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  1. I know for a fact I have a small chirp from the tob and goes away when clutch is pressed recently I have noticed a new noise am I dealing with a new noise or is from the tob still? Only does it around 2500-3500 with my foot off the gas When clutch is pressed the sound dies out
  2. Had some really bad sun damage to the interior when I bought the car and meguiars has always came through for me so decided to try the ultimate black The product really came through in my opinion no streaks or anything used it on all my black trim inside and outside of the car ?? Before After: The ultimate shine wipes are amazing as well I plan on trying the interior wipes soon
  3. Think I got it figured out honestly got the auto Eq ran and it's now in network mode
  4. Running passive for the mids and tweets how do you run auto ta as well?
  5. Picked up a 80prs for my mustang and was wondering what you guys prefer on the settings and the max unclipped volume I'm running a fosgste p400.4 to 2 crescendo Pwx 6.5 and some tweets that were there when I got it
  6. Yea haha I tried that and when I try to crank the car with iac disconnected it starts and immediately dies but I drove it all today no problems now time for a tune
  7. doesnt really piss me off but when you get out of a manual car to drive a automatic and brake with your left foot and forget its not the clutch and press it a little to hard
  8. On the flip side think I should just try and run to autozone and get a iac and if it works we know the problem and I'll take it back and order a decent one offline
  9. Only check engine light is when the car is on but not running pretty sure it's the cats or 02 sensors but I've tried my tuner to scan it and 2 other scanners still nothing :/ I'll upload video one sec
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