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Found 19 results

  1. Hopefully someone can help me out here, I would appreciate it very much!! To start off I just recently purchased a Epicenter and I would like to know how to setup with with my amp. What I mean is how to correctly set up my gains and setting in the Epicenter. My setup is nothing big at all. I have an Almani HA 600.4 (300 watts RMS) which was given to me and I have it in bridged mode and a 12 inch JBL GX 1200 watt sub with 250 Watts RMS. I want to know how to correctly set it all up so in the end im not clipping, distorting or killing my sub. Since I got it for a week now ive been slowly able to get it to where I want it, but I want to perfect it. Current setting on the Epicenter is the "Wide" setting is 1/4 way up and the "Sweep" setting is 3/4 up. Bass output is stock at 5 Volts on the inside untouched. Also does anyone know the input voltage that my amp is capable of taking in, I talked to audio control and they said to check on that if not i will have to adjust the bass output on the epicenter? Appreciate it if someone would help out im fairly new to using a Epicenter.
  2. I had gotten bored and started making tones so I could tune amps. I made them all in Audacity. They are just simple sine waves that are very easy to make, but I see a lot of people looking for Tones/Sine Waves/Frequencies/Hz Tracks/etc so I figured I could upload some and help them out. All tones are recorded in MP3 format at 320Kbps. They include: Tones for tuning your system: These Sine Waves are 2 minutes long each 40Hz: 0dB, -2.5dB, -5dB, -7.5dB, -10dB: Download 150Hz: 0dB, -2.5dB, -5dB, -7.5dB, -10dB: Download 500Hz: 0dB, -2.5dB, -5dB, -7.5dB, -10dB: Download 1000Hz: 0dB, -2.5dB, -5dB, -7.5dB, -10dB: Download 3500Hz: 0dB, -2.5dB, -5dB, -7.5dB, -10dB: Download 5000Hz: 0dB, -2.5dB, -5dB, -7.5dB, -10dB: Download ___________________________________________________________________ Individual Tones: 1-100Hz. I have matched them the the tuning tone amplitudes so you don't need to readjust your gain for a competition. 1 full set recorded at 0dB 1 full set recorded at -2.5dB 1 full set recorded at -5dB 1 full set recorded at -7.5dB 1 full set recorded at -10dB These Sine Waves are 20 seconds long each. 1-100Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download Alternatively, you can download them in smaller zips to get the tones you need without downloading all of them. 1-9Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download 10-19Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download 20-29Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download 30-39Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download 40-49Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download 50-59Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download 60-69Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download 70-79Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download 80-89Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download 90-100Hz: 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download ___________________________________________________________________ Tone Sweeps: 1 full set recorded at 0dB 1 full set recorded at -2.5dB 1 full set recorded at -5dB 1 full set recorded at -7.5dB 1 full set recorded at -10dB Each track is roughly 45 seconds long. Tracks are: 10-80Hz, 10-20Hz, 15-25Hz, 20-30Hz, 25-35Hz, 30-40Hz, 35-45Hz, 40-50Hz, 45-55Hz, 50-60Hz, 55-65Hz, 60-70Hz, 65-75Hz, 70-80Hz 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download ___________________________________________________________________ Tones for setting filters: 1 full set recorded at 0dB 1 full set recorded at -2.5dB 1 full set recorded at -5dB 1 full set recorded at -7.5dB 1 full set recorded at -10dB Each track is 1 minute long each. Tones are: 80Hz - 100Hz - 125Hz - 160Hz - 200Hz - 250Hz - 315Hz - 400Hz - 500Hz - 630Hz - 800Hz 1000Hz - 1250Hz - 1600Hz - 2000Hz - 2500Hz - 3150Hz - 4000Hz - 5000Hz - 6300Hz - 8000Hz 10000Hz - 12500Hz - 16000Hz 0dB Download | -2.5dB Download | -5dB Download | -7.5dB Download | -10dB Download
  3. When an amp has a crossover option what is the difference between lpf and full?
  4. I have a 95 Firebird and I will be installing a new four channel amp soon. I will have Jl Audio components in each door. Mids, tweets, and crossover. And I will have two Crescendo 6.5s Mids in the rear factory location. My question is will I need to install some kind of in line crossover for the crescendos to keep the really high pitched frequencies out ?
