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Found 14 results

  1. Bought the car in December 2012, super clean with almost zero rust (weird for a Buffalo car). On to pics. Pioneer 80prs XSPower goodness
  2. i decided its about time i post some pics of what im running. gonna be more of a show off til i get my equipment for my doors. anyways here it is: finished enough to run test fit 45s painted port and bracing. thinking of adding some more though turned the port against the glass. helped to get some pressure off the window recent upgrade from 12 gauge to 8 gauge speaker wire. it seems a few dbs louder but no way to measure amps batt and alt stock 90 amp vs. stock 130 amp alt birth sheet eclipse hu. not bad for $300 kenwood rear view some other stuff. if i had an hc1400 i would do this. its a perfect fit bass knob
  3. So I was planning on getting a Singer 240 amp for my 2001 Toyota 4Runner since I was gonna run a BC 3500 on my Mayhem 18, but I ended up going with the BC 5500 instead (for upgradability). I will be running an XS D7500 battery, Big 3, 2/0 gauge, etc. Will I have to end up going with the 270 or 320 amp alternator instead? I was trying to avoid the higher current models because I didn't want to experience any voltage drop at stoplights with my foot on the brake (650 rpm) and the 240 amp model has a lower turn-on speed. But now I will obviously need more current if I end up getting another Mayhem or going with one of the Team Series drivers. I'm not sure what's more important... No voltage drop at stoplights? Or having an extra 30 or 80 amps during heavy current draw (I guess that's what the battery is for). Any input would be appreciated.
  4. Name: Toyota Camry (1994) Date Added: 3/5/2014 Owner: JEFFYBOI Short Description: CROSSFIRE CAMRY 2X18S View Vehicle
  5. Finally I have a steady job where i can save up to start my build This will be my first build, it will also be SLOW..... But here it is! So i have ordered one of my subs from Sound Solutions audio "FTMFW!" great customer service! I ordered a sundown X-18 d4 and i plan on getting a second one after i get my amp, a SoundQubed 3500.1! I am late starting this, so i have already received some of my things So my ride, 2002 Escalade 6.0 in the snow here is another one with my summer wheels on i know..... they are too small Here is the 3500.1 AMP GUTS!!!!!! Hell yeah! i plan to do a plexi laser engraved backing later down the road! I also ordered a SMD-VM-1 well thats all for tonight, i will post my sub when it arrives!
  6. Hey all Finally getting around to starting a log here. I think I've more or less hit the point of no return with this build, so let's do this. Car is a 2002 Mustang GT, bought it back in June (like 2 weeks after I graduated high school.) Always loved stangs, and all through high school I wanted one incredibly bad, so when a good deal popped up I jumped on it. Looking back it wasn't a great buy, the car has some demons. Like seriously, I don't think it will ever run 100%. But after lots of work, blood, sweat and tears she is decent. And with some more fixing maybe I can get her there.... Anyway, here is the moo cow Now, on to the good stuff. As I said, I have pretty well hit the point of no return. Equipment is as follows Singer Alternator (200A, but he says there is some funky new shit in there. He won't say exactly what but he keeps reassuring me it will not disappoint. Here's hoping.) XS D3400 under the hood...self explanitory. CNF Terminal blocks (Thanks again Kevin, still absolutely love em.) Pioneer 80prs...speaks for itself I think Nendo PWS 6.5 mids (Still waiting to be installed, I'm pumped for these.) Nendo RTS-1 tweeters (Decided to try the soft dome instead of the FT-1...we'll see how I like them.) Kicker DX400.4 to run those. Super solid Amp, two years and never missed a beat. Don't see any reason to change it yet. And, the reason I say I hit the point of no return: Ordered a pair of AA Mayhem 10s today. Now just waiting for these to be built...man I'm excited for these. I still need to get an amp for the subs, but I am planning on an Ampere 3800 for the time being. Down the road I may get a second, but for now I'm not even sure how well my current electrical will like just the one. A few little pictures to follow, we've got some work done. No sound yet...but a hell of an electrical. Welcome to all, let's have fun.
  7. hello all....im upgrading my substage this spring...and would like to know if I will need two runs of 1/0 for my sub amp (SAZ2500dV2 pushing two X10s in a 1 ohm load) I know I would need double 1/0 inputs. for electrical, I have Singer 200 amp alternator, one D3400 under the hood, and one D3400 in the trunk. I have another amp running the highs and mids, but its running 60x4 in a 4 ohm load...I don't think that is of much concern, just getting a feeling from folks if 2 runs is overkill, or preferable for the low end. thanks in advance guys!
  8. Alright, this is my first time selling stuff on SMD, but I have bought from many people here over the past year. First up, 250 amp Singer alternator powder coated black. I bought this for my 2004 Grand Prix, but have since sold that car. Alt was used for about 3 weeks, then the rotor went in it. Sent it back to Mike and received it back about 10 days later all fixed up and good to go. I'm not sure what other vehicles it will fit, so you will have to do the research on that part. Looking for $250 shipped. T3 Audio 5 1/4" and 6" coax speakers, $35 each shipped. Here are the pics...
