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Found 4 results

  1. I've been thinking about doing a car trunk build next with 2 12's on a BC 5500 and deadening everything with Alpha Damp Deadener. Thing is: what would be best for LOW-end in a car build, having the enclosure and subs facing the Back of the trunk with the rear seats folded forward? Or, having the subs "sealed off" forward in the trunk? Im allll about Ground Pounding lows, but dont know what would sound best. The other thought that crossed my mind was just saying screw the rear seats and building a wall with 2 18's but i dont really want it to have to come to that. Ok either way im sure with 6000 watts and plenty of sound deadener the system will be nice, but id just like your guys' opinions on the whole situation (especially those with trunk builds themselves, experienced people please, and those who have big wattage like that), thanks!
  2. Hey everyone I'm looking for a new car that I want to start a new competition build in asap, but don't know what Brand car to actually get. I need a LARGE Trunk but still want the car to be an 08 or newer, just need a few suggestions. My goal is to put in One Fi Team15 Sealed Off forward from the trunk, but I want it as far in forward as possible. (ex: just like "Ninja" here: )Im having a hard time picking the right vehicle that would be possible to do this for a single 15...or does the vehicle not matter? Did he just cut the metal in the back dash/trunk area? Please help, thanks to all!
  3. I am currently looking to start a new build, practically "copying" off of Altima1's Sealed Off Trunk Build, because it's exactly what I'm looking to do, and love the way he's done it! Here's his link: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/158900-removable-rear-door-brace-started-06-altima-6k-trunk-build-fi-15-sp4-hair-trick-vids/ WHAT KIND OF CAR IS GOOD FOR THIS TYPE OF BUILD? IM LOOKING FOR A 2006-2010 CAR TO SEAL OFF THE TRUNK FORWARD LIKE THAT. SO FAR MY IDEAS ARE A CHEVY IMPALA, MAYBE FORD FUSION. SUGGESTIONS PLEASEE? I HAVE A COMPETITION IN JULY AND AM NOT NEAR READY YET, HAVE TO FIND A DECENT VEHICLE SOON! A few thoughts running (franticly) through my head are these: Ford Fusion - "Rumor" from someone on youtube is that Ford's cannot thoroughly deaden the roof's...not true? Other thought, 2010 Chevy Impala - has a TON of Airbags, including in the roof area, how do I deaden that without F'ing something up, not to mention on 4000 Watts will I be setting any of those off? PLEASE in all sincerity can someone make a LEGIT suggestion on how I should do this, or at least name a few affordable newer large-trunk cars? I appreciate it! Thank you
  4. Hey guys, not sure where to post this, so I decided here. Maybe a moderator will move it to where it needs to go. Anyway, I am about to start my new build with strapped Q2200's and 2 12" DSS Ethos. I want to seal off my trunk, as I'm sick and tired of all the rattles and everything else that goes with rear firing drivers. Here is my problem, I need to post a picture of my trunk, but the Toyota Camry has a small 6-8" oval cutout behind the backseats, then it opens up the the rest of the trunk. I'm hoping someone out there in SMD land has sealed off a Camry trunk like mine and wouldn't mind giving me some tips. Right now, I'm going to pull my current enclosure out and try to figure out a way to make a flat wall of sorts to somehow bolt the new enclosure on to. I don't know the best way to do this, so if anyone has any suggestions, or can send me a link that would explain how to do this, I would greatly appreciate it. I don't mind doing the reading and research, but it has been hell trying to find anything on a sealed off 2012+ Toyota Camry build. I don't know where to start and also don't know the best way to attach my enclosure to flat wall I intend on building. The other thing that is complicating this is, my port isn't in the center. It's on the driver side of the enclosure. I guess I can shove the box in as far as I can get it and start mounting wood and foam around the enclosure until it sealed off? There has to be a better way. Any help would be great. Thanks...
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