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  1. Thanks, I'll tune to a volume that's closer to what I listen at... which is nowhere near 36 ha! More like 20-25. To answer your question... Subs/Enclosure is the JL CP208LG-W3v3 8", slot ported, 500W RMS between the two. Final impedance is 2 ohm. Amp is an Alpine MRX-M55 rated at 550W RMS, with a certificate with a true rating of 613 at 2 ohm. FunkyExpedition, I used track 1 for HU, and track 3 for setting sub amp gain. I may try using track 5 when I try again in the morning using a different volume to tune at. I know these subs/enclosure are capable of more than this, I know they're no
  2. Set up my first (yes first ever) subwoofer this last weekend, and ended up grabbing a DD-1 to setup my gains properly. Prior to receiving my DD-1, I had used my MM to set the gains, and ended up getting satisfactory results, but wondered if there was room for improvement. Anyway, tuned tonight with the DD-1, headunit (AVIC-X950BH) clips at volume 36 out of 40, and with gains adjusted at said volume (36) I get almost NO bass anymore... it improves as I turn the volume up, but then door/dash speakers (factory for now) get ridiculously loud and overbearing. My question is, do I HAVE to use 36
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