  9. So this is going to be my build log over the next 6 months on a 97 GMC Yukon. Power wire and RCAs is a mixture of SHCA, 2/0 welding cable, and Rockford Fosgate. ​1st thing that is going to be going in will be the HU Thursday. Then Saturday I should be posting pictures of the sub, box, and back battery install. Then on the 19th *fingers crossed* my mids and tweets will be going in. As of right now gonna be a single CT Sounds EXO 15 on a Soundstream TA1.3000d with Kenwood entry level Excelon HU, SBC RCA box, Crossfire mids, Soundstream tweeters, and Soundstream mid amps. Around January the Singer 320a will be installed. Then around May my sub will be switched to a EMF Yolo 18 or a IA Warden 21 and a c pillar wall will done. * add more photos as I get them*
  10. Figured I start my build log here on SMD. It's funny that this all started over a yr ago, planning to run DSS Ethos, and BC3500, and C1100.4, single 280a alt, and 2 kinetiks. then it all got traded around to this: Pioneer AVH 5600 2 Tantric HDD 18's 1 BC 5500 2 RE XXX 6.5 comp sets 1 S800.4 4 HC1800 Kinetik's 1 Dual alt kit 1 350A Singer along with stock unit Head Unit was first- dang radio wouldnt fit due to the rear bracket- so.. Bracket removed- Radio back in
  11. I just received my XS D7500 this morning and it's a monster. My plans are to install it in the rear of my 2001 Toyota 4Runner using a battery isolator so I can continue to use my regular starting battery under the hood. It's time for me to order my isolator and I'm reading a tutorial on it and I'm starting to get confused as to whether to use a diode or solenoid type isolator and how to do it without damaging and overcharging my starting battery. Alternator is a Singer 240A (being built) and will be running a BC 5500 and a C1100.4 amplifier. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. First build log, so forgive any and all drunken weirdness... We like space cruising, and just dissapearing, with music jamming...(thanks to Chode69 for the BL push) The build started before we were members here on the site. So it'll get fast forwarded quite a bit.... anyway, here we go... Vehicle; 2007 Acura TSX, no navi. First was tint, and the window vent shades.... We started with 2-12" RF P3's, on a RF T1000bdcp, sealed. Sold all of it, and then to what we have currently. 2-12" RF T1's, on a RF T2500bdcp. Enclosure is 3.5cf-ish, AD, and tuned in the upper 36's. didnt take long to realize, we were crazy short on power, the stock denso alty did ok, but, not great.... upping the juice was a must.... and big thrice M-Singer alty.. Hes a stud... period... Kit from CE auto - snafu - Tony C it was perfect...
  13. I have had a love of car audio ever since high school when i had my first real subs, a pair of Blue Thunder 12's. Because of this love i have spent umpteen hours reading magazines, books and on forums just like this reading and learning all I can. Over the years i have designed and built alot of decent stereo systems for friends and family but never have i had the chance to build myself that cranking stereo system i always wanted. Until now. My build will be a never ending learning process with my end goal to have a vehicle that every time i am in it and i hear and feel the bass it puts a grin on my face. I also think it would be cool to compete just to meet people with the same passion i have and pick their brains. So i was in the market for a new ride to build up and i have always liked Tahoes so i have been watching the Canadian Gov Auction for a deal on an ex RCMP one. Well i found one bid 6 grand and won.. here she is a 2009 Special Services Tahoe for 6 grand.. It needed some tlc and a center console (which i bough a silverados fold down jump seat instead). The first thing i did after i picked it up was pull over a block away from the compound and smake a fat joint to christen it. Now since i had the vehicle i could go about getting all the gear i wanted... Deck - Pioneer avic8000-nex and reverse camera Processor- Arc Audio PS8 Amps- Arc Audio KS 2500.1, Arc Audio XDI v2 1200.6 Front Stage - CDT audio ES- 06 6.5" mids, ES- 03MB 3" mids and ES- 010 26mm silk dome tweeters Subs - 2 x Sundown Audio 12" Z v.4 D1 Batteries - 2 x Kinetic HC 1800 Alternator - Singer 270 amp Alternator Sound Deadening - Aprox 210 square feet of dynamat extreme Deck: Amps and Processor: Front Stage: Subs: Batteries: Power Wires : Speaker Wire: Now a couple things all my pics are taken with my iphone and i am terrible at remembering to take pics So we begin the fun part to follow....
  14. I know it's really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I was a little proud of my year in MECA. It was my first year as a member and my first year competing in any organization. I started out at a 147.9 @ the headrest and ended at a 151.0 @ the end of the season at the headrest. On the hottest day of the year it only did a 150.5 legal and second hottest day it did a 150.8. In the evening, it does anywhere from a 151-151.5 depending on HOW hot it is in the AZ nights. This is the reason I'm posting this thread: Not only did I win my class in SPL for the year, I guess I won Park and Pound too. The other kind of cool thing is, I qualified for Nationals in Alabama(I didn't go) with the points I gathered throughout the year. I can't wait to get in the lanes next year with an even louder(hopefully) build.
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