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  1. doesnt really piss me off but when you get out of a manual car to drive a automatic and brake with your left foot and forget its not the clutch and press it a little to hard
  2. yeah like i said ive got 5.3 cubes to work with and trying to put my sax 100.4 and 2500v2 on a rack together also though
  3. i currently have a saz 2500v2 and looking for a sub to throw at it, i was considering a 12 or 15 , x series or zv4 series kinda limited on space with 5.3 cubes for a 03 mustang. i read up on the x and zv4 series rms but i know they take way more clean power than rated. any advice is appreciated thanks
  4. well the dude i was referring to the other day about scamming me for 250$ when i was attemping to buy a sax has a smd accout here also just wanted to give you guys a heads up before he comes back and tries to pull a fast one on any of you. you can read more here. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/%2Anegative%2A-feedback/613593-regnegadedesigns-actually-imposter.html
  5. ive got in touch with him and apparently they will be finished up today and he will have them out sometime this week but we will see lol
  6. Yea I'm not flat out calling him a scammer just kinda sketchy it takes this long and can't get pictures and keeps getting put off /:
  7. I understand that and all the shops quoted me 350-400$ and were over 100 miles away I just don't feel like it should take 4 months and be put off every time I ask for pics :/ and most the shops said they needed the car there to properly fiberglass them :/
  8. Yea bad thing is I've already paid for everything the mdf rings gave him my ft1s and told him just ship the pillars back with the mezzos and rings
  9. http://i60.tinypic.com/b5mkqt.jpg Probably the 100th time I've heard this lol
  10. He said a couple weeks tops but out of the blue he just decided to respond http://i62.tinypic.com/n63uyq.jpg
  11. Yea same thing my dad said since he's a cop lol but honestly theirs really nothing I can do besides that so I toldHim I would text him from his phone this afternoon to see if I can get a response But don't really wanna piss him off or he isn't ganna do the shit at all but from my understanding the mdf rings are done and the pillars are 99% and he owes Me mezzo tweets also ( traded my ft1 for them since my pillars were to small )
  12. Yeah there's no one locally except shops 200 miles away or garbage shops in town I would like to try it myself just wouldn't know where to start :/ neverMessed with fiberglass or even any kind of boxes or anything I've always had it built and shipped although it would be fun to learn but I'm more of a physical learner I don't like to read lol would rather have someone here and watch and learn
  13. This kid does some good work....I'll keep that in mind when I get my doors done just trying to see if I'm ganna have to buy some new factory pillars or what
  14. This is the last update I had about a month and a half or so ago http://i61.tinypic.com/x2kyur.jpg
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