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Found 57 results

  1. I'm really new with car audio and i need help with my first box. I hear MDF is the best material to use. My first box will be temporary and i plan to upgrade it in the future but i'm on a budget at the moment. The Enclosure will be for 2 Soundqubed Hdc318s and the current measurements will fit easily into my truck. This is what i was got using torres Height:38" Width:56" Depth:18" for the port dimensions Height: 28.5" Width 6.5" Length 25" The program says its tuned at 34.67hz with a net volume of 11.46ft3 and the port area is 16.15in2. Like i said its a temporary box and i just want it to sound decent. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I recently purchased a SQ HDS310 and have been trying to fiind plans for box. I listen to all kinds of music from Blues to Rap. I am looking for a good all around performing box. I will be using a 650 RMS amp for now then moving to something around 1000 later on. I have played w/ som box design programs, but just don't know enough to feel comfortable doing it myself. Can anyone help me and come up w/ a nice box for that sub? Thanks in advance. Specs form their site ... 1.25^ft (1) 10" 20.0 sq" vent x 23" long 1.50^ft (1) 10" 24.0 sq" vent x 22" long Piston Diameter 203.2 mm Mounting Depth 7.5" Circle Cutout 9.25" Overall Diameter 10 7/8 with gasket Xmax 28mm Peak to Peak Magnet Weight 145oz f(s) 37.68 Q(ms) 5.231 Q(es) 0.536 Q(ts) 0.486 V(as) 9.340 liters (0.330 cubic feet)
  3. All, I want to build a box for my 2 HDC4 18s and want to make sure I get it right. I already have them in my Tahoe and they get down on a Dave The Box Guy enclosure. When I reached out to Dave, I gave him dimensions that were way too small because I needed some cargo space at the time. He made me a beautiful box, 8.5cuft at 34Hz. The problem lies with the 8.5 cubes, SQ specs call for 12cubes, soI'm turning to the SMD community to help me design it. My electrical is fine, dual alt bracket with DC Power 370A solely for audio and 2 Crescendo 31 Group batteries. My Amp is a Q1-3500D.1. I really like how clean my current box sounds and the fact that it plays below 30Hz with no issues. I know SQ calls for higher tuning so I was thinking 37 Hz or maybe higher provided I can still play the low end stuff well, down to 27-28Hz. Also I'd prefer Subs UP/Port BACK. I just want to see what the 18s will do on proper airspace and higher tuning. Hopefully a few more DBs. Basically same clean sound, but louder. I am a decent carpenter so building the design will not be an issue. What I have to work with: 2005 Chevy Tahoe Width: 49in Height: 24in Depth: 27in Port Tuning: 37Hz *Please read the full post for more details* Port Type: Slot port I know there's some awesome designers here and any help is appreciated. I can provide any other details I may have left out. Juan777
  4. Hello all. First off i want to say that im very impressed by this sub. I previously owned a HDC3-18 that i was very happy with at the time, I competed at local events and the sub preformed great. With the HDC3 my personal best score was 147,3db using a 43hz tone. My best score on music was 145,4db. Right of the bat i could tell the HDC4 was a different monster, to my surprise the bass was SO much louder and tighter. The box for the HDC4 is about 6 cu ft big with 117sq inch of port, tuned to 39-40hz. The car is a Saab 9-3 -99 Monte Carlo Edition, butyl mat is applied throughout the car in several layers. Well , onto some testing.... All scores are Sealed on the dash, on music. The song i used was "Resonance Evil" by Bassotronics. The mic is in DbDrag position, set to peak hold. The amplifier used is a B2 Audio Mono @0,5ohm First score is with the back seat up. Second score is with the back seat down.
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to build a fourth order for 4 soundqubed hds200 15's. Need help because I've never built a box like this before and I want some input on what people think on what I've got so far. On the ported side I plan on giving the woofers 4.5 cubic ft each so in all a total of 18. And on the sealed side I plan on giving them 1.5 cubic ft each so a total of 6. I wanted to tune it to around 32 hz so for the port I plan making an 11x11 square port that's 3.25 deep. So give me some feed back on whether this sounds good or bad haha, thanks.
  6. Alright so I recently just traded my old sa 15 for a pretty much brand new hdc3 18 d2. However I am currently run 2 obsidian audio 18v2 d4 on a soundqubed 2200. I wondering how much more output I would have by buying another 2200 and another hdc3. The box for the obsidians is roughly 11.5 cubes net. With 3 6 in aero ports. Would this same enclosure work well for the 2 hdc3s. And would it be worth it to upgrade. You thoughts?
