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  1. Yep got 370 amp alt and 3 xs 7500s coming in the mail. I mean i still have a few weeks to build the wall just want it to be loud and alot of air
  2. Thats why i posted this in dc section hoping someone with experience will help me. I never heard dcs or heard 18s but doing alot of searching and youtube they looked pretty nasty. And i listen to alot of rap and decaf music so i heard you can beat the hell out of them
  3. Im trying to get ahold of mike singer but he hasnt replied yet on facebook
  4. Tomorrow im placing the order for 2 level 6s and dc10k amp i have everything else just need the wall built. And no never had anything close to what im getting and im excited
  5. Starting my wall build this weekend. What size wall and tuning will be sick? Its in a durango and im having the port in the top middle of the wall
  6. Sure will its 100% cant wait to hear how loud and deep they hit
  7. Sweet next week needs to come fast ill be ordering a dc10k few weeks later
  8. I will have my setup ready by summer so i plan on being at alot of comps
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