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Found 11 results

  1. My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshdashef1/ Most updated pics can be found at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/joshdashef | I use Tumblr as my picture hosting platform | Previously I had a RF Prime 750.1 going to two RF 12 4DVC on stock electrical and big three. New Build Equipment Active Setup from HU: Pioneer 80 PRS Front Stage T2652-S powered off a P600X4 (4 ohm | speaker per channel) Lows 2x P3 4DVC Sundown SA12s (soon to be Fi SP4v2+ 15") powered off a DC Audio 2k (1 ohm | Dual 1/0 inputs) (to be replaced by AAK 4000.1D) Batteries Starter - XS D5100R (Flat 6 Bolt) Walmart Group 51R | Reserve - XS D3400 (Flat 6 bolt) Alternator Mechman 240 Blue Wiring RCAs - Rockford Fosgate 20ft | Sky High 1/0 Blue (2 runs) | Sky High 10 gauge (subs) | Front Stage Speaker Wire - undecided matching Sky High 14 gauge Fuse Holders / Gauges Blue Seas Analog Volt Meter | Stinger Volt meter (red) | Sky High dual anl fuse holder (two for main power and one for sub amp input) | SMD Fuse Blocks 3x dual 1x single Planned Upgrade List 3 pairs of RCAs Done New Wider False Floor Not needed New Sub Enclosure 2x12 or 1x15 DONE 2x12 Amp Rack for Dc 2k and four channel Done Distribution Block/Fuses (trunk) Done Dual Fuse Mount under hood Done Replaced with SMD dual fuse holders - Thanks audiofanaticz Running two runs of 1/0 Sky High OFC front to back Done Battery Mount for XS D3400 Done Mechman HO Alternator Done New Headliner New Rear Parcel Tray or Reinforce old? Fix Gas Lid Wire Done Stinger Volt Meter for front and rear batteries Done Treat doors for new mid woofers Outer skin treated, need to cover holes with thick metal sheet and rivets Run speaker wire for mids and highs Done Install train horn in rear bumper Done (Now I want to add one to the front bumper) Setup LEDs above amp rack Done Install distribution block and run +/- 4 or 8 gauge for it. 4 gauge +/- Done Sound Deaden areas; Doors (outer skin middle 1/3 done and focus directly behind speaker) Roof Wheel Wells (partial coverage) Trunk lid (lower 1/2 done) (Outer panel 3/4 done) Trunk spare tire (1/4 done) Parcel Tray License Plate (Full coverage with foam around it) Head Unit: Pioneer 80 PRS Amp: Subs / Old Q-power Box: Under Hood: Day 1: Strippin 'er down Trunk Cabin | Rear/Front Seats Removed and some panels including center console (didn't get a pic of rear seats will do tomorrow)
  2. Anyone know what the maximum size sub system you can fit in a 2door Gti mk4, a 2002 impreza wrx, and a 2002 civic ep3. I'm going to be running 4k anyone recommendations on what to get sub wise ?
  3. Hello all, I am in the process of redoing the factory stereo completely and have decided to go bigger than I thought I would lol!. System is Rockford P1000x5 running 4 6.5's and 1 12" Rockford p3 at 1 ohm. I have 2 more p3's waiting to go in along with a p1000x2. Looking to upgrade alternator to Mechman 270 amp with all needed beefier wiring etc....When hooking up this alternator would you connect the factory power wire to it as well as 1/0? Any issues that I may deal with going this route? Thank you for any and all advice!!
  4. I have a 2010 Honda civic coupe, and I can't stand how loud it is driving down the road. I have looked into second skin's luxury liner, damplifier, etc. I am wanting to make my car as quiet as possible for as little as possible. My budget is about $600. I don't want to use any tar based products of any kind. Any info on what product I should choose for my budget would be greatly appreciated. Also if anybody has any experience with sound deadening, it would help me a lot if you could give me an estimate on how much of each kind of material I should get. Thanks, Brett
  5. what would be a good 21 to go in my wall. not too worried about music just spl. what does everyone recommend and why?
  6. Hello all....Well, I decided I would start a build log. I am going to be walling off my 1997 Honda Civic. For equipment I will be using 4 sundown sa 12s on 2 hifonics brutus 2100s. the wall will have an interchangeable port in the middle of the wall. 2x4's, birch plywood, and fiberglass is my choice of materials..... Lots of 2x4's lol. I am open to any advice........ always willing to learn. Hope you all enjoy the progress. I will be posting lots of pics:) Also check out my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cxmaudio I will be posting updates and wall build footage on my YouTube channel. well here's my car. Equipment for the build. (sundown sa 12's, Hifonics 2100's) I started building the floor a few weeks ago.... cutting out a piece that will bolt to the seat belt thing. 2x4 that is bolted to the vehicle itself. Sorry if some of the pictures look grainy. Got to love the kreg Jig tool..... makes this so much easier. boxing in the wheel well area.
