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Found 16 results

  1. Hey guys im doing my first build 3 skar evl 15s dvc 2ohm on a ts 3.5 I was gonna do a flat wall but everyone I know personally who does comps says if this is for me anf not for comps I need to do a fourth order cause it's more musical and has more bandwidth i wanna do demos but really i just love bass I've tried bass box 6 and win isd and on regular ported walls it wasnt a problem to get good response on the graph but when I try it with the 4th order calc no matter what i do I cant get the tuning right i want it tuned where its peaking between 32 and 55 Hz tops I don't know a bunch about it all i know is i love bass and I am a noob to all competitors I've read over an hour a day for 9 months and finally got the basics but still know nothing theres so much to learn but im dedicated i got everything for it ho alt batts subs amp and all power cable ran but cant build the box correctly cause i cant do the specs and don't wanna mess up the subs from doing it wrong I know it's time consuming and has no benefit to you but if someone could please help id be eternally grateful the box max external specs are 42d 36h 40w so it leaves plenty of room for the 2:1. And the subs rec enclosure are 3.5-3.75 sealed 3.5-4.0. Ported thanks so much for even reading this ridiculously long post if someone would help I will build and show results so they can know there time wasnt wasted -hooplah-
  2. I have been surfing forums and youtube for Hours but the simplest of questions i have yet to find an answer to. I am a noob. I am trying to learn all I can about car audio. I have built a few sealed enclosures even took at shot at a fiberglass enclosure. But I would like to try a ported enclosure. Could anyone give some advice as far as how to determine the best type of port because this is what confuses me I can punch in numbers to get a box but I would rather retain the knowledge to understand how to design one. It also doesn't help that the thickest MDF sold in Japan is 1 cm(.39") Any help would be highly appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know anybody in the Phoenix area who might be willing to help me by metering the Blazer... Lol... I'd need a way to contact them as well... Please help I do not want to wait till the fall to get it done at Wild Horse Pass... It's not a couple of P3's on a thousand watts!.. I swear!... No disrespect to Rockford fans meant...I just need to find the general cabin resonance and burp it once or twice... please help!
  4. Hey there, I'll be doing my first setup soon and I need some advice. I have some money to spend, but I'll look used and try to save where ever I can. I have a Jeep Cherokee 95. I'll be doing it all in the back space with the rear seats down. I really don't have an idea of where to start as far as brands are concerned. I know I want it to be very loud and have people be able to feel it from a good distance. I've been reading that the more cone space the better, so I was thinking about going with multiple 10's or 12's? Is that a good bet? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Hello guys, got questions on many this i know some of the most basics. I have a set up right now all electrical stock running 2 kenwood kfc w3013ps wired down to 2 ohms pushing 450 rms a piece powerd by a Hifonics BRX1400 with 4 gauge wiring to the amp only. buuuut I want a little more bump from my system. Im driving a 2000 buick lesabre (dont hate) with a 105a alt my main question is doing the big 3 my battery is under my rear seat and i also have 2 fuse boxes one under the hood and one next to the battery so is this how i would wire it? btw do you keep the original power wire? (will be using 0 gauge) Alt>front fuse box Alt>Battery Battery>rear fuse box Battery>amp Battery>chassis Engine block>chassis or Alt>front fuse box>battery>amp/rear fuse box then keep everything else the same? I will be upgrading my battery to a XS power. Looking to remove my rear seat and do a walled off build (not sure if im calling it right) and get two SoundQubed HDS315 1200rms (get a second Hifonics brx1400) or two SoundQubed HDS215 600rms a peice (and keep the amp i have now) What would you do? trying to do this under 600$ My main thing is im trying to keep my stock alt and my voltages steady. Please no hate.
  6. So, here's the idea. I'm a mod at another forum (not saying I know better than the mods here), and I got so sick and tired of answering the SAME questions over and over every single week, I created the Official Newb Thread for that forum, and hyperlinked it into my signature and the sig of the forum admin and rest of the mods. Now, whenever one of us greets an aspiring newb, they get a big red link to READ THE NEWB THREAD. It has drastically cut down on stupid questions, and become a great place of reference for stuff everyone new to a forum should know (forum rules, basics mods, part numbers, links to FSM and other resources.) So, does everyone think a similar thread would be of help here? If so, start throwing out suggestions, either Newb info or links to good resources at this forum and beyond. Personally, I have a few things I bookmarked that should be required reading for car audio newbs.
