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Found 13 results

  1. I have ordered 3 sets of the mid pro kits from soundqubed and 2 set of super tweeters as well. My question is with 3 speakers going into each door what kind of amp should i use because they will be set to 1.3 ohms. or is there another way to set them up finding an amp that can handle 1.3 ohms per channel has been extremely difficult for me for the super tweets i figure any amp that can push 100 w per channel at 2 ohm will be no problem to find. Any help is highly appreciated. Or should i just run them in parallel?
  2. HELP i have been searching around for really good 6.5 components, this truck had memphis audio coaxial speakers in all 4 doors doors already and have been in the truck since 2010 so they are way outdate. I have been buying and trying different brands and models of coaxials 6.5 speakers in my vehicles and so far the alpine type R were the best sounding. I've never bought components and crossovers before, i have always just stuck with coaxial because they are quick and easy replacements. I put a crunch PX-1000.4 amp behind the seat to run my door, RMS at 4 ohm is 75w RMS at 2 ohm is 125w. They got way louder but the sound quality was terrible. What component/coaxial speakers should i go with and what amp should i use to push them? Has anyone heard or tried the Focal R-165s2 6.5 120w rms 2-way components? I also have a Skar Audio VVX-10v3 D4 600w rms 1200w dual 4ohm that i am getting ready to build a box for under the seat or the console. i haven't decided on an amp for it yet, depends on if i just do one 10 or do 2.
  3. Recently installed my Crescendo CZ comps in my blazer and they sound great for the price. I'm running them off of a Clarion XH 5410 so they should be getting at about rated power. The tweets aren't very harsh at all even at high volumes but it has a little more midsbass than I'd like, but I'm pretty sure thats in my tuning. One thing I'm curious about are the crossovers. In the middle of the crossover there is a 2 way switch. It isn't labeled so I have no idea what it for. It has a left,middle,and right, position but whenever i push it either way there is no difference in sound from the tweets or the mids. Since I didn't know what the switch does I just left them at the middle setting because thats the way they were shipped from the factory. Does anyone who has ran theses comps know what that switch is for??
  4. Hello everybody, I'm planning on doing a build in my 2007 Chevy Impala soon. I plan to put my Obsidian 15" v3 D2 in a box, with specs that are yet to be determined, and power it with a Sundown SCV-1500D. Also, I'm installing a Kenwood DDX372BT in the dash. However, the part I'm currently looking for help on is my front stage; I did some looking and I think I've decided on Focal. Before deciding on speakers I figured I'd get a matching sundown amp (SAX-100.4 V.2) for my mids and highs. From what I've read in these forums, Focal has pretty good components; After looking around I found Focal Performance 165AS components and figured they would be suitable for my front doors with the tweeter in the A-Pillar. Since my vehicle only has two stock locations for tweeters, I wasn't sure if I should buy 2 pairs of these comps and put the second pair of tweeters angle mounted on the rear pillars or possibly the A-Pillars as well or If I should look into a Coaxial speakers (Factory rear deck is 6x9s). This thought brought me to the contemplation of these two sets for the rear deck: Focal Integration ISC 690 and Focal Integration ISS 690. So at this point in time I'm at a road block, So I come to the experienced car audio buffs of SMD asking for assistance. My questions for you: 1) Do you approve in my choice of In-Dash receiver? 2) Do these components (165AS) seem like a viable option to pair with the substage. If not, what do you recommend instead? 3) Rear Deck: Focal Performance 165AS, ISC 690, ISS 690, or something else? 4) If you think I should run components for the rear deck, where would you mount the tweeter? 5) Is Sundown SAX-100.4 V.2 a suitable amp for my front stage? I know it seems like I'm asking a lot... that's because I am. I have faith in this community to point me in the right direction. Thanks for all your help! -DT!
