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Found 13 results

  1. So I have an 1987 toyota Pickup/Hilux, regular Cab 2wd with a 5 speed transmission in it, was wondering if anyone knows if there is a prefab sub-box for behind the seat. Have a small wedge in there right now on a Clarion 10" sub, yes it isn't the most powerful thing out there that would fit but it was 100$ and it shakes the truck, but the box pushes into the seat a little making it not the most, comfortable ride ever. Great little A-B truck but not really the long road hauler I am looking for. Was wondering if anyone knew of a box or by chance has a box just laying around that fits right over the center trans tunnel in the cab. There is also the factory jack location as well but can easily remove that. looking for something that can fit a 10" piston sub. On an MB Quart FX1.700 amp. Power the sub nicely with extra in it if I ever want to upgrade. -Audio system- Pioneer head unit (bought used) Rockford prime 4" dash speakers Rockford prime 6X9 with boxes behind the seat Generic wedge box for 10" sub 10" Clarion piston sub MB Quart FX1.700 amp -Little demo of the system- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhH7x8_XszQ
  2. So my 98 avalon with 230,000 miles decided to die about a month ago. The rear valve cover gasket started to leak oil right onto the exhaust at about 200,000 miles so I knew her time was coming. A bearing somewhere in the bottom end of the engine gave out while I was driving one day. I paid cash for the car almost 6 years ago and we've been through hell and back together (100,000 miles, tboned, rear ended, and lots of memories) so im gonna fix it up better than new! Im on mobile so no pics at the moment. So far we got the engine out of the car and are starting the teardown. I figure since its out and its gonna be completely rebuilt I should have some fun with it and im gonna see what I can do about adding a turbocharger. It was fast before, even for a large sedan and I think the turbo is gonna make it pretty fun. If anybody has tips or tricks for any of this process they would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  3. Sorry for posting in the wrong section but i did receive info i needed ..thank you @Maebros Hello guys im a new member but i have been watching and learning from afar.. finally had the guts to sign up. Anyway i need tips / links to older posts that can help me learn a bit more about wiring speakers ...anything really that can help im running 2 12' kicker comps off a jl audio 1k monoblock ... what do you guys recommend i do if i plan on putting a dc lvl 5 15 ... im upgrading everything to 0g wire as soon as i can ...thanks any advice or tips help ....
  4. so I would like to bag a toyota hilux 1999 but I want to have a fast car too if you know what I mean but will I be able to get it handling that well I was thinking of putting a 2jzgte which is a 3 litre v6 turbo otherwise I will do the hilux later and do the same engine in a toyota cressida 1990 I know both are possible its just if I can get the bagged hilux to handle well thoughts anyone? I dont care if its not possible I would rather know than finding out the hard way
  5. CURRENT Exterior: 30% metalized tint all around 17x7 Tenzo R rs5 rims stainless steel lugnuts red painted calipers VHT Nightshade tail lights. JLM 6000k 35watt HIDS sticker bombed rear windshield Interior/audio: Sony CDX-GT650ui headunit Kicker KS 6x9 and 3.5" speakers Pioneer GM-3400 2 channel amp Crescendo Bc2000d 2 12" AQ HDC3 Diehard Platinum g34 under the hood Kinetik HC1800 in the trunk. Audiotechnix OFC 0awg. Suspension: Megan Racing lowering springs - 1.7" drop in the front. (stock rear springs due to sag from audio) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I realize i may get some initial hate from the first few pics, but i think things start to get better.
  6. Wife and I did a car swap. Im cool with it, only her car has got no bottom... Unacceptable. This build will be modest, as there are always monetary needs elsewhere in a growing family. Still I gather... 1-Rockford Fosgate T500-1bd (craigslist $100) 2-Rockford Fosgate P2D4-10's (new) 1-Scoshe e1000 4 guage kit (new) 4-hours or so designing, and redesigning first ever 4th order box Not too much experience in trunks either, but you dont know till you try, right? It even fits.... Yes.
