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  1. My sub is a d2 wired to 1 ohm. I'm going to try to reconnect the ground and see if that works
  2. I built it myself. I've built many ported boxes and they all worked out good. Since I'm on my phone I can't add pictures. The dimesions are 19 tall 41 wide 17.5 deep The port is 3.25 wide and 20 inches long
  3. I just installed my sundown zv4 15 to my Hifonics 2000 amp down to 1 ohm. When I play my songs and turn it up the amp cuts out and the subwoofer bottoms out at a very low level. I'm not an idiot and turn the gain all the way up it's almost halfway up. I'm very confused on what could be wrong
  4. I have a question about the subwoofer enclosure I am building for my sundown audio zv4 15. My specs so far are: 39 wide 18 tall 18 deep The thing is the subwoofer is far away from the port would this be a problem? It is the center of the other half of the box. Should the subwoofer be in the center of the box? the port is on the side of the box
  5. I choose the seahawks. They have an all around better team than the Broncos. They have the #1 defense in the NFL. And I guess the "best corner in the game" lol. They have a lethal run game and a decent pass game. There pass defense is the best in the nation and will shut down peyton manning pass game. The only chance the Broncos have is in there run game. I have the Seahawks by 10 points they are just an all around better team and the Broncos just dont have enough weapons on offense or defense.
  6. I have been looking for the specifications of the Kicker L7 12. I already know the rms and stuff like that. But I am looking for stuff like magnet weight and diameter and coil length and diameter. I would also like to know the usable throw (excursion) of the subwoofer thanks
  7. I am looking to have a setup that is 3,220 watts. Would you recommend an alternator upgrade? If so, how many amps?
  8. You should go with 4 15s. They cover up more surface area then two 18s would. But any way you go both setups will hit pretty hard but 4 15s would be louder.
  9. I am looking to be purchasing two 15's. I was looking at two different subwoofers. Audioque HDC3 15s Kicker L7 15s Which one will be louder. I am looking at sealing off my trunk too.
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