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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, so I've had this sub-woofer in my SUV for over a year now. The other day it started to make a crackling/static noise in the whole audio system. All the door and dash speakers are heavily effected, its only when the bass hits. When i go into the stereo settings and turn off the subwoofer everything works fine. I've completely rewired the system, everything has a clean connection. Any ideas? Or suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello, I have a 2004 Chevy Impala SS with a factory CD player, iSimple Gateway iPhone adaptor. the Factory installed Amp was replaced with an Alpine 4 channel, all speakers were replaced with Memphis Audio and i also added 2 Memphis Audio 10" subs in a sealed box, ran a 4GA Rockford Fosgate power cable from the battery, a Capacitor and ran a 4GA ground to the seat belt bolt under the rear seat (which is directly on the body) the Factory amp is still installed but the speaker wires go to the new amp. also each sub had its own amp. ever since that install, my radio reception has sucked!! if anyone has any insight, i would love the help. also the car has 20% tinted windows all around and the antenna is in the rear window, ive checked all antenna wires and everything seems to be connected still. Please HELP!!
  3. Hello! I´ve been building this car for 2-3 years now, doing simple things with small amount of money (becouse I´m studying in university at the moment). Most of my amplifiers and headunits I have bought as used to save money. Car is -91 Toyota with basic 16 valve 4AFE engine.When I got the car it wass fully stock. I´ve been competing in bass race for 3 seasons and this car has seen lots of different boxes. At the moment I´m building just for fun, not thinking about competing. So here is few pics what I have done to it. Upgraded stock battery to Optima. Some silent coat there. 5,25" mids on doors, Pioneer headunit. Steering wheel changed from ugly stock to Nardi. One of old setups. 15" Ground Zero Nuclear and Spl Dynamics 1500D. Then I bought these reconed 12" Ground Zero Nuclear SPL´s. D1 coils. Planning box for them. Using 6" aeroport... Fiberglassing for getting more volume.
  4. i just got a 2006 hyundai azera and the stereo needed to be replaced. i upgraded to a kenwood dpx792bh. its ounds great except there is a faint hissing static noise that plays all of the time. no matter what source its on, aux, usb, bt, radio, cd. even when its at 0 volume it has the noise. it doesnt increase in volume at all its just one constant hiss. i took it back to the best buy installer and he said it was unfixable, and probably a factory amp problem. i dont know much about car audio in general and wanted some second opinions. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys I need help bad.. I have just started to hear distortion or more like a high pitch noise that is constant as long as my system is on. While I step on the gas it gets slightly louder and more high pitch and sometimes sounds static as well. Got any ideas of where I could start? Any questions please do ask thanks so much. my system 2013: single din deck 3 four channel amps 12 interior components with 12 tweeters 1 mono sub amp 3 subs 5 farad cap 2 awg main power and ground to distros out to 4awg to all amps.
  6. I have a friend who messaged me a problem they were having. I am not sure what is going on, but my guess is that something inside the amp is not working and/or broken and that he will at least need a new amp. I have no idea if I am right, so I come to you guys for your thoughts. Here is the message he sent me: " I've been having a problem with my stock stereo for a long time, maybe you have an idea of what it could be. I have a 2004 Tahoe with a bose amp and the stock head unit. I've been having loud static that sounds like it is coming from the amp. I put my ear down by where the amp is and can hear the static. Sometimes the volume completely cuts out like the amp turns off. Do you have any idea what this could be? "
  7. hey guys, just a quick question. so every single system i've ever had, has had feed back or alt whine in the sub and honestly im getting really sick of it. the last couple installs i've done when i've changed rides and what not i've tried to make really good flippin grounds and still i have the dreaded alt whine :/ and it seems like all my friends just slap their systems in and have gotten no feed back from anything. (it sucks) anyways, i've just been thinking and noticed for all my installs i've always used the same old pioneer hu i got with my first subs i bought (craigslist) so i was wondering, can head units cause alt whine and feed back in the subs? thanks!
  8. Recently I have noticed that my Cadillac will play static out of my front left speaker and will play music out of the speakers in the back when I listen to the radio. The static also continues for a few seconds even after the stereo is turned off and no music is being played. Everything is completely stock and nothing has ever been messed with. A little bit ago the stereo fuse blew in the back of the car and I replaced it. Could this have something to do with it? If anyone could help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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