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Found 11 results

  1. I drive a 2006 Toyota Corolla ce and currently have alpine type r 6x9s and 6 1/2s as my door speakers connected to the head unit. I am wanting to upgrade but I was wanting to know if focal was worth the price or if there was another brand that could produce the same quality for cheaper or if there is an even better speaker to run my mids and highs. I really love my type r's even though I know they aren't getting proper power but wanted some advice and personal opinions on other brands etc Also I would like to know what a good four channel amp would be to get to power my door speakers Thank you
  2. Hey guys this was requested so here I am showing my box build I was told to make a build log because this is my first box and they will check it over to see if im doing anything wrong so here it is. This is as far as we have got at the minute we just got to fit the curve on the corner of the port, this may not be all right but I know that once its done its gonna be strong coz I can say one thing and that my dad has being working as a joiner for over 20 years. Tomorrow we will have some more pictures uploaded but if u see anything wrong please comment and I will pass it on to my dad and let him know. thanks
  3. Not sure if you would call it a build really, more of a rebuild of my old system. Current setup: Headunit: Pioneer AVH-2400BT Subs: 2 Kicker C15's w/ 10G speaker wire Amp: Memphis 1000.1 Mono Amp Doors: Infinity Reference 6032cf (4) Dash: Infinity Reference 6432cf (2) Power: SoundQuest 0G Crude mail slot port box I built All door and dash speakers on headunit power. Before I pull some of this stuff out, I plan on metering it because I haven't had it scored yet, and is significantly louder than the previous setup @ 4 ohms in a prefab. UPDATE: Got the old setup metered at 143.0 db, but due to the messed up box, it was @ 45hz Just recently, made these additions: Optima Yellow Top D75 under the hood Big 3 in oversized 0G 48 sq ft. of Damplifier spread amongst the doors, cargo area, tailgate, and roof. The new system will consist of: Headunit: Pioneer AVH-2400BT Subs: (2) Skar VVX-12 Sub Amp: Crescendo BC2000D Doors and Dash: Same Doors amp: MB Quart 4.125 Kick Panel Components: Image Dynamics CTX65cs Components (and dash?) amp: MB Quart 4.125 Power for MB Quart Amps: SoundQuest 0G Split to (2) 4 Gauge Leads Sub Amp Power: DIYMobile Oversized 0G Sub wire: 8G Front battery: Optima Yellow Top D75 Rear Battery: XS Power D1200 Big 3 in Oversized 0G 4-5 ft^3 Ported box tuned to 33 hz built by someone who knows what they're doing I plan on doing the whole rebuild over Christmas break, and as parts come in, I will add them along with pictures.
  4. ALL PRICES ARE OBO AND INCLUDE SHIPPING (APO's Also). YOU PAY PAYPAL FEES. Brand New in Box Never Used FLI Audio FI-9 F3 Coaxial 6x9's - 125w rms each Retail is $60 asking $30 Massive Audio Blade 1000 160w rms x 1 @ 4 ohms 280w rms x 1 @ 2 ohms and 500w rms x 1 @ 1 ohm Asking $80 Shipped plus you pay PayPal fees
  5. Well...here is my build for my 06 Pontiac Solstice. Misc Mods: Dual Air Intake Big Bore Throttle Body Hi-Flow Headers Custom Exhaust Lowered Painted Aftermarket Rims Smoked Tails Custom Made Projector Headlights and Foglights (Two-Toned to match car) Custom F430 bumps Custom Side Vents Custom rear Valence Painted Misc Parts on Car to match theme Interior Audio: Alpine DVD Headunit Dual Infinity Kappa 6.5" Components in Custom made Pods (Arc Audio Tweeters and Crossovers) Infinity Kappa 12" Woofer in Custome made Fiberglass Box behind Passenger Seat 4 Channel Arc Audio KS Amp - 90 x 4 Mono block Arc Audio KS Amp - 600 x 1 Amps in a small amp rack in the rear boot area
  6. Old Set-up: Kenwood DDX370 Clarion EQS746 4 Infinity Kappa 62.9I Coaxils 1 Sundown Audio Zv3 15" D2 (Soon to be 2 SA-12s) 3.3ft3 tuned to 33Hz (Soon to have box sealed off the trunk) Hifonics ZXi 80.4 Hifonics BRX 2400.1D XS Power D6500 Stock 150A Alternator (Big 3 soon) Second Skin Damplifier This topic is really for my new upcoming build which will be two Sundown Audio SA-12s on a Hifonics BRX 2400.1D sealed off from the trunk. The box is currently being built by DaveTheBoxGuy, it will have 3 interchangeable ports (20Hz/28Hz/45Hz). For now, while I sit and wait, I am going to post my current set up just to show you all some of the work I have done so far. I don't have all the pictures since some things were done a little while ago such as, deadening, changing my door speakers, wiring etc. but I will eventually tear some things off and show you how I installed everything. Here it is.... Here is what my car looked like brand new.. Tint is 30% and hubcaps now plasti-dipped.. De-badged and replaced the stock antenna with a "shorty."
  7. Hello Everyone.My name is Kory.I am redoing the audio in my 1994 Chevy Silverado 1500 regular cab.Right now I have two rockford fosgate r1 10'' subs and 2 rockford punch 5.25 components in the front.all of this is running of a pioneer deh-x6700bs radio.I recently was given an Infinity Beta Digital 300 Amplifier.I didnt notice at the time but to connect the subs to this amp it requires a certain connector.well when i recieved the amp the connectors weren't included and i dont know where to get the pins.is there a way i can hook this amp up without the connectors?and what are the specs on this amp.All the info and help would be greatly apprecieated.this will be the first amp ive ever had and set up.
