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Found 8 results

  1. I still like the power limit theme to enter but I think 1,000 watts rms maybe a little small in today's standards. So this month I am upping the power range farther than originally planned for this months contest. To be eligible to enter this months SOTM you must have a system and have 7,500 watts rms or less on your sub stage. If you entered the previous months 1,000 watt rms or less contest but did not win don't worry you can enter this month as well, but be warned competition this month should be fierce!!! This month 1 lucky winner will get a huge generous prize from Incriminator Audio! Up for grabs is a pair of Incriminator Audio I Series subwoofers (the winner has a choice between a pair of 10s or a pair of 12s), an Incriminator Audio 10.1 Class D monoblock 1,200 watt rms amplifier for the subs, an Incriminator Audio I304 Class A/B 50X4 @ 4ohm 4 channel amplifier, and 2 pairs of Incriminator Audio I65C 6.5 inch component sets. This is one outstanding package totaling over $1,000 in value!!! Place your SOTM nominees here (yes you can nominate yourself). Remember to post pics, videos and of course a link to the build log on the forum in this post if your nominated. Don't forget to check out the RULES of SOTM* before entering! Now let’s see those nominations!! 01- Juan777 02- Frome901 03- Mr DeeBeez 04- Dereileak 05- 77-AUDIO 06- bolanorthhighlands 07- xpoppadaddyx 08- tdsa23 09- tony187soundproof 10- alex912005 11- 8ten8 12- johndipo 13- blasting bass4life T$ 14- YukonXL04 15- Dragonware 16- K Caudill 17- Damian1995 18- 19- 20- 21- 22- 23- 24- 25- 26- 27- 28- 29- 30- *Any SMD Member that is caught cheating or manipulating the voting process in any way will be banned from SMD with extreme prejudice! Each SMD Member is allowed to vote only one time - that means each MEMBER . . . not each IP Address . . . not each user name. At SMD, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on groaning, whining, or bellyaching within SOTM so just don't do it. SOTM is a way for us to give back to our members - we encourage you to get your system in tip top shape and enter. If you don't win, there's always next month.
  2. SOTM is back! We had a long absence but are ready to get this ball rolling again with some awesome prizes!!! This month we are doing things a little bit different. This month is another reverse SOTM that many people wanted to see again. To enter you have to take a pic of the trunk/hatch/cargo area and of you (the member) next to the car that has NO STEREO (I.E. no subs/amps) that you will be installing the system in. The car does not have to be yours. It could be your brothers, sisters, mom, dad, friends, significant other, etc as long as it has no system. If you have upgraded that joke of a "headunit" which came with the car from the factory we will let that slide. So lets get these entries going ladies and gentleman! This months prizes are sponsored by Sundown Audio and 1 lucky winner is going to receive (1) SAE-1000Dv2 and (2) E-12v3 D4 subwoofers! Here are the rules: 1. ANYONE can enter as long as you can meet the terms above about installing into the car with no stereo. 2. Any previous SOTM Winner is eligible. 3. New members welcome. 4. No tearing out your stereo just to enter (that's cheating)! 5. Take a pic of your empty trunk/hatch/cargo area. 6. Take a pic of you next to said car that will be entering. 7. Post those 2 photos on this thread to enter, If your missing one or the other you will NOT be entered! You can use this site to host the photos if you shrink the photos down, otherwise use Imgur, imageshack, or any other image hosting site. DO NOT use photobucket because they will not display!!! 8. Steve (meade916) will be doing a live drawing to pick the winner on the last day of the month. 9. Steve (meade916) said if we get enough entries he will personally do a 2nd and 3rd place prize! 