount with the aero port tuned to 30-33hz. Idk what my port should be tuned to so all advice with help me dearly. I just want my enclosure to be the loudest that it can be without any distortion if possible. I listen to mainly hip-hop/rap, some rock, some country, and whatever happens to be on the radio.
  15. Hey guys! Steve did a nice write up about a year ago showing a few pictures of this program in action but I wanted to give you guys an in depth look. This program will allow you to design sealed, ported, 4th order, or even 6th order enclosures. The advantage of this over something like Torres is you can actually see the enclosure’s frequency response. You can even make sure that your enclosure will be reliable by taking a look at what frequencies the design will start to exceed the subwoofers electrical and mechanical power handling. This is not a free program, but the benefits of the vast subwoofer library and 3d representations of the enclosure can make it a very worthwhile program to own for the experienced car audio fanatic. Check it out here:
  16. Hey guys I'm looking for a recommendation for a box for (3) kicker compS 10's sv2ohm, right now there in a 4th order rear chamber 2.9 front is 1.5 tuned to 30hz, it sounds pretty good it's powered by a pioneer 5680 I think pretty sure it's around 800rms @ 1ohm. I've got it wired to 1.34ohm. The subs are rated for 300rms so it's underpowered, I think that might be the main reason it's not as loud as I thought it would be. Head unit is a Kenwood, it's in a 2006 impala. Do you guys think this setup might be better in a ported/ sealed box? Or should I just up the juice with a bigger amp? I know these ain't the greatest subs this is my lil bros setup and all he can afford rite now. Just want to get the most out of it. But a 1200 rms budget amp isn't out of the questions. He's 18 he just wants the thing to slam.
  17. Im looking at buy 4 obsidian 12s and I'm needed help designing a box for my 2001 dodge ram 1500 club cab. I have taken out the middle seat/console I'm looking to build from where that use to be into and or on to the middle of the bench seat in the back. I'm wanting to go with a sealed box any ideas?
  18. post up your favorite calculators that you can use online or download. (trying to keep this to free calculators and software) REMEMBER all calculators are A STARTING POINT! and most expect that you live in a perfect world. Torres Calculator Bunch of folks on SMD use this sealed/vented/horn/TL/TQWT/ a ton more Best calculator for simple car audio enclosures, pretty accurate I have found A multitude of different design calculators, looks easy to use Has a bunch of different designs including a hex box...dunno how many people use those but hey its kinda cool. some SMD love Tutorials: Whole list of Tutorials from TermLab Subwoofer types and explanations, other goodies. strictly a math calculator for port/tunning frequency
  19. I'm looking for plans for 2 different cabinets for PA/DJ type events. one using 2x 18" Sundown X series, and the other using 2x Skar 18" ZVX series. Both cabinets will be seeing their max recommended power, ~3k each. They are for 2 different venues if that matters, so they don't need be the same in any manner. If you could help out I'd be happy to compensate you via Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or vaping supplies! thanks in advance
  20. All, I want to build a box for my 2 HDC4 18s and want to make sure I get it right. I already have them in my Tahoe and they get down on a Dave The Box Guy enclosure. When I reached out to Dave, I gave him dimensions that were way too small because I needed some cargo space at the time. He made me a beautiful box, 8.5cuft at 34Hz. The problem lies with the 8.5 cubes, SQ specs call for 12cubes, soI'm turning to the SMD community to help me design it. My electrical is fine, dual alt bracket with DC Power 370A solely for audio and 2 Crescendo 31 Group batteries. My Amp is a Q1-3500D.1. I really like how clean my current box sounds and the fact that it plays below 30Hz with no issues. I know SQ calls for higher tuning so I was thinking 37 Hz or maybe higher provided I can still play the low end stuff well, down to 27-28Hz. Also I'd prefer Subs UP/Port BACK. I just want to see what the 18s will do on proper airspace and higher tuning. Hopefully a few more DBs. Basically same clean sound, but louder. I am a decent carpenter so building the design will not be an issue. What I have to work with: 2005 Chevy Tahoe Width: 49in Height: 24in Depth: 27in Port Tuning: 37Hz *Please read the full post for more details* Port Type: Slot port I know there's some awesome designers here and any help is appreciated. I can provide any other details I may have left out. Juan777
  21. I have 1 soundqubed hdc3 18" and I need to build a ported box box. Only boxes I have ever built were sealed boxes for 12's so this will be my first ported box build for an 18. I want to know how you get the measurements for the port height and width. Ik how to use the port length calculator but how do you originally find the width and height of the port. Also this will be a slotted port and the 18 will be going in a 6.5 cubic foot box and I want it to be tuned around 35hz. Does this sound like a good sized box and a good tuning frequency? Thanks
  22. I have an 18" DC level 5 and will be powering it off a Memphis Audio 16-mcd2500 in a 2012 Chevy Suburban. Anybody have experiance with an 18 in different types of boxes in a suburban and can tell me what design works the best?
  23. KickersintheTrunk

    Box Design Software

    Looking to design a box for my subs and was wondering what kind of programs are out there and which is the best.
  24. I have a sound stream xxx 18 and a massive P3000.1 amp in a 2007 Honda civic coupe . I need some serious help with a box design please I have tried many other the forums and I'm just ignored does anyone have any experience with boxes or these subs
  25. So im about to completely rebuild my tahoe, I want to run 4 Fi sp4 18's on a DC 9k amp. I currently have a mechman 270 amp alt, and im about to get 3 XS power D3100's, I under the hood, 2 in the trunk. I'm going to do either 2 or 3 runs of 0 awg from hood to trunk, and power the 4 Fi sp4 18's with a DC 9k amp. So here is my question, when I design my new box, should I build a box like Steves, 4 18's up, port back, or a basic wall, all 4 18s forwards and port forwards, or a 4th order or 6th order bandpass? what are the pro's and cons to each of the 4 box designs, where would each box perform the best and the worst? I want to build this to compete is local SPL competitions, so I want to do everything right to get the best numbers I can while still making the box sound good for daily driving, any and all input is greatly appreciated, please help me make my tahoe the absolute best it can possibly be! And, just to recap everything, I currently have a mechman 270 amp alt, kenwood excelon headunit, Big 3 upgrade, and like 65-70 ft of 0 awg sitting beside me. I plan on buying 3 xs power D3100's, 4 Fi sp4 18's fully loaded, and a Dc audio 9k amp. Are there any other things that I should buy such as a 2nd alt or other things related to powering the system Im working on building? And the main question itself, which of the 4 boxes should I build to use for competing while still sounding good for a daily driver? what are the pro's and cons of all 4 designs? Thanks for any help you guys can give me. Im open to all comments, criticism and suggestions, and please excuse me if I said the same thing more than once, I'm pretty tired haha.