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Found 3 results

  1. I've been helping a buddy install a system in his 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK. I finally have enough pics to start a build log, so I'll be loading all of them up over the next couple weeks. The requirements were simple: he wanted (4) 8's or nothing at all. Silly? Maybe; but we met the requirements and hope to be banging before the end of the year The stock sub (an 8x10) has 4 voice coils Ran some numbers in TermLab at first, but then switched the design over to WinISD. Came up with this size enclosure: That router feels good man Went with PSI-8's with High Performance suspension for 600Wrms per sub We were jammin some of that good techno The original plan was to have a few tube ports, but I had a hunch that they were too small. Thats about the time that Triticum came out with his port velocity calculator, and I realized the port velocities with these small ports would give me the tuning we were wanting, but also gave us almost 100 m/s port velocity (yikes!) Then the design changed to have a properly sized port attached to the back panel, bringing the velocities down to around 25-30 m/s I didnt really trust my kerf skills yet More pics coming tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
  2. First time putting air ride on a vehicle TEAM MAYZN PROJECT Before i get into posting some pictures heres a little list of whats already in my Jeep. This well help you understand why i did what i did there is a lot of weight in my Jeep so lowering it with springs won't do much especially if i was to have passengers Interior: Full "Katzkin" Leather, Custom Red Diamond Stitching & Logo "J-10K" Custom Rear Seats, Fabricated to Sit On Top of 4 Batteries Custom Door Pods, Fibreglassed & Painted to Match Painted Roof Top "Factory Grey" With Dynamat and Dynaliner Whole Jeep is Dynamated Exterior: 24" Dropstar DS03 with Toyo Proxies Tires Zinc Coated Cross Drilled Rotors Callipers Painted Red to Match Custom Front Grill Custom Front Headlights Full Led Kit, Underneath MagnaFlow Mufflers with Cat Rear Tire Cover Painted to Match Audio: (2) 18" SMD/AA Subwoofers 3,500rms Each Kicker Warhorse (10,000) Amplifier for Subs (3) Kicker IX500.4 Amplifiers for Mids/Highs 100ft of 2/0 Welding wire (6) XS Power Batteries (2) XS Power D5100 - In the front (4) XS Power D3100 - In the back under neath the seats DC Power Alternator 370xp Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 - First one in Ontario* Custom Box tuned to 30hz (4) Kicker KS6.5 Comps (2) Kicker 6.5" CVT Shallow Subwoofers - Midbass Clarion NX501 Headunit Kicker and Monster RCA's Ipad in the dash Heres a link to build thread if you want to see how that was all done Pretty much my whole Jeep is packed with Audio and since i have 2 18" subs i have no space in my trunk. One day me and my buddy (Frank) were discussing air-ride and how it would be soo cool to have a bagged Jeep. But again i didn't have much room and we were looking in the trunk, the side of the subwoofer box, the roof and basically gave up. But then i kept thinking about it and realized that i don't have much need for my spare tire anyways might aswell use the space to fit air-ride. At first i thought it was impossible because of the air lines, and that they would need to be able to flex but then i talked to my dads engineer.... who basically turned my dream in to a reality! BTW THIS IS NOT LAYED OUT
  3. We were asked to do an install for SEMA 2014 and PAS Magazine on a 2014 Jeep Wrangler.... Oh and You only have a week to complete it. After kicking the idea around for a couple days I said sure why not. We can use a little excitement around the shop main sponsors so far: Injen Technology Ct Sounds Nitto tires Method Racing wheels CT Sounds audio gear front stage: 2 pair Strato 6.5 inch components midbass: 2 8 inch1 under each seat Rear sound bar: 1 pair Meso 6.5 inch components Cargo area: Meso 6.2 inch Components Subwoofer: Strato 12 inch dual 2 ohm ported enclosure Amplifiers: 60.4 channel 60.4 500.1 5 channel
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