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  1. Needing some help with a box design. I'm looking at running an American bass xmax 15 or zv5 on a wolfram 0-5k with supporting electrical. leaning towards the xmax 15. My dimensions I'm working with is 22h x 25w x 20d i can go wider if need be, no matter what I try I cant seem to get the port velocity down without making it ridiculously long. I don't have much experience with winisd so i could use the help.
  2. ok cool. Its just hard being patient for something like this. Im really excited and I never thought I would get the chance to get one.
  3. So does anybody knows if something is going on at mechman. Ive been trying to find out about an order I placed on the 1st. I have tried calling yesterday and today but no has answered or emailed me back. Does it usually take three weeks to get one in?
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