001- Tahoe Dmo 002- mrclm 003- Jfries 004- tim_gaines05 005- notenufBASSryan 006- corey0928 007- WalledSonic 008- bolanorthhighlands 009- xhristopher 010- Mr DeeBeez 011- TheGoat 012- 8ten8 013- ALopezJr 014- Sk8ordie 015- K Caudill 016- markgip 017- Slick562 018- Carlo Walker 019- theogerectus maximus 020- Tony905 021- Getting low 022- Ssodaboi 023- JBeachner 024- evo90 025- 2000S104.3 026- Ed N Brandy Parker 027- TechnoTaco 028- Basshead89 029- manuelj558 030- HellaBaySlapper 031- Rollin_yo 032- Denman 033- barney jr 034- Emanuel Garcia 035- Landon's Dodge dart 036- backyardjack251 037- angel.d's_hoe 038- Cory_Flem200 039- v.dub.spaz 040- Big daddy 817 041- Horgrimer 042- t16vtricks 043- Big_B33 044- passastmama 045- TritonBoulder47 046- Murderd392 047- Monty M 048- EBJtrill 049- Zhughes702 050- Kevin West 051- Amfkb1 052- Deejrod 053- TH2KBlazer 054- All cash profit 055- Twill1911 056- fordpride 057- Baggedmagnum 058- WesTTexaZBoY 059- Phillip Whirley 060- imaredbone916 061- Rbrttriana92 062- Chadleimgruber11 063- basshole 064- Marcos Lopez 065- Nrgrandits 066- Ba$$itup 067- GuamShawn 068- sundown edgar 069- vpine057 070- Rakkermans 071- ShadeTreeMechanic 072- JoePatcity 073- ReKoOLAz 074- BananaMan60 075- LittleFootz 076- Renee' 73 077- Derekjlackey 078- Lidia Viesca 079- Carolina smd 080- Clarivee1977 081- Andy Jarrett 082- WING-NUT 083- Dariusz 084- Cam.Trahan 085- mleijaNavi 086- DiffuseYah_420 087- 2Lo2Hr 088- Mark520 0089- JraGunRED 090- DurtySailor 091- alex912005 092- Nicholas Rechichi 093- 86.5KC 094- Krpton_Krysa 095- Rene 096- Forever MCT 097- rey0714 098- johndipo 099- JHuskins 100- the_coroner2002 101- Bojengals420 102- _williamcooper 103- BenMurchison 104- Rob-Base 105- Mr. Wineglass 106- aguilarc466 107- Ath 108- Kyle Cook 109- 2kllyflimted 110- Eric G 111- nicmoney 112- tweezy1978 113- Sleezyk 114- natemikegray 115- Dolfan 116- MRDAconcepts01 117- TAGZ-TEGGY 118- Jordan Walsh 119- maxima2fst4u 120- Rmitchell91 121- HOEBAH 122- almisba7 123- jared2310 124- Jesus Martinez 125- tainted 126- rockFord_Expedition 127- ignacio 128- AudioSweg 129- onebadmonte 130- Aaron the bass head team n 131- [email protected] 132- madmax04 133- Justscrap 134- Rupp250 135- Jc_821 136- D33R4Y 137- Uriel.Cortes 138- Sik 139- Clnt_Bstwood 140- bcp710 141- NDN1221 142- Beazley 143- Brandon Justice 144- DominicKrout 145- Kemathi 146- Byardley07 147- Russd32 *Any SMD Member that is caught cheating or manipulating the voting process in any way will be banned from SMD with extreme prejudice! Each SMD Member is allowed to vote only one time - that means each MEMBER . . . not each IP Address . . . not each user name. At SMD, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on groaning, whining, or bellyaching within SOTM so just don't do it. SOTM is a way for us to give back to our members - we encourage you to get your system in tip top shape and enter. If you don't win, there's always next month.
  3. Maybe I missed the explanation why, but there hasnt been a SOTM contest in about a year. What happened? Not enough participation? Too many "issues"? No sponsors?
  4. Time to start a daily build in the new car (The Honda). Some of you might know about my Jeep Build, well now that it's a 160+db car I needed something to get around in so that the Jeep could become the weekend toy lol. (http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/201691-jeepandbass-2-18s-161db-certified-on-10k-and-still-demoing-hard/page-1) Decided to get this little gas saver and do a small build in it with the system I won in SOTM a while back. The Car: (2000 Honda Civic Ex 1.6L) Car's Competition History: 2016 Melos Auto (Sacramento Ca) - Street Trunk 5k 151.5db @3845 W (1st) The Build: Pic of when I first got it, needed a few things but ran good. Had to get some emblems and little things to get this started off right. Now to start getting ready for the system! Going to do a few boxes of DC Audio 80mil in there first.