  7. Hello! I´ve been building this car for 2-3 years now, doing simple things with small amount of money (becouse I´m studying in university at the moment). Most of my amplifiers and headunits I have bought as used to save money. Car is -91 Toyota with basic 16 valve 4AFE engine.When I got the car it wass fully stock. I´ve been competing in bass race for 3 seasons and this car has seen lots of different boxes. At the moment I´m building just for fun, not thinking about competing. So here is few pics what I have done to it. Upgraded stock battery to Optima. Some silent coat there. 5,25" mids on doors, Pioneer headunit. Steering wheel changed from ugly stock to Nardi. One of old setups. 15" Ground Zero Nuclear and Spl Dynamics 1500D. Then I bought these reconed 12" Ground Zero Nuclear SPL´s. D1 coils. Planning box for them. Using 6" aeroport... Fiberglassing for getting more volume.
  8. Redoing my Corolla for the new year. I normally do a ported box around 5 cubes that can go in and out of the trunk when needed but this time I decided to build in the car and to the car. as you can see in the pictures Im doing a trunk build and Im going to seal off the trunk from the cabin. it will take time to finish since I have a busy work schedule right now but I have to be complete by the 18th of Feb so I can attend Freezefest in TN. Any comments or suggestions are welcome understanding I won't be making big changes. its either going to work or its not. 1 18 inch fi SP4 18 1 B2 audio SLD5k 2/0 wiring xs 3400 under the hood northstar 220 in the trunk mechman H/O alt big 3 done with 2/0 kenwood HU until I get my new alpine. Im getting the UTE 62bt when I have the chance to hit up Best Buy.. stay tuned!!
  9. Game Over 9 inch alpine nav for GM, Ford and Toyota. Alpine Won 2014CES Best new Navigation Got a large ol' lorry with a large ol' dashboard? Alpine Electronics of America has usually announced a large ol' audio/video/navigation receiver to fill it. At a whopping 9 inches totalled diagonally, a Alpine X009 that was denounced currently during CES 2014 is a largest of a kind in a North American aftermarket. The X009 is so large that it's outward of a dynamic DIN and double-DIN standards that have been used by a attention for decades, so it's not accurately universal. At launch, it will usually be concordant with 2007-2013 GM trucks and 2007-2014 GM SUVs as partial of Alpine's Perfect F.I.T. lurch pack module underneath a indication series X009-GM. Compatibility with 2009-2012 Ford F-150 (X009-FD1) and 2013-2014 Ford F-150 (X009-FD2) trucks will be expelled after in 2014 with a concept designation focus (X009U) to follow. The X009-GM facilities a tradition ascent pack that is concordant with GM trucks and SUVs. (Credit: Alpine Electronics) The X009-GM's Perfect F.I.T. pack facilities external, earthy controls that have been custom-designed to compare a lighting color, shape, and character of a GM lorry and SUV models in that a section will be installed. The Ford applications that follow will underline their possess outmost controls to compare a F-150′s dashboard. Both units will promulgate with a vehicle's bureau steering-wheel controls, evidence systems, gauges, and other bureau systems around a iDatalink Maestro Module. The thought is to make a 9-inch shade demeanour and act like OEM equipment. The concept X009U will not boat with these controls or specific dashboard kits, so a tradition designation will be required. You can gamble that we'll try to squeeze one of these into CNET's small yellow hatchback for contrast as shortly as it comes available. Aside from being positively massive, a X009 receiver is a entirely featured A/V and navigation receiver. Audio sources embody built-in HD Radio tuning, full Pandora Internet Radio control from USB-connectediPhone and Bluetooth-paired Android devices, and iPod and iPhone media controls when connected around USB and Siri Eyes-Free controls for iPhones when connected around Bluetooth. That same Bluetooth tie also allows for hands-free job and Bluetooth audio streaming. The X009 units are also concordant with Alpine's second-generation TuneIt smartphone-based sound tuning app. You can use TuneIt 2.0 to tweak a sound settings of your audio complement (like Time Correction, Parametric EQ, and Crossover), download vehicle-specific presets, and share those settings with friends on Facebook around a giveaway app on an Android