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2004 Most Powerful Car Audio Amplifier JBL/Crown A6000gti

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On 11/10/2016 at 11:15 AM, hispls said:

The power and ground terminals easily accept 00 gauge welding cable or 00 Sky High (with just a little trimming). Not like it'll be far from your battery bank either.

According to the tech at Sound West (who knows them inside and out blindfolded) the glue they used on some components was a bit of a weak link and made them susceptible to vibration damage. I suspect most other failures are people trying to run them low impedance (they are meant to drive 4 ohm).... oh, and I don't think they're safe for 15V + input either.

I absolutely loved mine. If anybody is interested, my brother owns my old one now and would probably sell it for 1500$ plus half of shipping.

hispls, does your brother still have that a6000 by chance?



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