  7. I figured I start a build thread to document my daily driver audio build for my 06' Si. Enjoy First off my friend and I redid the big three: We used #2 ultra flex welding cable for the alt to battery+, battery- to chassis, and chassis to engine block. All connections are in contact with bare metal for optimum efficiency. We fused 200a right before the battery for the alt to battery+ and fused a 200a inline for the power cable which is run through the plastic trim through the fender into the cabin through an open grommet right above the dead pedal. This cable was then run through the driver side trim, through the rear seat and into the trunk. Here are some pics: Note we don't have the fuse holders mounted atm: The next thing we tackled was the HU. I was on the fence for a long time debating whether I wanted to keep the stock HU or go with an aftermarket. After much research and asking around some other forums I decided to get an aftermarket unit as they have many more options and tend to sound better then stock. I got the Pioneer DEH-P7200HD: After some time we then hit the wiring and speaker/amp combo. After seeking help from a friend and listening to what seemed like thousands of speakers I choose the MBQuart PVL-216 6.5" component set for the front. Power is transferred through 16 gauge true OFC speaker wire. This wire is run through the rear seat up the driver side door trim and splits (two to the passenger and two to the drivers side). Up through the stock boot. This thing was a pita as it was a very tight squeeze and to even access the hole for the drivers side you had to tweak your arm around the fuse box. We were very excited to find out that we could recycle the stock speaker hanger. As we didn't really want to mess with the sheet metal. The speaker and baffle were all one unit so we had to do some trimming (or melting) but everything fit like a glove afterwords. Best this about this is you won't be able to tell its aftermarket by looks as we didn't have to trim the doors beauty cover to fit the speaker. Sorry for the dirty car: Drivers Side Passenger Side Unfortunately the new tweets were to big to even thing about mounting up top without doing something custom. After remembering what papasin posted we decided to mount them in the kick panels After spending hours upon hours on the door speakers we then moved on to the amp. I decided to get the Hifonics ZXi80.4. At the time of this picture we just had things mounted or hidden as we ran out of time and I personally really couldn't stand not having a radio as I get crazy if I have no noise of some kind.:screwy: Here are some pics: The wire that goes towards the top of the picture leads to the stock sub. I was very surprised at how well it sounds on an aftermarket amp: We made our own ground directly into the frame of the car. Later on in the next few posts that wire will be trimmed in half:
  8. Car: 2006 Honda Civic LX Sedan Current Equipment List as of 12-27-11: Kenwood KDC-BT948HD JBL C608GTI MKII 6.5" Components Polk Audio Marine 5.25's JBL Marine 6.5's Sundown Audio SAX-100.4 JL Audio T2 320.4 Orion 600.2 Sundown Audio SAZ-3500D 2 Sonic Soundlabs Super Sonic X 12's Custom Mounted Stinger Volt Meter 1/0AWG Ultraflex Cable & Tsunami 1/0 Ground Cable 120^ft Fatmat & Rattle Trap as well as Second Skin Alpha Damp & Spectrum Sound Deadener Stinger 17in RCA's Pro 3 Series Stinger Pro Fused Distribution Block Optima Yellowtop Group 34/78- Front Batcap 4000- Rear 1/0 Welding Cable vs Tsunami 1/0 Got my 51r and 34/78 yellowtops More than likely will not use the 51r
  9. So would this sound terrible? My current idea is to upgrade my coaxial front stage into a component set and power it off either a 2 channel or 4 channel amp. But if I were to buy a 4 channel could I use 2 channels for the components and bridge the last one for a midbass driver (8 inch) that would go where the factory one goes on the parcel tray just above my dedicated 2x 12 subwoofer box in the trunk. Here is a picture of the factory sub placement I'm talking about. [08 Civic Coupe] Let me know your thoughts on this, and if it would be a waste or sound terrible Cheers
  10. Hello everyone i am new to this building a custom box car audio stuff, previously i would just buy an normal sealed but now i want to get a custom box built. I really need help i recently bought a 12 inch DB Drive WDX 2k Subwoofer i have someone that knows how to cut perfectly the only problem is I NEED DIMENSIONS! i have no clue what dimensions to use for the speaker box i am trying to achieve some deep bass i mostly listen to music that has that deep bass. Thanks!
  11. Back with a new car, and a new build. 2018 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback will be the new canvas. And here is the Sub! DC Audio Level 4 12 D1 with direct leads, carbon fiber cap, and candy red basket: So far I have designed a box in WINISD and Torres to come up with a 2.5 ft^3 Net box with a 22" long 6" aero port (Big Ass Port.) I will post up screenshots from each program to get a second look at the specs in the box building section. Plan is to hook this bad boy up to my Rockford Fosgate T1500bdcp at 2 ohms, providing 1500 watts at a slightly higher efficiency than the amp provides at 1 ohm. For the doors so far, we have some SSA Evil 6.5s tucked in with some NVX deadener and Stinger FAST Rings. Doors are definitely not complete, but it's a start. Evils vs stock speakers: This will be a slow build, but it's going to get exciting, so stay tuned!
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