  5. My headunit just is not cutting it anymore. I have a Sony MEX-BT4100P, it works great and has awesome setting options but just isnt allowing me to make those minute changes per speaker that im looking for so i dont have to stress out my mids with the bass its sending to my sub. Im looking for a processor like the RF 3sixty but under that $400 price tag. Of course sound quality is a huge must and i know i probably will not get that from a $50 processor. Just looking for something that sounds great and works even better within a $100-$250 range. Any suggestions?
  6. I have the CZ 6.5 component set and this past week one of my tweeters blew, just one and the crossover is fine. I'm looking for another tweeter hopefully the same size. Anybody know of a relatively inexpensive (under $55) tweeter set that is 2" or less?
  7. Alright... I have this idea of possibly getting an Audio Control DQXS "Digital crossover / equalizer" and installing it in my Kia Soul between my radio and the stock amplifier using 4 sets of these JL Audio speaker wire - RCA converters. Anybody ever done anything like this to give yourself control over the stock amplifier, maybe upping the signal going into it slightly to make it sound a little better plus have far more control over the frequencies going to the speakers in the front and rear. This probably seems like a waste of time but I could always use this as a building block down the road to completely eliminate use of the stock amp (keeping the stock radio though, it has most any features I'd want from an aftermarket h/u, just without any real control over the sound). Anyways just looking for some input on this idea... think I would fry the guts of the little stock amp in the process by playing with the input voltage? The DQXS has a nice little meter on the front for voltage read outs, I could always test the voltage from the radio and match the signal and just use it for EQ purposes. I'm going to be running an Audio Control Epicenter for sure in my system, I listen to tons of mp3's, mixtapes, crappy sounding rips, etc... want it to clean up the lows. Also guess I should throw out there I plan on replacing all of the stock speakers with JBL GTO series components up front, 2-way coax in the rear, and the 2-way coax 4" for the center channel. I picked these speakers because they are 2 ohm like the stock, couldn't really find many options in 2 ohm speakers for this elaborate plan. Hit me up with some input....
  8. I've been looking online for a replacement crossover for my Mezzos (fried the board) and I came across miniDSP. The products look good and I'm intrigued at the possibilities. Is anyone using any products from miniDSP (www.minidsp.com) and if so I'm looking for some feedback. Are you satisfied with the quality? Do any of the products introduce noise? Are they as easy to configure as they appear? Are they accurate and reliable? Looking for feedback. thanks in advance
  9. I recently upgraded my audio system - added 4 channel amp for door speakers, subamp for subwoofer. Work is complete. Now i have to set the gains on the amp. I'm trying to see if anyone might be willing to let me use their dd-1. Thanks,
  10. I have the RF R1200.1D and to me the LPF crossover is not working. I've experimented with playing test tones, using 80Hz on a CD, and adjusting the LPF so that I could set the crossover, and the knob turns and nothing changes. I expected to be able to turn the knob and as soon as I got near 80Hz it would start to diminish...but it never changed. Its adjustable from 50 to 250Hz and turned all the way to 250 Hz, no filtering. Same on music...play some bass music and play with knob...no changes. Anyone ever experience this? Gonna contact Rockford support.
  11. I used the FT1XOVER passive crossovers, 5 khz High pass 12db/oct slope, for each tweeter and switched my RF T400-4 to AP since it would not be in use. I also DD-1 the amp and Audio Control Matrix line driver properly. (I do have a CC-1 as well BTW) Since then they have been cutting off way before clipping and I've adjusted the levels down some and still no luck. Now a new problem has arisen where my iPod will click on and off when playing at high volume. I wasn't sure if this is linked. Any suggestions? I was thinking about just using a separate amp for the tweeters, but don't want the expense. Thanks!