  7. This is my first Build... I have never built a box. I now have 2 12" SDC 2.5s on the way and I already have a AQ1200d amp for them. The only thing that stands in the way of getting my plans going is a box. I would perfer to buy one under $100. I saw some pretty good boxes on ebay and amazon but I dont know if that would be the right way to go. Also what do you guyz think of the super pro bass boxes??? That may be stupid to some but again ..... I dont know how to build one and Im still kinda new to car audio. The one from attrend is $150 and I do not want to spend that much. If I have to make one and stay under price I will but I need help. The other downfall to that is I live in an apartment with limited space and no power tools. They will go in the trunk of a 2000 lesabre so the box can be a decent size. HELP PLEASE!!!!
  8. I had never seen a good hairtrick windows up so I attempted to pull it off. Started bass knob all the way down. got it up a little past half and could not focus on the road so left it there. It can go up to full with no clipping. When checking on TL about same on knob was hitting 155. She takes it like a champ.
  9. So since my first box I have wanted to do an enclosure with no space restrictions. A build that focuses on cone area and low tuning. Subs are HDS200's (ordered one already to see if I like them, I will post pictures here when it gets here) Soundqubed is very vague with there enclosure recommendations and i'm looking for a more specialized design My first dilemma is with the box and is if I should go with a 2x2 pattern such as this: Or a 4x1 pattern such as this: (ported though) My only real limits are what can fit through my doorframe's in my house. I was playing with the RE Box Calculator and I can make both styles fit. I want between 12-19 cubes. (<---cant believe i'm serious with this) tuned low to 28-35 hrz It can be enormous, only one of the dimensions needs to conform to the doorframe's
  10. Hey guys, So I've decided to go ahead and build my own custom box for the first time but I had a few questions before I did so. I understand how to calculate port size, depth, tuning, box volume, the works, but the only thing I'm really unsure of is where the best location for the sub relative to the port would be. I am planning on running a Soundqubed/AQ HDC3 15 tuned to 32hz in a box around 4 cubic feet. To get it to hit hard should both the sub and port be facing toward the rear, top, front, does it really even matter that much? If possible I'd like to have the sub mounted upwards in the center of the box with a slot port on the left rear side (when looking into the car from the rear aka. drivers side) but am open to any suggestions that may lead to a better sounding setup. My car is also a mid sized hatch-back if that helps. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hey guys, I just picked up a 2003 PT Cruiser (I know not the best rep for a car but you work with the funds you have). I have 38"W x 18"D, 20"H to work with and was wondering if 2 15's would be out of the question. I currently have 2 blown Soundqubed HDS312 that are about to be sent bak to be repaired and I can go up to 15's while they have them for very little extra cost. According to my calcs with the above dimensions I can pull off about 7.9 cubic foot gross. Can someone suggest port area size? Or am I just hoping for too much? Should I stick with 12's? I will be powering them off of a Sundown SAZ-3000 at 1ohm with factory alt and two D3100's. Thanks in advance guys!
  12. So my friend heard my system after one of our last finals and he really wanted a little bump. He said all he didn't want to spend bank on a system nor be "loud" like me. He said budget was $500-600. He told me to go ahead and lay out his system for him. Only downfall is that he wanted to stay stock radio so that was a twist. So I figured a single 12", needed a nice LOC and around 600w. Stuff already purchased and waiting to come in: Sub: Soundqubed HDS200 12" Amp: Audio Technix 400.1 (Now CT Sounds 500.1) Wiring kit was Audio technixs 4 GA Got the LC2i to make some low level outputs. Major thanks to walwalka to pointing out that awesome cost on the AT400.1 Almost picked one up for myself. 600w for $96 is a deal. Also pointed out the LC2i to me. MDF and charcoal carpet. With everything minus odds and ends like glue and screws total came out to be somewhere like $400. I got started on the box design right away.
  13. Are soundqubed rca inputs in their amps differential or single input?
  14. So I'm not building anything crazy...yet...but I thought I'd start a build log anyways. I've got a 2003 Explorer Sport and have done some stuff here and there to it. 20% tint, PlastiDipped the stock wheels, 3" lift shackles, 6000k HIDs all around, RF speakers all around, Pioneer h/u Back in high school I had a RF 15" P3 and a 1000w crunch amp. It was a decent start and sounded really nice for my first system. Had to buy a grill for it because I was constantly throwing crap in the back THE UPCOMING SETUP: FI BL18 SoundQubed Q1-2200D All new wiring 7 cube Ported Box @ 33hz 50 sq/ft of FatMat Big 3
  15. Hey guys, Im working on a box for a friends Chevy 02 Silverado ext cab. The sub is a SQ HDS2 10'' sub with a Cadence 1600.2. I was looking at prefab ones but none had a deep enough mounting depth. So I did a quick build on Torres and i came out with 1.10cuft of space in a sealed box. The box goes from the passenger side of the truck to the driver side. Anythings that yall would change? any suggestions?