  8. So while the parts come in for my new build and im searching for the right speakers, i thought id post here in search of some help. I am an avid basshead who enjoys big, power hungry subs that leave you light-headed after a demo, but i also enjoy some good, clear sounding speakers. I am a faithful RF fan who has installed quite a few of their speakers in friends and families rides. all of them have drove off being very happy with their new sound systems, but in all of the RF themed systems ive heard (and ive heard quite a few including many T4 powered component systems), ive never heard as clear and detailed of a system as i heard in a Harman (JBL and Infinity) showcase vehicle here in NJ. as big of a fan as i am of RF, the fantastic Harman speakers and their great price-points may have blown RF out of the water. Anyway, I am trying to decide how to approach this dual-wielding system (spl and sq) without absolutely breaking the bank. i have heard SoundQubed has this down pretty well (if anybody has any other suggestions, ill take em!) so i think ill be purchasing 2 of their 12's. I feel like i am betraying all the RF fans out there and the strong community built around this great company, but i think RF may have let all the fandom get to their heads... i mean, $1.2k for 2 mids and 2 tweeters (T5 component)?! even if they are very good, isnt this killin it by quite a margin? true, i havent heard the T5 system yet and only the T4, but Infinity's $220 high-end component system sounds just as magically delicious at a 4th of the price as the T4. that got really off-topic. what i really need is help deciding what kind of a setup is best to cater to both the spl and sq sides of my hearing. ive got the 2 subs in a custom ported box down, but now, 2, 4, 6 speakers in the door? tweeters in the door? how many tweeters do you think it'll need? focus on "rear stage" as much as front stage? also, all of this is goin in an extended cab ford ranger. thanks! oh and for those who wanted to post up this pic but are too lazy to find, download, save, and upload the jpeg, ive done all the work for you:
  9. She has 198,XXX Miles on her but she cleans up nice. The tint looks like limo, but it's not. I told the guy i dont want people to be able to see into my truck when it's dark and he said Ok. The back three windows have Factory tint on them. I ended up taking the tint off the back window because i couldn't see shit behind me at night :X I'll eventually retint the back three with a lighter tint to match the front. She's on 20's with cooper all terrain tires. Has Hid's in front. Topdeck cover on the back. And coverking seat covers in the front. 145A Alternator W/ Lifetime Warranty, Originally had a 105A Isn't the best amp in the world but for the price thought i'd try it out. Better then the last amp i bought. Wish i could get a new one with the same shit on it for this price Found it in the glove box, Parents kept it i guess, even had the guys number who sold it to us, Still works at the dealer told him if i get a new one i'd hit him up. Love these trucks This part was already cut from a previous install but the amps were mounted to the metal. Got the dynamat from a friend 36sqf for $80, Did the back wall, and around the speakers. Still have leftover so as my system gets bigger i'm sure i'll end up putting more. You cant see it here but i also covered the vents in the back, These are where the majority of road noise comes from. The wiring looks horrible but that was just to get everything hooked up and adjusted. I have my seatbelts zip tied down here because they were in the way haha. After doing that i ended up only keeping the backseat passenger seat belt usable because they would vibrate to much. And this is how everything ended up.
  10. I have 2 vehicles: My 1994 Mazda RX7 (FD) and my 1971 Chevy Nova SS, both with 2001 Corvette 5.7L LS1 engines in them. It is extremely difficult to find any alternators that aren't 140 amp (stock) that fit the LS1 engine, the ones I find are between 200-240 amps and they are generally between $750-$1,000 (which seems extremely high to me, at least double what it should be in my opinion). My current system requirements for my RX7: 1 - Kenwood DNX7190HD DVD/Navigation 1 set - Infinity 5"x7" Component Speakers (680.9cs) 1 set - Kicker SS 5 1/4" (SS56.2) 1 - Infinity 7541A 4-Channel Amp 2 - 10" Kicker L7 Truck Boxes (11TS10L72) 1 - Hifonics Brutus BRZ1700.1D Battery relocated from the engine bay to the rear compartment behind the passenger seat. Pretty basic setup, extremely limited room in the hatch of the RX7, I would like more bass but the 2 L7 truck boxes BARELY fit. Possible RX7 subwoofer/amp upgrades I would like to make after I blow these L7s, maybe before than: 4 - 8" Sundown SA-8V2s Dual 2 Ohm (not sure that 4 will fit with box air volume requirements) or 1 - 18" DC Level 6 or 18" Ascendant Audio SMD (again, box volume requirements for my LIMITED hatch space) 1 - Orion HCCA4000.1D or Orion HCCA7500.1D amp My current system requirements for my Nova (equipment bought, waiting to be installed): 4 - 12" Alpine Type R subs 2 - Infinity 1211A Class-D amps Undecided as of yet for kick panel/rear deck speakers/headunit/4 channel amp Possible Nova subwoofer/amp upgrades (I'd like to make 155db+), I'm seriously considering selling my equipment (all brand new in the box): 2 or 3 - 12" or 15" Orion HCCA subs 1 - Orion HCCA7500.1D or Orion HCCA11000.1D amp Almost, I have heard MANY differing opinions on the subject. I have Optima Red Top batteries in all 3 of my vehicles, what's better... Red top or yellow top?
  11. Hey guys, I'm getting 2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1 Subs to put in my dads 2002 BMW E46 330D I'm not sure of the boot size and id like the box as small as possible, I'm not sure what to tune it to so I need a bit of help
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