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  1. thanks for help just a quick question which box design would i get better sound from the one above or one with subs facing out and side ported ? and my amp says clipping when i turn the music past 35/50 the light pulses to the beat of the song playing ? any suggestions for this cure ? and what should my amp be set to because i dont want to blow the subs
  2. need help in building a ported box for my 2 alpine type r subs 12" subs are in a prefab box and sounds horrible when turned up more than half way im running them on a audioque 2200d amp its inside my 2001 jeep cherokee the dem for space available is 40.5 inches in length x 17 inches height x 30 inches depth please if any one can help me with box design or set up for what i have it would help alot this is my first box build my self so any info and suggestions please and thanks
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