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Found 8 results

  1. So, I am getting a Precision Power BK1800.1 D. The subs I am getting are rated at 300 rms. Getting 3 subs. Need to decide if I am going to get dual 4 ohm (would be wired to 2.67 ohm) or single 4 ohm (wired to 1.34 ohm). Rms of the amp is 700 @ 4 ohm, 1100 @ 2 ohm, and 1800 @ 1 ohm. I need around 900 rms. Does anybody know "about" what the rms of this amp would be at 2.67 ohm load ? I am ordering the subs and the amp the beginning of next week. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks
  2. I have a problem, therefore I have a question lol. I am running (2) PPI 5000.1 (1700 RMS @2 Ohm) This was an upgrade from a American Bass Ph4k. I have them run to (2) Re audio sxx 15's. I clearly noticed a difference in output from the woofers I went from a 143 to a 147. The problem is that even though I've had the gains set by scope I am getting "fighting" between the subs which I know is causing cancellation. I didn't have this problem running a single amp. So I'm wondering ... I'm using a stereo input RCA into the 1st out of the 1st and into the second. Would running a Y combiner creating a mono signal stop this? Would I lose input power if I did this? My theory is that my subs are trying to hit as stereo vs. mono and causing the problem, but I'm just guessing. Thanks in advance and by all means don't hesitate to call me an idiot,just so long as you have an answer!
  3. help does anybody have any experience with this sub: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_68763_Precision-Power-PH-12.html and if they're worth buying. i was thinking 2 of these in a ported box in a suburban on a aq 1200.1 advice and suggestions please (not with box)
  4. i received this amp a few months ago and tried to get it to work, powers up (lights up) but not sure on troubleshooting, i know my wiring is good bc my other amp works... thanks in advance
  5. Putting a system in my mustang and don't wanna go crazy I just wanna have some decent sound to listen to over the exhaust. Currently have a PPI PC250 that I had planned to run my subwoofer with and then purchase a cheap 4-channel for the mids and highs ($150 or less budget) But, searching on craigslist and I come across a guy selling a kicker CX600.5 for $100. Seems like it'll do everything I need, I don't need a butt load of power. On the other hand I've read that this is Kicker's entry line of amps and I don't know how I feel about that. The 4 channel that I wanted to add is a Precision Power i1000.4 <-Links to sonicelectronix page Ultimately I'd like to see what you guys think if I should grab that 5-channel for $100 or just get the 4-channel and run two amps?
  6. Does anyone know of a good place to repair an amp? The amp is an oldschool PPI pc21400 that my dad used back in the day. There's a few transistors and resistors burnt with a small part of the board being charcoal black. Is it even possible to fix it? I've gone to the cheap shops on 11th street in downtown L.A. and nobody wants to lay hands on it. Is it worth fixing? Can it be fixed? How much should it cost? Should try toI sell it?
  7. Sup fellas! I just thought some of you might want to know how the new PPI BK1800.D performs. After researching over the net trying to get a solid review and not finding any real answers, I decided to pull the trigger on one. I now have this amp hooked up to my dual Sundown SA-10 D4's in a custom flared ported box 2 cf (after displacement) tuned @ 33.4 hz. My first impression of the amp when taking it out of the box is it's a gorgeous looking amp (the copper on the black just pops). It's a fairly long amp ranging about 20" long and weighing in about 15-16 ibs. and the construction of it feels very solid! Ok...on with it's performance!!! I wanted to jump in head first to see what this bad boy could do so the 1st track I played was Gorilla Zoe "Lil Shawty" and man let me tell you what...with gain halfway up and crossed over @ 70 hz, this bad bish started beating the shit outta my 10's!!!! My damn trunk sounded like it was going to blow apart!! The bass was slammin me in the chest and face flexing my whole car, and sounded damn good while doing it! I had the bass knob bout 3/4 the way up, bass boost off and bass level on my HU at 0. THIS AMP IS A BEAST!!! I randomly flipped through various other tracks like Metallica "One", some Eagles, some Rave tunes from Dupanji and GMS among others, and this thing just kept pounding and bringing on a hurricane of very clean power!! After beating on it for nearly an hour it was barely even warm to the touch. HANDS DOWN if your in the market for a very nice budget high-end mono amp around 2000 watts DON'T HESITATE on opting for one of these!! The appearance is flawless, the board is based from an upgraded SS Rubi, the crossover section is extremely nice, 0 guage power and ground with 8 guage speaker and has a nice solid bass knob with led. If you thought PPI doesn't make a quality amp anymore other than their powerclass, THINK AGAIN! THIS AMP HANDLES BUSINESS DELIVERING TONS OF CLEAN POWER!!!
  8. Hello everyone. I am very excited my precision power black ice bk1800.1d showed up a couple days ago. I got a smoking deal on this amp so I figured what the heck I will give it a shot. Wish I had an amp dyno available to see its true power, but for my plans even if it doesn't do more than rated it will work great. Overall this amp looks great and I am very pleased with the looks of it. It has 0 gauge power and ground inputs and calls for a 160A external fuse. Well enough talk and on with the pics. Edit: Moved pics around in photobucket
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