  5. So I don't do facebook, but in order to enter some contests, it is required. So I joined and from time to time I check the news feed of the audio companies I follow...DC, Sundown, Rockford, DD, SHCA, XS, DroppinHz...and of course Steve Meade Designs. Well, you could say I was shocked last night to find my Altima build in the SMD news feed! I saw the image and was like '...hey...that looks like mine! " Anyway, just want to say thanks to Steve Meade and the whole SMD community! Super Cool! Here it is..
  6. Hey, This is my pride and joy. My 2002 Vx SS Commodore (yep its australian). You cant go fast these days so i decided to build myself something loud, low and slow.. Its getting there.. At the minaute it has a pioneer Avh-x8550bt headunit. 2x pairs of alpine type X splits.. (spx17pros they arent cheap here but they do sound mint) Alpine pdxf6 amp., 2x Rockford foste t2d212's running off a RF t2500.1bdcp amp/.. I have 100+sqft of FATMAT "Rattle Trap" soundproofing.. I have the best wiring I could buy along with the RF rca leads.. running off 2x optima redtops.. *Still not finished *.. . Started like this.. Endings abit better Attempt one.. Ghettorig..All the gear and my rear seats and boot trim. front seats are somewhere. Poxy box that didntwork (i didnt know at the time as im still a roookie) Random build pics.. before revamp.. I Got these just for doing this one job! And yeah this ones signed.. Dont have a pic of the DD1.. but i have the combo. They are in safe hands atm This is how ghetto it endup. I got moaned at by someone about a custom install blah blah dont waste your money so stupidly I listened.. It got around like this untill I could bare the shame no more.. Driving around without even the bloody tweeters in (as i didnt want to cut the trims up) got to me so i made the decision to go and see the Sereo Guru of Perth Ricky Jaye of Audio Conceptz in Perth , Australia..Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=546488532034796&set=a.431715446845439.121387.425254120824905&type=1) Ricky talked me into cutting the door trims. Ricky and Alex done a good job.. I was happy with how they turned out... ALso in my travels i picked up an audiocontrol line driver and another optima redtop. and Rf battery terminals As far as design for my boot I left all my faith with ricky and I think he come up with the goods. I was extremely happy.. It still isnt finished for now as there is lighting and various other small bits and pieces... WE went up making it twice the second time out of much thicker MDF for the filler panels as those T2s pump and rattled the lighter stuff apart.. Heres the semi finished product.. In this last picture you can see the unintentional reflection of my Tshirt.. hahah Well this is my system so far.. Cars going back in, just after the new year for installation of both sets of t5's another amp and my RF hybrid 10 Farad cap..
  7. ok guys i wanna give it a shot. i am rebuilding after being robbed last year so still have some repairs to do but here my setup head unit// alpine cda-117- with power pack to boost the out put up a lil door speakers// alpine sps-610c components memphis 0 gauge from optima red top to the distribution block kicker 4 gauge between block and amps amps// 2 alpine mrx m-100 wired at 4 ohms subs// 4 alpine type r swr 1243d sub boxes// sound ordnance duel sub triangular ported ok so im weighing in at 1200 watts rms of bass and roughly 200 rms in the doors. im running 2 12s per 1 amp wired at 4ohms via subs wired at 8 ohms then run paralel tothe amp thus 4ohms. i have inverted the subs mainly for looks but it also allows me to use the full 1.6 cft. per sub of my boxes witchare tuned at 33hz if i understand corectly. as for the doors i upgraded to components witch are awesome. this was the first door mod ive done and i learned that i need to get some big drill bits and not to use a zaw saw ull see where i slipt a lil lol. with the head unit the power pack was a great easy way to upgrade i managed to fit it behind the h/u nicley out of site. check out my build in my garage and i will add video as soon as i figure out how to do so http://www.stevemead...ge__tab__images enjoy i know i do and please nominate and vote for me yea boyyyyyy