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Found 13 results

  1. I am seriously looking to upgrade my front and rear stage kids & highs. I currently have Lexus GS430 with mark levinson system and navigation. i believe I have to wire into the factory amplifier.I am currently looking i to the Morel Hybrid 602 for the front stage and integra for rear. I may go to the Elates but right niow the budget does not allow. Anyways I have some concerns. First, anyone recommend a processor that will take care of it along with the center channel. I have heard a lot of systems without the center channel and feel it makes a big difference so I would like to keep it. and may e upgrade it. Any suggestions would help. I figure I will build new door panels and seal up the doors with a second skin door kit along with ABS plastic. I will keep all speakers in factory locations but am looking for anybsuggestions I can get. IU would be willing to do a build log to show the progress. I will be adding to my sub stage which is an HD750/1 on a Jl Audio10w7AE in a ported inclosure in the trunk. I just don't have a clue where to start for factory integration.I figure an Audison Bit one and an HD600/4 for power, and Morel speakers. Thats as far4 as I have gotten. Like I said would love to do a build log to show any upgrades that have been suggested.
  2. So i really want to have i nice loud and clean sounding set up in my 01 tahoe. Nothing record breaking or anything just loud and clean. I have two rockford p3 12s in the back and the rockford t365 component speakers in the front doors. Im not happy with the 365s at all. They are labeled "full range" and say they can go down to 30hz but thats crap. They are great with highs but cant handle mids at all. So iwas considering addingthe rockford punch 10" mid range speakers in each doir also. But when it comes to speakers im clueless. Should i invest in some good 3 way speakers like the focal k2 3 way system or will just adding a midrange speaker be fine?
  3. I drive a 2006 Toyota Corolla ce and currently have alpine type r 6x9s and 6 1/2s as my door speakers connected to the head unit. I am wanting to upgrade but I was wanting to know if focal was worth the price or if there was another brand that could produce the same quality for cheaper or if there is an even better speaker to run my mids and highs. I really love my type r's even though I know they aren't getting proper power but wanted some advice and personal opinions on other brands etc Also I would like to know what a good four channel amp would be to get to power my door speakers Thank you
  4. Hello everybody, I'm planning on doing a build in my 2007 Chevy Impala soon. I plan to put my Obsidian 15" v3 D2 in a box, with specs that are yet to be determined, and power it with a Sundown SCV-1500D. Also, I'm installing a Kenwood DDX372BT in the dash. However, the part I'm currently looking for help on is my front stage; I did some looking and I think I've decided on Focal. Before deciding on speakers I figured I'd get a matching sundown amp (SAX-100.4 V.2) for my mids and highs. From what I've read in these forums, Focal has pretty good components; After looking around I found Focal Performance 165AS components and figured they would be suitable for my front doors with the tweeter in the A-Pillar. Since my vehicle only has two stock locations for tweeters, I wasn't sure if I should buy 2 pairs of these comps and put the second pair of tweeters angle mounted on the rear pillars or possibly the A-Pillars as well or If I should look into a Coaxial speakers (Factory rear deck is 6x9s). This thought brought me to the contemplation of these two sets for the rear deck: Focal Integration ISC 690 and Focal Integration ISS 690. So at this point in time I'm at a road block, So I come to the experienced car audio buffs of SMD asking for assistance. My questions for you: 1) Do you approve in my choice of In-Dash receiver? 2) Do these components (165AS) seem like a viable option to pair with the substage. If not, what do you recommend instead? 3) Rear Deck: Focal Performance 165AS, ISC 690, ISS 690, or something else? 4) If you think I should run components for the rear deck, where would you mount the tweeter? 5) Is Sundown SAX-100.4 V.2 a suitable amp for my front stage? I know it seems like I'm asking a lot... that's because I am. I have faith in this community to point me in the right direction. Thanks for all your help! -DT!
