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  1. Name: Jeep Cherokee (1994) Date Added: ÚTE_ADDED% Owner: sicksense Short Description: next project. starting soon 16.06.2014 View Vehicle
  2. Yes the ports... they r small =) But it's only two l7 15's^^ no need for more port area. Tuned at 28hz. Does the job=) port size is 1.5x10.8 inches and 10.2 deep
  3. Well.. 2 12's can move air.. and i doubt its rare.. this is a 12v setup.. no big 3. soo.. with 2 cheap 12's in a small car and the right tuning would do the trick=) Video is proof enough and this is a station wagon.. not a tiny civic=) 1x 15.. that would be rare thoug=) http://youtu.be/cRxQZ1mg46c It's 2 x pioneer ts-w121spl 800rms/max2000watts running on a 1x800watt @1ohm Ground Zero amp with 3x 30amp fuses Load is 0.8ohm and probably 1,5-2ohm after box rise.. and the box moves under heavy load even thoug it's strapped well down..
  4. I got a stock cheap battery. Orginal alternator, Low power 12volt system.. All stock/orginal wire from the alt to the back where the battery is and It's powering a Ground Zero 1.800. The load is 0.8 ohm. Subs are rated at 800watts rms. 2 ten years old 12 inch pioneer 121spl's dual 4 ohm's 2.5" coils 14.7mm xmax
  5. Getting a new alt and the big 3 next .. 0:38 like wtf the rubber http://youtu.be/RZndILPWg4w?t=30s
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