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Found 15 results

  1. Hey, all! This is my baby. It's a 2003 Mitsubishi Montero that I drove in high school; I recently bought it back from my folks for a couple grand, and its whole purpose is to be destroyed with bass. She's in decent shape for 140k miles. A few years ago, I had a c-pillar wall in this thing with 2 Fi BTL N2 18s on a n AQ3500.1 at .7. It did 152s with garbage electrical, and was super fun. I've always dreamed of walling this thing at the b pillar, so here we go. All I saw here was potential. Time to rip all this shit out. The process has begun. Carpet cut, headliner removed, and roof braces foamed. There's quite a decent amount of space in this bitch. Maaaany more pics to come. Just gotta get them on Imgur. Stay tuned!
  2. (This log is dedicated to my wall build, my other log is very cluttered with old builds and some talking) Okay, so I finally decided to go big and put a wall in my 97 Explorer Sport. I knew I didnt have much space to work with and have wanted to try a bandpass for a while now. So here we go... I built the box to slide in the hatch had to gut the explorer too... and finally in the car
  3. 5 crossfire xsm8 loudspeakers in each door. power comes from a taramp 3000 HD. had them in for a month or so now. no problems. still deciding on when to put the shag carpet on. glassed both sides. made a mess as usual. strong though.
  4. i would like to see what the c3-501 amp from crossfire would do on an smd amp dyno
  5. I was just going around local pawn shops and i ran into what i thought were crossfire xs-v2 15's (they had xs-v2 cone and dust cap) but i looked inside the box with my phone they have a ufo stye motor but i cant find any subwoofers that look like these anybody have a clue on what they might be ? and sorry about the horrible camera angle ;( <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Qb3-0XQ-C3Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Work has started..... It has a quad alt set up on it already...... Needs upgrades, but...... This thing is monster huge, many cubes...... Goals are set. Fun will be had. Roof work,... fully boxed, and welded.....with a few cans of foam........ Fully welded.. (and have more to do) This kid doesnt fuck around. stay tuned for more.... its a big project, and will take time..... but,........ its rolling, so to speak
  7. So Cablguy184s input would be very valuable or anyone else familiar with ISO Setups. I've got a couple subs to play around with that would be ideal in an ISO tuned low. They are Blaupunkt PCwb1000s. The Fs of these little babies is 29 Hz so I'm thinking about a push/pull for the 2 if them. Any ideas?!!
  8. Here is a video I made of SICCOSTYLES ford exporer sport here on the SMD forum. he has a crossfire 8k now and god damn does it make those crossfire xs v2 18s move ! He is clamping over 10k out of it ! very loud setup for 2 18s no wall. Plus BassBarbie gets a hair trick ! Moves alot more air now and it much more brutal haha. I synced up the song pretty well to the video and I hope you guys like it ! The song is called "Swimming pools by Kendrick Lamar and yes the song is slowed. Thanks and remember to subscribe to my youtube channel ! much more to come.....watch in HD!
  9. Maybe this is just a quick rant but what the hell has happened to customer service at these companies over the last couple years? I need 8 4" coiled 18's and have cash in hand for them but wanted to actually talk to a person at the sub company before I ordered them to see if they will be a good fit, can be built in short order, and if I can get a little price cut for buying 4-5k in subs. Only phone # I have for Fi has been turned off it seems, no response to emails so obviously they can care less if I buy from them these days. I used to be able to call up and order directly from Scott but that's not an option anymore. Called Crossfire, got somebody who wasn't allowed to sell subs and he gave me an email address to somebody who was guaranteed to get back to me within a day...that was 4 days ago. I even called DC who has been really good to me in the past and left a voicemail.....been 2 weeks, customer doesn't want DC subs anymore. Guess I'll go to walmart and drop 5k on kicker? I know that CES is going on and there are customers who are much more high profile than I am but give me a break. Well, that's it, dont feel much better.
  10. not anywhere close to being done. 1 sheet mdf just in case. prolly will need more birch though. gonna be lots more wood going into it still.
  11. Soo after a little research i'm pretty interested in the brand. If ANYONE knows where to buy their stuff please let me know. They don't have any links that I've found to purchase anything or at least get price ranges. Thanks for any input. -that guy.
  12. Here is a preview video of TEAM NORTH WEST SPL's IASCA show from november 25th ! much more footage to come but here is a preview of it ! check it out and watch it in HD ! thanks this is in Washington state btw
  13. I want to put my crossfire subs up for sale. Hate to let them go but some unexpected things came up and I need to let them go. They are absolutely 100% brand new. Never been out of the box. Except for the 1 you see in the pictures. This was taken out to take pictures and that's it. So they are completely new. They will ship from Texas. They can go for $1900 shipped for all 4. Im willing to split them up in sets of 2 just ask me if this is what you want If you are interested let me know! UPDATE: PRICE DROP TO $1850,- shipped
  14. ***WALL STARTS ON PAGE 19*** Alright.. So basically, EVERYTHING is coming out. Literally the only equipment that'll be reused are the Singer alt, batts, HU, subs, and tweeters. Thats it.. like even the voltage meter is coming out. I wont have any progress for about a month when I go back home for summer break.. But I figured Id get this thread started.. The weather is warming up, so that can only mean one thing.. Heavier oil. Next, I got these in the mail.. Instead of sleeping at 1am what am I doing?
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