  5. I am in need of some opinions. In my current setup i run a Pioneer 80PRS with a DD C5D running active on a Focal k2 component set. The d amp is class AB 80 X 4 at 4 ohms. I currently have an older Steg (Mosconi) K203. It's a 2 channel so i would have to introduce a crossover into the picture. But its a superbly made SQ amp which stats are as follows: 245x2 @ 4 ohm stereo 470x2 @ 2 ohm stereo [email protected] 1 ohm stereo 940 @ 4 ohm mono 1750 @ 2 ohm mono ^ DD c5d which i currently have running active. Sounds great. Ok here is the STEG: With the steg i would have to introduce out board crossovers. But my question is do you think I will get a better experience with steg and outbaord x'overs or just stick with the active setup?
  6. So was workin on the 24runner this weekend and went to my local audio shop that always hooks it up with my best friend Gorski, mind you i just needed some SMD led strips but the second we walk in we saw box's stacked to the roof. Now i already have a Parallel 6th order designed and ready i just dont have the funding for the wood/deadener/alt right now, which is fine im not guy who needs instant gratification, ill stare at my Neo and M3b all day in my closet and be perfectly content knowing its there for when i can finally build it (I love the build aspect more than anything). But Gorski on the other hand needs gratification NOW, and was tired of seeing my subs just sitting.... so 15min later i walk out with a new "top of the line" pro box hehe he justifies it somehow, i see it as almost the amount of money the birch i needed would have cost haha. Oh well got some bump back so cant complain. Here's a few shots of what i ended up throwing in for the time being, everything is just thrown in there its not supposed to look pretty yet. Plenty testing to come, only improvements from here on out. Lovely handling Yeeeee!!! still work perfect getting them wired up (only at 1ohm for now since no electrical) And the amp 1 batt to help a little In the whip... almost ready Just about done, little view of my 1st attempt at upholstery (was all 4, only back doors now) Another shot with my 2nd attempt at doors, i like it a little more, ill prob do the rear the same soon. Random pic of the 24runner (i was pretty ecstatic when i thought of the name hehe) More to come once i get back home. im at work and the internet blows haha.
  7. (I think I can start this now without it turing out like the Saab ) I bought this little car this spring after getting tipped off by a buddie. It was really cheap, it ran nicely, so i bought it. About 500 miles later this happends: But I got it up and running again and i want some sound! And this is whats going in: Alpine HU, allready installed Focal entry level frontset, tested on two pieces of plank
  8. So I've been researching for sometime and now my brain is mush so if I could get some advice on what would work best for me in what I'm looking for and the equipment I have. Equipment: Sony Dsx-s200x HU has 7 band parametric eq, listening position, Hifonics Zeus zrx1000.4 amp (125w x 4 rms) Drivers will be factory location in doors and tweeters in the a-pillar. This is not entirely sq or meant for competition reasons however sq is what I'm looking for otherwise I would just buy something and not care. My choices for 6.5 comp sets in $250-$400 range: JL c5-650 $325 Focal 165 VB $249 or maybe 165 V30 $429 Morel dotech ovation $372 HAT Unity. $399 CDT hd62 $298 or cl 62pro $278 (don't know too much about CDT so others suggestions are welcome) I heard JL and they sound nice but remind me of Bose where you turn it up and it gets loud but you don't really "feel" the music if that makes sense. Maybe the midbass is lacking.
  9. 2011 Bentley Mulsanne - Focal Utopia Kit 7, Mosconi AS Amps, Mosconi 6to8, JL Audio Subwoofers For more pics & details, click on the pictures
  10. 1947 Buick Roadmaster Focal, Arc Audio Alpine Click the pics below for more details of the build.
  11. Im looking at getting 4 new door speakers for my jeep liberty. i was considering and was pretty much set on the hertz hsk xl but the place where im getting my car done doesn't carry hertz. they carry focal and JL. My friend has the c3 and they sound nice. but i have 2 13w7s in a ported box at 30 hz and i doubt very seriously if they will keep up. the guy at the shop wants me to get the Focal KR2s for my front stage. I've heard that the hertz hsk xl have more output than the KR2, is there any validity to this? the benefit of getting the focals is that the shop will fix them if anything goes wrong. The hertz would be bought from the interwebz. the other concern is that i read a thread from 2008 where someone said that in freezing temperatures the surround on the hertz hsk will freeze and when you play the speaker it will destroy itself. this is a big concern because my car is in those temperatures during the winter. Just looking for a little advice? Thanks
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