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  1. Damn that badass!!! Thanks for the help man
  2. Cool man any idea on where I can get a space then?
  3. Anyone ever reconed an sa 10 into an sa 8 or is the motor too big?
  4. I should have said subs are going to be ran on a bc5500. I just want a good daily setup. I would like a little more low end
  5. So I bought some zv3 12s from the sundown yard sale a few months ago, and heard some rubbing when pushing down in the cone of one sub. However I took it out of the box and looked at it still heard the rub and after a couple more times, there was no more rubbing any idea on what could be causing it to rub? Anyways I'll probably just recone them both. Would there be any added benefits to putting the high roll surround, and will a different coil fit like the nsv2 or nsv3? Any info is appreciated thanks
  6. I already have a ported box for them and was wanting to do a wall. Don't get me wrong the box sounds great that I built...but I was just hoping for more air movement lol.... I've read people do about 1-1.2 for zv4 12s and I would think the x's would be the same if not a little less....
  7. Any suggestions on the sealed side of a 4th order for 4 sundown x12s. I was thinking in between 1-1.2 per woofer. Your thoughts?
  8. Okay so here we go. I am looking at buying a new car and I really like the new honda cr-z s. However they are a hybrid as far as I understand the motor shuts off while at idle to not waste gas. I have a crescendo bc5500 and am wanting to Hook some subs up in this car if I get it. Will this still be an option? Provided I have a HO alt and batteries to back up the system as if it were in a normal car. Or am I going to need to over compensate for this matter. Any help would greatly be apprieciated thank you.
  9. I agree excellent drives . Absolutely love them. And on the encloure just bracing.. And the port goes about 5 in to the left so that might be what your seeing as well.
  10. Anyway back to whats important final product drawn up. Thoughts? http://i1375.photobucket.com/albums/ag463/jdsheeley/A8BEB04F-9862-4EFD-B0AE-048CF7B54728_zps68crb8is.jpg Had to do a port to the side for volume and positions of the subs.
  11. I won't be pushing 2500 watts to each mor around 1200-1750. Don't have the amp yet..
  12. I won't be pushing 2500 watts to each mor around 1200-1750. Don't have the amp yet..
  13. I might be running them on a little less power because I will be running .5 ohm to amp. Eventually I will buy 2 more and do 6 in a fourth order and buy a second amp and strap them at 1.3 ohms. So I'm looking in the range of a 4000-5000 watt amp to run on the 4 until i buy another and strap them to run on the 6
  14. Good enough to go with it? Now port facing towards hatch drives side passenger side or middle of the box?
  15. http://i1375.photobucket.com/albums/ag463/jdsheeley/4108A5CD-A4E7-4DCC-8270-6F35B96D12EB_zpsctck1gob.jpg http://i1375.photobucket.com/albums/ag463/jdsheeley/07024327-B5A7-40CE-AF69-68CEE6A2FE23_zpssvwzbn2z.jpg How's that?
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