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Found 4 results

  1. I have two amps in my car. one powers the door speakers (400 amp rms - rockford fosgate amp) and other power 12in subwoofer (750 amp rms - rockford fosgate amp). Both the amp is getting power through 4 gauge wire and grounded with 4 gauge wire. The door speakers work great, but the subwoofer hardly moves. I tried two different head units (stock & after market) and yet the sub hardly moves. The after market HU came with dedicated subwoofer output, while with the stock HU, i had to splice into front speakers wires to get signal for subwoofer. In both cases, the sub was weak with gain all the way high.The sub is getting signal, but its not moving the way a 12in should move. It only starts to move properly when i increase the bass boost & punch eq (i know this is not good). I went through some trouble shooting - making sure ground is securely attached, power etc etc. Yet, still can't figure out what is happening. I took it to a stereo shop and he agreed to diagnose for $65. But i've always had issues taking my car to shops and i'm wary of taking the car to the shop. What do you guys think is happening? Is there any one in chicago who might be able to take a look and help me out !!! Thanks,
  2. Hey guys, In the near future Im looking to add another RE Audio XX to the one I already have and some components. Total RMS should be somewhere around 3600w. Im worried about the electrical though. I think Ill be able to squeeze an XS d6500 under the hood. The d6500 says it should handle 3-4k watts. Running on a 90 amp alternator and plan on doing the big 3. (Driving 05 Mazda 6) Does anybody know if this one XS power would do the trick for my planned system? Or, would I be better off with say two smaller XS batteries. Say the d1200, d4700, etc. I dont want to change the alternator. Any input would be much appreciated! -Andy-
  3. I recently upgraded my audio system - added 4 channel amp for door speakers, subamp for subwoofer. Work is complete. Now i have to set the gains on the amp. I'm trying to see if anyone might be willing to let me use their dd-1. Thanks,
  4. finally had my system on a term lab at a local audio shop. I won my class ( 1-2 subs up to 12 inches 1 amp up to 1000 watt) won with a 140.3 on dash drivers door open. 138.4 sealed peaked at 31 hz quick rundown on equipment -Kenwood kdc-200u head unit -alpine mrx-m100 -kinetic hc 1400 -sky high 1/0 cable for big three and run -kicker zx 250.4 for mids and highs -infinity reference doors and rear deck -box is 2.5 cu. ft after sub and port displacing tuned to right around 29ish (by my math) -gt 50 mil on trunk rear deck quarters (not shown) and a bit here and there to help with miscellaneous rattles -gauge reducers where needed made by scoche and all wire is sky high audio. pics up soon uploading now...
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