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  1. yeah as you can see i have my ribs done too. nothing compared to this. the most painful was the flower part on the lower stomach. my buddy thought i was gonna hit him at once because i had my fist balled up.
  2. couple buddies of mine started a clothing line in jacksonville and this was one of their designs. got the tattoo before the shirt was even released. one of the guys that work with the company did the tattoo for me
  3. metered my truck for the first time this weekend and did a 140.3 on music. rain delayed the show for a bit so i left and wasnt able to compete. wish i couldve bass raced
  4. I have one at 9" and the other at 8 3/4". Did I do it correctly?
  5. When making the port, do I just add up the physical port part? 17.75"
  6. Awesome. So the port height should be at 15"?
  7. i messed around with it a bit and came up with this. would this work?
  8. it looks a lot better in person. all my friends said the same thing until they actually saw it. and all the dark shading is healed now so it looks nothing like that pic now.
  9. thanks.it looks a lot better in person and now that it is healed. and her head does look a bit wide, i told him to fill up my whole arm so that might be why. haha yes its squirtle, i also have jiggly puff too. drunken ideas i had.
  10. i have an 07 tahoe i am trying to build a box for. i have 2 15' re audio se. i am clueless when it comes to calculating. i would love to try the t line but not sure if both subs will fit.
  11. it works now. had to go back and read the manual for the h/u. only way to get access to the rear speakers settings is if it was in off. thanks everyone for the help.
  12. ive tried messing with the gains and stuff on the amp earlier. i might just disconnect the h/u and try that. and theres a setting for rear speaker on my h/u but i cant get to it. i have the pioneer avh-2300
  13. got new rcas and tried hooking up both the subs different times and still no power. im guessing its the amp then. dammit
  14. did that too. that was the first thing i did. went through all my settings on my head unit.
  15. I really wish the like button worked. What size wire are you running, where is your ground? im running 1/0 and ground is on frame. amp turns on with my head unit so i know theres power going to it. it lights up when its on
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