  5. How much of a sound difference is there by using components with cheapers speakers? if a person were to use some using components with cheapers speakers? how much of a difference would it be to use the Hertz DCX165.3 2-way speakers vs using the component version? The component version is $50 more expensive and i would have to cut holes for the tweeters, would it be worth it?
  6. Hey guys! So, before anyone suggests it, (yes I know) the best thing to do is to listen to some first before making my decision. That being said...I was wondering if anyone has this set and their thoughts on them. I would like to hear some feedback from you fellas before making any decisions. Just wanna hear people's thoughts. I did a little homework, read some reviews, but I'd still like to know what you guys think. Any feedback is appreciated. Even some suggestions on perhaps another set. Budget is sitting around $350...but in pencil. My initial plans would be to install the tweeter in the A-pillar (slightly angled toward the windshield), and the 3'' and 6.5'' in the doors in a custom glassed enclosure. While we're at it, maybe some thoughts on 2 way components compared to 3 way. Pros and cons, etc.
  7. Anybody have any experience with soundstream component speakers. I am interested in their Taratula TC6.5s
  8. Hey. I have 2 13w7s. looking for a comp set up around 4-600 dollars that will keep up, was considering going with 2 sets of jl c3s. have heard them, they get loud and clear. any suggestions? I love the hertz hsk xl, but ive heard they freeze in the cold and i work in the cold alot.
  9. i wanna get new components sooner or later and was wondering whats the communitys opinion on theses components? http://www.cadencesound.com/zrs6km/ Specifications RMS Power Handling: 75 Watts per Speaker PEAK Power Handling: 150 Watts per Speaker // 300 Watts per System Frequency Response: 250Hz - 22 kHz SPL @ 1w/1m: 103dB System Impedance: 4-Ohm Magnet Weight: 25 oz Structure Weight: 50 oz Cutout Diameter: 5.50" Mounting Depth: 2.75" $168 a pair
  10. What's the difference? Any pros or cons to each? I've never powered my front stage before, and I'm looking for some info.
  11. I am looking to run 150wrms to each of my four doors. My plan is get two of the Crescendo 500/2 2-channel amps, one for the front two doors and one for the rear. And getting the Mezzo Components for the front two door and a pair of PWX 6.5s for the rear two. I want a decent sound quality setup that doesn't sacrifice volume. I know with this kind of wattage it will def be loud, but are these components going to deliver decent sq? There are not too many other 150rms component sets out there. I found an MTX set and a Diamond audio set that are 150wrms, but that is all I found. The diamond set looks super nice, it's their hex series, but its a tad bit expensive. If the Mezzo's work well, I think I will go with those. What do you all think?
  12. hey guys, doubt any of you remember my integra build from last year, well it was 2 12s on 2.5k and did a 145 sealed on the dash. i got sick of my integra so i sold it and bought a 2010 civic. over the last 2 months sense ive had the car ive been collecting audio gear, for my build. things ive done to the car tinted windows jdm licence plate flip 6k hids tinted yellow fogs yellow daytime running lights led licence plate lights led interior lights Audio related Pioneer 80PRS (only thing installed) wirez RCA's ran from deck to trunk(great rca by the way) all shok 12gauge and 16 gauge ofc speaker wire ran. false floor made with 1/2 birch. i have focal p165v15's sitting here waiting to be installed i also have a pair of audison voce amps audison voce uno (1700w at 1ohm) audison voce quattro (120x4 at 4ohm 200x4 at 2 ohm) i still need to buy my run of 1/0 ofc wire for front battery to rear battery. waiting on box to be built subs will be sundown sa12s d2 as I'm going to be wiring at 2ohm for compition class limitations, and because I'm not sure on the power of these amps subs and port will be firing into cabin and sealed off eventually, interchangable port, white paint on the inside with plexiglass window on the back amps will also be covered with a trim piece that will have plexiglass windows for the amp. rbg leds ect this is only my 2nd build ever so ive learned from my first build a bit. but hopefully this turns out the way i want it. ill try and update as much as possible
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