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Found 8 results

  1. This is build number 287938479786 for my roommates 2007 SRT8 Jeep lol. I wanted to do something with kerfing and plexiglass. This is what I came up with initially. thats the end result. I might add some leds around the plexi edge because this is what happens, but we shall see. I just finished it today! let me know what you think! http://i999.photobucket.com/albums/af115/soundsystemaniac/IMG_20130805_210949_zps3f7bef17.jpg
  2. 04+ Ford F150 custom door panels Extended cab or 4 doors Custom fiberglassed, painted black, milled/routered/polished aluminum, plexi rings with neon. Has 3 JL Audio 6.5" and a 4" XR Series speaker included Used with some signs of wear. Has some chips and scratches Missing 1 of the 6.5 grills. As soon as it is located it will be included. $900 plus shipping
  3. Sup guys.. Well after a couple systems I actually feel like this one is "thread worthy" I finally have most of it, and should be playing before June 29th, for the Usaci show in Houston at House Of Sounds And before I go any further, I want to thank Kim at Sound Solutions in Houston, TX for the box, and my fiberglassed door panels, and the super hook up on the prices. They do some great work, and for someone who doesn't have the skills of doing it they are the right place to get anything done! Car Details 2003 Jeep Grand Cherroke Leardo 88k Miles 22" 2Crave No. 11 wrapped in 265/30/22 Spec D halo projector headlights w/ 55w Canbus 5k headlights now for what everyone really wants to know System Details (2) Sundown X 15's Crescendo 3500 @.5 Crescendo 1100.4 (2) sets Mezzo 6.5 fiberglassed in front doors Singer "270a" Hairpin alternator w/ powered coating XS Power VCM XS Power D6500 (2) XS Power D3100 CT Sounds OFC 0/1 (2runs front to back) CT Sounds 80Mil SHCA Lugs & Heatshrink Aluminum Battery Blocks (6 & 4 inputs) Plexi window Picked this up local, bnib Picked up 2 1100.4, only using one though thanks to Scooter! Mezzo 6.5 Some SHCA goodies CT 80mil on doors, roof, back hatch From mike before I got the alt
  4. First time actually posting a build log but this year, I guess I will. I have done This will be the 3rd build in this Tahoe and I'm designing a C pillar wall with my wife (who actually has a ton of creative input.) I wish I could post some pictures!! First I am going to log a tear down of my initial build. This weekend I will start the tear down .
  5. What's up everyone, I've been brainstorming around for a little bit and I would love some advice and guidelines about a project I've been thinking about undertaking!! Check this out: I've been needing a system for the home, and threw together a rather "ghetto" set-up to power an extra amplifier, with the signal coming from a soundbar, hopefully explained by the photo haha. Anyways, just today I received two 14" x 8' sheets of 1/2" plexiglass, and i totally want to construct an enclosure for my clarion 12", out of pure plexiglass. To anyone who has dealt with acrylic extensively: I could really use advice over the cutting, bonding, and finishing!!
  6. Okay everyone, Here is the beginning of a build that I have put more thought, blood, sweat, tears, and effort into than any other build I have ever done! I am always open for Constructive Criticism in any of my builds! I know most of you like to see goals/equipment lists in the first post. Goals: NOT cutting any corners on anything or "rigging" anything up Build something that can promote my dream of becoming an audio enthusiast and shop owner Build something with mids and highs that can keep up with the bass (Even though I never build anything geared towards numbers,) achieve 150+db on either the kick or windshield on music. Build an enclosure for the subs that can be played at full tilt, and rest a penny on the top of it and have it not move at all Expand my knowledge of fabrication and learn as much as I can. Edit: (forgot to add this) Not have ANY interior or exterior rattles at all. Equipment: 2011 Ford F150 4 door full cab 2 wheel drive with 6 inch lift kit, 20 inch rims, 35 inch tires, and a nice train horn 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro tweeters 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 6.5 mids 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 8 mids 2 Crescendo Audio Symphony 800/4s 1 Sundown Audio NS-1 6 Sundown Audio SA 12s Loads of Sky High and Audio Technix 16 gauge, 12 gauge, 4 gauge, 1/0 gauge, and 2/0 gauge wire 3 Powersafe 190 ah batteries Singer 320 amp alternator Custom subwoofer enclosure Custom door pods Custom Battery rack Custom Amp rack Custom Ipad dash Custom center console Custom rear wall trim Custom trim around sub enclosure Clarion 7 band EQ Bluetooth Reciever ^there is probably a good amount that I dont remember lol Pictures to follow There are Soo many people to thank for helping bring this build to life, even the smallest bits of advice can help so much! For that, I say a big THANKYOU!
  7. Here is my JL Audio build! Starting off with the car. I have had it for many years and completely restored it. It is a 1991 BMW M5. In the way of audio equipment I have the following. Kenwood Excelon KDC-x395 JL Audio- C5-525 Components for front and rear. 2X JL Audio 12W6V2 Subs JL Audio 300/4 Slash series amp JL Audio 1200/1 HD amp Tsunami CAP JL Bass remote JL Audio 16AWG speaker wire all the way around JL Audio 1/0AWG power wire 600 Battery
  8. http://www.youtube.com/caraudiofabrication'> Something I have always enjoyed integrating into builds or seeing used is back lit plexiglass. You can use it to light up a sponsors logo, or your own, or just to simply highlight an area of your build. In this video tutorial I show you Step by Step how you can use plexiglass and other techniques to create an awesome panel. The possibilities are endless, use it on an amp rack, use it on a sub box, use it on a console whatever! And yes, there are other ways this can be done, I just have found this way to work quite effectively! Lets learn how to make this: http://www.youtube.com/caraudiofabrication'> Enjoy the video and please leave me a comment letting me know what you think or if you have something to add!
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