  16. This is a an ugly car but has a nice ass, hence but-her-face Box for Soundqubed HDC3.118 being built in the trunk of my 02 Corolla I forgot about the bracing when I was designing the box (oops) so the volume will end up being 5.75 cubic feet Since I forgot about the bracing the tuning will end up being between 34 and 35hz Dog chilling with me Got all the pieces cut out Baffle tongue and grooved Tongue and groove fitting into the bottom Now we are getting to building the box, due to the small size of my car the box will have to be built inside the car Took out the back seat Thinking about make a beauty panel sort of like this, will most likely change tremendously by the time I get to this point Very rugged assembly of the box in the car
  17. So i had a different build log with my 1999 Grand Prix. Transmission took a shit, so i'm starting my build on my new car! 2006 Ford Fivehundred Sel 160,xxx miles but all highway. Got this car for a really great price. I know it isn't the coolest looking car, but it is really nice, and for the price, i had to jump on it. Equipment: Head unit: Kenwood ddx371 Sub: Fi SP4 15 Sub Amp: SoundQubed 3500.1 Speaker Amp: Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 Speakers: Rockford power 6x8's Battery: Kinetik HC1400 under the hood Alternator: Mechman 240A G series Here's the car: Console opened Bunch of stuff laying on the ground when car was taken apart Kenwood in And i actually just noticed the scratch on the wood above the hu. Damn lol pic with stinger volt meter Driver side where the power wire is. Forgot to take pictures, but remote wire, 2-channel, and 4-channel RCA ran in same spot, but passenger side. Here's the wire Under the hood: HC1400 Q-Mat on trunk lid Q-Mat on top of trunk Amp installed. (dont mind the black tape on ends of wires. fuse is taken out of power wire. its not hooked up because my alternator is bad and waiting for new one to be installed before i hook it up. just got it all ready to hook up Don't have a pic of the sub in the trunk, but here's the sub and box that is going in it. This is when it was in my Grand Prix That's all i have for now. Just waiting for my alternator, and to get it put in. Cant wait!!!!
  18. Start of the new year brings more demos and more pain, black nasty getting louder!!!! The next two videos only get better, enjoy
  19. Hey guys, I just got an SPL-Labs meter today! I got it for my Honda build but couldn't wait to try it out so I put it in my truck which has a single HDS312 D4 running at two ohms on a Sundown SAZ-3000 in a 2.6cf net box a 32ish hz. This is sealed on the dash playing a couple different songs.
  20. Hey guys, I have two Soundqubed Q2-200 2 channel amps, one for each door on my Civic. I will be running two Crescendo PWX6.5's per door as well as one PWX8 per door. All are single 4 ohm. That gives me either 2.67 ohms or 6 ohms to each amp. The amps will do 220x2 @ 4 or [email protected] or [email protected] bridged. What would be my best option for wiring?
  21. Does anyone know what gauge terminals are on the SoundQubed 1.2k mono amp? I can't seem to find it on the site.
  22. I'm looking for something to power my SSA xcon 15 4th order 1.5 :1 ratio Im going for LOUD, CRISP, Clean Bass. No dirty SPL Budget under $400. My electrical can support around 2000w I have my eyes on Incriminator audio IA10.1 1200w $389 (can be strapped to double power) also looked at CT sound 1400.1d $499 (a little to much for me..) Is there any other brand out there that will best the IA10.1 and be a better match for my Xcon while staying in the price range IA 10.1 $389 I also concidered the AQ2200D $429...But question its SQ abilities. Any good? American Bass HD-3500 $375 new maybe around 200 used
  23. Just wanted some peoples opinions should I trade my soundqubed hdc3 18 for 2 blown sundown x 12s?
  24. These are D1 Copper coils. The recones are brand new with zero play time. I purchased the baskets and recones from Soundqubed a few months back. These are the latest version of coils and soft parts made and will handle 1500W(Soundqubed's rating). I decided to make then unique and I had planned on inverting one in my build, so I painted then gloss white with metallic gray specks laying over that. They look good and they are ready for a new home. My plans have gotten bigger for my build. $400 shipped(firm) to anywhere in the CONUS. These are 50 lbs a piece shipped, they will not be cheap to send. I'd be interested in certain trades, PM me what you have. VERY select 12" subs(Sundown X or Zv4, Fi Q) would be considered for possible trade. Pics I literally have 4 identical pictures like this for coil reading:
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