  7. Just got my car and after all i have been doing researching and what not I am ready to begin my build. This is my first real build as i have dropped speakers in cars. But this time I plan to take my time and do things correctly. I call it a budget build because I don't have unlimited resources so at times it will be slow. But I plan to put everything together piece by piece. All the way over here in Okinawa Japan I am pretty much at the mercy of the mail man here. I hope every one enjoys the journey as I am sure it will be a long one. here is my car. I plan to put some more pics up in the morning.
  8. hey jw guys i am a noob in the world of bass and i have 2 kicker comp 12's i want an upgrade but for spl and sq but i dont think i wank kickers and cant afford high end like fi and stuff my system will probably sell for 375 to some imbred idiot seeing that i live in alabama well so i have that and a summer job so a decent amount of money for a noob to spend on just subs and an amp say around $1000 give me any advice and ill look into it thanks also consider that im not into competions so just looking for a louder and better non kicker upgrade without batteries or alts
  9. So I have 2 Kicker compvr 12's and was wondering how do you figure out what is the best shape and size of the box. I do want the box to be ported. My car is an 06 Pontiac g6 GT coupe. Don't have trunk measurements and couldn't find them so will have to measure it tomorrow unless someone can find it. Anyways what I want from this box is simply more SPL. To be honest I have no clue what people are talking about when they talk about the tuning of ports or what it's even for. Anyways if anyone can provide some feedback that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. ok so I have a sundown x 12 dual 4 right now I have a 1000w rms alpine on it (from my last system) and the sub is pretty well laughing at it ive ben searching for an amp that does 1200 rms to about 1500 rms but I just cant find a decent one that will do close to rated without spending over 400 bucks I don't care if an amp is used or new im just looking for a reputable amp that does good power any suggestions or leads to something?
  11. I was wondering if would be good for starter SQ amp for mids? I'm new so take it easy on me lol
  12. Found this while trying to figure out what is the proper fusing for my applications. Site has a TON of quick reads on car audio things. Explanations that are quick and will get you into a topic.
  13. Just wondering, may be a dumb question. Even when no sound is coming out are the subs still supposed to be moving a little? Or completely still?
  14. Whats going on everyone? Well i have sticky situation. I a noob looking for some help the issue is since i have joined this page i have done lots of research and been making boxes for friends and what not. the issue is i wanted to try at making a ported enclosure which i did. It came out good... too good this one 12 JL 12w3 sounded good it was tuned at 33 hz. so good i had to question my fiberglass box ( also a first) i made about a year ago. The problem is the box holds 3 infinity kappa 120.1 se. Aftter taking it out i measured it again. it is grossly over sized at about 5.3125 ft^3 So I am sure this attributes to the over all sound when it is suggested to have the enclosure at 1 ft^3. the good news is it is roughly 1.75 ft^3 per sub which is ideal for the sub, My question is if adding an aerial port to this box is feasible i checked it out using torres calculator and it says a 4 inch port 6 inches long would be tuned at 32.28 hz. Or should i just scrap the box? If i should keep it would creating the port be best on the fiberglass or the wood frame(back/ bottom) Any help would be highly appreciated also what would the easiest way to go about doing so?
  15. Hey guys, I have a RF t1000-1bdcp. What subs, or sub, is best for this amp. Should i get like 2 12s or like 1 15 or even 1 18? The amp puts out 1515wrms @1ohm. What would hit harder? And what sub is best? Id really appreciate good feedback.
  16. I have two four ohm Kicker CompVR 12's Dual Voice Coils. Also have a Pioneer Gm- D8601 monoblock amp. I looked at the wiring diagrams on the Kicker website and noticed that there is two ways to get them wired to 4 ohms. One way being series and the other parallel. Will there be any difference? Whats the optimal way to wire them? Link to diagrams: Link to amp: Link to Subs:
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