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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! So we started to make our first dB Drag -car. We have some experience in car audio, i got a 7 years of experience and Nico has around the same years. I have mostly made builds and videos, he has been repairing subwoofers and amplifiers. Now we start from Zero and aiming high just to see what we get. Our motto: Give everything you got, be grateful what you get. Car is Old rusty 1996(i think?!) Fiat Punto. We don't have subs, amps or batteries yet. Just KEMPPI MinARC Mig and alot steel. First episode: I will be posting every episode on its own post as i will be updating this later on. I just want all the episodes to be in right order now. All comments, suggestions and help is welcome. Follow us at: http://youtube.peranurkka.net http://facebook.peranurkka.net http://instagram.peranurkka.net http://twitter.peranurkka.net snapchat: teamperanurkka
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