  12. I purchased this set of RF Punch components a while back which came with small passive X-overs. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_3141_Rockford-Fosgate-Punch-P152S.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PLA&scid=scplp3821624&gclid=CKLNxLbbxsACFSbl7AodiyIAYA Shortly after, the tweeters that came with the set blew, so I purchased two, Punch Pro bullet tweeters to replace them. They sounded great but once I switched systems to the SUV, I lost the Punch Pro's and the X-overs somehow. Honestly, I think they were stolen from me but that's another story. I now want to purchase these tweeters to replace the Punch Pro's for now. I know, they aren't as good but I heard a pair at a local competition and they sound pretty good for the price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-3-75-AUDIOPIPE-SUPER-TITANIUM-BULLET-CAR-TWEETERS-350-WATTS-EACH-4-8-OHM-/361029522932?pt=Car_Speakers&hash=item540f0955f4 My question is, do these tweeters have a built in X-over? They do not say whether they do or not but since I no longer have X-overs and they will share a channel of my amp with the 5.25"s, I do not want to push too low of a frequency to them. I see they have a capacitor on one of the terminals, is this a small crossover? Also, assuming these do have one built in, is there any actual need for an external X-over when my component amp has a HPF built in? I have never ran components and have always used coaxial's up until now, so sorry if this comes off as a dumb question. I assure you, I am only a noob to components lol. Thanks!
  13. On my truck (2000 Silverado 1500 EXT Cab LT) i have factory wiring for both a tweeter and a midbass speaker. Im sure this is a stupid question.. But would i get more power out of a headunit using the factory wiring for the tweeter and the midbass versus connecting just the midbass to the crossover to power both the tweeter and midbass?
  14. Hello guys, I think the thread speaks for itself, I wish to buy a CC-1. BUT, I'm in Europe, the Netherlands. The often suggested places to look have 0 stock (bladeice etc.). And yes, I am aware this is probably a long shot, but I'll try to buy one here for a reasonable price shipped. Thanks guys!
  15. When first beginning my build i did not think i would need one, but recently i read that if im going to have different sized speakers i will need one. I will be running 4 sundown NeoPro 6.5's, a pair of Rockford Fosgate T1675-S Comps, a pair of Rockford Fosgate Power T152-S Comps and two Hifonics HF8SQ. They will all be running on seperate amps which is why i belived i didnt need a crossover. Can someone please drop knowledge on me?
  16. I'm kind of new to car audio and I can't seem to figure this out. If you are using a crossover or DSP how do you get power to your tweeters? I don't know any amplifiers that have that low of wattage except 4-channel amps. But then they only have 2 outputs, show what do I do with the other 2 channels?
  17. I have a mixer and a mic few in to a CB radio.. it sounds good and clean. How even for efficency I would add some additional frequency filtering... First for audio amp efficency I would like to cut everything below 80hz and above 3khz (it's questionable if any CB actually broadcast and thing below 100hz ot above 2khz... But... Second I would like to be able to run some studio monitors without feedback I have adjustable talk back built in to radio but any amount of talk back sets off feedback... ($40 combined)Mic shure pg57, Mixer Behringer Xenyx 502 i am looking for options for relitively inexpensive gear ($50-$75) to complete this task... I know it's a super low budget and understand the quality of gear I am bound to end up with... feedback filtering isn't required and neither is an equalizer but a parametric notch filter low/high filter is...
  18. So I have a bunch of drivers sitting around and I have a UMIK mic and have been playing a little bit with REW. Wondering what people use to design crossovers? (I also have X-over Pro and Bassbox Pro but am not super happy with the modeling results, could be I am too stupid to figure them out but I think its more the amount of time to build a design) I was looking at active crossovers and with my SMD tools I have I could easily use an audiocontrol 2XS or something like that. Could I possibly use one of those in a home audio setup instead of a passive crossover? (I am looking at doing a 3-way vented setup and a line array as well at some point)
  19. So the other day my friend came over with his Banda Viking 10k for me to tune and I was unable to tune it with my DD-1 and CC-1. I also had the same experience with a Taramps HD8000. The DD-1 detected clipping at near minimum gain on both amps. I used the -5db overlap track for setting the gains. When I attempted to tune the Banda, I tested the maximum undistorted HU voltage and it was 2.3v. It has a maximum input sensitivity of 3v so I should be able to turn the gain up a bit before hitting distortion but as soon as I turn the gain up just a slight hair, the DD-1 distortion light came on. I heard that the clipping indicators on the amps are accurate so I tried it out. I barely had to move it at all from the DD-1 set point to the amp's clip indicator set point so it seemed accurate to me. Once that was set I moved on to the CC-1. As soon as I hook it up, I get a red signal light with the track playing on volume 1 and even without any track playing at all... wierdest shit I ever saw. No matter what I tried, the signal light stayed red. I've tuned many amps without any issues whatsoever. The only amps my SMD tools didn't work on were those 2 brazilians. Has anyone else had issues tuning brazilians?
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