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  1. Backwoods i specifically stated how it would be used and what it would power
  2. Must not be very popular
  3. I sent the message again and Sundown jumped right on it and within a few days the sub is back on its way to them. my first message may not have went through
  4. Anyone know about this particular amp DMF 2800 looking for something to power 2 SA12 at 2 ohm. only other option would be .5 or 8 and neither are appealing to me
  5. Could be the whole Covid-19 thing slowing the response. even under warranty it will not be cheap to ship it back. I was asking in case someone else may have had similar issue just guessing a magnet bolt came loose or the head broke off
  6. Mechanical Noise The coils are shiny and new still with no visible portion unraveling moves up and down and plays fine but when you pick it up and move it around there is a rattle under the spider. any hope for repair under 6 months and the manufacturer is difficult to reach
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