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Found 9 results

  1. This is my first post to the forum, so please forgive any mistakes i might inevitably make I have some questions about a build i am planning for this summer; I am planning on putting 2 15's in my 1997 Toyota Camry, i want to have the box sealed from the trunk to minimize pressure loss to the trunk. The problem/question i have is this, The stock trunk access hole (if you fold the seats down) is about 26" wide and 12"tall, the rest is covered in sheet metal (39"wide, 19"tall) This sheet metal has three braces in it, one brace going from left to right along the top, and is about a 3-4" hollow square beam, and the other two are on either side of the cutout, helping brace the top beam to the base of the seats. The problem is that if i install the box where i want, the metal and braces will cover nearly half of my box and block over half of my subs. I want to cut out most of this metal so that the subs can breath, but i do not want to compromise the safety of any passengers. My logic so far is that the box (double baffled 3/4"MDF, so 1.5" of MDF) will be stronger and more rigid than 1/8" of sheet metal bracing. A few people i asked opinions on argue that the section that i would be cutting out would compromise safety, since these zones are built to absorb a side impact. My rebuttal is that this brace is behind the rear seats, and therefor is not a crumple zone (because the rear seat shouldn't crumple around the passengers, that could injure them.) Also, even if said section is designed to crumple in the case of an impact, the box is going to be their anyway, and would stop any of the crumpling. I am quite the newbie when it comes to this caliber of build (Simply sliding a box into a trunk is easy, but i have not ever done a build like this before) and i would like the input from some people with more experience/knowledge than me. What are some other pros/cons to cutting out this metal? Thank you for taking the time to read this, i truly appreciate it
  2. Looking to get some outside opinions on box type and design. I'm going to be running 6 NVX VS 15 on two Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000s (for now two, three later) and looking for opinions on what type of box to build. A 4th order is an option ive considered but I dont want to do a bandpass.. i want to do ported. Anyone have any ideas of how I can properly design a box for 6 15s in a ported box? Box is going in an Avalanche bed. Rough but close dimensions are like 49x19x50 i think. Not looking for someone to design the mathematics but simply throw ideas out on best way to place the subs and port for a ported box design! Looking to tune around 30 hz.. not looking for spl meter but simply murder lows. Thanks in advance!
  3. I need help on the port tuning the box will be going through the arm rest so port can be too big. Read pic The box so far
  4. What's up guys? I bought a 99 ford f-350 powerstroke long bed dually over the weekend and I am ready to get my install going. I have never built a 4th order before so any help is appreciated. The equipment will be (6) obsidian audio 18's running on a crecendo 3500 for now. The subs will be in the bed of the truck with the port in the back window. Basically like John Hone's truck build. What I am planning now is having the subs firing up. Would there be any issues with this as opposed to firing forward? Also, What ratio would you recommend since I have all the airspace I need. With the tuning, I was thinking around 48 hz but I really want to be able to hit the low lows so I'm not sure what would be ideal. One last question, with the 4th orders, what is the ideal port area per sq ft? would 16 in be fine? Like I said, any help is appreciated as this is my first bandpass. And I will for sure post build logs! Edit: Forgot to mention, There will be a camper shell that is sealed of course.
  5. Well I bought yet another ride. I sold my 99 Tahoe and my 93 suburban and decided to build a nice car. with skyrocketing gas prices I wasn't felling ~11 MPG anymore lol. I bought the car Friday (2-25-11) and it's still in paint. It's a 2001 Impala, Loaded minus leather and a sunroof, 130K, 3.8L, OnStar, Premium sound. Here are a few pics of the Impala. The car was supposed to be done tomorrow but now it will be done Sunday. I bought new bumpers, headlights, tailights, spoiler,fenders and hood. The car was NOT smashed when i bought it but all the panels had dents so my painter just ordered all new panels. As soon as I get it back from paint I'm tinting the windows and picking up my new wheels. As fas as audio goes I dont plan on going crazy, I just want a nice clean decently loud system. I already have my equipment, 2 P3D412's, RF T2500-1 CP, RF T1000-4, 51 ft of RF 1/0, 3 pair of Alpine Type S 6.5 components. This car should sound great. I just have to leave my amp tuned all the way down lol.
  6. making box for 2 ct sounds 18's in s10 blow through and only idea is doing a down fire with the port facing the blow through hole. this is the only way that really works with my setup and wondering if anyone has any advise to make this work or if it will work and sound right. the blow through hole is only 30"x11" and didnt know if i need to gap the front of the box going into the blow through hole the same as the gap from subs to floor
  7. This guy has a single cab F150 and he was pissed that the two Atomic Apocalypse 12s he had wouldn't hit a low note for shit, all the while taking up ALL of his behind the seat storage space. So... I did a bed cut and built a ginormous box tuned to 30Hz. Suffice it to say, it's pretty loud even with all the air space and it digs way deep. Especially on the Crossfire BMF-1700 he had. This guy is a high school student so he doesn't have a lot of money to throw at a system but, he slowly gathered up the equipment for the system and as time goes by, I'm gonna upgrade his front stage and... probably the subs too, along with completing the cosmetic aspects of the job. Here are a ton of pics and one short teaser video... like I said, he's a high schooler and we finished this thing late so I had no time to do proper vids. But they will come soon. Thanks for looking! continued...
  8. ok so i want to build something like this for my ranger. i am getting 2 18" dc lvl 3s for dirt. i figured out the dimentions and what not for a regular box and i am lost as to how to calculate 4th orders. i would like one like the pics below. i believe i mesured 56x17xlength of bed. ill be getting a cap so if needs to be higher then so be it. PLEASSEEEEE HELPPPP. thank you.
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