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Found 5 results

  1. just finished a build for my buddies Jetta, i really like the way the box turned out. let me know what you think! didn't really get a whole lot of pictures of the actual build but its 3 cubes @ 34hz. got it built from a single sheet of Birch, even got to do a double baffle.
  2. Hi I'm new to the posting part of the forum (although I've been lurking for quite some time now ) I'm Ryan, 21 y/o working my way through college etc. Enough chit chat. Here are my two vehicles. My Daily Driver is a 2010 Jetta MKV. It's still in its infancy as far as car audio goes, but this forum has given me plenty of ideas of where I want to go with the build. Onto the pictures! excuse the night pic, but it's all I have of the new head unit. Pioneer 4400 I'm working on getting these sold and replaced with 2 12's. I still have a lot of research left to do until I can find something that I'll be happy with. Old school L5 15's holding down the back seat And the power supply. It's a very cheap budget amp, also looking to get it replaced. Again, need to do more research, but this is where the system is at right now. I tested it with an oscope and I'm getting about 600w rms at 2 ohms; although it is wired to 1 ohm nominal. Not quite rated power (750 at 2 ohms) but it works for now. Future plans are (in no particular order) 2 12's to get 15's out of back seat and into trunk. New amp for said 12's. Big 3 upgrade. New battery(ies) Build front stage 3-way components. Build rear stage 2-way components. Amp(s) for front/rear stage. And onto the more awesome of my two vehicles. This is my 1979 Ford Bronco. It's kind of a beater, but it's my beater and that's what matters. It's mostly used for small street cruises and stupid beer-fueled offroad adventures. And onto sound system pics. Front stage is 6.5 JBL Marine speakers (went with marine speakers because the truck is topless most of the time and I didn't want to worry about rain problems). I went with the JBL's because I got them for next to nothing. They're buried behind the door panels. Rear stage is 6x9 JBL Marine speakers Head unit is a too-cheap-to-steal Kenwood I got for next to nothing. And finally, the amp that nobody will ever know about The sub in the back is an old school 15 Solo classic that I got for free from a buddy. The surround had come loose, so I just used some HD 3M molding compound to glue it back together, and it does the job just fine. Here are some pics from the "rebuild job" Plans for the bronco New tranny Bigger amp Mo speakers
  3. http://www.crutchfield.com/p_57515001CP/Rockford-Fosgate-T1500-1bdCP-Standard.html?o=d&tp=35834 http://www.crutchfield.com/p_109GTO804E/JBL-GTO-804EZ.html?tp=35782#details-tab http://www.crutchfield.com/p_500SPR60C/Alpine-SPR-60C.html?tp=106 http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=295-469 Going to be doing a system overhaul in a 2002 Jetta and need high quality parts. I have a budget of about $3000 and the above parts come out to be $2100 after getting 2 sets of the Alpine 6.5" components and 2 15" subs (I still need wires and might hire someone to install at least the speakers.) First of all, Am I overlooking anything that will make either amp not work with their respective speaker? And will the power output of each allow the system to sound flat and clean? Is there anything I should spend more on to get something better quality? I believe these are all good brands and models but please suggest something else if it's a better value. I haven't read a single bad thing about the Dayton subwoofers and I'm planning to get 2 to put in a 6 cf ported box in my trunk facing the cabin with the back seat laid down. I already have a Kenwood head unit (fairly basic model) which I don't want to worry about replacing right now and I think it'll be good for a while. Another big concern is will my fairly standard Interstate brand battery and stock 90 amp alternator supply enough power for an 1800w total RMS system? I'm fine with getting a new battery (I guess XS batteries are good) but am rather reluctant to get a new high output alternator. Thanks a lot!
  4. This will be my complete build log of my MKVI Jetta SE 2.5. I will cover everything i do to the car including audio, (minor) performance, visuals. My main goal is to learn and use new techniques with this build and to have a clean install.... and of course be loud! Side note, if you have anything negative to say about any equipment I use don't waste your time, if you have actual knowledge and something to teach or think i could do better let me know! The day i got the car! Lets build a box! Test fit of the baffle. Dry fit and flush trim time! Battery died... Break time... this muffin was my lunch, dinner. Marking some holes. *edited title*
  5. hey i am going to install a poineere avh-1500 double din in my teachers 03 jetta. is there anything i should know about difficulties. like ive heard the wiring is different that other cars as in there is no acc wire on factory harness, is this true? if so where would i run the wire to? i would just like input and tips with this because i am not framiliar with vw's and have heard that they are a bit more difficult to work with. also i dont think he has the moonsoon system but if he does does that make a difference?
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