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  1. After doing this method I can completely agree. Thanks for the input guys.
  2. What's a good reference point to upgrade the stock car's electric system, rather than waiting until the lights are dimming like mad and the alternator dies? Is there a minimum wattage before things like the Big 3 and Battery changes are required? Comment what you guys have done. Thanks!
  3. I see now, even at 31.6 volts it's only getting a flat 30volts on MAX gain. Oh so strange. Had the sub wires disconnected so I wouldn't hurt the speaker, but after hooking everything back up last night my system isn't the same. Not knocking anywhere near as loud from the settings I last had with the ear-o-meter. Think I may be in the market for a new amp, lol. Piss off when you were trying to do the right thing.
  4. I saw a comparison between a DMM and a DD-1 and both were very closely accurate when setting the gain to a specific voltage by ohm's law, hence why I thought this was the 'correct' method of tuning WITHOUT a DD-1 or Oscope. I've had it tuned by ear for a fair while now and just wanted to be sure I was safe as I don't want to hurt my equipment by trying to make it do something it's not designed for. Guess it'll be back to the ear tune. So I've gathered. Only trying to be safe without access to an oscope or dd-1 at this point in time. Tested resistance of my subwoofer comes to 2.2ohms - hence that calculation. Amp is definitely clipping since something about the math doesn't seem right, as when it's at full gain its not producing the required voltage to make 500wrms according to the equation. Just going to retune by ear like I had it before until an oscope is available
  5. Hey guys, today I decided to finally tune my amp correctly after having it at 8 o'clock on the bass knob for some time now. According to ohm's law guidelines, I should be aiming for 33.16volts as a max threshold before 'clipping' occurs, with a 2.2 impedance and 500wrms amplifier. The Gear: 1x MB Quart FX1.500 Monoblock (500wrms rated) 1x Alpine Type S-12" (500wrms rated) 1x Kenwood single din headunit The Issue: With my volume set at 31 (max 35 - no clipping occurs at this volume), playing a 50hz test tone, and the GAIN on MAX (yes my speaker cables were unplugged and all bass boosting/subsonic filter off) my multi-meter only reads 30.0volts. According to ohm's law not even FULL gain produces 33.16 volts (500rms worth of power). Even with MAXIMAL gain, the reading is still well under where it should be. What is causing this? Is this just a typical case of cheap product (only cost me $130 off ebay), low output? How should I set my gains accordingly???? Note: Constant power reading of 13.9v. Great ground. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thanks again for the detailed response Triticum! Definitely taught me something. I assume the only way to truly know is to hear the stuff in person unless it's extremely obvious in the specs. +5 star rating.
  7. Thanks for the reply Tricticum! You've helped clear things up for me. What would indicate the primary design goals of a subwoofer like the Type S? I assume Fs, Ques, Frequency response, driver/motor.
  8. Fairly nooby to car audio, and I searched the forum but couldn't find anything on this. What differentiates a SPL sub, to a SQ Sub? Meaning - what makes a sub one or the other? OR a hybrid? I currently have a beginner audio system in my trunk car and am told my Alpine Type S is an SQ sub. Judging by the size of the motor/cone design I'd tend to agree as it's only rated at 500wrms. What characteristics should you look for to differentiate the two? Thanks
  9. Thanks man, I think I'll give both a go and just see what I like best!
  10. Thanks, but I was more so wondering your opinions on what you believed actually sounds better for that music type. Looking down the scope of a ported box, but my buddy seems to think that the sealed boxes are king for techno.
  11. Hi guys, I am about to embark on my first sound system build in my MY00 Subaru Impreza. Though, I have found myself tossing up between both types of boxes considering their benefits. Note: I have only ever heard ported systems in real life. I mainly listen to trance/club music, but also listen to many other genres. I'm just wondering has anybody had first hand experience with both sealed and ported boxes to tell me what would sound best playing trance/club music? Decided to go with an Dual voice coil 4 ohm Alpine type s 10" sub (1500w), which is to be powered by a Hifonics 1500w D class mono block. Personally I haven't had a lot of experience around quality systems and am a noobie in the audio world, so advice on boxes would be appreciated!