or iPhone device. With such a large screen, it seems a contrition that Alpine has usually seen fit to magnify a X009 with WVGA resolution. That it has an MHL-compatible HDMI input, permitting connectivity to a far-reaching accumulation of mobile devices, creates a miss of a high-definition shade that most some-more unsatisfactory on paper, though we'll haven settlement until we can get hands-on with a device. The section comes with Alpine's navigation program preloaded with maps of a United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada with a lifetime of Navteq RDS trade data. The 9-inch Alpine X009-GM hits a marketplace with GM lorry and SUV harmony in Jun of this year. The manufacturer's suggested sell cost has not nonetheless been determined. Email: [email protected] 310-827-8121 store hours Mon-Sat 9am-6pm PST http://www.delreycustoms.com http://delreycustoms.myshopify.com/blogs/news http://www.ae-33.com http://www.facebook.com/AEMarina33 http://www.twitter.com/delreycustoms http://www.yelp.com/biz/al-and-eds-auto-sound-marina-del-rey Powered by DRC Media LLC & Al & Ed's Autosound
  10. My friend is starting off a new build for his car.(*I am helping since I know all the basic dc electronics junk n love hard hitting bass as much as the next bass head*) It ain't a pritty car to look at but it gets from point a to point b. The car is a 01' toyota carolla and I am willing to do some fabrication if need be. I have run the calculations and I can see only running less then 1000 watts total in the car with the only 80 amp alternator that it runs. I would love to upgrade it for him so he can get more power out of his system. Sadly, I do not see that happening as I can not find anything "proformence" for the vehicle. It will be a "buy as we go" build so I think at this point some price point would be roughly a grand roughly. My friend tells me he wants his system to hit hard with a newer head unit (also to be bought durring the build). So, at this point I am looking for any information I can get my hands on. The front door speakers are 6.5" speakers while the rear are a slightly smaller 6.5" speaker which makes for some interesting modifications since the "stock" dull OEM speakers ARE by no way normal. Any help at all would be great.
  11. Alright? Check out my latest upload! Vid looked decent enough to re work. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/w5gbIhyEyzg
  12. So this thread will be about my 2000 Toyota Tacoma. Everything I do will be posted here. Trust me it's a lot. The truck needs a lot of crap, such as brakes, suspension, tires, as well as countless cosmetic fixes. The main thing is this thread will be moving SLOW, I mean over a year at least slow. Some of my goals is to do all the maintenance myself (except tires). Do the sound system completely myself, and make this the best looking 2000 Tacoma there is. This truck used to be in service at my dad's business. I made him an offer on it when he retired the truck. The truck has 215,000 miles on it, and it still runs strong. Enough with my boring history lesson, let's get to the pics. Some things I've done to it in no particular order. -installed a new Kenwood Radio (factory took a crap) -cleaned the inside -polished and compounded the paint -put air in the tires (lol) -hollowed out the catalytic converter (I live in Alabama, we don't have to have them inspected, and the truck ran great after doing this) -changed the oil -installed new wiper blades The first piece of the puzzle is the new used radio. I have a new Kenwood in it now, but this radio is much better. The Alpine CDA-117. My favorite radio All 3 Preouts do not clip at max volume The next thing to do is to take the face apart and clean it up. Some gunk didn't allow some of the buttons to move freely. Gonna try to buff out some of those scratches with some compound. The picture on the right above is after buffing. Sadly, the picture doesn't do it justice. There is a huge difference before and after. So in the mean time, I have been spraying clear coat on the blue buttons on the left hand side. Anyone who's seen an old Alpine radio with these buttons will know what I'm talking about when I say they have a tendency for the print to rub off. These buttons still look good, so I'm trying to preserve them. I plan to spray at least 6 coats on them, then wet sand and polish.
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